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Ring Realms Cosmos Master Glossary

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   A   From Aarigatogozaimashita  To Back-time
aarigatogozaimashita G'yaki dialect (formal ingratiating) for 'thank you very much'.
See Also:  G'yaki
Aarlen Frielos See Frielos, Aarlen.
adamantium A magical metal known for its nearly indestructible qualities. The gates to a certain famous nether-region are said to be made of this material.
Adwena Swiftwing See Swiftwing, Adwena.
Aesir (also Aesirian) The name given to the Lords of Asgard. There are two clans in Gladshiem consisting of pantheon lords and their issue. There are the more well known Aesir, and their often rival brothers the Vanir.
See Also:  Asgard, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Gladshiem, vanirian
aesirian See Aesir.
Aesirs And Vanir (origin)

Beyond the recall of the first gods, risen from the blood of antiquities came the 71 progenitors of the nine realms. With bodies harder than the finest steel, and minds sharper than razor ice, they colonized the worlds. With affinities for magic and the five elements, they grew apart and drew together to become the founding clans.

The first and largest of these families was Yggdrasil who created the first outposts in the nine connected worlds. Rivaled by few and envied by all, Nord Yggdrasil and his brothers and sisters demanded tribute of the smaller clans. Many were the wars and skirmishes, but in the end Nord's kin emerged victorious. As time wore on, the Yggdrasilians began to weaken, their hard bodies softened, and their keen minds less insightful.

To maintain control, Nord demanded that the sons and daughters of the rival clans serve in Asgard as "guests" in the house of Yggdrasil. For seven generations, a bloody balance was maintained. In that time, resentment grew as did the prowess and power of the lower clans.

Nord's sister, Daela Yggdrasil fell in love with Borr of the Aesir. Their union begot a son, Odin. Nord discovered the forbidden coupling and became incensed, demanding that his sister slay the baby. Borr tried to intervene but was slain. Daela fled, taking Odin and her younger sister Idun to hide in the forests of Alfheim. Nord was relentless and tracked them down. Daela confronted the first of Yggdrasil while her younger sister Idun escaped with baby Odin. In his anger, Nord slew his sibling.

Hidden in the dark heart of Svartalfheim, Idun swore vengeance and raised Odin as her own. It was there in the light-less roots of the core realm that Idun uncovered the well of vitality and the fruits of immortality. Dining on the flesh of that magical elixir she and the orphan grew strong.

In secrecy, Idun slipped into Vanaheim, bearing with her an offering of the golden revitalizing fruits, and made requests of clan Vanir to aid in her revenge on Nord. Nay, she was told, naught while Nord still held their sons and daughters as guests within his house. Idun struck a deal, for she had the keys to the house of Yggdrasil and would set free the sons and daughters of the Vanir if they would raise their axes and hammers against Nord.

Vanir agreed, the deal was set, and the arrow of war notched. By best stealth Idun returned to Asgard and offered the same arrangement to the Aesir. They too agreed, and set their arrow with the Vanir. Idun left Odin with Borr's kin to plan their attack and trekked to house of Yggdrasil.

Under the light of the five moons, Idun freed the captive clan's children and set open the golden gates of Gladshiem.

Through those gates rode Odin on the eight legged horse Sleipnir leading the heads of the Aesir and Vanir, now strengthened by Idun's fruit of vitality. Larger in number and stronger still, they laid waste to Yggdrasil and ended their line. Only vengeful Idun remained, she with a hard heart and the secret of golden vitality.

As the warrior who led them to freedom, Odin was made the high father of the Aesir. Impressed and smitten by Odin's vitality and prowess, the Aesirian princess Frigg dallies with and wins the heart of the powerful warrior.

Together Odin and Frigga found a new hall, Valhalla, and set to lead the clans of the nine realms in peace and prosperity.

Of vengeful Idun, little more is said. The Aesir and Vanir saw her as blight and bad memories of times they bent knee to Yggdrasil under force of sword. She of the golden hair was strong though, deep in the ways of the stone and well fed on fruits of immortality. They let her be, allowing her to keep counsel in the courts of the clans.

The Aesir prospered, expanding their sway across the nine realms, begetting healthy sons and daughters and growing wise in the ways of the magick and lore.

The Aesir are old now and of Idun, to whom they owe their freedom, only whispers are spoken. Gratitude set too long turns rancid and becomes envy and resentment. The first among the clans, the strongest true progenitor remains isolated without rank or recognition. It is she who is prophesied to play traitor again, and lead ruin and disease to the faithful sons and daughters of the Aesir and Vanir.
See Also:  Alfheim, Allfather, Aesir, Asgard, borr, Daela Yggdrasil, Gladshiem, magic, Nord Yggdrasil, Odin, stone, svartalfheim, vanaheim, Valhalla, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun, yggdrasilians

Agni Member world of the Cygnus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
aircycle The process where a ship's (or submarine's) air is pumped into or out of an airlock to gain access to the interior or exterior of the vessel. [To cycle the air.]
See Also:  airlock
airlock A intermediate chamber between a vessel's interior and exterior specifically designed to allow ingress and egress in a hostile environment (water, space, toxic atmosphere.)
ajeer Elite warriors who work in the service of the Aesir pantheon lords.
See Also:  Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin)
aka Elvish languish, it roughly translates as 'yes' or 'okay'.
See Also:  elvish
Aki Hoshihana Youngest daughter of the Hana sub-clan. See Hoshihana, Aki.
See Also:  Hoshihana, Hoshihana, Aki
Akiha Hoshiwejah See Hoshiwejah, Akiha.
Albrech City on the Corwin side of borderlands. The place Mazerak was bound for when he had Bannor and Wren prisoner.
See Also:  Corwin, Duquesne, Mazerak, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Starfist, Bannor
Alfheim The forest realm of the nine realms of Yggdrasil. Alfheim is known to be the home of the Freyr-kin, the predecessors to modern elves.
See Also:  elves, Yggdrasil
Algernon D'Tarin See D'Tarin, Algernon.
All-Worlds Guild See Masters Guild.
All-Worlds Tournament The All-Worlds tournament is contest of combat ability most often hosted by the Aesir pantheon lords (it is on occasion held at various locations throughout the Ring Realms). These contests are by far the most dangerous and demanding regularly held *VOLUNTARY* arena challenges in Ring Realms. The only rougher sport to be found is in infamous death spectacles held in Arcturan over-world arenas.

The All-Worlds Contests have 16 ranks of combat ranging from un-enhanced humans with normal weaponry (Ring 1 class) to immorts and enhanced-humans with full magical augmentations, armor, and weaponry (unlimited class). Mercenaries wanting to make a name for themselves will often enter these contests to receive belts and other awards that authenticate the rank they placed in.

Sir Laramis De'Falcone is a 7th rank veteran of the All-Worlds, consistently placing in the top 8 in six tourneys. By this reckoning, he is among the top 5% of warriors in all of Sharikaar. For comparison, Wren Kergatha successfully qualified for unlimited class competition, and was able to make it to her fifth bout before being disqualified. Wren's ability prevented her from being injured, and thus her opponents could not beat her. However, Wren's ability is such that she can only use an opponent's strength against them. Once a skilled opponent discerns her mechanism for utilizing an opponent's power, as her later opponents did, they are not likely to give her potential to use against them. Without that extra energy to assist her, Wren was never able to score against opponents of this caliber. The judges ruled that while she could compete in unlimited play, she did not actually possess unlimited class fighting ability. She was granted 12th rank status for her ability to score accurately with thrown weapons before her opponents could get into hand-to-hand combat.

The 13th rank and above are reserved for those warriors with truly phenomenal skills and abilities. Talorin Falor, Beia Targallae, and Lord Algernon D'Tarin all members of the Band of the Crescent moon all rank in the 16th circle.
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Allfather the honorific applied to the pantheon lord Odin i.e. Allfather Odin. See Odin.
See Also:  Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Odin
Alliances (galactic) In the Ring Realms cosmology, there are four principle intergalactic civilizations. The first and oldest, the iron ruled worlds of the Skybane, is the most widespread and powerful. Led by Domapirix Vulcindra Skybane. The second is Hyssta Combine of the Scale Lords. The third is the Free Trade Alliance of Nebulon. The forth is Mezzas War Complex, led by Aarlen Frielos.
See Also:  Frielos, Aarlen, Hyssta, Hyssta Combine, intergalactic, Ring Realms, Skybane, Vulcindra, savant, Scale Lords, Trackazoid
Alogard Historical siege where grand magics were used to lure the city sentinels out of their impenetrable walls to finish off a illusory weakened army.
Alostar, Damay Eldest of the Kel'Varan's and reputed to be the most powerful. Damay fought many epic battles against Mandrimin (c.f.) the Ta'arthak Nola (savant of matter) in her time. About 6000 years ago she fell to Aarlen Frielos in a duel of magic, she was approximately 2900 summers old at the time. It is unknown exactly how or why, but Aarlen trapped Damay's tao essence in an amulet of shael-dal metal. It is surmised that the amulet was an experiment to create a magical item fueled by the essence of a savant. Apparently, the item was never completed. In 1091 N.I.S., Wren Kergatha came into possession of the amulet. She later resurrected Damay by rejoining her tao with a suitable body. Damay disappeared for several cycles but returned to help in the Daergon incursion during which she became an ascendant.
See Also:  ascendant, Frielos, Aarlen, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Mandrimin, megapsion, magic, nola, savant, Surr, Daergon, Shael Dal, Shevkin, Wyyr, ta'arthak nola, tao
Alpha Alpha is the name given to the entity which procreated life in the body of Gaea and thus is the progenitor of the elder races that diversified to become the various forms of life throughout Eternity. Many scholars speculate that Alpha and Gaea are merely metaphors for the burgeoning of life. Others cite differently quoting texts that indicate that both Alpha and Gaea were actual creatures that pre-dated all other forms of intelligent life. The Alphaforce is the spark said to be carried by savants. This spark is sometimes referred to as a 'tao'.
See Also:  ascendant, elder, elder races, Eternity, Gaea, tao
alpha-particle One of several currently identified heavy radiation particles.
See Also:  radiation
alphaforce See Alpha.
alphas Alphas (plural) is general reference to creatures that possess a 'tao' and have the potential to merge with their 'beta' match. All savants are considered 'alphas' while the pantheon lords are considered 'betas'. Each living alpha savant has a corresponding beta who may or may not still exist. The alphas reincarnate over time, but their beta reciprocals do not. When passing between generations the reciprocal hereditary traits mutate. This is why Daena and Hella are able to merge in 'Neath Odin's Eye. Hella had indeed drifted, which is why Bannor could not identify for certain if she and Daena were alpha / beta halves of a First One.
See Also:  Allfather, Alpha, ascendant, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), betas, Books Of The Ring Realms, Hella, Loki, megapsion, Odin, Starfist, Bannor, savant, Sheento, Daena, Shevkin, Wyyr, tao
android Any artificial construct which closely simulates human form and function. Androids (by general definition) are largely mechanical with some organic components to make them simulate humans more closely. [Synthetic constructs which are entirely organic fall under the synthezoid class of human simulcra.]
See Also:  artificial intelligence, synthezoid, simulcra
Angrboda Mistress to the Aesir god Loki. Rumor has it, that Angrboda is an alias for Vulcindra Skybane. Descriptions of "giant" Angrboda and Vulcindra coincide quite strongly. Loki has two progeny by Angrboda--Fenrir (Fenris) and Jormungand, who are more often known as the Fenris Wolf and Midgard serpent. These mythical "monsters" were probably shapes taken by Loki's half-dreel children.
See Also:  Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), dreel, fenris wolf, god, jormungand, Loki, Skybane, Vulcindra, savant
Annawen Kel'Ishtauri Felspar See Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri.
Anunnaki Pantheon of gods led by Anu. Subordinate deities of this clan of immortals include Inanna, Tammuz, Ereshkigal, Geshtinanna, Lahar, Marduk, and Nergal.
Aphrodite Pantheon lord, goddess of beauty and love. Sister to Hecate.
See Also:  goddess, Hecate
Arabella Bard hailing from Corwin, renowned through Sharikaar. Many of the epics of the Ring Realms are translations written by this red-headed lady bard. The number of adaptations attributed to Arabella seem excessive considering her relatively young age (around 50). While most famous for her ability with instruments, song, and pen-- Arabella has a notorious history. She was associated with some of the more nefarious thieves guilds in Sharikaar, and purportedly involved in many kinds of violent mayhem.

Arabella was renowned for her temper, and was involved several known public duels that resulted in the death of her opponents. Certain sources cite that they find it unusual that in more than half of these fatalities, the slaying blow appeared to be inflicted from behind.

A number of reliable witnesses claim that Arabella is currently no longer among the living. With a town full of onlookers, a red haired bard, purportedly Arabella, was accused, tried, and hung for murder in northern Ivaneth. The credence of this report is in doubt however, because new songs and written materials with Arabella's distinctive flair have since appeared. Whether they are actually the work of Arabella, or simply the works of another bard publishing under her name is unknown.
See Also:  Corwin, Ivaneth, Moonshaes, Ring Realms, Sharikaar

Arabor Member world of the Sirus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
Araceli Delarn See Delarn, Araceli.
aracnarweave Magical cloth invented by the Numanorians that aids in spell casting. Speculated to be a blending of ishtite and spider-silk.
See Also:  ishtite
Arahn Crowninshield-Farstrider See Crowninshield, Zanaster.
Arbor Member world of the Cygnus Ring hosting a cross-ring gate. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
arborist A druid or other tree / forest caretaker.
arcanist A practitioner of magic.
See Also:  magic
arch-magi (or arch-mage) A mage who has mastered all the primary ranks of magical spells. The term is a reference title only as the wizard/sorceress so deemed will not refer to themselves as an 'arch-magi'. Lore-mage, elder lore-mage, and grand lore-mage are the titles attributed to magic-users of even greater ability.
See Also:  elder, mage, magic
archmage A term to classify the highest order of magical skills. When a magic-user attains archmage status they are said to be "master" mages and can utilize all common schools of magick.
See Also:  magic
Arcturan, Meridian Master of the Ring Realms death spectacles. Meridian's true origins are unknown, as is his age. Collected historical accounts agree that he is at least 1000 cycles old, and has made extensive use of longevity magicks to extend his life. Though undoubtedly insane, Meridian is still a brilliant magician and the author of a number of breakthroughs in the development of magical weaponry. It is his ongoing development of magical offensive capability that is so feared by his servants. It is known that in his earlier years, Meridian participated in the death spectacles to hone his skills on live targets. Meridian has no known living family.
See Also:  Ring Realms
ardani Aesir and Vanir have battle maidens that serve their respective pantheons. The Ardani serve Ukko and the Valkyr serve Odin. Ardani can be told apart from Valkyr by their rainbow-colored wings. Ardani are generally more adept at magic, while Valkyr tend to be bigger and more melee oriented. Odin's bloodguard have similarities to both Ardani and Valkyr, they are generally inferior to both though they are bigger in general than their Valkyr counterparts, they are not as strong or resilient.
See Also:  Allfather, Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), bloodguard, magic, Odin, Ukko, Valkyr
Areth Jalt See Jalt, Areth.
Argos, Nethra Eternal and alpha rank member of the protectorate serving as tactical commander. Nethra's spirit talisman is called Nova. The weapon's primary ability is to create and control dimensional gateways. Nethra's current surrogate is Talorin Falor. Algernon D'Tarin served her for a short time but due to disagreements decided to serve Garn Ellon instead. Nethra and Tal share an interesting chemistry that most of the other Shael Dal simply don't understand. The burly man is extremely casual around the powerful eternal, and the two engage in flip conversation that rarely belies the seriousness of what they are doing. Regardless of how it "sounds", it can never be questioned that Tal gets the job done for her.
See Also:  Alpha, Band Of The Crescent Moon, D'Tarin, Algernon, Ellon, Garn, eternals, Eternity, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, metapathy, Nethra, Nova, Shael Dal, time guardians
arigato G'yaki dialect for 'thank you'.
See Also:  G'yaki
Ariok, Dominique Kalan Daughter of Gabriella Sarn Ariok and Sarok Ariok. Like her mother Dominique was turned to vampirism to survive in the Silissian campaign against the servants of Kali. Dominique was trained from birth to be a warrior specializing in the destruction of the minions of Kali. She is a renowned blade-master and with her extended lifespan, she turned to magic and became a loremage as well. Unlike her mother, Dominique was not a willing vampire, she was forced into it by her mother. Centuries later when this condition was a removed, it remains a point of friction between them. (Ah, the drama of having an evil dragon-draining vampire for a mother!) As a result, Dominique was always closer to her father, who as one might imagine was no angel either if he took a vampire as his wife.

Through a complicated series of events, Dominique attempted to free her mother after she had been captured by Dorian and Cassandra, and the evil purified from her. Not knowing what had been done to her mother, Dominique was quite surprised when her mother turned on her and assisted in her capture. Dominique too was turned from the darkness, and the vampirism that had been forced on her reversed. Many cycles later through a gradual campaign of persuasion, Dominique has slowly become friends with members of the Felspar clan. Though no-longer a vampire, she is still a 'vamp', and characterized by her smooth and lascivious dialog, it goes without saying that she still likes whips and chains... but that's another story.

For a number of cycles, Dominique and Tal Falor were an "item" and both did a tour of duty in the Shael Dal where the lady began to like the role of the hero. She and Tal split up on friendly terms in 1087 N.I.S. Dominique's exemplary contributions to the Protectorate were significant enough that she was asked to continue being a contributing member.

