Welcome to the Ring Realms
Beware of spoilers contained herein. These words be out of time and continuity. They are just facts and they know not what they do...
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   P   From Packet-transmitter  To Quadrant
packet-transmitter In economies where FTL communications are highly expensive, packet transmitters send thousands of summed up information in a single burst.
See Also:  FTL
paladin A warrior who fights and represents a religion or cult. Paladins are generally seen as warriors who represent the most holy and righteous of the orders of the light.
parallel-processor: A specialized breed of microprocessor designed to work in tandem with others of its kind where processing is distributed evenly across the number of processors. (An existent technology that is only recently becoming useful as computers design compilers and software which can utilize such and architecture.)
See Also:  microprocessor, software
parsec (A parallax of one second of arc) or 3.26 Light-years.
Pedon Pedon is a continent in the southern Hemisphere of Titaan, southwest of Sharikaar and west of Canth. Pedon is known for its shipping and powerful merchant guilds. The biggest and fastest ships on the planet originate from the shipyards in northeastern Pedon. The mid-east section of Pedon is sometimes called the Boot's Instep is host to more merchant shipping than anywhere else on the planet due to the calm seas and plentiful deep-water ports. As a result it is also subject to the most piracy. Anti-ship warfare, especially in regards to magic, is a constantly escalating affair between the continent's Kingdoms and the corsairs that covet the wealth of richest continent of Titaan.
See Also:  magic, Moonshaes, Sharikaar, Titaan
pegasai Magical winged horses capable of flight. Though extremely rare pegasai can be found throughout the Ring Realms.
See Also:  Ring Realms
pelans A Kriar curse word that is a colorful and disparaging description of parental heredity. Because of the revered nature of family it is among the harshest curse words in their language. Due to poor analogues in translation, it's nearest human equivalent is barely even a vulgarity.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
pepperwood A rickety looking tree that gives off a extremely pungent smell. It produces copious amounts of sap and is characterized by small pinkish seed berry clusters. They grow in semi-arid regions and might even be confused with the common pepper tree of terran origin.
See Also:  terran
Pernithius The larger of Titaan's two moons, often called the harvest moon.
See Also:  Titaan
Phagara Kriar black-operations research and development base last headed by station-master Wilco Oprecht Gelovige. Located just beyond the event horizon of a galaxy class singularity, Phagara is one of the most secure and dangerous havens in the cosmos. Phagara is rumored to be the center that developed the anti-eternal weapon Garfang. A target of interest throughout the kriar/eternal war, the station's proximity to a space-bending dark galaxy kept all magical and technical means from pin-pointing its location. Phagara fell late in the war when eternals snuck aboard during a resupply operation.

The cyber-life aboard the station along with its commanding officer were convinced by Advocate Eternal Koass to defect to the Protectorate. The station remains a safe house in service eternals.
See Also:  cyber-unit, eternals, Eternity, Garfang, Gelovige, Wilco Oprecht, galaxy, jyril/kriar war, kriar, metapathy, time guardians, Vinax, Koass

