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Beware of spoilers contained herein. These words be out of time and continuity. They are just facts and they know not what they do...
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   S   From S'rat  To T'a'fugit
s'rat Numanorian warrior dialect. S'rat is the formal ritual sword sheathing. The s'rat is a sheathing that shows respect for the observer.
See Also:  Numanorian
Sa'gairin (Vassar) Jyril captain of the vessel Vassistor. This Jyril took the form of Aarlen Frielos and had blue skin. She requested that they refer to her as simply "Blue". Sa'gairin's intentions and directives were never discovered. However, she was instrumental in the preservation of Aarlen's spirit after she lost her identity in an attempt to avatar four strong-willed mages.
See Also:  avatar, Frielos, Aarlen, Jyril, jyril/kriar war, Vassistor
Sabella Crowninshield-Ariok-Farwalker See Crowninshield-Ariok-Farwalker, Sabella.
saberclaw A large predatory cat common to the equatorial jungles of Titaan. Several species of varying appearance are lumped under the name saberclaw, all of them dangerous.
See Also:  Titaan
saeba A polite Kriar greeting similar to 'How are you?'. It's literal meaning is 'Your health?'.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
sagathra Kriar language.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
Sagiwara, Chage Jissentenki responsible for the death Vera's parents, and Vera's exile. The jissen is involved in many violations of G'yaki dou before Wren Kergatha wins a contention that discredits him.
See Also:  ascendant, Chage Sagiwara, dou, G'yaki, Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}, jissen, jissentenki, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
Sajaer, Culavera Eternal and alpha rank member of the protectorate specializing in tactics.
See Also:  Alpha, eternals, Eternity, metapathy, time guardians
samna Kriar language. It is a formal acknowledgment of an order.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
sangat G'yaki dialect, aggressive style of weapon positioning and grip.
See Also:  G'yaki
Saraeh An academy on Homeworld where Kriar military personnel are trained. Saraeh is known as a school for the elite.
See Also:  Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, kriar
Sarai T'Evagduran See T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess).
Sarokirin Ariok See Ariok, Sarokirin.
Sarokirin Gabrin See Ariok, Sarokirin.
Sassa, Valkur A valkyrie in service to Idun who is part of an exchange program with Marna Solaris.
See Also:  Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), Yggdrasil, Idun
Satieroth, Leto Eternal and alpha rank member of the protectorate specializing in tactics.
See Also:  Alpha, eternals, Eternity, metapathy, time guardians
Saughuin A fish-like denizen found in underground lakes and shorelines of many core-worlds of the Ring Realms.
See Also:  Ring Realms
savant savant is the common and generic term for creatures who possess the spark of Alpha. See ka'amok.

Roster of Savant Powers & Known Savants

Power NameDescriptionKnown (living) WieldersFamous/Notible Wielders
Prime Savants
Garmtur'Shak Nolasavant of realityBannor Starfist 
Latis Nolasavant of time  
Chakta Nolasavant of spaceVulcindra Skybane
Daedalus Silvarron*
Ta'Arthak Nolasavant of matter Mandrimin
Da'Jhamack Nolasavant of attractionsDaena Sheento 
Kel'Varan Nolasavant of forces Wren Kergatha
Damay Alostar
Ishtar Nolasavant of magicZiedra Skyedoom
Daedalus Silvarron*
Lesser savants
Kul'Vita Nolasavant of life forcesVanidaar Kergatha 
Sil'Kar Nolasavant of lightAzir Kergatha 
Nomtar Nolasavant of fire/cold (heat)  
Lokar Nolasavant of elementals (storms)Mazerak DuQuesne 
Gellid Nolasavant of phasingDaedalus Silvarron* 
Tong Nolasavant of minds  
Ein'Doc Nolasavant of traveling   
Brill'Kes Nolasavant of sound (thunder)  
Mairn'Tete Nolasavant of gases  
Mairn'Kath Nolasavant of metals  
Mairn'Reth Nolasavant of organics  
*Dae is a hybrid savant. He is a coalesence of Gaea's powers, the primary expression being that of a savant of magic. His alternate expression is as a savant of phasing (that is a weaker form of the savant of space). After Araceli blends his alleles with Vulcindra's his primary power (magic) creates different a "Traveler" variant of the Chakta Nola

