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   V   From Val'saedra, Dulcere Starbinder  To Wallar (Captain)
Val'saedra, Dulcere Starbinder See Starbinder, Dulcere Val'Saedra.
Vale, Corim Erik Corim Vale is a well-known tournament competitor, scholar, and treasure hunter. He is also a devote in the ways of Mataya, following the lore-knight's code of ethics. In 1094 at the Blackstar Tournament he was overall winner in three events. He has an exceptional tournament record spanning 253 bouts, 211 victories, 31 draws, with only 12 losses.

For several cycles Corim toured the tournament circuit, using his winnings to further his studies and finance his treasure hunting. In the various tournament towns he would tell stories, pass along information, and teach on various subjects making him known as a kind of pseudo-bard.

As a solo adventurer he was moderately successful, not easily able to penetrate deeply into the wild lands without the support of an entire exploration group. All of the magic items in his personal arsenal are the result of those explorations. Corim's solo treks in the wilderness were sharply curtailed when he ran afoul of a large and rather irritable green dragon. The creature did it's best to eat him but soon found his sharp sword and tournament honed strength made him a rather unpalatable meal. The encounter left scars on the fighter that will not be soon forgotten.

One of Corim's unusual abilities is his unusually strong metapathic talent. Metapaths, like empaths, can sense the emotions of others, however metapaths actually manipulate the emotions and mental states of others around them. Corim comes into this ability unusually late in life, and the first manifestations of the talent are raw and uncontrolled. When unfocused, this talent can evoke an instinctive hostile reaction in the creatures it touches. This caused Corim quite some trouble until Cassin Kel'Ishtauri Felspar and Annawen Kel'Ishtauri Felspar help him get the ability under control.

Not long after the dragon incident, Corim decided to take root and formalize his scholarly studies. He heard that the Falorian academy for warriors paid its instructors well and decided that it would make a good substitute for constantly wandering from kingdom to kingdom pursuing the various tournaments. With his tournament record in hand he set out to qualify for the coveted 7th circle teaching position.

It was in the school that he made the acquaintance of Ceraph, Talorian Falor's Elf talent scout. Due to the effects of Corim's metapathic ability, Ceraph becomes infatuated with him. It is also around this time that Corim has an encounter with Beia Targallae. It is shortly thereafter that Corim becomes involved with Meridian Arcturan and the Death Spectacles.

A combination of good looks, gentlemanly propriety, and metapathic talent makes Corim an unintentional lady's man. He becomes involved with Ceraph, catches the eye of Annawen Felspar, and even gets the ancient belkirin Dulcere to notice him. It is Dulcere who Corim falls in love with, other entanglements aside. The young man's troubles do not end there. In the pursuit of Meridian, and his attempt to avenge the "death" of his friends that Corim chases down Rakaar Steelsheen. On the Baronian's starship Corim encounters and frees the war-mage's battle-nurse Senalloy. After the combat which takes Rakaar's life, but seriously injures Corim, Senalloy sets her eyes and Desires on him. Eventually, the Baronian's forward and lascivious behavior becomes a wedge between Corim and Dulcere.