phase-charge As a time diver moves through non-consecutive time they build up a form of an energetic temporal potential in the much the same way scuffing shoes on a carpet picks up static electricity. A time diver's phase charge can grow to the point that it makes time travel impossible until the temporally polarized energy is discharged appropriately.
See Also:  energy, non-consecutive time, temporal
phasers Weapon popularized by the Star Trek series (PHased Lasers??) not an FTL weapon. According to guidelines they can ONLY be used at sub-light speed. In warp only photon torpedoes are a viable weapon.
See Also:  FTL, photon, warp
phoenix A powerfully magic bird-like creature that appears to be made of flames. When this creature dies, it reconstitutes out of its own ashes. Only a few phoenixes have been sighted in the Ring Realms and they are difficult creatures to find as they prefer the calderas of volcanoes as the location for their barn-sized nests. Phoenix are said to be the guardians of the lore of the First Ones.
See Also:  magic, Ring Realms
photon A primary particle comprising light.
pico-kana Myrmigyne language. It means 'little sister'.
See Also:  Myrmigyne
picosecond One trillionth of a second
pit-fighter Typically a slave forced to do combat for the entertainment of others. However, some pit fighters are willing contestants who revel in life-or-death combat. See pit-warriors.
See Also:  combat prowess, pit-warriors
pit-warriors Literally warriors forced to fight in the 'pits'. The most notable pit warriors are the victims of the Arcturan death spectacles. Beia Targallae, Ess Targallae, Damrosil Terranath, and T'Gor D'Shar all had notable involvement in the arenas.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, D'Shar, T'Gor, pit-fighter, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), Terranath, Damrosil
Pitchbender, Kalibosh Notable warrior residing in Ivaneth and captain of King Tradeholme's elite guard. Kalibosh is a staunch adventurer and veteran of many quests including a failed attempt to slay the queen of the demon web, Lolth. Kalibosh wields a magic trident named 'wave' that confers many magic powers. Being a farm-boy at his roots, Kalibosh is not very smart, but he is really strong and quite loyal. He is the faithful husband of Dori Pitchbender, King Tradeholme's skilled mage and master litigation trickster. They have a single daughter named Shirenia, who is accomplished mage in her own right.
See Also:  demon, Ivaneth, mage, magic, Tradeholme, Edmund (King)
planescape Of or referring to any of the various environments in the outer realms and dimensions.
planetfall Of or pertaining to a landing on an unknown world.
planewalk As it sounds, moving between planes or dimensions.
plasma A state of matter reached during fusion temperatures when all matter exists in a liquid state and the electron shell of the atom is so diffuse that atomic material bunches together in super-dense form.
See Also:  electron, fusion
platemail Plated mail (sometimes called plated chainmail, splinted mail or splinted chainmail) is a type of mail with embedded plates. It is NOT the same as plate-armor which is a single formed piece.
See Also:  chainmail
polearm A polearm is a large two-handed edged weapon, usually in the form of a long metal or wood pole. There are many variations in both length and metal weaponization that can be piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning. Examples are pikes (piercing), halberds (axes), and pole hammers.
polymorph A term conjugated in various ways to describe the altering of an object or creature's shape. Some creatures can morph themselves. The term polymorph is usually used when a new shape is imposed upon a person or object through magic. Such as turning an annoying person into a toad.
See Also:  magic
Porsche Delarn See Delarn, Porsche.
poseidon A pantheon lord. Poseidon is a deity associated with the sea and storms.
See Also:  deity
praelor Elvish. Praelor is a rank in the elvish military. A praelor commands a squads of three men. A field unit usually consists of (9 individuals) one tormaethor, two praelors, and six midaches (or maethors). See also Elvish Ranks.
See Also:  elvish, elvish ranks
prickletree Large green succulents coated with thorns which grow in arid regions. A lot like a cactus.
priest-light See priest-lights.
priest-lights Priest-lights, along with mage-lights, and a few other devices are the magical equivalents of artificial lighting. In both cases, the spell is cast on a sacrificial item that slowly disintegrates as the spell gives off light. Something the size of a large coin can be made to give off light for several seasons. The innovation of priest-lights and their brethren mage-lights is the ability to turn them off and on from a remote location. The guilds which install them guard this on and off capability carefully which is why only influential families and establishments in the Ring Realms have them. Families such as the Felspars who have powerful mages as their core members create their own versions.
See Also:  mage, mage-lights, magic, Ring Realms
Primaggar Kriar waypoint closest to the Kriar Fabrista home world and major portal path to the core realms of Eternity.
See Also:  Eternity, Fabrista, jyril/kriar war, kriar
prime kath Combat grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a fleet admiral. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  combat prowess, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
prime-enforcers Members of the protectorate. These include the eternals and their immediate assigns i.e the Shael Dal and any other beta class or higher identified allies of the protectorate support staff.
See Also:  eternals, Eternity, metapathy, Shael Dal, time guardians
prosthesis An artificially created limb.
Prule Member world of the Sirus Ring.See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
Psendra Main house staff matron in the Green Run extension of the Kul'Amaron citadel of Malan. Psendra serves princess Sarai T'Evagduran, and runs the kitchen and maintains the inventory for house.
See Also:  kul, Kul'Amaron, Malan, Psenny, T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess)
Psenny Familiar address Sarai T'Evagduran uses for her head house maid Psendra. See Psendra.
See Also:  Psendra, T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess)
psi Short for psionic or psychic. It is also colloquially used to indicate someone with strong mental powers.
See Also:  psionic
psi-master A person trained or skilled in the use of mental powers. The range of these can cover any of a vast number of domains.
See Also:  psionicist
Psihtath The lead mage on Meridian's magical development team. Psihtath is a renowned alchemist.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, mage, magic
psion One psion is the mental or magical potential to shift (rend or decompose) the physical state of one stone (20 pounds) of solid material. See also megapsion.
See Also:  megapsion, stone
psionic Of or pertaining to powers of the mind. See psi. See also psi-master.
See Also:  psi, psi-master
psionicist A person possessing extraordinary metal powers. See psi-master.
See Also:  psi, psi-master
psionics A category encompassing magic-like phenomena that are evoked through natural ability. The powers don't necessarily have to originate from the mind, they can be physical mutations, but they are still directed by the volition of the possessor.
See Also:  magic
Ptahmig Member of Meridian's magical development team.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian
pulsar A form of star which rotates so rapidly as to give off a particular radio pulse detectable by radio telescopes.
Pulsar Shaladen blade and spirit talisman of the eternal Zarthel Benwarr. Pulsar confers the ability to control forces and redirect them. An extension of this ability is a powerful form of telekenesis that can grasp and move a 1000 stone of matter (or more). These forces can be manipulated in many ways to create various effects.
See Also:  Benwarr, Zarthel, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, pulsar, stone, shaladen, telekenesis, Xersis
   Q   From Quadrant  To Radiation
quadrant A generally misused term in SF to identify a region of space. The pure definition identifies a particular fourth of circle. Which using either a Cartesian or polar coordinate system is far too broad to be of any identifying use.
Qualas Member world of the Cygnus Ring.See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
quantum-mechanics: The theory that energy is not absorbed nor radiated continuously but discontinuously, and only in multiples of definite, divisible units.
See Also:  energy
quark An older particle theory predating tachyon's which are components of matter which can travel no SLOWER than the speed of light.
See Also:  tachyon
quasar Quasi-Stellar. Bodies in space which emit light and radio waves.
Quasar Lathaan Diliaysus (Tarkath) See Diliaysus, Quasar Lathaan (Tarkath).
quetzal A strong black drink favored by the Elves. It is created by steeping noquet leaves in boiling water. Quetzal has a very distinctive odor and is a strong stimulant.
See Also:  elves
Quicklick A dagger of flight used by the red-headed bard Arabella. Wren Kergatha borrows the weapon from her for use in competing in the "hunter's game".
See Also:  Arabella, ascendant, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
   R   From Radiation  To S'rat
radiation The emission and movement of waves, atomic particles, and so forth, through space or other media esp. that which concerns heavy particles which can be harmful to man and machine.
Radigast Mountains Range of mountains in the northeast of the Barony of Tenax. The town of Blackwater sits as the pass through them.