It was through her involvement with the protectorate that Dominique came into contact with the Kriar high counsel Marna Solaris. She and the Kriar became fast friends in the wake of her recent separation from Tal. Later, she and the Kriar lady became lovers. They eventually married when Marna underwent renewal. (Kriar periodically change sexual identity-- so Marna took on the identity of Marn--a male Kriar). Dominique has one child by Marna which she foathra'd when Marna was still female, a boy named Celaesh.

Dominique has been teaching the Kriar matriarch magic, in return she has been learning Kriar warp-science and gate control. The woman's already formidable mastery of magic intertwined with Kriar super-technology make her one of the most dangerous creatures in the Ring Realms.

Dominique has three elder sisters: Gabrin, Sabella and Sarokirin. Gabrin and Dominique share a relatively close relationship, though since Dominique married Marn Solaris, their familial bonds became stretched a bit.
See Also:  Ariok, Gabriella Sarn, Ariok, Sarokirin, Band Of The Crescent Moon, bit, blade-master, Crowninshield-Ariok-Farwalker, Sabella, dragon, elder, eternals, Eternity, Felspar Clan, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, foathra, Foathra, Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba, jyril/kriar war, jhaalhadradi, kriar, loremage, metapathy, magic, Ring Realms, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), Shael Dal, silissian, time guardians, vamp, vampire, warp

Ariok, Gabriella Sarn The Dragon Queen of Silissia. This great elder's true name (Drakka'Tah) is known only to a few. Gabriella was born sometime during the infancy of the Silissian old world, approximately 14,000 cycles ago. She was the sole survivor when the Kali cult over-ran her village and staked out her family. Swearing vengeance, she undertook a campaign against the followers of the death goddess that lasted close to five millennia.

Early in her history, Gabriella turned to vampirism to get the strength and lifespan to continue her vendetta. Gabriella is known as the Dragon Queen because unlike typical vampires who feed on humans, her targets were typically dragons both for the amount of blood and their power. It is unknown how she gained the power to prey on dragons in such a fashion, but it surmised she gained this ability (curse?) from one of the three orbs of dragon-kind.

In her later years, Gabriella had the misfortune of crossing some of the Band of the Crescent Moon. After a number of clashes, the elder was eventually captured by the combined efforts of Dorian Degaba and Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri. With the power of grand magicks, Gabriella was turned from darkness to serve the light. Regardless of her new 'outlook', Gabriella is uneasy ally of House Felspar and the regime of Isis. After her 'conversion' Gabriella shared a close bond with Dorian, and two are fast allies. Dorian, along with her daughters Cassin and Annawen, serve as Gabriella's magical apprentices.

Gabriella has four living daughters: Dominique, Gabrin, Sabella, Sarokirin. Her only son, Sarok, died in a conflict against her. Before her capture and conversion, Gabriella acted occasionally as an agent for Aarlen Frielos. Gabriella plays a significant role in the story of Savant's Blood.
See Also:  Ariok, Dominique Kalan, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Crowninshield-Ariok-Farwalker, Sabella, dragon, elder, Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri, Frielos, Aarlen, goddess, Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba, Isis, savant, Shevkin, Wyyr, Silissia, silissian

Ariok, Gabrin Gabriella Sarn Ariok's 3rd oldest living child. Gabrin is the quietest of Gabriella's four children and actively avoids public attention. While older than Dominique, she idolizes her younger sister's flashy lifestyle and celebrity status among the Protectorate and Fabrista homeworld. She has two older sisters Sarokirin and Sabella.
See Also:  Ariok, Dominique Kalan, Ariok, Gabriella Sarn, Crowninshield-Ariok-Farwalker, Sabella, eternals, Eternity, Fabrista, Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, metapathy, time guardians
Ariok, Sarokirin Gabriella Sarn Ariok's oldest living child. Sarokirin and her mother are largely estranged though there is no actual contention between them. She has three younger sisters, Sabella, Gabrin and Dominique.
See Also:  Ariok, Dominique Kalan, Ariok, Gabriella Sarn, Crowninshield-Ariok-Farwalker, Sabella
Ariokeen Gabriella Sarn Ariok's vampire blood hunters who are renowned for their tracking and bring down capacity.
See Also:  Ariok, Gabriella Sarn, vampire
arminwen Elvish. Respectful way to address a princess when your caste and rank are inferior.
See Also:  elvish
artificial intelligence Any synthetic thinking simulation esp. in regards to computer software and hardware which emulates the process of problem extrapolation and solution.
See Also:  hardware, software
arwen Elvish. Respectful way to address a princess when your caste and rank are superior. Queen Kalindinai would address Princess Liandra Kergatha as "Arwen Liandra".
See Also:  elvish, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, titles/honorifics, T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen)
Asaheimir Region of Gladshiem where Idun's citadel Sjelnistenmir (Hall of the Glittering Soul) resides.
See Also:  Gladshiem, Sjelnistenmir, Yggdrasil, Idun
ascendant Term coined by Bannor Starfist to describe savants who have access to their full immortal powers. "Ascending" can take place in one of three ways. The first (and intended) way is when a savant alpha joins with the pantheon lord who is their beta body. Daena Sheento joins with Hella to become the first ascendant in 'Neath Odin's Eye. As an ascendant she had the physical potential of a pantheon lord coupled with the mastery of a universal force.

The second way ascendancy can take place is when a savant uses their tao-form or astral-body to overlap a creature with immort characteristics. Wren Kergatha does this with multiple times, notably with Desiray Illkaren Felspar and with her mother Euriel Kergatha. In the events of Aesir's Blood, this is taken further with multiple savants combining with shape merged bodies and becoming a hybrid aggregate entity with extraordinary power. The true capabilities of such a union is still only speculation.

In the events of Gaea's Legacy, several savants do this with bodies created expressly for this purpose by Marna Solaris.

The third and last way a savant can ascend is by having their original physical body modified to take on immort characteristics. This happens to Bannor during the course of Gaea's Legacy after his tao-inhabited body created by Marna is destroyed and his original body is heavily damaged.

Ascendants gain power over time and with experience. Daena, though her body was technically inferior to those possessed by the created ascendants was more powerful because her tao was in complete synchronous with her body.
See Also:  Allfather, Alpha, Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Band Of The Crescent Moon, Books Of The Ring Realms, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Gaea, Hella, hybrid, immortal, immort, Kergatha, Euriel Idun-daughter, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Loki, megapsion, Odin, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), Starfist, Bannor, savant, Sheento, Daena, Shevkin, Wyyr, tao

Asgard The city within which the pantheon lords of the Aesir live.
See Also:  Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin)
asgardian A person who lives in or is a citizen of Asgard. In the mythical sense, Asgard is only inhabited by the gods, their immediate servants, and slain warriors. Actually, there are a great number of LIVE people who live in the region. Asgard is a territory within the dimensional space known as Gladshiem.
See Also:  Asgard, Gladshiem
Asheena Powerful noble water elemental worshiped by some shamanistic cultures.
See Also:  elemental
astral plane The astral plane is an alternate interpretation of real space. This "space" overlaps real space and is essentially out of phase. The phased nature of the astral plane keeps the majority of physical creatures from actually existing in this state. Many powerful creatures possess and "astral presence" which is metaphysical extension of their physical bodies. This extra-planar presence allows them to operate many physical spaces simultaneously.
See Also:  ethereal
astral-presence The reflection of a creature's psyche and magical power within the astral plane.
See Also:  astral plane
astral-scape See astral plane.
astrally Conducted through the astral plane, of or concerning the astral "state"
See Also:  astral plane
astrogating (also astrogation) Used to describe the piloting (navigation) of a vessel capable of space flight.
astrogators Used to describe someone proficient in astrogation.
asus Numanorian dialect, meaning 'sister'.
See Also:  Numanorian
Athena Pantheon lord, goddess of wisdom.
See Also:  goddess
Aurra Levon See Levon, Aurra.
avatar A creature who has been bonded to another through avatarism (c.f.)
See Also:  avatarism
avatared When a person is hosting the life force of another creature (such as when Gaea channeled through Bannor and Wren), in that active state they are "avatared".
See Also:  Gaea, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Starfist, Bannor
avatarism A magical/telepathic process by which a creature of greater power may share or channel its energies into one or more host bodies. The deities of the pantheons most commonly use this technique to channel into the figureheads that command their legions of followers. The Eternals use this ability with the Shael Dal. The Time Guardians also use this technique with the Talisman elite. Though this magic is generally used by beings of extraordinary power, upper echelon mages can also use it for various purposes. There are various forms of avatarism, from the forced domination of a host called 'succorunding' to binding rituals and channeling through magical foci.
See Also:  eternals, metapathy, magic, succorunding, Shael Dal, telepathic, time guardians
Avernus Member world of the Demos Ring hosting a cross-ring gate. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
Axtria, {Kayyar} Assistant to Shal Counsel Maerdon, who takes Marna's call in the events of Anvil of Sorrow.
See Also:  Books Of The Ring Realms, kriar ranks, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), shal counsel, Shal Counsel Maerdon
Azimuth Dagger of flight belonging to Cassandra Felspar. Cassandra loans this weapon to Wren Kergatha for self defense. Through their unique magical properties, daggers of flight can be thrown as much as quintuple the distance of a ordinary dagger. They are exceptionally accurate and well balanced. The most valued ability is the magical 'returning' or 'summoning' power they possess. If the person has said the weapon's name prior to taking possession of it, they may call the weapon's name... in so-doing, the dagger vanishes from wherever it currently is and appears in the caller's outstretched hand. Depending on the particular flight weapon, this can even work across dimensions.
See Also:  ascendant, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, savant
Azir Kergatha See Kergatha, Azir.
Azygos, Theln Theln is one of a few true-blood Kriar mages with a mastery of magic. The exact nature by which Theln apprenticed in magic is unknown, but her treatises on magic and formalized rituals for it date back more than a hundred millennia. She is credited with applying scientific principles to the study of magic, and devising the first "universal standards" in the symbolic representation of spells and arcane bindery.

Theln served in the Kriar military as Dracon legion Shal'kirin aboard a survey and construction vessel. Theln's primary duties were as a senior time-gate engineer leading a team to set up and maintain the Kriar gate systems. A duty that was traditionally dangerous because of potential contact with alien cultures during the installation of the portal hardware.

At some point during her tour, the ship she was on was attacked by the eternals and forced to crash in a desert area on the surface of a planet inhabited by the Silcanna, and several other races. Theln was critically injured and buried by sand. After an unknown amount of time spent in stasis, storm winds uncovered her body and allowed her to revive. Unfortunately, her injuries were sufficient to damage her matrix stones, the result being that her memories were not properly regenerated along with her body.

The Kriar woman experienced several bad encounters with the human-kind of that world, her gold-skin and black-eyes marked her as a demon. She eventually found refuge amongst the more civilized elves. It was from the elves that she learned magic. Without the precepts of her technical upbringing to hamper her mind, she was a blank slate upon which the elven sorcerers could impress arcane information with startling speed. Despite having forgotten her past life as a Kriar warrior, she had Kriar matrix "magic" in her body, and synapse array training and eidetic memory in her mind. Coupled with an elder's poise and discipline, this made her the "ultimate" student.

By the time the Kriar became aware that one of their chief gate engineers had actually survived the Kriar-eternal war, she was already one of the most experienced and powerful mages in all of the Ring Realms. Her intimate knowledge of timegate portal technology, her time-diving talents, and Kriar warrior training coupled with dozens of millennia of survival on hostile magic-centric worlds made her a figure of truly astounding personal power. She was a near perfect synthesis of magic and technology, with a time-gate engineer's understanding of the fundamental laws of cosmos bound to millennia of arcane discipline and understanding.

Already fascinated by magic through their contact with Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, the Kriar saw in Theln a prime opportunity to learn the art from one of their own. However, they were to be disappointed as she had absolutely no interest in sharing the knowledge that had been earned through the shedding of her blood. Attempts to coerce the mage proved equally fruitless as she was simply to powerful to easily contend with.

It was Theln's original teacher, Eladrazelle Delarn who finally managed to persuade Theln to budge a little. However, even this beloved teacher's persuasion netted minimal results.

Theln finally agreed to work with Eladrazelle, Marna Solaris, and Gwensulin Techstar on a new magical project. The project has since been kept top secret. However, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri is on record as surmising that it has something to do with a magical vaccine to prevent the Jyril from ever cursing the Kriar again.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Delarn, Eladrazelle, demon, elder, elven, elves, eternals, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, hardware, Jyril, jyril/kriar war, kriar, matrix stone, mage, magic, Ring Realms, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), stasis, Silcanna, Techstar, Gwensulin, timegate

   B   From Back-time  To Caan lajaar
back-time Chronomaster literal reference to temporal space earlier in the event chronology.
See Also:  chronomaster, temporal
Baelish Sternhammer See Sternhammer, Baelish.
Baerdin General of the Nightslash Elite of Malan. Senalloy Corresont eventually becomes his second after ascending the ranks. See also Malan. See also Corresont, Senalloy Moirae.
See Also:  Baronian, Corresont, Senalloy Moirae, Malan, Nightslash
Baergath One of the technical officers of the Kriar Crisis Contingent. A piece of debris breaks the tractor beam that was pulling him in, cutting him loose into the gravitational well of the anomaly the team was trying to shut. Ivral Techstar and Eclipse Shargris rescue him. Eclipse sacrifices himself so that Ivral and Baergath can make it back to the ship.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar, Shargris, Eclipse, Techstar, Ivral
baerna Term from Yggdrasilian, term of endearment for a younger female. Male form is Baern. See also Yggdrasil. See also nine realms.
See Also:  Yggdrasil
Baldathian Purple skinned humanoid the Protectorate team encounters on the desolate realm-world of Igar. Baldathian quievvers are reviled for their use of painful slow acting poisons and their perverted enjoyment of mem-stone recording the death-throes of their victims.
See Also:  eternals, Eternity, Igar, metapathy, stone, time guardians
Baldrick Minister of enforcement for the kingdom of Malan. See also Malan.
See Also:  Malan
Baldur One of the Aesir pantheon lords, his name means "The Glorious". He was also called the "god of tears" and the "white as". Balder, the son of Odin and Frigg, was described as a very handsome and wise god. Some consider him to be a god of light since he was so bright, light shined from him.

Balder's wife is Nanna, his son is Forseti. Balder and Nanna lived in Breidablik [The Broad-Gleaming], where nothing unclean could be and there were "fewest baneful runes". Breidablik had a silver roof on golden pillars.

Balder is said to be invulnerable because all living things had agreed not to hurt him (except mistletoe).

Balder is seriously injured in a combat with Daena Sheento and Janai T'Evagduran in the story of 'Neath Odin's Eye. This obviously throws some salt on the myth that he cannot be hurt.
See Also:  Allfather, Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Books Of The Ring Realms, combat prowess, god, Odin, savant, Sheento, Daena, T'Evagduran, Janai (2nd Princess)

Balhadd (King) Lord of South-Realm. The older of a pair of brothers who were involved in 10 summer long blood feud that took close a 100,000 lives. Balhadd and Iggerd were brother regents of Corwin, that broke away to form their own kingdoms when the borders of Corwin began to collapse. The King of Corwin was never happy with the separation but with the now limited funds and troops at his disposal was unable to force the two rebels to rejoin the kingdom. Thereafter the Corwin monarch began a decade long campaign of propaganda and bribery to turn Iggerd against his brother.

In 1070, backed by Corwinian funds and military advisers, Iggerd, began an aggressive take-over of South Realm. South Realm, without the benefit of funds and military experience, could mount only a token resistance and resorted to desperate measures simply to keep from being overrun. South Realm did eventually fight back and win when King Tradeholme lent the support of the Ivaneth regulars and cavalry. By the time the conflict was over, both kingdoms were in ruins and the people in chaos. The territories of North and South realms eventually ended up being absorbed into the Monarchy of Ivaneth.
See Also:  Corwin, corwinian, Ivaneth, Iggerd, (King), Tradeholme, Edmund (King)

Ballaster Squallrider Lord deposed from the Hold of the Sea Princes. See Squallrider, Ballaster.
See Also:  Squallrider, Ballaster
Baltizaar The oldest of the Kriar 'henges'. Examination of the materials place its construction as far back as 200 million cycles. These henges are permanent gates built by the Kriar to facilitate moving from star to star. These gates also act as eyes and ears, collecting data on activity in the surrounding regions of space. How many gates exist is unclear because in some instances they move in both space and time. Exactly how this is accomplished or whether this is even intentional on the Kriar's part in unknown. Surveys performed by the Protectorate project no less than 64 planetary based gates distributed through known space.
See Also:  data, eternals, Eternity, jyril/kriar war, kriar, metapathy, time guardians
Banar First of Reality, the original progenitor of the tao identity now possessed by Bannor Starfist.
See Also:  ascendant, Starfist, Bannor, savant, tao
Band Of The Crescent Moon The dubbed name for a famous (infamous?) group of adventurers who primarily hailed from the city of Ivaneth. The band's initial membership consisted of close to twenty members who undertook a quest to Silissia. Of that first group only Cassandra the mage, Keven the Cleric, Tab the bard, Skyweir the monk, and two dwarves named Gimli and Talcabot survived. Having had their fill of Silissia, Tab and dwarves temporarily retired.