By the end of the events in Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time Corim has been indoctrinated into the ranks of the Shael Dal, and has been temporarily given protectorate enforcer beta status in the wake of Aarlen Frielos' breakdown. Aarlen's mental patterns have taken residence in Corim's body, and the Shaladen Stellaraac now answers his call...
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Valhalla The outer realm to which warriors who have died honorably go. Valkyr personally bare particularly noble warriors to their final resting place. See Valkyr.
See Also:  valkyr
Valharesh {clan} Noble gray-elven family. Queen Kalindinai of Malan was second daughter of the family. Kalindinai's xenophobic brother Bertrand betrays Malan to the Daergons. The Valharesh are descendants of Ellistan Valharesh that was the devoted companion of Theln Azygos. Theln remains the spiritual protector of the family over the millennia, mentoring the mages of the family.
See Also:  Azygos, Theln, Bertrand Kirnath Valharesh, daergons, elven, Malan, T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen), Vratague, Valharesh, Ellistan
Valharesh, Bertrand (lord) Elder brother of Queen Kalindinai T'Evaguran and noble member of one of the ruling houses of Malan. Though the Valharesh are only a recent (in Elf terms) addition to the circle of ruling houses, Bertrand is extremely concerned with Elven purity and the separation of Elves from other races. This attitude is mostly likely due to the death of his youngest sister Draline Ryelle Valharesh (Note, Kalindinai's eldest daughter is named Ryelle--this was an memorial tribute to her younger sister.) Draline died in the Kingdom Corwin. The young noble Elf had fallen in love with a human, and became with child. The man who was fairly high in the Corwinian noble houses was much persecuted for taking an Elf woman as a consort. Draline underwent several demeaning experiences which infuriated her parents and especially her brother, Bertrand, who already didn't like humans much. Draline died in childbirth but was survived by their infant son who was named Kham.

Draline's death hit the Valharesh family hard, but Bertrand seemed to take it the hardest, blaming her foolish and demeaning association with humans, as the source of her demise. Since Draline's death, and several bloody campaigns with Corwin, Bertrand's hatred of humans grew even more pronounced.

Bertrand has become focused on expunging all outsiders from Malan. The lengths to which he would actually go to accomplish this are unknown.
See Also:  Bertrand Kirnath Valharesh, Corwin, corwinian, elder, Elf, elven, elves, Malan, T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen), T'Evagduran, Ryelle (1st Princess)

Valharesh, Draline Ryelle (Lady) Draline is the deceased younger sister Queen Kalindinai T'Evaguran. Draline dies in child-birth, and is survived by a son named Kham. Kham lived many summers, but much of what happened to him remains unknown.
See Also:  T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen)
Valharesh, Ellistan Ancient forebear of House Valaharesh and long time companion of Theln Azygos of the Kriar dasta Fabrista. Because of her centuries long ties to Ellistan the powerful Kriar matriarch (who is one of a few Kriar who practice magic) serves as the mage patron of the descendants of house Valharesh. Theln is the magic master who apprenticed both Queen Kalindinai and her daughter Janai. See also Azygos, Theln.
See Also:  Azygos, Theln, Charon, dasta, Fabrista, house valharesh, jyril/kriar war, kriar, mage, magic, T'Evagduran, Janai (2nd Princess), T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen), Valharesh, Bertrand (lord), Valharesh, Draline Ryelle (Lady)
Valharesh, House The town and immediate holdings of the elven family are collectively known as House Valharesh.
See Also:  elven, house valharesh, Valharesh, Bertrand (lord), Valharesh, Draline Ryelle (Lady)
valkur The race of winged creatures that serve .
Valkurum The hierarchy within which the Valkyr are organized.
See Also:  valkyr
valkyr Winged warrior women who serve the Aesir. Their cousins are the Ardani that serve the Vanir. They have many immortal qualities but are not truly immortal like their masters. These winged women come in all shapes, sizes, skin, and hair colors. Valkyr have white wings. Ardani have rainbow wings.

Odin created a new hybrid valkyr/ardani with black wings that he called the 'Bloodguard'. Both the Valkyr and the Ardani revile the Bloodguard, especially since they receive favored status without having earned it. This situation was only worsened when Ukko began using them as well.
See Also:  Allfather, ardani, Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), bloodguard, hybrid, immortal, Odin, Ukko, Valhalla