See Also:  Blackwater, Tenax, Tenax (barony Of)

radioactive Anything which radiates heavy particles (radiation).
See Also:  radiation
raegra A Kriar term used to identify an enemy one respects.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
ragnarok A day prophesied by the pantheon lords of Asgard as the end of all things.
See Also:  Asgard
Rakaar Steelsheen See Steelsheen, Rakaar.
Ralani Vinax See Vinax, Ralani Kiverina Armadoi,
See Also:  Vinax, Ralani Kiverina Armadoi
Rammal Starfist See Starfist, Rammal.
randall Class of Kriar mechanized armor. Very powerful, a few of them could bring down a warship.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
Ranfast Shadowstalker See Shadowstalker, Ranfast.
Rankorhaaz Six armed greater fiend created by Hecate. Previous to Bannor's enhancing of Wren's powers, she had been unable to destroy this armored, regenerating, extremely powerful creature.
See Also:  Hecate, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Starfist, Bannor
Ratch, Boss

Thug leader hired to capture Sarai.

See Also:  T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess)

Rath Danvellian See Danvellian, Rath.
rathsteen Term used to describe the essence of vampirism. Some would call it the unique scent and aura of "living decay" given off by members of the vampire race.
Ravan Starfist See Starfist, Ravan.
Ravva Member world of the Sirus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
real-space Of or being in the confines of the core universe.
real-time A misnomer. All time is real. However, it is used to differentiate be consecutive "real" and non-consecutive time.

This term is also used in conjunction with the amount of universal time that passes non-relative to anything, the specific decay of matter measurable between any two given moments free of outside influences.