Cassandra, Keven, and Skyweir were the anchor members of new group that eventually came to include Karsk, Algernon, Desiray, T'Gor, Edrick, Oorcee, and Giquikor. This group was far more successful than the previous and went on to some fame. Later, Tab, and the dwarves rejoined, along with Rogon, Ranfast and others whose lives were to end prematurely. Some fifteen cycles later the band was still operating out of Ivaneth. Their membership grew again with the addition of Gondor Degaba, DacWhirter Ironfist, Beia Targallae, Bertram Tarrantil, Damrosil Terranath, and Ivan Bluefoot. By this time several of the original members had married, some with children who were approaching adventuring age themselves.

By the time the band confronted Hellzan, Terra Karlin and Cerilaan Mercend had also joined; Karsk, Tab, Gimli, Talcabot, and Keven had moved on to pursue other interests. During the events of A Knot in Time, the active membership of the band currently consists of Beia Targallae, Damrosil Terranath, Desiray Illkaren-Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri Felspar, Dorian Degaba Ishtarvariku, Algeron D'Tarin, Bertram Tarrantil, T'Gor & Tigress D'Shar, Tal & Terra Falor. The Band is without a doubt the most powerful force on the face of Titaan. The treasure troves of its core membership outstrip the coffers of even the biggest kingdoms. Four of its warriors possess Shaladen blades. If that weren't enough, though venerable, some of the older membership are still alive and able to create havoc. Because of their kingdom crushing power, the Band opted in recent years to take their operations off world to prevent having to play favorites with the different kingdoms where they do trade and have family.
See Also:  Books Of The Ring Realms, Dwarf, D'Shar, T'Gor, D'Shar, Tigress, D'Tarin, Algernon, Edrick, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Falor, Terra Karlin, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Hellzan, Ironfist, DacWhirter Varon {Dak}, Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba, Ivaneth, Ivaneth(2), Karsk, Lexaron, mage, Melakanir, magic, Olimbril, Oorcee, Skyweir, Shadowstalker, Ranfast, shaladen, Silissia, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), Tarrantil, Bertram, Terranath, Damrosil, Titaan, Xersis

Bargetown First of the regions freed by Wren Kergatha and the forces of Barocal from the control of the pirate lords in the Hold of the Sea Princes.
See Also:  ascendant, Barocal, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, savant
Barocal Noble family that Idun's clan backs to retake control of the Hold of the Sea Princes.
See Also:  Yggdrasil, Idun
Barocal, Constance Widowed Baroness and matriarch after the death of her husband in the aftermath in the pirate takeover of the Hold of the Sea Princes. In looking for a family with the blood right to retake the throne Idun chooses family Barocal for their stability, reason, and charisma.
See Also:  Barocal, Yggdrasil, Idun
Barocal, Favre Eldest son of the Barocal clan that eventually assumes power in the Hold of the Sea Princes.
See Also:  Barocal
Barocal, Kiedra Attractive daughter of Constance Barocal, good with a bow, and at teasing men.
See Also:  Barocal, Barocal, Constance
Baronian A race of created warriors whose true origins remain unknown. They are humanoid in nature but appear to be the product of an extensive breeding and isolation program. Baronian warriors and mages are renowned for their physical endurance, pain tolerance, and mental faculties. In addition to simply being physically strong and durable, Baronians also possess the ability to metabolize raw energy which can be used to power spells or even heal wounds.

Accounts of Baronian culture is that they are a slave race to a group of beings known only as the 'masters'. Within the Baronian hierarchy, females are primarily considered chattel, with certain prominent members able to earn free status through outstanding service to the various war causes. What little is known about the Baronians was gleaned when a party of Protectorate warriors accompanied Vatraena Marna Solaris and her aides to the Kriar Homeworld of the Karanganoi. There they discovered a force of Baronians had over-run and enslaved the entire Kriar civilization. In return for information and cooperation, Tal Falor made an agreement with a group ten Baronian slave women to help them escape. Tal kept his word and these slaves were broken free. These females now work in the employ of Isis. Notably among this group is a female warmage named Luthice who is the blood sister of Senalloy who Corim Vale frees from Rakaar.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Corresont, Luthice, Corresont, Senalloy Moirae, energy, eternals, Eternity, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Homeworld, Isis, jyril/kriar war, karanganoi, kriar, metapathy, magic, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), Steelsheen, Rakaar, time guardians, Vale, Corim Erik, vatraena, warmage

Barony Of Tenax See Tenax (barony Of).
Bassil Key supply city in the war to retake the Hold of the Sea Princes.
Bast, Sekhmet Lokori priestess that challenges Gee. Her introduction: Sekhmet, kaa of Bast, jhin of Rhad. We of Rhad lead, our paa is great, our rho is deep, our kaa is true.

translation: "I am Sekhmet, blood of Bast, clan of Rhad. We of Rhad lead, our power is great, our thoughts are deep, our blood is true."
See Also:  jhin, kaa, Lokori, paa, rho

battle-mage Term used for a magic-user who is also martially skilled in combat.
See Also:  combat prowess, magic
battle-master Term loosely used to identify combat veterans who have achieved long time combat notoriety. See also combat prowess.
See Also:  combat prowess
battle-nurse A medical practitioner specialized in treated combat trauma.
See Also:  combat prowess
battle-shape Alternate word form for battleform. See battleform.
See Also:  battleform
battle-suit A slang term for any armor specifically for combat.
See Also:  combat prowess
battleblade Something of a misnomer, all swords are designed for use in combat. A battleblade is a weapon designed for PROLONGED use in battle. Typical swords have a lifespan of only a few serious combats before breaking (or the edge blunting). Only specially tempered metals have enough resilience to retain their edge and rigidity for any significant amount of actual abuse. This is historically what set Saracen steel and the folded designs of Japanese samurai swords apart. A battleblade is weapon that has these resilient qualities.
See Also:  battlesword, combat prowess
battleform A shape that can be assumed by certain high order immorts. Mass is accumulated from interdimensional storage, and the body of the immort becomes extremely dense (like metal). The immort becomes immune to most forms of normal weaponry and many bodily functions operate on different rules (the need to breath, bleeding is greatly decreased). Battleform grants incredible physical strength, but the mass and insensitivity make it unwieldy and useful only in a select number of situations.
See Also:  battle-shape, interdimensional, immort
battlemind Used to describe a mental focus technique that allows a warrior to perceptually slow the apparent movements of enemies in battle. This is in perception only. In actuality, this technique taps into the fight/flight responses in the mind to create the accelerated state (that stopped in time sensation) that people experience when frightened or angry. The main difference is that battlemind is a controlled discipline that taps into those primal instincts rather than falling prey to them.
battleskins A slicked and hardened armor of animal hides, typified by their lightness and resilience to puncture wounds. Though they do not provide the protection of metallic armor, they do offer greater mobility. Bannor Starfist utilized this kind of armor for most of his career as a ranger for the Barony of Tenax.
See Also:  Starfist, Bannor, savant, Tenax, Tenax (barony Of)
battlestaff Used to describe a staff that has been fitted with heavy metal shods, often installing cudgel balls, blades, or spikes into the ends of the weapon to make it more effective in combat.
See Also:  combat prowess
battlesword This is an alternate usage for battleblade. See battleblade.
See Also:  battleblade
Beia Targallae {Regaura} See Targallae, Regaura.
See Also:  Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen)
Belath Member world of the Demos Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Demos, worlds of the prime ring
Belathi One of the eldest races and descendants of Gaea's first children. The Belathi were reputed to be unrivaled in their mastery of pre-magic and psychic powers.
See Also:  Gaea, magic
belkirin Combat grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a commander. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  combat prowess, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
bellonn Combat grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a junior lieutenant. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  combat prowess, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
belthane Combat grade rank in the Kriar military equal to Chief petty officer. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  combat prowess, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
Benwarr, Zarthel Eternal and alpha rank member of the protectorate that serves as a subject matter expert on magic and technology (and the commingling of said same). Zarr is the Protectorate mage who imbues honorary shaladens with the ability to tap into the power of the eternal for whom a surrogate is serving.
See Also:  Alpha, eternals, Eternity, mage, metapathy, magic, time guardians
berserking A psychological state of super-aggression. For the Aesir/Yggdrasilians, there are physical ramifications where pain is suppressed and the body's natural limits are exceeded for short periods of time.
See Also:  Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), yggdrasilians
Bertram Tarrantil See Tarrantil, Bertram.
Bertrand Kirnath Valharesh See Valharesh, Bertrand Kirnath.
See Also:  Vratague
betas Betas (plural) usually refers to one of the pantheon lords. See Alphas.
See Also:  alphas
Bhaal High priestess of the Lokori. Bhaal was a principle participant in battle for Kul'Amaron where she destroyed several of the Baronian coven dreadnoughts. See also Lokori.
See Also:  Baronian, Kel'Ishtauri Academy, kul, Kul'Amaron, Lokori, Verdasil
Bifrost The rainbow bridge. The mystical connection between the Ring Realms worlds and Gladshiem, the home dimension of the pantheon lords of Asgard.
See Also:  Asgard, Gladshiem, Ring Realms
Bilskirnir Name of the great hall wherein the pantheon lord Thor lives with his wife Sif.
See Also:  Thor
biodentify Using a unique aspect of person's body for identification / authentication -- thumbprint, retinal scan, voiceprint, etc.
biome Generic term used in referring to any unit of life regardless of its sophistication.
biophase A form of energy that can be tapped by the proper magical rituals. This energy is often used to dispel fatigue and reinforce the body. Mages utilize it to boost the efficiency of their spells.

Utilization of biophase has a strong euphoric effect that makes its use dangerous. Despite the hazards, biophase is one of the commonly manipulated powers in "carnal energies".
See Also:  carnal energies, energy, magic

biosphere The sum total of a planet's biological and ecological systems.
bit The smallest unit in computer memory. 8 bits to a byte.
See Also:  byte
Black Square Guild Dark guild that plies its trade in the lower bastions of Malhama city on the throneworld Istavarron.
See Also:  guild, Istavarron, Malhama (City Of)
black-hole A star which has grown old and collapsed in on itself leaving nothing more than gravity well in space.
blackhorn An antelope-like creature that bares a startling resemblance to a deer.
Blackstar Mountain in the eastern border of Malan. Home of the largest dwarven community on Sharikaar.
See Also:  dwarven, Malan, Moonshaes, Sharikaar
Blackwater Town in the north-eastern reaches of the Barony of Tenax. The town sits at the foot of the pass that leads through the Radigast mountains.
See Also:  Radigast Mountains, Tenax, Tenax (barony Of)
blade-master Similar term to battle-master. Blade-master is usually attributed to trainers of warriors.
See Also:  battle-master
blaster Generic science fiction term (space opera) for any of many weapons which fire pulses of destructive energy.
See Also:  energy
bleater Given this name for the bleating sound young ones make. Could be mistaken for a sheep if you were on earth.
blightscythe Artifact weapon (now honorary shaladen) used by Vulcindra Skybane. See Skybane, Vulcindra.
See Also:  Alliances (galactic), Crowninshield-Farwalker, Ljorm, Charon, Crowninshield-Farwalker, Arahn, Crowninshield-Farwalker, Gillam, First Alliance, Farwalker, Krin, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Hyssta, Lexaron, Loki, Melakanir, Olimbril, Skybane, Vulcindra, shaladen, Xersis
blockmaster A term specific to the Arcturan death spectacles.
blood lust Aggression, a desire to violence, particularly bloodshed.
blood-scythe A magical effect sent along the ground by powerful first one sword Nightrazor. The weapon had two primary ranged attacks, the explosive blood-scythe and the ranged shearing "wind cutter". See Nightrazor.
See Also:  Nightrazor
blood-spar A blood-spar is a powerful form of magic bow. The only more powerful bows are called shadow-spars. Both of this "class" of magical weapon draw upon the life-force and native willpower of the wielder to enhance the accuracy and damage of the arrows they fire. Only truly skilled archers can use them because of the nature of the powerful magicks within them. Irodee De'Falcone uses a blood-spar bow.
See Also:  De'Falcone, Irodee, magic
bloodguard The "Bloodguard" is a the name of a group of Ardani / Valkyr hybrids who serve Odin. The Bloodguard and the Valkyr sisterhoods are bitter rivals in their service to the Aesir.
See Also:  Allfather, ardani, Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Odin, Valkyr
bloodsong A kind of magical charm that is actually an infection of a victim's blood by the spiritual power of a vampire lord. A victim is typically infected by the bite of a vampire. In this unusual case, something is being put IN as opposed to the blood being sucked out (though the vampire might snack a little in the process of doing this).

The bloodsong can be used in a number of ways by a powerful vampire. In general, it allows them to control the victim. It allows them to know their thoughts, to sense their location, and spiritually possess that person in a way that is similar to avatarism. The bloodsong is extremely difficult to expunge from a victim's body once infected.

Gabriella Sarn Ariok infects Wren Kergatha with bloodsong in order (according to her) protect Wren from the advances of the D'klace sisters, Sindra and Drucilla Frielos.
See Also:  Ariok, Gabriella Sarn, ascendant, avatarism, D'klace, Frielos, Drucilla, Frielos, Sindra, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Masters Guild, savant, vampire

bloodwood A wood characterized by its reddish color and fragrant odor. Mostly a decorative material.
See Also:  redbark
Bomarc Name of one of the flying steeds (Pegasai) brought back from Gladshiem by Laramis. Wren's father, Vanidaar, poses as bomarc in order to accompany Bannor to his meeting with Hecate.
See Also:  De'Falcone, Laramis, Gladshiem, Hecate, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Kergatha, Vanidaar, pegasai, Starfist, Bannor
bonewood A very pale wood that might be confused with the earthly white alder tree.
Books Of The Ring Realms

Books of the Ring Realms

Books in chronological order with blurbs and links

Title Summary

1099 Savant's Blood: Shadow of the Avatar

1103 Savant's Blood: Hecate's Bounty

1105 Aesir's Blood

1112 Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time

1112 Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow

1113 Reality's Plaything

1114 'Neath Odin's Eye

1115 Gaea's Legacy: Eternal's Agenda

1115 Gaea's Legacy: Savants Ascendant

1115 Gaea's Legacy: The Infinity Annihilator

1116 Conscript of the Eternals

1116 Consort of the War Goddess

1117 The Shapestealer Conspiracy

1117 Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns the Creator

1117 Gaea's Blood

1130 War of the Genemar: Child of Ascendants

1130 War of the Genemar: The Karanganoi Gambit

1131 War of the Genemar: The Chyrith Agenda

1132 War of the Genemar: Gaea's Revenge

1132 War of the Genemar: The Infinite Child

Detailed Listings * Spring 1099 N.I.S (New Ivaneth Standard)

Savant's Blood Series

Book 1: Shadow of the Avatar

Hecate, goddess of the moon and dark magic, wants a new body and eight summer old savant Liandra Kergatha is it. Torn from her mother's arms, the young girl is spirited away to another world to undergo the ritual of succorunding, the creation of an avatar. Before the procedure can be completed, the temple is attacked and Liandra escapes into the city with the bindings half complete and her name and memories of her former life wiped clean.

Possessing great natural skill and many hidden powers, the young girl perseveres on her own and a decade later becomes Wren, one of the greatest master thieves in Corwin. Unfortunately for Wren, lost is not forgotten, and after a bloody encounter with an avatar, Hecate's baneful attention is drawn to her once again.

What started with a decade old kidnapping becomes a war that escalates into a conflict involving powerful immorts, wizards, and otherworldly creatures as Wren seeks help and wins favor with the legendary clan of the Felspars. To survive this conflict Wren must learn her origins, befriend amazing allies, and tap into the secret powers of her birthright. Even as she rises to the challenge, she discovers that Hecate is not the only foe she must watch out for...

Ebook: https://www.writers-exchange.com/Shadow-of-the- Avatar.html

Author Notes : The Genesis of Savant's Blood traces back to a series of 1st person novellas written between 1989 and 1997, _Ends Against the Middle_, _Savant's Blood_, and _Immortal's Treasure_. Treasure was never completed due to creative differences between myself and writing group moderator. Originally, the stories started with Wren and Irodee, with Wren's origins being more nebulous. I had invested so much in Wren that I was committed to having a completed work with her as the central character.

I scrapped the first person approach, and adopted a first- person-like 3rd person technique and completely re-imagined the character origin and events of the story. Scenes and characters from the original novellas were preserved as scenes in the new book, particularly the gem theft from Ranfast's, and the upside down tree rescue of Irodee outside Cosmodarus.

Early chapters and versions of what would become this book overlapped the novellas and revisions exist as old as 1995. The completed book was 150 chapters. 130 of those chapters were done by 2002, but competing work dragged the last 20 chapters out until late 2003. Realizing it was too Goliath to market I split the beast into Shadow of the Avatar, and Hecate's Bounty. The completed re-edits were done around 2004.

* Fall 1103 N.I.S

Savant's Blood Series

Book 2: Hecate's Bounty

Imagine that you are one half of a cosmically powerful being. Wren Kergatha, a savant of forces, is heir to the incredible powers of the first ones. The big problem is, separated from her beta half, her abilities provide little more than token defense against demons and avatars. To make matters worse, the stronger half is bent on devouring her.

Hecate's Bounty continues Wren's epic quest to regain her memories, family, and heritage. Even with the potent help of the Felspar clan, the young savant of forces finds herself and her allies on the run from the minions of a pantheon lord.

