Welcome to the Ring Realms
A truly "grand" destiny has nothing to do with victory or glory but with a profound lack of spilled blood and piteous tears...
--Loric Felspar

My world and welcome to it!

The Ring Realms site is my somewhat limited answer to diminishing returns when a reader picks up a science fiction and fantasy novel. I remember as a kid always wanting to know more about what went into the creation of the story-- whether there would be another book, etc. The questions were numerous. It was gratifying to get that once in a lifetime opportunity to actually meet one of my favorite creators in person. Of course, while exciting, such an encounter usually ended up leaving me with more questions than answers.

I've grown up now, and rather than rely on other writers for my fantasy and science fiction fix-- I write my own. Sure, I still read other writers. This writing stuff is hard work! Especially if you take your job seriously and try your best to entertain. I DO. In fact, I am the first person to admit when something can be improved or an error was made. That's an open invitation to people who read my stuff to say what's on their mind. Anything constructive you have to offer improves the reading for everybody!

So, how is the Ring Realms site value added? All those niggling little details you may have wondered about... they're here. This is a place to explore and find out more about the fiction from the books and stories I've created.

Ring Realms is even more than that, however. It is a forum to explore new territory. If you have a question that arises from any of the Ring Realms material you've read-- ask away. If its of general interest I'll post a magnifying essay. I also intend to keep errata on the novels and stories where inconsistencies are found, and fix them in the master copies. In addition to the collaborative feedback is the invitation to contribute.

Like the rising popularity of open source software, the Ring Realms world and character data are freely shared. This is like the popular "Thieves World" series where several authors collaborated to create stories based on each other's characters and plots all within the same shared setting. It's my hope that this work will entertain for a long time to come.

Enjoy your visit! I hope you find what you're looking for.

-- Will Greenway