vanaheim A city of Gladshiem held by the Vanir.
See Also:  Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Gladshiem
Vanidaar Kergatha See Kergatha, Vanidaar.
vaniirian A member of the Vanir clan, or the pantheon of Vanir deities lead by Ukko.
See Also:  Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Ukko
vanirian Of or belonging to the Vanir. See Aesir.
See Also:  Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin)
Vanis'Dor First of life-forces or souls, progenitor to tao descendant Vanidaar Kergatha.
See Also:  ascendant, Kergatha, Vanidaar, tao
Varheath Lake Lake in the northwestern part of the barony of Tenax. Source of Branager's river.
See Also:  Branager's River, Tenax, Tenax (barony Of)
varkath Combat and engineer grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a vice admiral. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  combat prowess, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
varlonn Combat grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a lieutenant commander. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  combat prowess, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
Varon, DacWhirter Ironfist See Ironfist, DacWhirter Varon {Dak}.
varthane Combat grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a master chief. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  combat prowess, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
vasar Jyril title for an officer, presumably one in command of a vessel.
See Also:  Jyril, jyril/kriar war
Vassistor Name of the Jyril command ship prevailed over by Vasar Sa'gairin that confronted the Kriar rescue vessel Coresong in transition space during the attempt to repair the Daladar rift during the events of Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time.
See Also:  Books Of The Ring Realms, Coresong, Daladar, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Jyril, jyril/kriar war, kriar, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, shaladen, vasar, Xersis
vatraena Kriar title for their eldest female progenitor. Marna Solaris is Kriar dasta Fabrista's high council Vatraena and eldest living progenitor of the Kriar race.
See Also:  dasta, Fabrista, jyril/kriar war, kriar, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena)
Vatraena Solaris, Marna see Solaris, Marna (Vatraena).
See Also:  ascendant, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), vatraena
Vayu Member world of the Cygnus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
vector-language A mathematical subset of Kriar speech specifically tailored for describing proper motion coefficients in N-dimensional space. The understanding of vector-language requires both an extensive education in vector-calculus and Kriar synapse-array conditioning. Synapse-array conditioning is a process performed by Kriar cybermeds which super-enables the discreet portions of the mind that perform math. Part of the conditioning specifically adapts a section of the mind to perform matrices and polynomial integration. This treatment is what allows Kriar time-divers to perform the proper motion coefficients for N-dimensional space translation without the assistance of a cyber.
See Also:  cyber-unit, jyril/kriar war, kriar, vector-speak
vector-speak Same as vector-language. see vector-language.
See Also:  vector-language
Vectra A dagger of flight enchanted by Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri. Wren Kergatha uses Vectra in several battles.
See Also:  ascendant, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
Velastra A baker who runs an open air bakery in the Hill Court merchant venue in the capital of Malan. Rumored to be among the best in the nation. Bannor and Wren sample her wares in Eternal's Agenda.
See Also:  Books Of The Ring Realms, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Malan, Starfist, Bannor
Vellig Member world of the Enad Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
Velnasus Annawen Felspar-Frielos' honorary shaladen staff. The name means sister of passion.
See Also:  Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, shaladen, Xersis
Velosse A mage from Cosmodarus who helps Wren and her mother Euriel Kergatha in their assault on the forces of Mishaka and Hethanon who were then controlling the Cosmodarus baronial mansion.
See Also:  Cosmodarus, Hethanon, Hyssta, Kergatha, Euriel Idun-daughter, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, mage, magic, Nystruul, Taath, Mishaka (princess) (avatar)
ventrils Term used by Gaia (the blue sister of Gaea) in Child of Ascendants. What it means is only obliquely answered by Gaea. Since it was used in reference to two ascendants who could access Starholme Prime and the Wellspring Eternal, it is assumed refer to an access to the sub-etheral paths.
See Also:  Books Of The Ring Realms, etheral, Gaea, megapsion, Starholme Prime
Vera Hoshihana See Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}.
Vestyn Member world of the Sirus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
vexhel Intelligent spells embedded in the fabric of eternity. They are primordial spells that are functions of the power of Gaea who is laced through out the sub-paths of the cosmos. The ancient firsts could use vexhels to do complicated arcane tasks (like teleportation) through pure force of will. Maehr Cateye demonstrated several vexhels in her short existence while possessing the body of Wren Kergatha.
See Also:  ascendant, Cateye, Maehr, Eternity, Gaea, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, magic, sub-paths, teleportation, vexhels
vexhels A powerful magical mechanism employed by the firsts that requires little physical resources. Maehr Cateye while in the body of Wren Kergatha performs astounding epic level feats with little damage to her body.
See Also:  ascendant, Cateye, Maehr, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
vibro-weapon Similar to disruptor (c.f.) a weapon which utilizes a static field of energy to hyper-excite the molecules touched by it so as to give far greater damaging power.
See Also:  disruptor, energy
Vilesilencer Mythic appellation given to Loric Felspar of Numanor during his crusade against the pantheon lords of the abyss. See Felspar, Loric. See also Felspar clan.
See Also:  Felspar Clan, Felspar, Loric, Numanor
Vinax, Koass The prime commander eternal of the Universal Protectorate. Koass has a a wife named Megan, and two step-daughters Ralani and Silvia.
See Also:  eternals, Eternity, metapathy, time guardians, Vinax, Megan, Vinax, Ralani Kiverina Armadoi
Vinax, Megan Active member of the Shael Dal wielding the Shaladen blade Sharonsheen, wife of Supreme Commander Vinax. After the revival of the Eternals, Megan was the first mortal to become part of the Alpha rank Protectorate by marriage.