In order to rescue her parents and brother, Wren must find the lost city of Cosmodarus and confront the evil goddess of the moon. How will she defeat a creature able to ravage worlds???

Ebook: https://www.writers-exchange.com/Hecates-Bounty.html

Author Notes : In 2004 the 150 chapter completed Savant's Blood book was chopped into two books. The epilogue ending as well as the bridging problem with Vera were grafted into the story on a third revision upon reflection of stuff I had written in Reality's Plaything.

* Spring 1105 N.I.S

Savant's Blood Series

Book 3: Aesir's Blood

Wren Kergatha defeats Hecate and reclaims her family, only to face new challenges. The Kriar have infiltrated Starholme, Vera her mentor in G'yaki combat, suffers a breakdown, and her grandmother Idun the pantheon lady wants to start a god war.

The third installment of the Savant's Blood Series sees Wren embrace her Aesir heritage, becoming a general like her mother and grandmother, and fighting a ground war in order to find Vera's G'yaki clan in order to help the woman heal decades old wounds.

Being far stronger and accompanied by army of allies doesn't stop Wren's enemies from causing trouble. She must fight dragons, gods, and even a rogue member of the firsts, before she can set matters right with Vera, herself, and her family.

Ebook: https://www.writers- exchange.com/Aesirs-Blood.html

Author Notes : Aesir's Blood marks a end 4 year hiatus from Wren as the star of her own book. The first contributions to the volume were begun in late 2008. I was still working on Gaea's Legacy (which would later be split into three books). Wren's origins and the whole direction of the Ring Realms saga was taking form. I had also started Child of Ascendants, where I was fleshing out where the culmination of the first generation characters was leading. The book had me tearing out my hair at times trying to figure out how it would fit into Knot in Time and Reality's Plaything. The book ended up being an exercise in pushing the envelope in a number of ways that would spoilers were I to detail them. The book was completed in early 2014, six years after its initial inception.

* Summer 1112 N.I.S

Shaladen Chronicles Series

Book 1: A Knot in Time

Corim Vale is a man of contrasts, a scholar and a warrior. a treasure hunter and a historian, an educator in search of a patron school. This landless, loveless tournament competitor has come to the cross-world institution called the Falorian Academy in hopes of winning a tenure, and learning the secrets of the outer-realms explorers. Corim is going to get his wish, just not in the way he expects...

The grand wizard of the Death Spectacles, Meridian Arcturus has wreaked havoc across dozens of worlds. One by one the outposts of his realm-spanning syndicate has been systematically destroyed by Beia Targallae, Tal Falor, and the agents of the Eternal Protectorate. In hiding and under threat of discovery, hatred and desperation have given the evil mage the psychotic drive to carry out a retribution of cosmic proportions: destroy time.

For Corim, what starts a test becomes a time-spanning fight for life, when he stumbles upon Meridian's base of operations and his captive Kriar chronomaster. Calamity strikes and he becomes a castaway trapped by the paradox of a timequake that eradicates his chronology. He and a few other survivors must find a way to undo Meridian's knot in time before dimensional instability destroys all of reality!

Ebook: https://www.writers-exchange.com/A-Knot-In-Time.html

Author Notes : The inception of this book goes back to before 1990. There were older versions of the early stage manuscripts lost to the era of floppy disks. This was not my first book, but it is the first of the Ring Realms modern era professional quality stories. I originally approached this as a vehicle to showcase characters from our role-playing group. A draft of the book was complete in 1993. However, I was still tinkering with it until as late as 1997. It sat in the drawer couple years, when I pulled it out again it was to polish it and search for a publisher. During, I traded books with another writer named Roshoud Brown, who read it and gave me shellacking over consistency and drama issues. This resulted in my yanking out big chunks of the book and rewriting them. Among them, the scenes with Annawen and Corim in Eternity's Heart, and the origin story of Aarlen. The most important of the changes that Roshoud influenced me on was the pivotal scene where Dulcere tries to kill herself. Roshoud urged me, and it resonated true, that a warrior unwilling to sacrifice themselves to save an entire universe is no longer a character worthy of respect. As with all my works, it is a living document, and I've applied additional tweaks in 2013 and 2014 for the revised releases.

* Winter 1112 N.I.S

Shaladen Chronicles Series

Book 2: Anvil of Sorrow

Saving the collapsing timeline cost Corim Vale his right arm and half of his soul, proving that the best of intentions can lead one to the abyss. In Corim's case--literally.

For the Protectorate, things have gone wrong in a big way. Meridian's attempt to destroy time has left Eternity's chronology in a mess. Aarlen Frielos the most skilled time diver of the Shael Dal lies in a coma, along with Beia Targallae, and three other women. To restore them all Corim needs to do is retrieve Aarlen's missing spiritual essence. Finding the lost soul is simple, it's getting it back from the death goddess who has it that might offer a challenge...

As a newly appointed gamma class Protectorate enforcer, Corim Vale has a lot to learn. He must hit the chronology running as Eternity is besieged by marauding extra-universal aliens, Kriar insurgencies, and mad wizards who simply refuse to die. If that wasn't enough to deal with, the mind patterns of an ancient magestrix is inexorably overwhelming his body...

Author Notes : This work was finally completed on Jan 16, 2016. The last 16 chapters (56,000 words) written during a two month writing "sprint". Many of the things I envisioned for this book when I was only 18 chapters in ended up in a whole other realm. Foundating ideas for this work were first committed to paper in 2007. I didn't really start serious work until 2010. Even then I tinkered with it because I was working on Aesir's Blood. The character of Senalloy hadn't really crystallized as a character until I used her in the Reality's Plaything Saga. With that opportunity to refine the character, she is much more interesting in this volume. I take extra time with her in the early chapters to establish her as a truly credible romantic threat to Dulcere. While I am loathe to admit it, this book and the one before it ARE modeled after harem anime. The main difference is the hero ISN'T wishy- washy. He commits. However, because of their differences and various difficulties he begins to question his commitment. His struggle with that is more interesting to follow I think. By the time I got to the wrap up on this book I decided that I really needed to deliver on the romantic tension. The graphic (for me) depiction may end up making me the goat but that was what I thought really fit the build up.

* Spring 1113 N.I.S

Reality's Plaything Series

Book 1: Reality's Plaything

When you fall in love with royalty, you might as well stick your head in a noose. So Bannor Starfist learns, at the end of a rope. Then things get worse.

Now a target for an insane moon goddess Hecate, Bannor must learn to control his enormous but newly recognized power, or he will be consumed by it. Time is against him, Hecate's minions are closing in on him, devastating the land and world that he loves.

In this clash with evil he is joined by Elves, Savants, Humans, and Dwarves in their efforts to resist Hecate's assault. Outnumbered and out maneuvered at every turn, it is a losing battle that drives Bannor closer and closer to capture and confrontation with the goddess herself.

How does one man fight a god? Armed with little more than an axe and a love for his Elven wife Sarai, Bannor must find out or lose his soul to darkness.

Ebook: https://www.writers- exchange.com/Realitys-Plaything.html

Author Notes : This book has a close relationship with Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time, but not the relationship you would expect. In 1993, I had finished Chronicles, and was work-shopping the chapters to get the book ready for publication. I was something like 20 chapters into the rewrite when the workshop leader, Joan Oppenheimer, and her then second-in-command (Matt Pallamary [who is formidable writer whose work you should check out]) decided to call me out. For no reason that I can recollect, they decided to pile on me and proceeded to tell me in no uncertain terms that I did not know how to write. They unequivocally stated I did not know structure, character, plot... I basically didn't know ANYTHING and that I should look to fix my fundamentals.

I was stunned. I was not exactly a noobie at this point. I had already been writing for thirteen years and had completed 5 novels, 3 novellas, and a bunch of short stories. If I was so egregiously off course, where was this critique months if not years before that surly day at Jerry Orton's house in Point Loma, San Diego? Yes, I remember when and where. When something you toil over for five years gets called trash, it STINGS and you remember it.

Reading anymore of the book to that group after such a tainting was pointless. I was really and truly pissed off. I could have quit the group but rather than do that I decided on a different approach. Over the course of the next two weeks, I wrote the first chapter of Reality's Plaything. I wanted to demonstrate a lot of things with this chapter. An opening hook, so I started with a man being hung. Setting detail while in tense situation, physical/emotional registers and numerous other elements.

The opening scene involves six characters in a fairly complex interaction. This being one of the main critiques leveled at me was that I had too many characters and nobody could FOLLOW that many characters through a book. ((This was, is, and _remains_ ABSURD. Had they never heard of Lord of the Rings where there was: Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gandalf, Borimir, Strider, Gimli, and Legolas? I'm counting 9 main characters is anyone else counting 9?))

So, how did the group respond to this knee-jerk I-dare-you experiment? Quite suddenly, I was a genius. It was great. They loved it. Completely forgotten were the previous comments that I was a no- talent unskilled hack. Since I feared the taint on Chronicles, it would be years before I would pick up and truly finish that book.

There are three distinct revisions to Plaything, all of them involving Wren. As Wren evolved in her own series, I had to track those revelations in this text. The most recent changes came after I finished Aesir's Blood and all the new things from that book.

* Winter 1114 N.I.S

Reality's Plaything Series

Book 2: 'Neath Odin's Eye

Surviving a battle to the death with a god would tax the greatest of heroes, but for Bannor Starfist it is only the beginning of something much worse--a war with a whole pantheon of gods!

The death of Hecate has triggered a rumble in the Vanir pantheon. Allfather Odin is not happy, Bannor and all his friends must be brought to justice for the crime of murder.

For the already battered Bannor, the ordeal is only beginning. Sarai's mother and sister, and all the rest of his friends have been captured and imprisoned in Niflheim, the land of the dead. Somehow, he must find a way to get them out without Odin catching him as well. To add to the challenge, the battle with Hecate has a taken away his powers...

Ebook: https://www.writers-exchange.com/Realitys- Plaything.html

Author Notes : Earliest contributions to this book started in 1998. However, it was heavily influenced by some of the plot revelations going on in the later stages of my writing of Savant's Blood. Yes, I work on multiple projects at once. I always planned to explore Wren's relation to an Asgardian goddess, so this book became the first such exploration. This really helped a lot as I worked out Wren's relationship to her mother and grandmother in Aesir's Blood. From the get-go I wanted the resolution of this book to go in unpredictable ways. Especially the confrontation with the high jury. Sif's valkyrs and the characters themselves grew on me and their part in the story became bigger than I originally intended, especially Millicent who plays a key role in the end. The appearance of the Eternals was the lynch pin to tie all the books I had thus written together into a single saga. The first revision of this book was completed around 2001, but I did not have the release edits done until 2004.

* Spring 1115 N.I.S

Reality's Plaything Series

Book 3: Eternal's Agenda

Always a catch...

For Bannor Starfist, the savant of reality, nothing is easy... including getting married.

Fresh off a duel with Allfather Odin, Bannor tries to start a new life in Malan with his cherished betrothed, Sarai. He hopes the worst of his troubles will be preparing for the elaborate royal marriage ceremonies. As usual, things don't go according to plan...

Creation, annihilation, perpetuity... the words boom in Bannor's mind through his magical nola powers. The message is just a pre-cursor to another big mess done Garmtur style. Daena, the savant of attractions turned immortal goddess, is up to something and Advocate Eternal Koass is anything but happy.

Bannor goes to Eternity's Heart to speak on Daena's behalf and ends up the Shael Dal's latest draftee. The Protectorate has a problem. A million blood-thirsty war-mages are running rampant through the Ring Realms destroying everything they come in contact with. The difficulty is, nobody can find them... except maybe someone with the reality bending power of the Garmtur Shak'Nola.

Bannor decides to help but learns the hard way. No good deed goes unpunished...

Ebook: https://www.writers-exchange.com/Eternals-Agenda.html

Author Notes : The first contributions to this volume were made in Jan 2003. Note, I was still wrestling with the Goliath Savant's Blood, and because of that did next to nothing on Agenda until the final edits were complete in 2004. I immediately jumped on the original incarnation which I work-shopped as Gaea's Legacy. These books took shape fast and I wrote fast (comparatively speaking). By mid 2007 I had 90 chapters complete and was already realizing a had enough for two if not three books, not one. So, I decided to split off everything before the birth of Gaea. I eventually decided the original Baronian invasion of Kul'Amaron made a great break-point for a volume. From that decision, Eternal's Agenda became the narrative it is now.

The introduction of Quasar in the story took me by surprise. Originally, I had stealthed Baronians following them around at the way-point. It occurred to me since the second volume of Chronicles (Anvil of Sorrow) was in limbo, that she was left kind of unresolved. She was kind of a great anti-hero so I decided to have the confrontation in way-point trade center be with her. Her participation and juxtaposition with Aarlen (a true villain) provided some interesting points. It also allowed me to tie in the ultimate enemies a little more easily through her relationship to Eclipse.

Quasar's intent to sacrifice herself ties this book into Ascendant. I didn't originally have her kidnap Wren and Azir, but when I looked at splitting the book and getting the company to Homeworld. A more antagonistic (tension) reason for them doing it came to mind. Ultimately, it added more meat to the middle book and caused me to explore avenues I wouldn't have otherwise.

* Spring 1115 N.I.S

Reality's Plaything Series

Book 4: Savants Ascendant

Bannor and Wren are on another adventure doing what they do best... getting into and out-of trouble. The two savants embark on a simple reconnaissance mission with their new friends from the Shael Dal. Naturally there are the little bumps that make the danger duo's life so interesting--massacres, spies, and hostile alien assassins...

At the behest of Koass the eternal, Bannor has pierced the veil of secrecy around the Baronians, and the soldiers of Baronia have a single response:


Ebook: https://www.writers-exchange.com/Savants- Ascendant.html

Author Notes : The content for this book was actually in progress in late 2005, but much of the material was shifted around and changed in the final revisions. At one point it was part of the 90 chapter mass that was the whole legacy arc. I was while I was in the process of looking for splitting points I knew Gaea's birth would be one. Unfortunately, that still left a giant book. So, I decided on the Baronian assault as the break-point. I restructured around that.

As I was writing this book, I wanted to cross out of fantasy into science fiction. I did it mostly for a feel. I deliberately split the milieu between Fabrista Homeworld and Kul'Amaron (technology and magic) and then started stitching the two closer and closer together. I risked losing the fantasy audience for the express purpose of trying to win science fiction converts. I thought the story compelling enough that people would follow along. They do this in Japanese Anime so I thought, why the heck can't I do it?

* Spring 1115 N.I.S

Reality's Plaything Series

Book 5: The Infinity Annihilator

The rogue Kriar Daergons have the ancient Jyril genemar, a weapon capable of destroying all the magic in Eternity. A device so destructive it can slay any creature from a universe away. Bannor is just lucky enough to have the weapon aimed at him.

Infinity Annihilator is the fifth and final volume in the epic of Reality's Plaything, as the ultimate powers meet head on in devastating battle.

Ebook: https://www.writers-exchange.com/The-Infinity- Annihilator.html

Author Notes : All but the last twenty chapters of this volume were complete in 2007. I wouldn't actually have it all down until late 2008. The wrap up and resolution gave me fits. As a result the denouement drags on for more than a dozen chapters. I think readers will enjoy this closing volume for nothing more than the fact is that I simply leave nothing dangling. As a reader, that has always driven me crazy and I was determined that nobody would experience that in an saga written by me.

I'm particularly proud of the Elven ceremonies and their depiction. Along with the final confrontation between Bannor and his father (oops, spoiler).

* Winter 1116 N.I.S

Ethermancer Series

Book 1: Conscript of the Eternals

Author Notes : Started in late 2018 because I got stuck on Gaea's Blood. I felt there was something missing in the Liandra's story arc and how she and the other children of Gaea fit in. Ethermancer is just crazy loaded with connect the dots and story complications.

* Winter 1116 N.I.S

Ethermancer Series

Book 2: Consort of the War Goddess

Author Notes : Around the time covid hit I was STILL working on Ethermancer thinking it was one book. I had got Dae and Gaea hooked up in Conscript of the Eternals and now needed to UN-hook them. That's when the whole relationship with Idun jumped at me and a way to explain all the changes in Gaea that occur before the second generation.

* Summer 1116 N.I.S

Ethermancer Series

Book 3: The Shapestealer Conspiracy

Author Notes : Ethermancer was now too flarging long. So, I ended up breaking it into 3 roughly equal length volumes. Since I had already written a large chunk of Gaea's Blood I decided drag parts of that arc back into this book in terms of the Chyrith, and their shape stealing insurgency and the chimeras.

* Winter 1117 N.I.S

Shaladen Chronicles Series

Book 3: Who Mourns the Creator

Still to Come


Author Notes : Senalloy has found a place where she feels needed. As a competitive Baronian, she still doesn't like to lose. I plan to get a lot of mileage out of merger of the Shael Dal, Fabrista Shrike Legion, and Gaea's children. There's still villainy to clean up, and lots of potential friction. Dulcere will have to find her emotions or find Corim taken from her. NOTE: Originally, slotted for Winter 1116 the Ethermancer series introduced new twists and shows more observational detail of Corim and his mates through the eyes of Dae Silvarron.

* Winter 1117 N.I.S

Savant's Blood Series

Book 4: Gaea's Blood

After a showdown with Hecate, a war with Odin, and the star-spanning conflict with the Kriar and the Baronians, Liandra "Wren" Kergatha has had to become an ascendant simply to cope with the threats. Championing the resurrection of Gaea, the true all-mother of the firsts, Wren has become a powerful leader charged with organizing the ascendants into an army to fight the universe spanning Chyrith.