See Also:  Alpha, ka'amok
Sazaaran The name of one of Mazarak's armored henchman. The one who knocks Bannor out while he is in the cage.
See Also:  Starfist, Bannor
scahverath A form of soul magic used in magical divinations of lifesparks and the bindings thereof.
See Also:  lifesparks, magic
Scale Lords The technically adept sub-Hyssta leaders that are the heads of the various Trackazoid clans throughout the Hyssta Combine. Trackazoids are one of the few races in the realms cosmos that traffic in both magic and technology. Trackazoids have a shared meta-heredity with the traveler variant of magicians known in the Magocracy. There is a rumor that it was a magical experiment with Trackazoid heredity that created the generational descendance of travelers. The Ethermancer novels featuring Dae Silvarron explore the role of travelers and their exploitation in the magocracy.
See Also:  Alliances (galactic), Hyssta, Hyssta Combine, magocracy, magic, Silvarron, Daedalus, trackazoid, Trackazoid
scalebark Sturdy heavy-boled trees with thick scale-like bark and extremely dense wood. Quite similar to an oak actually.
scanner (generic) any device for analyzing objects at a distances.
scanning The act of utilizing a scanner.
See Also:  scanner
Scarlet Talons Group of mercenaries headed by Talorian Falor. This group specialized in dismantling of Meridian Arcturans network of death spectacle arenas.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, network
scentwood A soft fragrant wood often burned in fireplaces for the smell it produces.
scoreday A period of twenty days.
scrublands A generic term for low-laying plains with thin flat vegetation.
scry To observe or discern information through magic or psionics. Commonly conjugated as scrying. See scrying.
See Also:  magic, psionics, scrying
scrying Scrying is the term used to describe magical remote observation. Scrying can be done through devices and through spells, and their a varying levels of strength that range anywhere from being able to see a few rooms away to being able to see events taking place on other planes of existence.
See Also:  magic, scry
searga Combat and engineer grade rank in the Kriar military. It is the lowest military rank for tracks. However for the engineering grade Searga is equal in rank to a combat grade Thane or a first class petty officer. The combat grade Searga is equal to a seaman. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  combat prowess, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks, thane
sector Similar to quadrant (in usage and misuse). An area of a circle between two measurements of arc (far more usable for defining an area in polar coordinate areas).
See Also:  quadrant
Seglar Pit-fighter of the death spectacles and nemesis of Beia Targallae. Meridian Arcturan hires him to "take care of" the Myrmigyne should she happen to show up. She does, but Seglar is not up to the task especially when she is using the powerful weapon Snowfire.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Myrmigyne, pit-fighter, Snowfire, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen)
seirei no shiru G'yaki formal engraving, the seal of spirits.
See Also:  G'yaki
seishin mukei G'yaki dialect that means literally 'intangible spirit'. Seishin mukei is a G'yaki philosophy to separate ones self from emotions that interfere with clear thinking and fast action.
See Also:  G'yaki
self-aware I think therefore I am.
Sen'Gen Armored agents of Frielos family known for their stealth and ferocity.
Senalloy Moirae Corresont See Corresont, Senalloy Moirae.
sensei G'yaki dialect, master or teacher. It can also be associated with someone with a respected profession.
See Also:  G'yaki
Sepacawchee River Valley A winding bramble infested depression that cuts east-west across the barony of Tenax.
See Also:  Tenax, Tenax (barony Of)
sera kan fara The term refers to graduation from scholarly academy. Sera kan fara is top honors, the top 5% of students.
shadow-gate A dimensional portal identified by penumbral shadowy appearance. These gates are distinct as they as almost always into portals into the nether-realms to give ingress to infernal creatures. Hecate opens a gigantic shadow-gate on Titaan that Idun Yggdrasil later shuts but not before irreparable harm to the continuum is done.
See Also:  Hecate, Titaan, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun
shadowbolt A tattoo placed on the cheek as acknowledgment of war mastery.
shadowhawk A corvette class Kriar stealth warship.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
shadowspar A type of bow renowned for its power and quality. It is known to enhance the bow-wielding skill of the user. Janai T'Evagduran, the second princess of Malan and renowned elven markswoman has never been bested in archery competition or combat when using one of these bows.
See Also:  combat prowess, elven, Malan, T'Evagduran, Janai (2nd Princess)
Shadowstalker, Bronawyn Deposed princess of Silissia and adventurer, sister of Nevarr Shadowstalker who is now the current Castellan of Drakmourn. Member of the Brethren guild of Ivaneth. Bronawyn married Caldorian Felspar in 1101 N.I.S.