Megan was once the personal second of the pantheon lord Ukko. As an air-maiden she upheld the Valkur law and represented the ranks of the 'ascendants' sect of Valkyries (the 'chosen' serve the pantheon lord Odin, Ukko's brother). However, during a period of time when Dorian Degaba Felspar and Thamara Narrimar Tarrantil were doing duties for Ukko at the behest of Bertram Tarrantil they became aware of certain "abuses" going on between Ukko and the Ascendants-- particularly in the case of Megan and also her close friend and colleague Adwena.

Due to the abuses she witnessed, Dorian tried to convince Megan and Adwena to leave Ukko. Megan having served the lord for millennia was of course loyal to him. Ukko got wind of Dorian's attempts to persuade the two Ascendants away from him and in truly arrogant fashion made statements to the effect of 'owning' the Ascendants, and Megan and Adwena in particular. His behavior worsened, and more and more light was shown on how little freedom the air-maiden's truly had even though lip-service had been given to them being a part of Vanir pantheon.

Because of the pressure of these new happenings, and some truly brutal fallout as a result of the specters that Dorian had uncovered, Megan was eventually persuaded to leave. For some time, she and Dorian were very close, especially in the inconsolable times shortly after she chose to break from Ukko. The two of them gradually grew apart because Megan wanted a monogamous relationship, and a more committed partner.

Megan finally got her wish when Koass Vinax proposed to her in 1087. They are finally married in 1089. Megan has two children with Dorian, Ralani who Dorian foathrad, and Silvia who Megan foathrad. Megan remains close to the Felspar clan, and her children school with the other clan children. Her daughter Ralani is particularly regarded amongst the children for her leadership qualities.
See Also:  Allfather, Alpha, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Band Of The Crescent Moon, eternals, Eternity, Felspar Clan, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, Olimbril, Odin, Sassa, Valkur, Swiftwing, Adwena, Shael Dal, shaladen, sharonsheen, Tarrantil, Bertram, time guardians, Ukko, Vinax, Koass, Vinax, Ralani Kiverina Armadoi, valkur, Xersis