Possessing truly world-shaking power, the savant turned ascendant, faces a new set of trials that strength and ability cannot defeat. Politics, alliances, and a meddlesome cadre of mother figures set on getting her married!

The fourth and final installment of the Savant's Blood series focuses on intricacies and entanglements of Gaea's children, the Felspars, clan Yggdrasil, and the Protectorate and their preparations to defend Eternity from the Chyrith.


Author Notes : I had the opening chapter for this book completed in 2009. The scene where Wren wakes up in bed with general Kirran Sunglory just came out as an inspired piece of humor that perfectly sets the tone for what I want to do with the book. The novel will explore the relationships of the savants and further tie up things for the integration into the next generation of books. NOTE: With introduction of the Ethermancer books written between 2018 and 2023 Gaea's Blood has to be refactored. Dae Silvarron becoming Liandra's step-grandfather turns everything on its head.

* Spring 1130 N.I.S

War of the Genemar Series

Book 1: Child of Ascendants

For Vhina Starfist-T'Evagduran, 4th Princess of Malan, adventure is a hereditary trait. With a reality controlling savant for a father, and an elven mistress of elements for a mother, Vhina has lived in the shadow of her parent's legend. Trained almost from birth in the arts of battle, she can only wonder why-- because there is no war... not even a hint of one.

Until today.

Child of Ascendants carries on the story of the children of Gaea, and their struggle to protect the realms from the threat of the Chyrith, a race so powerful, entire universes fall under their sway...

Ebook: https://www.writers-exchange.com/Child-of- Ascendants.html

Author Notes : I started on Child of Ascendants even before I was finished polishing Infinity Annihilator. I had eight chapters in by the the time 2009 was rung in. This book was intended as a radical technique shift and was intentionally aimed at young adults. Unlike the other books it is almost exclusively science fiction, however, it will lead into volumes where the magic is fed back in. I had this book tied up in 40 chapters which was comparatively short for me. I had the draft completed by November of 2010. Two years is not a record for me, but for a book of this size (116,000 words) it's still pretty fast.

* Spring 1130 N.I.S

War of the Genemar Series

Book 2: The Karanganoi Gambit

Still to Come


Author Notes : I have a smattering of this book committed to the page. Based on reader feedback they like the character of Dray Cartha, which is a good thing she's the adult co- star through the rest of war. These books aim at tying my very oldest and first works into the stuff that came long after. Back in the 1977/78 (as a teenager) I completed Factor 10, which was a sci fi harem novel before I even knew what harem fiction was. It was horrible (I know that now), but I was 14, so cut me some slack. A teenager completing a 119,000 word narrative (slightly longer than Child of Ascendants) is still an achievement. I would go on to write a novella called the Icy Savior where I prototyped a race called the Lell. They are the precursor to what later becomes the Lokori. After Savior came a fantasy book called Tides of Light and Darkness. This went all over the place. I put 200,000+ words down and the ending just never jelled.

The important thing that came out of that book was the prototype for the pantheon lords. I started on a work tentatively called Wrath of Yadiz, which was a more skilled execution and continuation of the story I set down in Factor 10. It had literally dozens of characters, multiple teams and crap going every which way. I just wasn't mature enough in my writing at the time to pull it off. I knew it wasn't working and I moved on to something else.

At the same time I was pulling an epic fail with Wrath, I started on a Taste of Magic, and Pinch Me If You're Real (two dramatically different stories). Pinch was my take on Urban fantasy and was a exploration of 4th wall distorted narrative where friends and relations were all mixed together with fantasy characters from a Dungeons and Dragons game. The chapters alone were wildly successful but the entire narrative never jelled. A Taste of Magic starred Dray Cartha, and worked the premise of what does an out of luck surfer girl do when she gets a djinni (as in the sitcom I Dream of Jeannie). It went in weird directions but I FINISHED it somewhere in late 1990. I went on to write a sequel (To Turn The Mystic Clock) which mixed in the characters I failed to manage in Factor 10 and Wrath of Yadiz. The main character (and the book) melted down by the end. (Dray makes allusions to the meltdown in Child of Ascendants.) By this point, I'm immersed in many things (I have my own business, I'm attending writers conferences, and a part of a writing collective). Dray's books, immature as they were, still left a mark on me. As I was working on Child of Ascendants, I decided how I could go back to those old books and breathe new life in the characters and ideas of my teens and early 20s.

* Winter 1131 N.I.S

War of the Genemar Series

Book 3: The Chyrith Agenda

Still to Come


Author Notes: None yet.

* Spring 1132 N.I.S

War of the Genemar Series

Book 4: Gaea's Revenge

Still to Come


Author Notes : None yet.

* Spring 1132 N.I.S

War of the Genemar Series

Book 5: The Infinite Child

Still to Come


Author Notes : None yet.

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borderland The territory in Ivaneth along the borders of Corwin and Malan.
See Also:  Corwin, Ivaneth, Malan
borderlanders People who live in Ivaneth's borderlands territories.
See Also:  Ivaneth
boreshafts A term used by the Kriar when discussing the places where openings were made (or bored) from real-space into subspace for purposes of placing an inter-spacial/interdimensional gate interface.
See Also:  inter-spacial, interdimensional, interface, jyril/kriar war, kriar, real-space, subspace
boresite To the Kriar, this is a location where a gate is destined to be placed.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
borr Aesirian progenitor, mate of Daela Yggdrasil, and father of Odin (Allfather of Asgard).
See Also:  Allfather, Aesir, Asgard, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Daela Yggdrasil, Odin, Yggdrasil
bounce shaft A Kriar technical artifice that generates an inertia field, essentially rendering matter in the tube 'mass-less'. This is an effect similar to anti-gravity but works on a different principle. Anti-gravity eliminates weight but not mass. Inertialessness eliminates mass but not weight, which means the effects of kinetic discharge (damage caused by impact) is neutralized.
See Also:  inertia, jyril/kriar war, kriar
brainstone A Kriar technical artifice worn by most Kriar. The brainstone is the central intelligence of the living technology that Kriar imbued in their bodies. This stone is essentially a living computer that is concerned solely with maintaining the Kriar's health. These functions include regenerating damaged tissues, putting the body in stasis when threatened, and providing protection in hostile environments. Depending on the kind work the Kriar does, the brainstone may have many other capabilities. See also matrix stone.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar, matrix stone, stasis, stone
Branager's River River originating from Varheath lake, and passing through the Sulfur and Hades flats. Branager's river eventually empties into the the Karameth river which marks the eastern edge of the Corwin leg of the borderlands.
See Also:  Corwin, Hades, Varheath Lake
Bravadura A city on the coast in the territory formerly known as South Realm.
Brin Ishtarvariku Dorian Degaba's husband. See Ishtarvariku, Brin.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Ishtarvariku, Brin, Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba
bristle-bark A thin tree with thorny bark. Also noted for the flower like blooms that manifest in the spring.
broad-wing A large nocturnal avian that hunts small rodents. Characterized by its large eyes and characteristic whoooing utterance.
broadpaw A large heavy-set furry omnivore that inhabits forests and mountain areas. On earth, you might confuse one for a bear.
Bronawyn Shadowstalker See Shadowstalker, Bronawyn.
Brondheim A mountain peak in Asgard used as point of reference before the great battle with the High Jury.
See Also:  Asgard
Bveld Member world of the Cygnus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
byte (in computers) a logical grouping of bits (8) which comprise one standard character of memory or disk storage.
   C   From Caan lajaar  To D'Casar, Meliandri
caan lajaar The name of a formalized sword fighting style favoring a single weapon. The Lajaar is flexible defensively oriented sword style that stresses 4th circle techniques.
See Also:  combat prowess
caan sword In elvish martial parlance the primary right hand sword. It is usually mated with the offhand dan sword. See also dan sword.
See Also:  dan sword, elvish
cada A common Kriar acknowledgment, usually in response to 'Saeba' c.f. It's meaning is 'I am well' or 'fine'.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar, saeba
calc Short for calculation (standard form in techy talk).
Callista Member world of the Sirus Ring hosting a cross-ring gate. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
Candleshire City in the borderlands of Ivaneth.
See Also:  Ivaneth
Carellion Lothlarian Pantheon lord, god of the Elves.
See Also:  elves, god
carnal energies This term is used to describe a "science" developed by psionically and magically endowed individuals who engage in a heightened form of relations (sex). The pleasure centers of the brain can be stimulated directly and indirectly through various means to create levels of titillation far beyond what is possible through normal mundane means. (This mechanism can also be used to harmlessly render a creature unconscious, but that is more of a side affect.) In addition to affecting the brain, certain energies can activate the nerve endings in the skin to create sensations that simply cannot be duplicated any other way-- not to mention being able to effect multiple erogenous zones simultaneously in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

In addition to that described above there are energies (such as biophase) that when passed through the body create intense euphoria. Experts in "carnal projection" become connoisseurs of these energies knowing the strength and intensity needed to mesmerize a partner.

As with all pleasurable things, there is a downside. Use of carnal energies can be incredibly addictive. Additionally, a certain amount of tolerance can be built up to their use as the body adjusts. There can also be psychological/physiological withdrawal equal to (if not exceeding) that of drug use. As greater and greater reliance on this mode of relations ensues, a person is ultimately "ruined" to normal relations. After all, who can go back to the ordinary bump and grind when you've experienced a galaxy exploding in your body...???

Through the use of bloodsong and powerful carnal energies, Gabriella "charges up" Wren Kergatha to the point that carnal energies could not be used to incapacitate her. This created great concern in Desiray Illkaren Felspar and Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri Felspar because of the threat of withdrawal.

Use of these energies is heavily responsible for the complex relationships found in the Felspar clan.
See Also:  Ariok, Gabriella Sarn, ascendant, Band Of The Crescent Moon, biophase, bloodsong, Felspar Clan, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, galaxy, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, savant

Cartha, Dray Adept (savant) avataring from the Wellspring Eternal. Vhina T'Evagduran meets her on Fabrista Homeworld when on the run members of the Daergon insurgency. Dray is a extremely formidable hand-to-hand combatant with supernatural strength and speed. Her perception into magic and other spectra is unrivaled.
See Also:  Fabrista, Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, magic, savant, Surr, Daergon, Shevkin, Wyyr
casawen Name used by Cassin Kel'Ishtauri Felspar to refer the composite entity she feared that she and her sister might become. see Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri.
See Also:  Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri
Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri Felspar See Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri.
Cassin Kel'Ishtauri Felspar See Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri.
cassopeia A name used by Gaea to address Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri Felspar. It is assumed that this is Cassandra's birth name as opposed to the name she goes by.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Gaea
Cassopeia Andra Miradorn See Miradorn, Cassopeia Andra.
castellan Caretaker for a noble residence. For royalty they do additional diplomatic duties and event planning.
Cataract Shaladen blade and spirit talisman of the eternal Jarella Kepsforia. Cataract confers the ability to "imprison" an opponent within a dimensional bubble. Very few creatures in the universe have dimensional powers strong enough to breach this prison. The wielder can remove a captured creature at will. The limitation of this imprisonment is that the power takes several moments to invoke. Cataract also confers an immunity to similar kinds of imprisonment powers, as well as kind of escape ability that prevents any kind of hampering of the wielder's movement (an ability sometimes referred to as "free action").
See Also:  Garadhyr, Golondrax, Kepsforia, Jarella, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, shaladen, Xersis
Cateye, Maehr Powerful first of infiltration who briefly takes over Wren Kergatha's body. She was Daedalon Farstrider's protege and initially helped him in the Starholme Prime insurgency. Her cosmic power strain the Mairn'Reth Nola (organic manipulation [shape shifting]) played a major role in the insurgency until a falling out between her and the rebels made her a target by the insurgents and ruling firsts.

While in Wren's body Maehr wrecks Aarlen Frielos and proves a match for dozens of armored opponents even bare handed. Maehr gets a new body, but through duplicity Aarlen manages to dump her into the depths of sub-ethereal chaos where it is presumed the powerful creature died.

Events in Karanganoi Gambit which take place close to 20 cycles later suggest otherwise.
See Also:  ethereal, Frielos, Aarlen, Farstrider, Daedalon Estarous, karanganoi, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, megapsion, nola, Starholme Prime, savant

Celeston Member world of the Capital Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
Ceraph Miratha Silkere See Silkere, Ceraph Miratha.
Cerebrus There are several creatures that bear this name. One is the three-headed dog guarding the gates of Hell (note two l's). Also as servant of Hella who isn't seen in Bannor or the others in the battle for Asgard, but is named.
See Also:  ascendant, Asgard, Hella, Loki, Starfist, Bannor
Chage Sagiwara Jissentenki responsible for the death Vera's parents. See Sagiwara, Chage.
See Also:  Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}, jissentenki, Sagiwara, Chage
chainmail Armor of metal rings that can vary in density and weight.
chakra G'yaki term for aura/magical power.
See Also:  G'yaki
Chalmers One two servants working for Laramis De'Falcone during the attempt to free the Kergatha family from Mishaka. Reginald was his companion.
See Also:  De'Falcone, Laramis, Taath, Mishaka (princess) (avatar)
character inspirations In some cases, the original character idea came from the mind of someone other than the author. A number of Ring Realms characters have their roots in role playing games. In a few cases, some of these characters have over 50 game years of actual role playing time. To say that these inventors know the personalities well would be an understatement.

The appearance of these characters in the Ring Realms is at the consent of their creators, and you can be certain that these people are fairly picky about the portrayal of their alter egos. Something which is both a delight and a headache to yours truly. Sometimes actors

just don't get it-- they can't ALWAYS be the hero! Sometimes a little artistic license is necessary for the sake of the story...

At the time of this writing, the notables whose personalities appear in different works include:

Brad Trusso : Talorin Falor-- Brad was (is) the player for whom the term "brute force" was invented. Many of Talorin Falor's memorable first liners are direct quotes from Brad. "Dammit, these dandelion eaters gotta learn that 'force' is fraggin verb, not a noun!"

Don "D.J." Allen : T'Gor & Tigress D'Shar-- he also engineered the "escape" of Beia Targallae from death spectacles, put the "bite" on Daladar, and breathed real fear into the enemies of the Shaladen Korvel.

Glenn Boardman : Giquokor, Oorcee-- Put simply, a brilliant role-player who can create some of the most memorable (and annoying) personalities you will ever come across. The author hopes that Glenn will pursue writing in a more traditional format someday. He does some great things with scripted dialog.

Jamie Hoyt : Damrosil Terranath-- Jamie is the undisputed Queen of Chaos. Nothing was sacred and certainly nobody was safe. Voted most likely to do something unexpected. She's also famous for surviving in situations where someone less lucky would have simply expired. "Crazy Luck" barely begins to capture the odds she bucked on numerous occasions. For those not familiar with gaming, it can be made clear with this example: Take a twenty-sided polyhedral dice. Now, roll it six times and have it come up 20 every time. Do the math. (It's 1-in- 64 million if you were wondering). To do it once in your life would be miracle enough, she strung together six one night, and five on another occasion, there were at least five other evenings with 3 in a row (1-in- 8000 chance). It's not just crazy luck-- it's downright scary.

A memorable quote: "That bastard! I kick him in the GROAN!"

Kaye Boardman : Aarlen Frielos, Algernon D'Tarin, Annawen Felspar-Ishtarvariku, Bronawyn Illkaren-Shadowstalker, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Darin'Kel & Everia Degaba- Ishtarvariku, Desiray Illkaren, Elsbeth Crowninshield, Gabriella Sarn Ariok, Jolandrin Illkaren-Steelwood, Sebenreth Illkaren, Sindra & Drucilla Frielos, Vulcindra Skybane... Others...

Kaye is a special contributor in that she invented many of the socio/political frameworks in which some of these narratives play out. She can be credited with the idea for the guardian triumvirate, the alliance star-systems, the techno- magic war and more. She described so many ideas and fleshed them out to such an extent that the author wishes she write her own darn books! ;-)

That's a good question, Kaye, why *AM* I writing your stories for you? Fans of her characters should email her and ask her themselves. I think I'll hide a link to her email someplace...

Lee Greenway : Meridian Arcturan's early guises-- and the idea for the "Death Spectacles". Where Jamie was the homecoming Queen of Chaos, Lee was the King. Some would argue that he was the Queen of Chaos as well (but that's another story). When those two were together, and they were on MANY occasions. Plan for a story to get a little- bumpy.

Robert Schreffler : Halaren Ranfast, Ranfast Shadowstalker-- who has a certain emporium in Ivaneth... That Wren knocks off. Robert was (and probably still is) the model of the temperamental "artiste". Though the characters he created are not in the stories, many of his ideas and insights into magic (and shape-shifters in particular) are the fundamental framework for behaviors of many personalities in the different novels and stories.