Bronawyn has two daughters by Caldorian: Cassopia and DonaRae.

Bronawyn was cast out of Silissian because of a bloody coup staged by Gabriella Sarn Ariok over the Kingdom's harboring of the followers of Kali. Bronawyn's parents and immediate family aside from her brother Nevarr were all slain.

Later when Nevarr returned to reclaim the Shadowstalker birthright from Gabriella through an arranged marriage, Bronawyn regained her royal titles and rights to the lands in Drakmourn.

Through her contacts in the Felspar family Bronawyn happened to meet Gwensullan Techstar, the matriarch of the powerful 2nd generation Kriar house of Techstar. The Kriar lady technologist was looking to purchase lands on habitable worlds and it so happened that Bronawyn was willing to sell the (to her) worthless chunk of desert on the western border of Drakmourn, several hundred square leagues of barren rock and sand that were uninhabitable (for humans). Bronawyn sold the land to Gwensullan against the urgings of many in the Felspar clan (especially Cassandra-- the reasons for Cassandra's desire to block her adopted great-grandmother's land deal are murky). Bronawyn received a payment of several million Kriar comtimes for the land parcel, a currency valid only on the Kriar home world. Bronawyn had known that the comtimes could purchase Kriar 'magicks' far beyond the meager means of anything that could be bought with gold. With Dame Techstar's assistance, she ventured to the Kriar home world searching through catalogs to find something appropriate to purchase with her money. Many of the first things she chose the Kriar simply would not sell to a "primitive". After a long negotiation period, and purchases of several trivial items, Bronawyn came upon the idea of purchasing a Kriar cybermed. The Silissian princess had seen the miraculous healing abilities of cybermeds because she had seen the one Clan Felspar consulted from time to time for healing critical injuries and ailments. When she made the request to purchase a cybermed, surprisingly the approval was granted for the sum of two million comtimes. The reasons the Kriar allowed the sale of Mercedes' contract are unclear, but it is surmised that Mercedes herself through the network of cybers on home world arranged her own 'vacation'.

Mercedes lived as a member of the Felspar household and acted Bronawyn's assistant and later the caregiver for Bronawyn's two babies. It is believed that Bronawyn's relationship to the clan was one of the other ulterior motives that Mercedes had when she arranged the approval for the contract. The Kriar, and the cyber hierarchy were intensely interested in the science of magic and this was a golden opportunity to study a whole household full of mages in their "natural environment".

Not long after Mercedes became a part of their family, Bronawyn came up with a money-making scheme utilizing the cyber's incredible healing ability. She would locate rich families that had members with incurable ailments, and for a price restore them to health.

While it was a good idea, the basically good-hearted and very "human" cyber would have nothing to do with this "selling life to the highest bidder" mercenary plot. Try as she might, Bronawyn could do nothing to persuade the cyber to cooperate. She was ready to give up the cyber as a wasted investment and try "to get her money back" when her far more diplomatic husband, Caldorian stepped in. He suggested a compromise, run a clinic that offered healing at whatever the patients could afford, if free, so-be-it, but whatever could be reasonably born by the patients and their family... They had to charge something as he later explained to Mercedes, in order to pay for the facilities and such to support the endeavor. With careful persuasion they were finally able to convince the cybermed to agree, and the Shadowstalker Miracle Clinic was born. Bronawyn was careful to limit the knowledge of this institution and help enough less fortunate people to satisfy Mercedes' sense of equity, while raking in huge sums of cash from rich families desperate to cure the incurable. This enterprise was as can be imagined, wildly successful. Mercedes was only one individual though and there was a limit to what she could do. Bronawyn then branched out into pharmaceuticals, the cyber's knowledge of advanced medicines made her capable of devising vaccines and inoculations of incredible worth. Again, to satisfy Mercedes she had to temper the sales providing the product to the poor as well as the rich. The enterprise continued, with Bronawyn organizing better and more efficient ways to utilize Mercedes skills while still satisfying the temperamental cyber's saintly sense of equity.