Vinax, Ralani Kiverina Armadoi Daughter of Megan Vinax foathraed by Dorian Degaba Ishtarvariku. Ralani lives with and is in the care of her step father Koass Vinax and his now current wife Megan. Megan is an ex-air-maiden for Ukko (a pantheon lord related to Odin). The air-maidens are a clan sisters to the "Chosen" clan of Valkyries. In her natural form, Megan has wings. Her daughter Ralani has inherited this trait. She and her cousin Siriena are within hours of each others age. They were born only a few weeks after Cassandra's triplets Lorrik, Radian, and Celek. Both Ralani and Siriena are well regarded in the Felspar clan. They are both consume students of war and personal combat.
See Also:  Allfather, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Band Of The Crescent Moon, combat prowess, Felspar Clan, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba, Odin, Siriena, Ukko, Vinax, Koass, Vinax, Megan
Virasama Hoshihana {Vera} See Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}.
void Of or pertaining to space.
Voldroth Speaker for a unit of Odin's Bloodguard Valkyries. Voldroth and Kylindria of the Chosen apparently have some history and, ahem, bad blood.
See Also:  Allfather, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), bloodguard, Kylindria, Odin
vorpul Weapons possessing a 'vorpul' edge are said to possess a 'perfect' edge that can (under the proper circumstances) cut through even hardened metal. Beia's spear Eboneye possesses a vorpul quality edge. The krill blades created by Loric Felspar, such as the one wielded by Desiray Illkaren Felspar, have a 'lesser' vorpul edge. The shaladen blades of the eternals have what is termed a 'greater' vorpul edge sometimes called an 'annihilator' edge that can carve through virtually any material (provided there's enough power behind it).
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Eboneye, eternals, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Felspar, Loric, Garadhyr, Golondrax, krill, Lexaron, Melakanir, monofilament, Olimbril, shaladen, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), Xersis
vosta Myrmiqyne language. It is a reciprocal to greeting much like 'to you too' or 'to you as well'. Example: Kaola! (Welcome). Kaola vosta! (Welcome to you as well.)
See Also:  kaola
vralczarr The battlestaff wielded by Aarlen Frielos. Vralczarr is said to rival the power of even a shaladen blade. This is probably an exaggeration. However, because the staff commands the energy of skharvarren the energy of spirit destruction, it is definitely a far worse weapon to be killed by. Vralczarr imbues the wielder with enhanced strength and resistance to injury and can stop most forms of energy attacks. It has numerous magical powers including the ability to dominate minds.
See Also:  battlestaff, energy, Frielos, Aarlen, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, skharvarren, shaladen, Xersis
Vralkoden Sindra Frielos battle staff modeled after Aarlen's powerful staff Vralczarr.
See Also:  Frielos, Aarlen, Frielos, Sindra, vralczarr
Vratague Kriar Daergon who seduces Bertrand Valharesh, and nearly kills Bannor, Sarai, and Queen Kalindinai. Vratague is noted as being extremely attractive except for a single star-shaped scar around her left eye. Vratague is a belkirin rank soldier who learned her fighting and military skills from Eclipse Shargris just after the Kriar/Jyril conflict.
See Also:  belkirin, Bertrand Kirnath Valharesh, combat prowess, Jyril, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks, Starfist, Bannor, Surr, Daergon, Shargris, Eclipse, T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen), T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess)
Vulcindra Skybane See Skybane, Vulcindra.
Vulg One of the mages who assisted Meridian in his assault on the Protectorate through time. Vulg along with all the other mages who helped Meridian are slain in a blast from a bomb thrown by Rakaar. Actually, Vulg and Shamada die before the rest because Talorin Falor cuts their heads off with the shaladen blade Nova.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, Baronian, eternals, Eternity, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, Nova, Olimbril, Steelsheen, Rakaar, shaladen, Shamada, time guardians, Xersis
   W   From Wallar (Captain)  To Xenos Shadowstalker
Wallar (Captain) Soldier in the Southrealm army that Bannor first served under.
See Also:  Southrealm, Starfist, Bannor
warmage A mage specializing in warfare and battle magic. Often war-mages are trained in the martial arts and in weapons mastery. They are typically trained tacticians and strategists as well. When employed by a Kingdom or territory, war-mages often act as generals and lead the troops into battle, devastating the enemy ranks with their magic.
See Also:  mage, magic
warmaster Warmaster is a title accorded (or simply assumed) by veterans with extensive combat experience, usually mercenary experience.
See Also:  combat prowess
warp 1) any fold or distortion in space. 2) A unit of speed used in the Star-trek genre. 3) The field around a vessel (in the Star Trek universe) which makes FTL travel possible.
See Also:  FTL
warpdrive The propulsion system which produces the warp field and makes FTL travel possible for vessels in the Star Trek genre.
See Also:  FTL, warp