Virginia "Lyn" Neylon: Tiernia Nirvanae - While Jamie and Lee lent chaos and instability to the story mix. Lyn was the Cyndi Lauper (girl's just wanna have fun) of the adventurer set. Tiernia hasn't made it into a book- YET. She was in on some of the most memorable moments of humor in the history of many of these collected characters. "Tiernia leaps off the cliff arcs out over the desert floor and... oh, yeah, I forgot- I lost my ability to flyyyyyyyy...!!!"
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, Ariok, Gabriella Sarn, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Crowninshield, Elsbeth, Daladar, D'Shar, T'Gor, D'Shar, Tigress, D'Tarin, Algernon, Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Darin'kel, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Felspar, Everia, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Frielos, Aarlen, Frielos, Drucilla, Frielos, Sindra, Garadhyr, Giquokor, Golondrax, Ivaneth, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Korvel, Lexaron, Melakanir, magic, Nirvanae, Tiernia, Olimbril, Oorcee, Ring Realms, Skybane, Vulcindra, Steelwood, Jolandrin, savant, Shadowstalker, Bronawyn, Shadowstalker, Ranfast, shaladen, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), Terranath, Damrosil, Xersis

Charon Member world of the Sirus Ring. Like ring prime Istavarron, Charon was first settled by the Silcanna, the precursors to the gray elves of the realms. Charon is the setting for the Kriar backstory Golden Memories, and is the rebirth place of Theln Azygos, one the most powerful mages in all the realms and the only natural born Kriar to wield epic level magic. Her power rivals, if not surpasses Vulcindra Skybane, the immortal Dreel leader of the First Alliance. See also worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Azygos, Theln, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Callista, dreel, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, elves, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, First Alliance, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, immortal, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, jyril/kriar war, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, kriar, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, magic, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Skybane, Vulcindra, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Silcanna, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
Chauser A Kriar Tarkath in service to dasta Fabrista assigned by Vatraena Solaris. Chauser and Damay Alostar become companions by the end of the events in Infinity Annihilator.
See Also:  Alostar, Damay, dasta, Fabrista, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), savant, tarkath, vatraena
chebok Ancient Numanorian. Insulting term that translates as "sissy" or "weakling".
See Also:  Numanorian
cheecha Silissian. A term of endearment usually from an elder woman to a younger child-figure.
See Also:  elder, silissian
chikara G'yaki dialect, the spiritual power or magical aura of a creature.
See Also:  G'yaki
chimera A monster found in various parts of the realms. It is a composite winged creature with three heads, that of a goat, great cat, and serpent.
chimerae A general term used to identify creatures artificially created to have an amalgam of attributes from other lifeforms. See also Chimera.
See Also:  chimera
Chojo Hoshisenin G'yaki hanshi (teacher of teachers). See Hoshisenin, Chojo.
See Also:  G'yaki, hanshi, Hoshisenin, Hoshisenin, Chojo
Christians A cybermed or medical mecha hailing from Fabrista Homeworld. At one point the family physician for clan Felspar.
See Also:  cybermed, Delarn, Araceli, Delarn, Monique, Delarn, Octavia, Delarn, Porsche, Fabrista, Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, Mercedes, Wysteri
chronal Used to describe anything that relates to time or event sequences.
chronal loopback The theoretical point where the universal chronology loops back on itself. This concept is loosely based on the big-bang theory which is currently being disputed because recent measurements and Doppler effect studies show a non-uniform placement of older and younger stellar phenomena. Since that's reality and this is fantasy, we'll keep right on believing time is circular in nature.
chronalize A magical term, meaning to hyper-accelerate chronal event sequencing in an area. The result is everything outside the chronolation seems to effectively be stopped in relation to what's in the the hyper-accelerated bubble. See chronolation.
See Also:  chronal, chronolation
chronally Of or concerning time.
chrono prefix that indicates of or pertaining to a time effect or time involvement. Ex: chronomaster who is person able to time dive.
See Also:  chronomaster
chrono(2) Disambiguation. A chrono is generic term for a time piece.
See Also:  chrono
chronolate An alternate expression for chronolize (past tense form). See chronolation.
See Also:  chronolation
chronolation A magical effect where chronal events are hyper-accelerated in a defined bubble. Everything outside the chronolation seems to effectively be stopped in relation to what's inside. This is a very high order spell sometimes mistakenly referred to as a "time stop". Stopping time for everybody else is patently impossible.
See Also:  chronal, chronalize, chronolate
chronomancy Magic particular to the effects of time.
See Also:  magic
chronomaster A mage or technomancer versed in time mechanics, often able to time dive or see into transition space and non-consecutive time.
See Also:  mage, magic, non-consecutive time, technomancer
chronomasters Another term for someone expert in time diving.
chronometer An instrument for measuring time (generic in SF writing any device which measures time).
chronon A standardized unit of time which coincides with the time it takes an electron to complete one circuit around the nucleus of an atom. Roughly 1038 chronons occur per second.
See Also:  electron, rev
Chrysandil Quasar Lathaan Diliaysus' true born first name. Gaea addresses her with this name instead of her alias Quasar. Gaea typically doesn't use nicknames or aliases. For Quasar, this was particularly significant because it showed a relationship between her and Gaea that other Kriar do not share. Kriar being from outside of Eternity wouldn't normally have any bond to Gaea but in Quasar's case one did exist due to some events in Quasar's past.
See Also:  Diliaysus, Quasar Lathaan (Tarkath), Eternity, Gaea, jyril/kriar war, kriar, quasar
chyrith An alien race said to be an offshoot of the Jyril. The Chyrith (allegedly) created the race of Baronians. These mythical creatures theoretically have the power to enslave and even destroy entire universes. See also Jyril.
See Also:  Jyril, jyril/kriar war
Cici Skylark Alias of Araceli Delarn after a failed assassination attempt depicted in Ethermancer: The Shapestealer Conspiracy. See Delarn, Araceli.
See Also:  Books Of The Ring Realms, Delarn, Araceli, Delarn, Monique, Skylark, Cici
cinderwood A wood characterized by its charcoal coloring.
Cinnibar Wizard in Corwin. Wren Kergatha steals his rather valuable jewel the Mallicent gem.
See Also:  ascendant, Corwin, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, savant
clairiscient A general term for extraordinary perception powers like scrying or magic divination.
See Also:  magic, scrying
clone A biological duplicate artificially grown from a host creature's cells. Typically the two entities are physically identical in all ways including memories. In SF different processes are more or less sophisticated where memories might not exist or existing memories are different from the host creature. Note: Cloning is not necessarily limited to humanoid organisms, but can be plants or animals as well.
Cloudseeker, Aleesha Morae Sincrusher One one of the few surviving Numanorians Aleesha is an ancient Paladin ostracized from old Numanor because of her refusal to acknowledge or take part in the "great experiment" that was the eventual end of Numanorian race. Aleesha is one of the elder elite older even than Aarlen Frielos and Elsbeth Crowninshield. Aleesha is the arch-nemesis of the ancient evil Vulcindra Skybane, the temporal leader of the first alliance. Aleesha's battles with Vulcindra are legend and she is hailed as one of the few creatures not from elder cultures able to meet Vulcindra on her own ground. Unfortunately, evil is not fair or honorable, and Aleesha fell to Vulcindra through duplicity. Millennia later, seeking a way to combat Vulcindra, Dorian Degaba and Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri discovered the ancient paladin's crypt. Using Cassandra's powers of eternity, they resurrected the lady paladin and later her husband. Aleesha later took up a cause to make an end of Bronawyn Shadowstalker, a desire which was thwarted by Eclipse Shargris who at the time was serving as the princess' bodyguard.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Charon, combat prowess, Crowninshield, Elsbeth, elder, Eternity, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, First Alliance, Frielos, Aarlen, Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba, Numanor, Numanorian, paladin, Skybane, Vulcindra, savant, Shadowstalker, Bronawyn, Shargris, Eclipse, temporal
Cloudseeker, Zedar Husband of Aleesha Morae Cloudseeker
See Also:  Cloudseeker, Aleesha Morae Sincrusher
Cloudshriek A large bird in the raptor family with extraordinary eyesight. On some worlds they are called hawks.
cloudwalkers A group of magically endowed mortals who had the natural ability to fly by psychic means. The cloudwalkers were servants of the Shadowstalker royal family prior to the kingdom's dismantling.
combat prowess Throughout the different Ring Realms novels there are many depictions of fighting instruction, testing, and practice. While most of the heroes of the realms would just prefer to sit at home and enjoy a hot meal, a beverage and a warm fire it just never seems to work out that way...

One of the difficulties of the chronicling the Realm's stories is playing fair to the various heroes and heroines when it's their turn to take center stage and acquit themselves in battle. In the Realms (and anywhere else for that matter) fighting ability is a synergy of five core traits: talent, skill, experience, speed and strength. The danger or threat an opponent poses (purely from a hand-to-hand, weapon-to-weapon, or weapon-to-hand standpoint) can be derived from a knowing the measure of these particulars.

TALENT: Talent is the catch-all for a number of intangibles in assessing a particular fighter's ability. Some individuals simply possess a natural intensity (whether it be pure naked viciousness, preternatural calm, incredible instincts, or some other character trait) that allows them excel in combat, especially in times of crisis. Talent can also come from certain innate abilities unique to an individual (see below). A warrior's inherent fighting talent generally gravitates toward a particular aspect of fighting, usually offense or defense. Talorin Falor and Beia Targallae are excellent examples of natural-age warriors who possess extraordinary offensive capabilities. These warriors are noted for their ability to hold their own against enemies who are sometimes vastly more skilled and experienced . Good examples of this are Beia's battle with Dulcere Starbinder, and Tal's fight with Rakaar Steelsheen (both in Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time).

Wren Kergatha, the Kel'Varan Nola, is another uniquely gifted scrapper, while not possessing the reputation of the two aforementioned fighters, she has demonstrated time and again an ability to "get a shot in" when it really counted. Brilliance on-the-run best describes her athletic survival instincts in combat against superior opponents. This is epitomized in the great game (Savant's Blood: Hecate's Bounty) when Algernon D'Tarin, Tal Falor, and Damrosil Terranath all end up losing points to her. T'Gor D'Shar, arguably one of the best defensive fighters in the Realms almost lost a point to her in close-quarters hand-to-hand.

On the flip side of offensive talent is the natural ability to defend. As mentioned earlier, T'Gor D'Shar is noted as possibly having the best defensive instincts in the Realms. He is, as Wren describes, a "nightmare of hard-bones and weaponry always being in places they shouldn't be." Death Spectacle trained, T'Gor is respected even by elders for his abundant gifts in this capacity.

Of special note in this category are two lesser known fighters; Bannor Starfist and Ziedra Skyedoom-Felspar. Bannor's frustrating ability to, as he says "simply get out of the way", is an extension of his innate understanding of patterns. Without realizing he is doing it, he recognizes subtle cues and body language to anticipate attacks well ahead of their actual execution. Bannor's almost non-existent training makes this unique foresight only truly effective against lower echelon opponents. It has, however, kept Bannor alive against extremely formidable enemies who did not expect the level of defensive resistance they received. The best examples of this are Bannor's battles with Odin.

Ziedra Skyedoom-Felspar is mentioned last in this section because physical combat is usually a last resort for her. As a savant of magic, Ziedra's immense abilities with spell-craft generally ensure an opponent never gets close enough to take a swing. The ishtar-nola like Bannor's garmtur gives Ziedra an innate talent for patterns. In Ziedra's case, the patterns are in conjunction with recognition and muscle memory. With fighting, and nearly all sports, mastery is usually associated with being able to reproduce, at will, particular body movements. Prime examples of this in the real world would be a golf swing or a tennis serve where numerous nuances and variations in the overall execution affect consistency (i.e. it doesn't matter how HARD you hit the ball if doesn't go where you want it to go). The ishtar-nola enables Ziedra to exactly reproduce a given movement or series of movements after observing them only one or two times. This eidetic memory coupled with Kriar quick teach enabled her to catalog a vast array of "text-book responses" to various attacks. As such, only the most skilled and powerful of opponents can touch her combat. Strength has minimal effect on her because she executes re-directive (slipping and dodging) defenses perfectly. Speed is the only attribute that nominally effects combat with her, as a warrior who can throw enough attacks fast enough can outpace her ability to recognize the threat and perform the appropriate defense. After Ziedra received the abilities of an ascendant, one wonders if this is any longer even possible...

SKILL: Skill differs from talent in-as-much as it is an acquired attribute. Skill is a measure of training. Skill is differentiated from experience because experience is measured in terms of actual life-or-death combat as opposed to practice in a controlled environment. Skill and experience are where the elders and great elders of the Realms have the advantage. While vast life experience give most elders the edge in this category, certain combat devotes like the G'yaki must be noted. G'yaki training is cradle to grave—it is eating, sleeping, and puking combat efficiency to make the impossible almost commonplace for the highest level masters of this devotion. The best example of this is Vera Hoshihana's demonstration bout against Senalloy Corresont (The Infinity Annihilator). Though smaller, weaker, and less experienced, she more than held her own against a great elder Baronian war-witch. Of note, this was bare-handed combat which is probably Senalloy's weakest fighting skill. Had this been a weapons exchange the outcome might have been markedly different. During a short period when Vera was granted shaladen powers and mind-shared with Bannor Starfist, she successfully engaged multiple Kriar warriors, and easily matched command level Kriar in toe-to-toe straight up combat (The Infinity Annihilator).

G'yaki examples aside, skill is definitely the bailiwick of the immortals. At the top of this pack are the eternals, Kriar, and other long lived races. One of the best examples of pure naked skill belongs to Eclipse Shargris of the Kriar, the best warrior in the entire history of their race. He is the eldest living soldier of the Fabrista, and responsible for much of the training regime honored by various regular and elite units. Eclipse is a grand master of 471 distinct weapon forms ranging from blow guns to nova-cannons. He is a bare-hand devote of 17 distinct forms of martial arts and his skill is only surpassed by Kriar Mistress Sornai who is a martial arts specialist. Eclipse routinely makes those of his own kind seem feeble. This is aptly demonstrated in his fight against the Daergons when defending Cassin (A Knot in Time). Another notable combat is his fight with Vratague (The Infinity Annihilator), one of the Daergon elite, where he embarrasses her in combat. This is after Vratague has destroyed poor Sarai even with the elf lady having the powers of Shael Dal and having the magical support of her mother Kalindinai.

While the Kriar technically own the skill category, the eternals are essentially untouchable in terms of all-around fighting ability. No amount of skill can avail you against a nearly invulnerable being with virtually limitless strength and endurance. Garn Ellon and Nethra Argos the eternals live in the nightmares of the Kriar who survived the Protectorate war. These two being responsible for the slaying of entire ships full of Kriar.

Below the "cosmic" level of skill come the great elders. At the head of this pack is Vulcindra Skybane, a grand elder elite and member of the Dreel race. Vulcindra is credited with creating the G'yaki martial arts discipline (The Infinity Annihilator). This powerful combatant easily fights at the level of the Kriar and eternals and is pretty much in a category by herself. Vulcindra stays in shape by sparing with eternal Sroth.

Aside from Vulcindra there is group of elite warriors that stand in the "untouchable" skill category. Notable members of this group are Aarlen Frielos, Aleesha and Zedar Cloudseeker, Loric Felspar, Senalloy and Luthice Corresont. Numerous pantheon lords, especially those known as "war-gods" also fall into this category (Ares, Athena, Inanna, Indra, Set, Thor, Tyr, Vidar). The Aesir and Vanir courts (Odin and Ukko) are of special note because practically every member of their respective pantheons are noted for their battle capabilities.

The Realms histories are filled with the ranks of the "nearly untouchable". Most of these are elders like Sindra and Drucilla Frielos, Damay Alostar, Euriel Kergatha, the daughter of Idun, Dominique Ariok, and Terra Karlin-Falor. Also in this circle are elite fighters with extensive training and experience, key examples being Algernon D'Tarin, Skyweir and Giquikor of the sects, Beia Targallae, Tal Falor, and T'Gor D'Shar.

EXPERIENCE: Like skill, experience is a factor that heavily favors immortals. Unlike skill, experience is not the exclusive bailiwick of the long lived— it just generally is. In a fighter's overall threat assessment, experience is the single largest mitigating factor. If a person lives for a thousand years and trains three days a week, they will have a high amount of proficiency, physical dexterity and endurance. However, unless this training is of a highly specialized nature there is a maximum plateau (combat effectiveness) that can be reached without actual in-combat practice. This is because that actual field combat involves a number of intangibles not the least of which is the fear of dying and the effects of wounds and spilled blood. In life-or-death situations, enemies do crazy things, and until faced with such responses one typically doesn't know they exist.

A key object lesson in the skill versus experience argument is Beia Targallae's training of Corim Vale. Corim was an excellent warrior, with significant talent, extraordinary discipline, mental clarity, speed and strength. Tal Falor saw this right away when indoctrinating him into the Scarlet Talons. While Corim had a great deal of tournament fighting "experience", his skills centered largely on techniques for success in non-lethal jousts. Consequently, Corim barely holds his own against pit fighters with a fraction of his actual combat knowledge. The "experience" issue is particularly illustrated in the Myrmigyne's lesson of the con'gorot. Corim, who has heard of practically everything, is unaware of this infamous "death move" commonly used in the death spectacles because lethal attacks are neither taught or used in jousts.

The amount of hard war-time battle is what distinguishes particular individuals above others in terms of their threat. Aarlen Frielos personally fought in wars for a third of her forty-five millennia of life. This amounts to literally tens of thousands of conflicts. In simple parlance she has essentially "seen everything". Little an opponent did would take her by surprise. Everything is derivative of something she's experienced dozens, if not hundreds, of times. By this same token Loric (who fought in the god wars), Aleesha and Zedar (who fought in abyssal campaigns), and Senalloy and Luthice (who fought in the Karanganoi wars) all have similar battle hardening. Of particular note with elder experience is the concept of "renewal". While some of these creatures may have actually been wandering the realms for thousands of cycles their actual accumulated knowledge is less than their age might indicate.