As Bronawyn's financial resources blossomed, she hatched another scheme. The Kriar wanted to purchase land in the idyllic core-worlds of the Ring Realms, however, Elsbeth Crowninshield was utilizing her vast resources as an elder elite, to block, intimidate sellers, and buy up land to prevent any Kriar homesteads from being created. Remembering her initial extremely profitable deal with house Techstar, Bronawyn saw another way to make money. She began buying land in the different locations where the Kriar were showing interest and secretly brokering it to agencies on Homeworld. This simple enterprise far outstripped the extraordinary profits that she had been bringing in with Mercedes. However, it was not long before Elsbeth learned that her embargo had been undermined and the Crimson Mage turned her wrath on the Princess. Only by fact of her being Loric's daughter-in-law did Bronawyn escape severe punishment at the hands of the elder elite. It was while hiding behind Loric and Cassandra that Bronawyn decided that if she was going to make enemies like Elsbeth, that she needed serious protection. She put word out on homeworld that she would pay handsomely for a Kriar bodyguard.

Bronawyn was teased by the Felspar family that there was no way that some ancient Kriar warrior would "babysit" a human for any amount of pay.

They were wrong. Not only did Bronawyn get an applicant, the one who answered the call was none other than retired Tarkath Eclipse Shargris, one of the most renowned warriors on homeworld. This development stunned the family elders. It was a conundrum as to whether they should allow Eclipse to be in or around the household. It wasn't until Bronawyn threatened to move out that they finally agreed to allow it as long as Eclipse promised 'good behavior'. This Eclipse did do but the ancient Kriar's assurances did little to calm misgivings. Loric knew if this impossibly old creature decided to cause trouble there was virtually nothing he or anyone else in the citadel could do.

Eclipse became the next Kriar member of Bronawyn's household within a household. Loric's unease proved unwarranted, the Tarkath turned out to be a model house-guest causing decidedly less trouble than the mistress he hired on to guard. In fact, he helped Cassandra out with several thorny problems which helped ease tensions. It was shortly thereafter Eclipse's acceptance that family members discovered Desiray's involvement with the rogue Kriar Quasar, who by coincidence was Eclipse's mate. Which involvement came first remains in question, but it soon became clear that the Felspar clan had some ancient Kriar mercenaries now vacationing in their midst.

It was shortly after these events that the elder elite Aleesha Cloudwalker, who had recently come back on the scene due to the efforts of Cassandra and Dorian, got wind of Bronawyn's recent hi-jinx. For whatever reason, the elder elite took exception to the Silissian woman and decided to make an end of her. Only the intervention of Eclipse prevented Bronawyn from meeting an untimely "conversion" to the light.

The rivalry between Aleesha and Bronawyn continues. The elder elite is waiting for Eclipse to get tired of protecting Bronawyn, and then she shall finally have her way...

For those time conscious individuals, the aforementioned details concerning Eclipse come after the events in both Savant's Blood and in Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time. They have already taken place by the time of the events in Reality's Plaything.

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Shadowstalker, Nevarr Younger brother of Bronawyn Shadowstalker, and only surviving male member of the Shadowstalker royal family. Nevarr, returned to Silissia to validate the Ariok coup. He married the Sabella Ariok as a gesture to bind the Shadowstalker and Ariok families, and restore the Shadowstalker stewardship of the Kingdom of Drakmourn.
See Also:  Crowninshield-Ariok-Farwalker, Sabella, Shadowstalker, Bronawyn, Silissia
Shadowstalker, Ranfast Renowned guildmaster thief and shape changer. Ranfast is a student of the teachings of Berek Tristar considered by most as the defining authority on the science of self-transmutation. Berek is attributed with the ability to divide himself into separate functional pieces, and able to become even inanimate objects and mechanisms. Ranfast is one of the original wearers of the dimensional shadow-cloak and gained membership into the Master's guild. Ranfast retired after many cycles of adventuring to pursue his shape-changing studies. He opened an "antiquities" shop in Ivaneth to continue funding his research and his rather expensive lifestyle.