Warstar Name of the shaladen blade first wielded by Tal Falor and shared with Dominique Ariok. Due to some friction between Algernon D'Tarin and his eternal master, Nethra. With the agreement of their boss eternals, Tal and Algernon agreed to switch blades and responsibilities (Tal didn't have any problems taking orders from a woman). The blade Warstar confers immense physical strength to the wielder allowing them to perform truly herculean feats of muscle. The blade also has the ability to stasis (freeze in time) any creature it comes in contact with. See shaladen.
See Also:  Ariok, Dominique Kalan, Band Of The Crescent Moon, D'Tarin, Algernon, eternals, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, Melakanir, Nethra, Olimbril, Ratch, Boss, stasis, shaladen, Xersis
warwand A general term for any weapon used in battle.
watashi G'yaki dialect, pronoun you.
See Also:  G'yaki
watercloth A densely woven cloth noted for its ability to retain water when treated with wax. It has a smooth texture similar to silk. Watercloth is often used in the manufacture of cheap but serviceable bedding.
waterleaf A spidery plant with dozens of stems that grow up out of the bottoms of ponds and shallow lakes. The stems end in large leafs that can be up to a pace across that float on the surface of the water.
way-point The term way-point in general means a spot on a map passed in or to reach a destination. The Kriar also have installations called way-points that act in a similar fashion. The giant spheres two or more leagues across rest in deep space far outside the gravitational pull of any star. They act as beacon, rest stop, trade center, and repair and refueling depots. Usually playing host to sub-etheral bore holes and gate arrays, these giant artificial constructs stabilize and map the surrounding space creating attenuated matter corridors for FTL (faster than light) ships.
See Also:  etheral, FTL, jyril/kriar war, kriar
Wejah, Chojo See Hoshiwejah, Chojo.
See Also:  Hoshiwejah
weregild The practice of wereguild places a value on every being and piece of property a clan might have. Sometimes known as "man price". If property was stolen, or someone was injured or killed, the guilty person would have to pay weregild as restitution to the victim's family, their clan, or to the owner of the property. This primitive mechanism was a way of mitigating cycles of revenge by giving clans a way to save face when wronged by a rival. This practice has also been called blood money. A payoff to accept the killing or humiliation of a family member instead of them seeking retribution.
Westkeep Armed city with largest troop resources in the Hold of the Sea Princes.
Westros Mountain range that marks the border between Ivaneth and Corwin.
See Also:  Corwin, Ivaneth
whipwood A narrow reed like plan that grows in fens and marshy terrain. These small trees grow anywhere from a pace to several paces tall. They are characterized by the lack of branches, but extremely durable and flexible bole.
white-seal A term used in the Kriar military indicating a document or situation that is of a classified (secret) high priority nature.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
whitebark A narrow pale-barked tree that grows at medium and high altitude distinguishable by its white skin and oblong leaves that grow in clusters that rattle in the wind.
Whitelock Alias for Desiray Illkaren Felspar. See Felspar, Desiray Illkaren.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren
Wilco Oprecht Gelovige See Gelovige, Wilco Oprecht.
Windsbane, Kas Torin A rogue and longtime friend of Talorin Falor before he became a member of the Protectorate. Kas and Tal were business partners and ran a high class escort service in Ivaneth. Tal got involved in hunting down Meridian, and began focusing on his academy and eventually sold his share of the escort service to Kas. Kas got older and while he was a high ranked guilder in the Brethren guild he never aspired to be a guild master. Kas collaborated on a venture to create the town of Marrowshire on Ivaneth's northern border. Kas retired to that community where he is the proprietor of an Inn called the Dulcet Unicorn.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, Band Of The Crescent Moon, eternals, Eternity, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, guild, guilder, Ivaneth, metapathy, time guardians, unicorn
wired A term used for anyone with extensive cyber-enhancements.
See Also:  cyber-unit
Witherwood, Darthal A half-territaani man on the trade counsel of the fourth alliance. He challenges Aarlen Frielos during a board meeting (much to his regret).
See Also:  Frielos, Aarlen, Territaani
woodgod A general way of describing the power of nature and natural spirits. It is used pejoratively a The Woodgod meaning nature incarnate.
woodsclan General term for a ranger detachment in service to the king. Bannor Starfist was an officer in charge of one of the Tenax Duchy's woodsclans.
See Also:  Starfist, Bannor, Tenax
woodscraft A term used to describe people who know outdoor survival skills such as hunting and tracking.
work-station 1) a powerful computer designed for high resolution graphics and high speed mathematical computation. 2) Any generic computer console (c.f.)
See Also:  console
world-gate A rift in space/time that bridges the gap between two distant locales.
See Also:  worldgate
worldgate Alternate spelling. See world-gate.
See Also:  world-gate
worlds of the prime ring The 71 magic-rich core worlds of the Ring Realms connected by the world gate system watched over by the Crowninshield magocracy.