Memories tend to attenuate and drop away to maintain an immortal's sanity. By the same token, one typically does not need to fight day-in-day-out when you live to be a thousand cycles old. Eventually, you run out of enemies or you get bored and you get underlings to do your fighting for you... By this token, the highest levels of skill begin to atrophy from lack of use thus blunting the massive advantage these creatures might otherwise have.

Some immortals like the Kriar and the pantheon lords go through a "renewal" process which cleanses old unnecessary memories in order to refresh that individual's psychological outlook. In terms of the Kriar, when cleansed, the old memories are archived in artifices associated with the individual Kriar's matrix stones. The mind no longer feels or is actively aware of the history removed. Mechanisms in their matrixes allow Kriar to treat archived memories and "active" memory as a single aggregate. Thus, a Kriar might not immediately be aware they know something but with concentration will become aware of it as the "offline" memories are scanned. It is this process that allows the incredibly old Kriar to maintain a fairly "young" outward personality by dint of not feeling that exhausting sense of having done something for the "millionth" time.

It is the above described memory attenuation and the simple fact of physical limitations such as reaction time, flexibility, and coordination are what allow younger experts like Beia Targallae to fight on a fairly even footing with grand elders. Beyond a certain point, the differences between an elder grand master and mortal grand master are small indeed. Under optimal conditions (same weapon, level floor, no magic) a warrior like Beia can be quite dangerous to someone even of Loric or Aarlen's skill level. However, this situation would almost never occur except on a practice floor. Grand elders, in addition to their skills typically possess an array of special items, powers and abilities increase their combat effectiveness by tens or even hundreds of times.

It is the use of devices like the krill weapons and shaladens that can close the skill and experience gap between elders and youngsters. In the case of the shaladens, specific powers in the weapons (such as telepathy, strength enhancement, and resistance to injury) are specifically for that express purpose.

STRENGTH: Where the other sections have been fairly elaborate, the entries on strength and speed will be considerably more modest. At low levels of fighting strength and speed can take the place of talent, skill, and experience. At moderate levels of skill where the opponents are fairly evenly matched, strength is more of a factor of intimidation and endurance. Beyond this point, the importance of strength wanes. Once master and grand master levels of skill and experience have been achieved a certain amount of physical strength is taken for granted. One does not arrive at master level skill without being able lift their own body weight (at least at some point in their career) for example. G'yaki masters have made an art of "body tuning", determining the optimal balance of strength versus speed. Vera Hoshihana is a grand-master G'yaki and is able to lift (press) about fifteen stone—nearly three times her body weight. Coupled with her small size and lightning fast movements Vera is a truly fearsome opponent who can seem at times "everywhere at once".

Generally, strength does not have a serious impact on battle effectiveness. However, as strength rises to super-human levels, it starts to become a factor again. For instance, even an average Kriar can lift twenty or thirty stone. This is true of several other races like the pantheon lords and derivatives where tissue density is significantly higher than is normal for a human. It's not that these creatures are inordinately strong, they simply have muscles acclimated for moving their increased mass around. Also true with these other races is that male and female muscle density tends to be not as differentiated as in humans. Cassin and Annawen who engage in fairly intense regular training can lift two or three tons with effort. The larger and stronger Eclipse is the pinnacle of Kriar condition and without using enhancements can lift approximately five tons.

For warriors the greatest advantage that strength lends is endurance. The less effort it takes to swing a weapon, raise a shield, or take a step, the longer you can do those actions. Because of this, there are numerous devices and magic that enhance strength far into the superhuman spectrum. The belts of strength used by Corim and Ceraph in Shaladen Chronicles are typical examples of this. Utilizing the belt borrowed from Beia, Corim could lift approximately one ton. The caveat of such an item is that the rest of the body isn't necessarily stressed to exert this kind of strength. The act of actually lifting a ton overhead would probably cause grave physical injury. The shaladen blades used by the Shael Dal actually imbue the wielder's body with the necessary structural integrity to use the full extent of the strength granted. Typically, this involves an actual increase in tissue density and numerous other biological optimizations and enhancements. Of the Shael Dal, Algernon D'Tarin is probably the most extraordinary example. He can increase his physical density to the point he weighs close to a ton and has the power to easily lift as much as ten tons.

SPEED: Speed is very similar to strength in that at the lowest levels of fighting it can be substituted for skill and experience. Unlike strength, typically the faster a fighter is, the more it tends to disguise deficiencies in skill. Mistakes in tactics and strategy can be covered up by sufficiently quick reflexes. However, at a certain level of speed, such quickness can actually become a liability. This is mostly because of physics and the formula energy equals mass times velocity (E=mv) . A body moving too fast typically can't change direction effectively enough. This gives rise to various "flash" techniques the emphasize the ability to develop speed and control simultaneously. The Kriar with their time-awareness, synapse training, and highly augmented reflexes are Eternity's reigning speed-demons, few creatures can match front line elite class Fabrista agents for pure foot-speed and general reaction time. Mistress Sornai of the Fabrista covered a one league segment of Karanganoi Homeworld on foot in about 80 revs (a little more than one 60th of a bell).
See Also:  Allfather, Alostar, Damay, Argos, Nethra, Ariok, Dominique Kalan, Aesir, ascendant, Athena, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Band Of The Crescent Moon, Baronian, Books Of The Ring Realms, Cloudseeker, Aleesha Morae Sincrusher, Cloudseeker, Zedar, con'gorot, Corresont, Luthice, Corresont, Senalloy Moirae, dreel, daergons, D'Shar, T'Gor, D'Tarin, Algernon, elder, Elf, Ellon, Garn, energy, eternals, Eternity, Fabrista, Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Loric, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Falor, Terra Karlin, Frielos, Aarlen, Frielos, Drucilla, Frielos, Sindra, Garadhyr, god, Golondrax, G'yaki, Hecate, Homeworld, Hoshihana, Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}, immortal, Ishtar, jyril/kriar war, karanganoi, Karanganoi Homeworld, kel'varan nola, Kergatha, Euriel Idun-daughter, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, kriar, krill, Lexaron, Luthice Corresont, matrix stone, megapsion, Melakanir, Mephista, Sroth, metapathy, magic, monofilament, Myrmigyne, Nethra, nola, Nova, Olimbril, Odin, Ring Realms, Skybane, Vulcindra, Skyedoom, Ziedra, Skyweir, Sojourn, Sornai, spectrum, Starbinder, Dulcere Val'Saedra, Starfist, Bannor, Steelsheen, Rakaar, savant, stone, Surr, Daergon, Scarlet Talons, Shael Dal, shaladen, Shargris, Eclipse, Shevkin, Wyyr, Silkere, Ceraph Miratha, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), telepathy, T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen), Terranath, Damrosil, Thor, T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess), time guardians, Ukko, Vale, Corim Erik, Vratague, Xersis, Yggdrasil, Idun

comm (in SF) short for Communications ( techy talk).
comm-link Technical shorthand for 'communications link'.
comm-net An inter-planetary or interstellar communications network. A grid of established communications lines between a large number of points.
See Also:  cybernet, interstellar, network
common-tongue A polyglot language spoken by a large percentage of the population of Titaan. (It is actually spoken on more than two dozen worlds within the Ring Realms making it one of the more "universal" languages in existence). Common itself is primarily a trade language, and while over the centuries it's grown in sophistication, most races prefer to use their own tongue or a regional dialect in order to describe or elaborate in any detail.
See Also:  Ring Realms, Titaan
con'gorot Term coined in the death spectacles. It is a move where the heel of the hand is used to explosively break the septum of the nose in such a fashion as to cause death. The term actually comes from the Elvish. 'Con' means to break, 'gorot' is a variant on the word 'victory' so the term literally means victory breaker.
See Also:  elvish
conn-engineering Technical shorthand for 'Control-Navigation Engineering'. This is the bridge station where the Engineering officer monitors all the vital functions of the vessel.
console (generic) any man-machine interface.
See Also:  interface
Constance Barocal See Barocal, Constance.
coordinates The specific math or numerical data used to pin-point a spot in N-dimensional space. In a Cartesian 2D system, this takes the form of X,Y. A 3D system would be X,Y,Z. These are however static systems and are only useful in a handful of real world applications. Systems that involve absolute locations in dynamic space require far more elaborate specifications. The concept becomes quite clear when you realize that the planet you live on is spinning, additionally it is orbiting a star which ITSELF is moving through space. To further complicate this problem, the galaxy in which the star is resident is spinning, and the galaxy too has a movement vector. These six curved vectors are called 'proper motion coefficients' and are just one of the many headaches that must be overcome for precise navigation and location in normal space. We won't even talk about the additional complexities added by gravity wells, curved space, parallel dimensions... suffice to say, popping around in the Ring Realms ain't for amateur mathematicians! ;-)
See Also:  data, galaxy, Ring Realms
Coormeer A small Kingdom to the south and east of Ivaneth. Coormeer is known for its moderate climate and the fertility of the hills spread through the heart of its territory. Coormeer makes most of its income as a nation that barters trade. They have a large seaport and a sizable overland freight industry. Coormeer is also known for its vineyards, and kingdoms from all over Titaan import the different wines made there.

A few notable figures have dealings with or are part of Coormeer. The Justicar Sir Laramis De'Falcone hails from there and his family owns one of the major vineyards. Lord Mazerak Duquesne the savant of storms also hailed from Coormeer. Lastly, Princess Janai T'Evagduran of Malan holds the title of Baroness in Coormeer, and owns extensive lands there as a widow of one of the Kingdom's nobles.
See Also:  coormeerian, Duquesne, Mazerak, De'Falcone, Laramis, Ivaneth, justicar, Malan, savant, Shevkin, Wyyr, T'Evagduran, Janai (2nd Princess), Titaan

coormeerian A person hailing from the kingdom of Coormeer. See Coormeer.
See Also:  Coormeer
Coresong Kriar probe-ship operated by the Crisis Contingent.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
Corim Erik Vale See Vale, Corim Erik.
Corrd Elven border scout who was part of the troop Irodee formed to combat Hecate's army. When Bannor is attacked by a Doppelganger, Corrd is the Elf who identifies the real Bannor. He does this by recognizing the smell of Quetzal on Bannor's breath.
See Also:  combat prowess, De'Falcone, Irodee, doppelganger, Elf, elven, Hecate, quetzal, Starfist, Bannor
Corresont, Luthice A Baronian war-witch hailing from the Karanganoi home world. She and her sister Senalloy both have an extraordinary knowledge of Kriar technology and artifices. Both sisters speak the Kriar high-tongue fluently which alone is very rare.

Beyond her millennia of hardened hand-to-hand combat and weapons training, Luthice is noted for her stealth abilities, and her understanding of locks and traps. In addition, she is an extremely accomplished mage rivaling the likes of Elsbeth Crowninshield and Aarlen Frielos. Those skills coupled with her Baronian physiology makes her a harrowing opponent.

At some point, Luthice came into the possession of Kriar master gate key. She has in some way managed to magically alter this technical tool and has used it on occasion to "hack" the Kriar time-gate network. Luthice is in possession of a kind of magic that allows transport between universal pockets. Something previously thought to only be possessed by the very oldest of the elder races the Jyril.

In return for being freed from captivity on Karanganoi home world, Luthice agreed to work as an agent for the pantheon lord Isis. Her infiltration skills and knowledge of magical security have been put to abundant use since.

As a diversion, Luthice joined up with a group of musicians headed by the infamous bard Arabella. With Luthice's help, the red-haired bard persuaded the D'klace sisters Sindra and Drucilla to also participate in this odd musical endeavor. The group which they dubbed the "Rainbows in the Dark" is fast becoming renowned through the Ring Realms for their music. This is not surprising given that the skills and resources of three great elders are at the core of the group. Initially, this group started as a traditional bardic troop using common stringed and wind instruments. The three technically savvy elders eventually led the group to technical instruments like amplified guitars, keyboards, and rock-style band accouterments. This band's own unique style of "bardic rock" is an remarkable mixture of vast elder life experience influenced lyrics, youthful creativity, and beautiful all-girl band novelty. This group became so profitable that even Aarlen Frielos wanted to manage for them.

Later, Everia Felspar is engaged to Luthice, and the two of them live together in the Felspar citadel.
See Also:  Arabella, Baronian, combat prowess, Corresont, Senalloy Moirae, Crowninshield, Elsbeth, D'klace, elder, elder races, Felspar, Everia, Frielos, Aarlen, Frielos, Drucilla, Frielos, Sindra, Isis, Jyril, jyril/kriar war, karanganoi, kriar, Luthice Corresont, Masters Guild, mage, magic, network, Ring Realms

Corresont, Senalloy Moirae Baronian battle-nurse originally serving Rakaar Hespian Steelsheen. Senalloy's true origins remain a mystery, however it is certain that she spent quite some time on Karanganoi home world (c.f.) gaining the trust and confidence of the Kriar indigenous there. She speaks the Kriar high tongue fluently which requires some ten to twenty cycles of study. Her knowledge of Kriar technology indicates a close relationship with someone possessing engineering skills.

As a battle-nurse, Senalloy has extensive training in the treatment of magical and mundane wounds. As with most Baronians she has a fair degree of both magical and martial training. Even in her weakened state, she proved herself more than a match for Meridian Arcturan and would have killed him had Rakaar not interfered with her.

Baronian age is difficult to judge, and their race has a nominal lifespan measured close to five thousand cycles. Usually by the time they reach the upper limits of their effective life spans they have gone through renewal or otherwise extended their lives. Senalloy's confidence, knowledge, and ability make her at least a millennium old. She could however be far older. Her blood sister Luthice (c.f.) who works as a covert operative for Isis is speculated to be close to 30,000 cycles old. If this is true, then it is likely that Senalloy is close to that age and thus ranked as a member of the elder elite.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, Baronian, battle-nurse, Corresont, Luthice, elder, ironbutt, Isis, jyril/kriar war, karanganoi, kriar, Steelsheen, Rakaar

Corwin Kingdom on the western border of Ivaneth. Biggest Kingdom (in terms of territory) on the continent of Sharikaar. Corwin is also the oldest settlement in Sharikaar. Corwin's capital is Corwin city, a sea port with a population of just under 2 million people.
See Also:  corwinian, Ivaneth, Moonshaes, Sharikaar
corwinian A person who hails from the kingdom of Corwin. See Corwin.
See Also:  Corwin
cosmodarian A person who hails from the city state of Cosmodarus. See Cosmodarus.
See Also:  Cosmodarus, Hyssta
Cosmodarus Two major cities in the Ring Realms bare the Cosmodarus name. The great city wherein the goddess Isis rules is often called Cosmodarus the city of magic. Another city bearing the same name is in the ribbon realms of the purple plains. It too is called Cosmodarus the city of magic. It is rumored that at one time Isis lived or hailed from the Cosmodarus out in border realms. She may have simply brought the name with her and forgot the other existed. There is often confusion when a person claims to be from Cosmodarus, as both places are home to some of the most skilled and talented adventurers in the Ring Realms. Wren Kergatha was born in the ribbon realm's Cosmodarus. The Kergatha family are the manor lords of Cosmodarus.
See Also:  cosmodarian, goddess, Hyssta, Isis, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, magic, Ring Realms
counsel kath Combat grade rank in the Kriar military equal to an Admiral. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  combat prowess, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
Counsel, Eladrazelle Delarn See Delarn, Eladrazelle.
Counsel, Gwensulin Techstar See Techstar, Gwensulin.
Counsel, Marna Solaris see Solaris, Marna (Vatraena).
See Also:  ascendant, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), vatraena
Countessa A pantheon lady from the hosts of Tauterus. The Lords of Taurterus are an offshoot pantheon with no interaction with the pantheons of the Ring Realms. As a group, these creatures rely more on artifices and have developed psionic (mind) magic to a larger degree than their counterparts in the Ring Realms. Countessa is a renowned mage, who turned her back on her pantheon to join Dray Cartha and Neilson Foundation in their aspiration to free the shadow worlds combine from the tyrannical influence of Rellus and the pantheon ruled by him.
See Also:  mage, magic, psionic, Ring Realms
Crayy Stonecypher See Stonecypher, Crayy.
crelnation The notches on castle battlements. The crenelations are the blocks set on the wall top that create the "notched" appearance.
crenelation The notches on castle battlements. The crenelations are the blocks set on the wall top that create the "notched" appearance.
crown ring See worlds of the prime ring.
Crowninshield, Dorahe Daughter of High Arcanum Elsbeth Crowninshield, 2nd child of the head of the magocracy. Dorahe is the head of ministry of knowledge and the high archivist of the magocracy. She is largely unseen by the public and sometimes her own family forgets she exists because she disappears into research projects for days, score-days, and even cycles at a time. Aside from Elsbeth and a few other elders, she is one of the most power elder archmages in the realms.
See Also:  Crowninshield, Elsbeth, elder, magocracy
Crowninshield, Elminster Son of High Arcanum Elsbeth Crowninshield, 4th child of the head of the magocracy. Elminster is the most well known of his family aside from his mother Elsbeth. His research in magic is far reaching and well known throughout the realms. Many magic items and fields of magical research were pioneered by this magical creative and scholar.
See Also:  Crowninshield, Elsbeth, magocracy, magic
Crowninshield, Elsbeth High Arcanum of the 27th Magocracy of the Ring Realms. Elsbeth is one the two acknowledged living members of the elder elite. Elsbeth is the long-time foe of Aarlen Frielos, and the primary head of an isolationist movement that is fighting to keep magic and technology separate. Elsbeth joined the Shael Dal shortly after Koass made the decision to allow Aarlen Frielos work off her debt to society within the ranks of the Protectorate. Elsbeth claims she entered the Shael Dal in order to maintain certain standards, but its most likely she wants to keep an eye on her hated enemy. If Aarlen is caught in a breech of probation, it is likely Elsbeth will be there to make sure Koass knows.