It is rumored (but unsubstantiated) that Ranfast is related to the Silissian family of the same name who were ousted from eastern Silissia. It is believed that he is the nephew of the now dead King Xenos Shadowstalker. If so, he would be cousins with the still living heirs Bronawyn and Nevarr Shadowstalker.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, guild, guildmaster, Ivaneth, Shadowstalker, Bronawyn, Shadowstalker, Nevarr, Shadowstalker, Xenos (King), Silissia, silissian

Shadowstalker, Xenos (King) Xenos was the hard and harsh ruler of the eastern Silissian kingdom of Drakmourn. Xenos was the eighth Shadowstalker heir in direct descendance. His death in 1085 N.I.S. ended a family rule that had lasted close to a millennia.

Xenos was noted for the brutal strength of his assigns, especially in regards to his war machine, run by general Zhendar Skyedoom, one of the most powerful war-mages known in Silissia, and perhaps all of Sharikaar. However, it was the kingdom's association with the cult of Kali that brought about it's downfall.

The followers of Kali had centuries before been stamped out by the armies of Queen Drakka'Tah Sarn Ariok, better known as the Dragon Queen. When Kali cult sought a new foothold in Silissia under the Stewardship of the Shadowstalker royal family, Xenos brought the baleful eye of the Ariok family on him. Gabriella Sarn Ariok issued warnings that if he continued to harbor the Kali thugs that the Kingdom would suffer. King Xenos, having heard rumor that Gabriella and her entire family had been subjugated by members of the Band of the Crescent Moon passed off her warnings as threats coming from a paper tiger.

Xenos was wrong. Instead of being weaker or restrained, the Dragon-queen was even more fearsome than before. Backed by her daughters and a small band of picked adventurers, Gabriella methodically destroyed the Kingdom in a violent purging that claimed the lives of all but two members of the royal family and most of its significant servants including general Zhentar Skyedoom who challenged Gabriella to a magic duel in an effort to end the attack. Despite the general's renowned magick skills he was brushed aside by the great elder's legendary power.

Xenos was survived by his daughter Bronawyn, and his son Nevarr. In a bid to continue the Shadowstalker lineage, Nevarr agreed to marry Gabriella's daughter Sabella and bind their families together and assure the followers of Kali never gain entrance into Silissia or any other part of Titaan.
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shae'a'tae Silissian. It means literally 'known but not', which is idiomatic for something secret. Corim Vale translates this correctly when he reads the title "Shae'a'tae da mada Mirafleg" from a book interpreting the Silissian as "Secrets of Mirafleg's Rose" a common arcane work studied by students of magic.
See Also:  mada, Mirafleg's Rose, magic, silissian, Vale, Corim Erik
Shael Dal Members of the universal protectorate serving as the avatars (surrogates) of the eternals. See eternals.
See Also:  eternals, Eternity, metapathy, time guardians
shakiran war wand A sword smithed on the continent of Sharikaar. "War wand" is the dubbed name of a sword forged in the mines of the dwarven colony at Blackstar.
See Also:  Blackstar, dwarven, Moonshaes, Sharikaar
shal counsel Engineer grade rank in the Kriar military equal to an Admiral. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
Shal Counsel Maerdon Kriar military officer in charge of the Primaggar waypoint. The remains of the Shal Counsel are found aboard an abandoned Baronian warship by Garn and Sroth.
See Also:  Baronian, Ellon, Garn, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks, Mephista, Sroth, Primaggar, shal counsel
shal prime Engineer grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a fleet admiral. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
shal'kar Engineer grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a lieutenant commander. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
Shal'kar Techstar (Ivral) See Techstar, Ivral.
shal'kath Engineer grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a captain. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
shal'kiran Engineer grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a commander. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
shaladen A weapon made of the spirit metal shael dal. The most notable Shaladens are those wielded by the ki'succorund surrogates of the eternals. See eternals.