redbark A kind of tree with, you guessed it, red bark. These trees are sometimes called bloodwood. See bloodwood.
See Also:  bloodwood
Reddrick, Captain One of the officers in Wren Kergatha's Barocal army.
See Also:  ascendant, Barocal, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
reedwood Thin flexible trees that grow in marshy surroundings. Rather like willows one would imagine.
Regaura Targallae (Beia) See Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen).
relative-time The passage of time as it pertains to a specific body, be it static or in motion and the amount of decay it experiences between any two given moments. Relative time comes into play as one approaches the speed of light and where the real-time to relative-time coefficient changes.
See Also:  real-time
renyaki Servant of Vulcindra Skybane and practitioner of the G'Narth art of anti-mage combat. With Vulcindra's help, Renyaki who converted the martial skill to the purpose of assassination. The art was named for him and the G'Narth and called G'Renyaki. The name was later shortened to G'yaki.
See Also:  combat prowess, g'narth, g'renyaki, G'yaki, mage, magic, Skybane, Vulcindra
rev A rev is a unit of time based on chronons (the time it takes for a electron to make a circuit around the nucleus of an atom). Volumes of matter larger than 1025 molecules will have moments in time when all the electron orbits "line up" or "pulse". This combined molecular syncing happens about a hundred times in the equivalent time of a terran minute. So, for story purposes, a rev is a little bit less than a second. The majority of Kriar time is told by revs (or multiples of them). Hectarev (100) [a minute]. Kilorev (1000) which is a little less than two hours. Megarev (1 million) and so on. See chronon.
See Also:  bit, chronon, electron, giga-rev, gigarev, hectarev, jyril/kriar war, kilo-rev, kriar, megarev, millirev, tera-rev, terran
rhinotaur Rhinotaurs are uncommon (thank heavens!) creatures that live in various locations throughout the Ring Realms. They mostly have been spotted in Silissia, but have also been encountered in southern Corwin and in northern Coormeer. Rhinotaurs bare a rudimentary resemblance to centaurs, only they are far larger and covered with a hard gray exo-skeleton. When fully grown, the four footed aspect of the Rhinotaur can reach 3 paces high at the shoulder and can be as much as 2 paces across the chest. Specimens weighing more than 3000 stone have been brought down.

The armored hide of the Rhinotaur is equal to twenty overlapping layers of leather and conventional weaponry is all but useless against this defense. The humanoid torso of this creature is proportional in length to the shoulder height of its four footed body and is covered with the same thick gray armor. The arms are thick and powerful and end in four-fingered hands that possess an opposable thumb. The humanoid head has broad flat features and thick square teeth for pulverizing whatever food isn't already pulverized. A single thick horn protrudes from the creature's forehead. These creatures possess no language, but do make rudimentary use of tools. They commonly use huge clubs to bludgeon prey they run down. Rhinotaurs are vicious bad tempered and extremely territorial. Once enraged, they attack until slain. Because of this behavior they are sometimes used as extraordinarily powerful guard-dogs.

In combat, Rhinotaurs are a easily a match for an elder dragon because of the toughness of their armor. Rhinotaurs are stupid and thus can be easily controlled by a mage with the proper preparation and materials. This is, of course, the only way these creatures can be used in any guarding capacity. Rhinotaurs have been known to be used in the death spectacles arena combat. Legend has it that Rhinotaurs were created by grand lore-mage Theln of the Dream Merchants.
See Also:  Azygos, Theln, combat prowess, Coormeer, Corwin, dragon, Dream Merchants, elder, hybrid (golem), mage, magic, Ring Realms, stone, Silissia

Rhoador Member world of the Enad Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
Ring Realms The name given to the core worlds of the literary domain created by the author Will Greenway.

Often in relationship to the Ring Realms there will be reference to 'Core Worlds'. These are the planets that share a similar characteristics i.e. human habitable, civilized, etc. The "core" mostly refers to the "magically adept" cultures, which interact with one another through means of teleportation. In many cases, the inhabitants of these planets don't know what a planet is and could care less. They simply know that by means of a gateway or other mechanism that they can move back and forth between the named domains. A few of the "core elite" worlds share common governance and interaction. Elsbeth's 43rd Magocracy is an example of such a "ring" of worlds that are tied together via various transport magicks. By virtue of the free travel between these hugely separated planets these magical world rings accomplish something that even far more technically advanced races cannot do.

Technical "Rings" or combines do exist. There are four main alliances named, oddly enough, the first, second, third, and fourth alliances. The first alliance, the oldest of the four is extremely advanced, and headed by the vicious techno-mage dictator Vulcindra Skybane who is a half-blood Dreel (one of the most feared of the elder races). Aarlen Frielos is the magestrix of the Fourth Alliance whose territory borders Vulcindra's. The two have clashed throughout Aarlen's life (Vulcindra is much older) but Vulcindra has never wanted to waste the resources in order to push further into Aarlen's domain. When Aarlen was captured by the Eternals, Vulcindra saw an opportunity to take a lot of territory away from the 4th Alliance, which she did. It was later when Aarlen joined the Shael Dal, that a push to reclaim those worlds took place. It was during the escalating conflict, that two other elder races, the Eddorians and Hyssta decided to push into previously human-controlled space. Vulcindra and Aarlen were forced to halt their conflict and join forces to keep from being overwhelmed. It was during this time that Vulcindra found herself captured by the Eternals after it was discovered that she had kidnapped and imprisoned a member of royal family of the Tandleau elder race. The well connected Tandleau "requested" that the Eternals "pick Vulcindra up". Which they did. Vulcindra remains an enforced ward of the eternal Sroth.