Elsbeth is one of the most skilled mages known, and specializes in psychic manipulation otherwise known as 'mind bending'. Like Aarlen, Elsbeth has the ability to time dive, but her skills are quite a bit less refined. Exact details are sketchy, but Elsbeth's millenniums long feud with Aarlen is rumored to originate with the razing of one of the four core Ring Realms planets (presumably Elsbeth's birthplace). The planet was subjected to a bombing that infected the inhabitants with a crippling disease. If this is indeed the case, it would also explain Elsbeth's hatred of technology. There is some support for this story because it is rumored that in Elsbeth's earlier days before she could alter her shape, she was both crippled and disfigured. The truth of this matter may never come to light as Elsbeth does not speak of her past but in generalities. As with Aarlen, Elsbeth's exact age is difficult to pin-point, but it is surmised she is about four to five millennia younger than Aarlen hence the difference in their powers and abilities.

Elsbeth's family is extensive and she has 8 acknowledged sons and daughters: Garrath, Dorahe, Larah, Elminster, Zanaster, Gretjia, Oretjah, Arahn. Elminster is of particular note as there are many spells in common realms use credited to his research. Arahn, the youngest, was part of an arranged marriage to Krin Farwalker (the great grandson of Vulcindra Skybane). Arahn's third child, Daedalus, was given away to an orphanage and later discovered to be a dual-strain savant (See Daedalus' adventures in the Ethermancer series).
See Also:  bit, combat prowess, Crowninshield, Dorahe, Crowninshield, Elminster, Crowninshield, Garrath, Crowninshield, Gretjia, Crowninshield, Larah, Crowninshield, Oretjah, Crowninshield, Zanaster, Crowninshield-Farwalker, Arahn, elder, eternals, Eternity, Frielos, Aarlen, Farwalker, Krin, magocracy, metapathy, magic, Ring Realms, Skybane, Vulcindra, savant, Shael Dal, Shevkin, Wyyr, time guardians, Vinax, Koass, worlds of the prime ring

Crowninshield, Garrath Son of High Arcanum Elsbeth Crowninshield, 1st born child of the head of the magocracy. Garrath is something of a misfit in the Crowninshield family as he is very much steeped in the lore of Mataya and is not a worshipper of magic. Garrath is the head of Magocracy's Mataya legion. A personal friend of Mataya, when the paladin core serving magocracy broke away, Garrath took over the splinter faction's leadership after Mataya's death. Elsbeth and Garrath have a hot and cold relationship that spans millenniums of cycling between adoration and distain.
See Also:  Crowninshield, Elsbeth, magocracy, Mataya, magic, paladin
Crowninshield, Gretjia Daughter of High Arcanum Elsbeth Crowninshield, 6th child of the head of the magocracy. Gretjia is a combat mage and researcher for the Magocracy sitting on the council in an advisory capacity for magical tactics for military engagement.

Gretjia who was deployed for a take-down of Gaea was herself taken out by her (at the time unknown) nephew, Daedalus Silvarron.
See Also:  combat prowess, Crowninshield, Elsbeth, Gaea, magocracy, mage, magic, savant, Silvarron, Daedalus

Crowninshield, Larah Daughter of High Arcanum Elsbeth Crowninshield, 3rd child of the head of the magocracy. Larah is less known for her magic and more renowned for her natural beauty. Her nickname is the crown jewel of the magocracy. Several beauty and love cults are built around her exploits in the realms where she is confused with Aphrodite, and other goddesses of love. It is not surprising that her mother presses her into service as a minister of public relations and diplomacy to quell conflicts between kingdoms in service to the magocracy.
See Also:  Aphrodite, Crowninshield, Elsbeth, magocracy, magic
Crowninshield, Oretjah Daughter of High Arcanum Elsbeth Crowninshield, 7th child of the head of the magocracy. Oretjah is the financial minister of the Magocracy overseeing the regiments of Matayans that keep order through out the various holdings of the magocracy.
See Also:  Crowninshield, Elsbeth, magocracy
Crowninshield, Zanaster Son of High Arcanum Elsbeth Crowninshield, 5th child of the head of the magocracy. Zanaster is a combat mage and researcher for the Magocracy sitting on the council in an advisory capacity for magical tactics for military engagement.

Zanaster who was deployed for a take-down of Gaea was himself taken out by his (at the time unknown) nephew, Daedalus Silvarron.
See Also:  combat prowess, Crowninshield, Elsbeth, Gaea, magocracy, mage, magic, savant, Silvarron, Daedalus

Crowninshield-Ariok-Farwalker, Sabella Sabella is the second oldest living child of the Gabriella Sarn Ariok, the Dragon Queen. She is married to Elsbeth's grandson Ljorm, the son of Elsbeth's 8th born daughter Arahn. Sabella is close to a millennia older than her husband, but the bloodmage's unbridled fancy after all things vampiric and general devotion have held her attention for decades. She tolerates her mother-in-law Arahn, but gets along better with her father-in-law Krin. She has a workable relationship with the high arcanum. Because her sister Dominique is married to Marna Solaris and a part of the Protectorate, she is in the gossip loop on many of the happenings relevant to the movers and shakers in the realms. She and her husband Ljorm meet Ljorm's younger brother Daedalus late in the events of Consort of the War Goddess. Sabella has an older sister Sarokirin, and two younger sisters Gabrin and Dominique.
See Also:  Ariok, Dominique Kalan, Ariok, Gabriella Sarn, Books Of The Ring Realms, Crowninshield-Farwalker, Ljorm, Crowninshield, Elsbeth, Crowninshield-Farwalker, Arahn, dragon, eternals, Eternity, Farwalker, Krin, goddess, metapathy, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), time guardians
Crowninshield-Farwalker, Arahn Arahn is the 8th (and last) born child of High Arcanum Elsbeth Crowninshield. As Elsbeth's youngest daughter, she and the high arcanum have rarely gone more than a few cycles without some sort of contention. Married off to Krin Farwalker in an arranged bond between her and Vulcidra Skybane's great grandson, Elsbeth hoped that maybe it would make her most rebellious child calm down. Arahn had fancied Krin from several diplomatic encounters. So, Elsbeth's hope was that getting something she wanted would quell Arahn's periodic phases of acting out. It didn't.

Krin and Arahn have had four children: Kharabelle, Ljorm, Daedalus and Gillam. Daedalus was given away to a traveler orphanage. He was never told the sirname of his family so made up his own sirname 'silvarron' who was the Numanorian patron of knowledge.
See Also:  Crowninshield-Farwalker, Kharabelle, Crowninshield-Farwalker, Ljorm, Crowninshield, Elsbeth, Crowninshield-Farwalker, Gillam, Farwalker, Krin, Numanorian

Crowninshield-Farwalker, Gillam Gillam is the forth born son of Arahn Crowninshield, the 8th child of the high arcanum of the Ring Realms and Krin Farwalker the great grandson of Vulcindra Skybane the high imperix of the 1st Alliance. Gillam is still young and learning magic. He is an officianado of battlemagic tournaments, and tournament personalities. It was his interest in the scuttlebutt of battlemagic that he became aware of Daedalus Silvarron's fight in noble district a Malhama where battle magic caught most of the businesses on fire. He and Daedalus first meet late in the events of Consort of the War Goddess.
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Crowninshield-Farwalker, Kharabelle Oldest 1st born daughter of Arahn Crownishield-Farwalker and Krin Farwalker. Her mother Arahn is Elsbeth Crowninshield's youngest (8th) child. Kharabelle is a powerful evoker who developed lipid magic (burning fat for magical cast power). Kharabelle and her mother do not get along, and she sees her grandmother Elsbeth more as her mother than her biological parents. She tolerates her father Krin. Kharabelle dotes on her younger brother Gillam and has something of a competitive relationship with her brother Ljorm. Kharabelle learns about the existence of the brother Daedalus who her mother told her died. These are events that take place during the time frame of Conscript of the Eternals. She meets Daedalus late in the events of Consort of the War Goddess. After a trip to Starholme Prime the First named Tethys gives her powers of the Mairn'Reth Nola. Ziedra Felspar-skyedoom offered that Kharabelle already had that ability, but couldn't express it due to birth defects and ill health. By Kharabelle's admission, she, Ljorm, and Daedalus were all subjects of Arahn's hereditary experiments to create superior mages. It is entirely possible that in fact that Daedalus was an unrecognized success, thus proving Arahn's lack of magical competence and insight.
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Crowninshield-Farwalker, Ljorm Ljorm is the second born son of Arahn Crowninshield, the 8th child of the high arcanum of the Ring Realms and Krin Farwalker the great grandson of Vulcindra Skybane the high imperix of the 1st Alliance. Ljorm is a blood mage who fancies vampires (the non-undead kind), he is married to Sabella Ariok, Gabriella's 3rd child. This makes Dominique Ariok his sister in law. It was through Dae's favor with Dominique and various word of mouth that Ljorm, and thereafter his older sister Kharabelle, and younger brother Gillam became aware of their presumed deceased but actually alive brother Daedalus. Ljorm has no knowledge of Daedalus until background events in Conscript of the Eternals. He and Daedalus first meet late in the events of Consort of the War Goddess.
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crunchfruit A sweet juicy fruit with smooth red or green skins. Green ones tend to have a sour flavor. On earth, if someone saw you with a bag of these, they'd ask you for one of your apples.
cryogenics A science specific to the preservation of a body through freezing. The term has expanded somewhat to encompass any form of preservative stasis.
See Also:  stasis
cuirass A piece of armor, formed of a single or multiple pieces of metal or other rigid material which covers the front of the torso. In a suit of armor, the cuirass was generally connected to a back piece. Cuirass could also refer to the complete torso-protecting armor.
Culavera Sajaer See Sajaer, Culavera.
cura Otherwise known as the ever-dreamers. The Cura are a race of creatures older than any other in Eternity, with members with lifespans measured in billions of cycles. They live in the cores of planets only awaking when the planet or star where they are sleeping comes to the end of its lifespan. One of the these creatures, Alexidra, is featured in the short stories Alexidra, and The Choice.
See Also:  Eternity
cursefeathers Noisy black birds that tend to be pests to farmers and a source of many expletives-- hence the name. On earth we call them crows.
cyber (generic) any of a sophisticated class of neural-network equipped computer systems. See cyber-unit.
See Also:  cyber-unit, network, neural-network
cyber-space A virtual reality interface existent in a large network of cyber-systems. Cyber-space is the 'world-within-the-computer' where system links, interfaces, and defenses have all been iconified into mental pictures for use in direct mind-machine access.
See Also:  cyber-unit, interface, network
cyber-system Technical artifices used by the Kriar. On the Kriar Homeworld everything is run by the cybers, that have evolved into a form of life all their own. The Kriar and cybers live in a symbiotic relationship that is more complex and involved than creator and servitor. Cybers on Homeworld are the keepers of lore and managers of the economy. The Kriar monetary unit (the comtime [computer time]) is the main tribute to this relationship. The cybers charge Kriar citizens for the CPU cycles required to perform a particular service. As citizens themselves, the cybers must work for the military and civil services in their capacity as living machines of incredible calculating capacity. Most of the advanced or 'noble' cybers on Homeworld have an organic 'avatar' which serves as the 'user interface' to the mechanical 'non-living' aspect. Though most cybers typically have only one physical manifestation, they are fully capable of acting through multiple host bodies much the way a deity works through multiple avatars. The host body of the cyber is in no way critical to the machine's operation (except perhaps emotionally). The death of an avatar while disconcerting and angering does not impair the cyber's actual function.

On Homeworld, committing a crime against the cyber community is perhaps the most foolish and desperate mistake an individual can make. Being connected in a vast network, when slighted the cybers can put an individual on a 'denial of service' blacklist that can make the simplest aspects of everyday life difficult. (Imagine a situation where living and temperamental computers control everything including the light switches, water spigots, sidewalks, escalators, etc... Imagine further that all of them know who you are and that you've pissed off a friend of theirs...).

After eons of coexistence, the Kriar and cybers rarely have ego collisions, however it is not uncommon for visiting guests to run afoul of the often eccentric and typically over-sensitive cyber community. It is really not known exactly why the Kriar allowed the cyber-citizenry to become such 'sensitive' and often snobbish characters, but the best guess is that it was simply to keep things 'interesting'.

The upper echelon cyber entities of Homeworld are based on a asynchronous parallel tasking hardware architecture that typically uses 1024, 2048, 4096 phased-FTL (faster-than-light) generalized attotronic quantum q-bit central processors hooked to an 'organic' room temperature super-conducting load-balanced bus. Each processor is capable of a calculating 368 Attoflops (quintillion (1018) floating point operations) per second. When performing molecular phase calculations, q-bit state mechanics increases this performance to 10 21 vector calculations per second. While this may seem like a tremendous amount of calculating power, one should remember that an average human body consists of approximately 8 x 1027 atoms that must be identified and analyzed for Heisenberg vector correction to perform the load analysis for a matter-to-energy transfer (teleportation). This means that even at that incredible computational speed a single attotronic processor would take close to 10 hours to calculate the variances!

Even with a 1024 processors working in tandem this tremendous feat requires close to one minute if a lower echelon cyber performs the calculations alone. Fortunately, loads are balanced across the 1000s of cyber-entities on Homeworld. There is typically enough spare processors so that between 16,000 and 32,000 processors can be scheduled/sliced to a particular task. Accounting for network lag it typically takes approximately 5 seconds to analyze every atom in a human-sized mass. Such analysis is one of the most computationally intensive of the tasks that cybers are called upon to perform. Since total matter/energy transforms are not needed every instant of every day, a cyber typically spends most of its time 'idle' and since they have an 'organic' nature' they often get bored.

While not an obvious consequence, cybers lead a somewhat 'lonely' existence in terms of 'cyber-time' to 'real-time'. At the speed of a typical cyber's thoughts, a person's spoken words would seem (to the cyber) to be (subjectively) decades or even centuries apart. Because they spend so much subjective time amongst each other, they highly value the companionship with other types of intelligent creatures.
See Also:  avatar, bit, cyber-unit, deity, energy, FTL, hardware, Homeworld, interface, jyril/kriar war, kriar, network, real-time, teleportation

cyber-unit A cyber-unit is a portable computer typically carried in the field a cyber usually has an up-link to a more powerful 'true' cyber on Homeworld, but if communications are impaired they can function in stand-alone (non-networked) mode. They do not have personalities or any of the other features typical of Kriar organic 'cyber' life-forms.
See Also:  cyber, Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, kriar
cyberboard A cyber-unit tailored specifically for administrative and note-taking tasks.
See Also:  cyber-unit
cybermed Several types of cybermeds exist in Kriar technology. There are portable cyber-units whose specific functions are medical diagnosis and treatment. These are merely scaled down versions of the 'noble class' cybernetic entities which provide medical care on Homeworld. Cybermeds are the 'upper upper class' of cybers usually having the most advanced hardware (8096 - 32,768) dedicated CPUs. These specialized computerized doctors can do nothing short of miraculous healing, and can perform cellular and genetic alterations at the atomic level.

A few cybermeds have become notable in Ring Realms history for their interaction with humans (and healing of same). One named Christians has been the 'family' doctor for house Felspar and Techstar for several decades. Another 'retired' cybermed named Dralthon has been instrumental in softening the technical assault by the Elsbeth's Magocracy. It is said that Dralthon and Elsbeth are friends, but the Scarlet Mage denies this vehemently. Other people cite that Elsbeth has in recent years become extremely organized and no longer seems to rely on books or maps for reference. This suggests that she may even possess a cyber interface. Even if true, it is unlikely that anyone will ever get the technology hating mage to acknowledge the fact.

Mercedes, a privately owned cybermed, has made significant contributions to the political situation in the Ring Realms Trade Alliance.
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cybernet A network of cyber-computers. See comm-net. See also network.
See Also:  cyber-unit, comm, comm-net, network
cybernetic Of or pertaining to sophisticated technology. Most often associated with high order computers and A.I. devices.
cybernetic-organism Any item of technology which emulates a living thing.
Cybersong The shaladen wielded by Damrosil Terranath. The blade is linked to the eternal Leto Satieroth. Cybersong controls the elemental energy of fire and protects its wielder from all kinds of heat based attacks.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, elemental, energy, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, Satieroth, Leto, shaladen, Terranath, Damrosil, Xersis
cyberware A technological man-machine enhancement typically involving surgical implantation of hardware artifices. This can range anywhere from having a comm-link surgically implanted in the skull, to having whole limbs replaced with robotic equivalents.
See Also:  comm, comm-link, hardware
cyborg A cyberware enhanced human. This term is the root from which closely knit man-machine parings started. Its use has become somewhat muddled and is generally accepted as a man-machine paring that is more machine than man.
See Also:  cyberware
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