The shaladens of the eternals are a physical manifestation of that particular eternal's spirit that has been combined into alloy of ishtite, adamantine, and krill. The resulting material is for most practical purposes indestructible. See krill.

All of the shaladens have a 'vorpul' quality edge. When a user is "bound" to any of the blades the following abilities are conferred to the wielder:

  • Physical enhancement: All wielders are endowed with varying degrees of enhanced strength and resistance to physical injury. The smallest such enhancement (provided by the shaladen Cataract) confers strength sufficient to lift 30 stone overhead without straining. The body is toughened to the point that the user's bare skin is as resistant to injury as if they were wearing chain mail.

    Most of the blades confer a limited form of "environment adaptation" that allows operation in hostile environments including airless space for short periods of time.

  • Unlimited telepathy: this ability allows mental communication across any normal-space distance, and in many cases across trans-dimensional distances as well. This communication can take place regardless of whether the target creature has any telepathic ability.
  • Cross-culture idiomatic language translation: The shaladen confers the ability to synchronize with a particular creature to speak and understand in their mother tongue. The spoken language is as non-biased and idiomatically correct as is possible when translating the wielder's thoughts to words in the target language.
  • Point-to-point summoning: A wielder can "summon" another wielder via plane-shifting provided the other wielder is willing and not resisting the transfer. The "summonee" must be conscious and able to grant permission for the summoning to work. The "call" of the blades is very powerful and can occur across dimensional barriers and through all but a few kinds of magical and technological defenses.
  • Temporal autonomy: After binding with an eternal shaladen, the wielder is thereafter completely immune to the effects of time. They do not age, and chronological shifts and attacks are ineffective. The shaladen acts as an anomaly compensator allowing the wielder to function in back-time without causing downstream event disruption. The shaladen's most unique power is its ability to confer pan-temporal uniqueness. The wielder cannot meet his "alternate" in parallel time-lines.
  • Undetectability: As a function of its anomaly compensation, under normal circumstances the wielder of the shaladen is completely undetectable. The user's presence is not registered by electronic or magical devices. In the events of Anvil of Sorrow, Corim's team frustrated the authorities because even their photographs could not be taken. There have been some agencies which developed items specifically for the detection and tracking of the Shael Dal, but in most of the cases the eternals soon confiscated the devices.

ADDENDUM: In the later Shaladen Chronicles books (Anvil of Sorrow) Corim Vale introduces the ability to change the shape of the shaladens. He teaches this ability to the other Shael Dal and this becomes an important extension of the powers used by the Protectorate forces. In the Gaea's Legacy arc, the parameters and capabilities of shaping shaladens in battle is further expanded and defined by Bannor Starfist, who, aside from the eternals themselves, is one of the most adept users of the shaladen.
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Shamada The heavy set (described as porcine) mage who works in Meridian Arcturan's employ. Shamada along with all the other mages who helped Meridian are slain in a blast from a bomb thrown by Rakaar. Actually, Vulg and Shamada die before the rest because Talorin Falor cuts their heads off with the shaladen blade Nova.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, Baronian, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, mage, Melakanir, magic, Nova, Olimbril, Steelsheen, Rakaar, shaladen, Vulg, Xersis
shapeshifting Literally, the altering of a creatures physical form. In the case of more sophisticated magic, this can also mean assuming special abilities, and in the most extreme cases taking on a new aura, memories and even personality.
See Also:  magic
Shargris, Eclipse Tarkath of the Kriar Shrike Legion Elite, twelve time decorated hero of the Jyril conflicts, and various war causes. Eclipse was a career military warrior with extreme patriotic dedication to his people. He and his close companion Quasar Diliaysus were two of the best warriors the Kriar corps ever saw. On many occasions these two resilient warriors were the last Kriar standing in several unfortunate encounters.
See Also:  Diliaysus, Quasar Lathaan (Tarkath), Jyril, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks, quasar, tarkath
Sharikaar The largest continental landmass on Titaan. The major continents of Titaan in order of size are are Sharikaar, Fraestar, Canth, Pedon, and Silissia.
See Also:  Fraestar, Moonshaes, Pedon, sharikaarian, Silissia, Titaan
sharikaarian Referring to ones origin from the continent of Sharikaar. See Sharikaar.
See Also:  Moonshaes, Sharikaar
sharonsheen The shaladen focus for Protectorate Prime Commander Koass Vinax. Koass' wife Megan wields the reality altering powers of Sharonsheen.
See Also:  eternals, Eternity, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, Olimbril, shaladen, time guardians, Vinax, Koass, Vinax, Megan, Xersis
Sheento, Daena An orphaned teenage savant whom Bannor meets in order for her to bind with her beta half, the Aesir pantheon lord Hella. Daena is a Da'Jhamack Nola, a savant of attractions. Daena joins with Hella, and the two merge into what is thought to be a reincarnation of a First. Daena's natural abilities equal and in some cases surpass that of a pantheon lord. She has virtually limitless astral strength, and amazing powers of recovery. Daena's biggest limitation is her age and inexperience. Having the powers of a goddess and knowing how to use them are different things. Though she is learning quickly, it will be some time before she ever realizes a significant portion of her full potential.