Shortly after Vulcindra's capture, through the auspices of a timelord named Trielle, Beia got involved with a small territory that bordered both the First and Fourth alliances, and was strategically positioned for trade with many races. A family known only as "The Cartell" had built a powerful empire there through many forms of deceit and blackmail--they in fact had managed not be absorbed into either of the two aforementioned entities through various payoffs and dead-man switches they had organized. Using her shape-changing powers, and calling upon the resources of her many friends, Beia was able to undermine and finally take over this ancient house of criminals. She eventually gained enough control and influence to head up the territory which was simply dubbed the "Trade alliance". (Also referred to as the 3rd Alliance.)The Trade alliance now acts as an intermediary between Vulcindra's and Aarlen's controlled territories. It is within this territory that Bronawyn Shadowstalker Felspar now does much of her business.
See Also:  Alliances (galactic), Band Of The Crescent Moon, Charon, Crowninshield, Elsbeth, dreel, elder, elder races, eternals, First Alliance, Frielos, Aarlen, Hyssta, Hyssta Combine, magocracy, mage, Mephista, Sroth, metapathy, magestrix, magic, Skybane, Vulcindra, Scale Lords, Shadowstalker, Bronawyn, Shael Dal, Trackazoid, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), teleportation, timelord

ring-she An arena weapon characterized by a rosette of nine dagger blades set in ring (hence the name). The weapon itself is metal cage into which the forearm is slid. At one end a metal handle forms a grip. In this regard, the weapon is like an extended katar. About where the wrist of the user should be the arm enclosure is flared out to form a thick collar on which nine hinge-points are mounted. These hinge-points have sturdy guides which allow special dagger blades to be mounted on them. The blades are typically positioned in a cone-like arrangement with the nine blades angled inward from the edges of the circle to form a point. From above, this configuration looks something like a star. A mechanism in the gripping section of the weapon allows the daggers to be snapped "straight" so they are perpendicular to the line of the arm. In this mode the weapon can be used twist-punch style to "core out" huge gouges in an opponent. Some versions of this weapon are designed with spring loads in the pivot points that allow the blades to be shot in a manor similar to crossbow bolts. The ring-she is weapon utilized primarily by pit-fighters in the arena death spectacles.
Rishta, Zu Little is known about Zu other than he trained under Vulcindra Skybane of the 1st Alliance. He is a rank 58 (or 58th dan) of the G'yaki fighting style (shishou dan gojuhatchi). A chimera clone of him was powerful enough to take down Idun Yggdrasil and Euriel, and fought on even footing with fighters as skilled and strong as Sindra Frielos. He serves as Gorashi Dwoden's fixer.
See Also:  chimera, clone, combat prowess, dwoden, Dwoden, Gorashi, Frielos, Sindra, G'yaki, Kergatha, Euriel Idun-daughter, Skybane, Vulcindra, shishou, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun
Riverback A small village east of Ivaneth. The village is destroyed in a conflict with Hecate's avatars.
See Also:  Hecate, Ivaneth
RNA Ribonucleic acid. The basic genetic codes used in the reproduction of proteins. (Present throughout the cell body).
robot Term first coined by Isaac Asimov to identify any of a large group of artificial servitor mechanisms.
robotics Of or pertaining to designing, building or maintaining robots.
Rodgmeer Valley The central mountain basin where the city of Malhama is located. The Rodgmeer Valley was once host to a thriving nation of Silcanna who settled in the location for its potent magical flux.
See Also:  Istavarron, Malhama (City Of), Silcanna
Ryelle T'Evagduran See T'Evagduran, Ryelle (1st Princess).
Rygos Member world of the Cygnus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
Ryshnid Powerful noble air elemental worshiped by some shamanistic cultures.
See Also:  elemental
rystander (class) A 'class' of battleship piloted by the Jyril enforcement core. They are named after the Daergon Tarkath who first encountered and was defeated by them. The name is a post-humus tribute to the Tarkath's memory and the price of his discovery.
See Also:  Jyril, jyril/kriar war, kriar ranks, Surr, Daergon, tarkath
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