12 Worlds of the Capital Ring

 Crown Rising: Mystranus 
(1)  Crown Prime: Istavarron
 Crown Setting: Solduskanar
 Ring Gate:Haven 

21 Worlds of the Sirus Ring

 Ring Gate:Estryd
(2)   Charon  
 Ring Gate:Callista

24 Worlds of the Cygnus Ring

 Ring Gate:Arbor
(3)  Teronis  
(4)  Titaan  
 Ring Gate:Nadir 

7 Worlds of the Enad Ring  (formerly 8 worlds)

 Ring Gate:Enad 
 Ring Gate:Avernus
 { Shardaris the vanished. }

7 Worlds of the Demos Ring

 Ring Gate:Demos
 Ring Gate:Daxis


(1) World for the Ethermancer setting
(2) Rebirth place of Theln Azygos, known as Dream Merchant Theln. Featured origin story Golden Memories.
(3) World for the King's Steel setting. Rumored to be a Lokori ward world.
(4) World for the Savant's Blood series.
(5) World for the clan holdings of the Hoshin G'Yaki clan. The pirate kingdom war featured Aesir's Blood focuses there.

See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lorval, magocracy, magic, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Ravva, Rhoador, Ring Realms, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
Wren Kergatha See Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter.
Wysteri Level 8 mecha healer (cybermed) who escaped the Karanganoi Baronian's with her sub-net. She and her fellows end up in the employ of the T'Evagduran family.
See Also:  Baronian, cybermed, Delarn, Araceli, Delarn, Monique, Delarn, Octavia, Delarn, Porsche, karanganoi, Mercedes
Wysterra Member world of the Sirus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
wyvern A vicious dragon-like reptile that has a prehensile scorpion-like tail with a barbed stinger at the end. Wyvern poison is not very potent in small quantities, but deadly in larger doses.
See Also:  dragon
   X   From Xenos Shadowstalker  To Yadiz
Xenos Shadowstalker See Shadowstalker, Xenos (King).
Xersis Honorary shaladen wielded by Bannor Starfist as a surrogate for Advocate Eternal Koass. Bannor shares Koass' powers with Megan Vinax. Xersis has special significance as it is Koass' personal weapon from the 'before time' and was the paladin commander's weapon through fifty campaigns.
See Also:  Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, paladin, Starfist, Bannor, shaladen, Vinax, Koass, Vinax, Megan
Xetus Member world of the capital ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
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