Daena now lives as the protege of Princess Janai T'Evagduran of Malan, who is educating and gentrifying the young girl turned First. The youngster has already learned to alter her shape at will, and can now transport herself across vast distances through psionic teleportation. The Malanian princess' real intentions for Daena are an ongoing issue for concern.
See Also:  Aesir, ascendant, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), da'jhamack nola, Da'Jhamack Nola, goddess, Hella, Loki, Malan, malanian, nola, psionic, Starfist, Bannor, savant, T'Evagduran, Janai (2nd Princess), teleportation

shields (generic) For a force-field (c.f.) protecting an area.
See Also:  force-field
shikata G'yaki dialect, similar to dou, the shikatas are the actual written laws / directives or implementing instructions of dou.
See Also:  dou, G'yaki
shimack Elvish slang word. Its rough translation is 'good'.
See Also:  elvish
shimmerleaf A white barked slender tree that grows at high altitude. The tree's name comes from the two-colored leaf that is attached to branches on a very thin stem that allows the leaves to turn freely even in a faint breeze causing a flashing of differing hues of green. Groves of this tree are characterized by the rustling sounds of the leaves. On earth, these trees might be mistaken for aspen trees.
shimmerpetal A small fragile flower whose delicate reflective petals are disturbed by the faintest of breezes, causing them to "shimmer" in low light conditions (usually morning or evening).
ship-time (same as subjective time) as applies to time specific to a vessel traveling in and out of speeds faster than light.
shishou G'yaki dialect, martial arts master or skilled practitioner.
See Also:  G'yaki
shopper 'Shopper' is a slang term used by members of the Traveler's Guild, it refers to a traveler specialed in short range jumps. These jumps are sometimes called 'flash steps'. Another form of skip-space specialist are 'flickers'. The main difference is that the flicker specialty relies on line of sight to the target to transport to it. The more powerful and generalized shoppers can transport based on distance and angle.
See Also:  guild, traveler's guild

shriekwing Small nocturnal winged rodents that typically pray on insects. The creatures navigate in the dark by means of sound, and are characterized by the high pitched ululations they give out while hunting.
shuriken A flat multi-bladed throwing weapon sometimes referred to as a throwing star. They are an exotic weapon favored by the G'yaki.
See Also:  G'yaki
Shuzuka Hana Once Shuzuka Sagiwara, the daughter of the head Jissentenki of the Hoshin clan who defied her father for the love of Enjiro Hana. Shuzuka naively is completely unaware of her fathers capacity for treachery and his willingness to create havoc. The result devastates the Hana family.
See Also:  Hoshin, jissentenki
Siderous Chronous Siderous Chronous is a physical interpretation (dimension) that occupies the foundation of temporal reality. If the time is thought of a river, Siderous Chronous is the bed and banks through which time flows. In Siderous Chronous, space and time are the same thing. Time is represented as distance.
See Also:  temporal
Sidrus Member world of the Demos Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Demos, worlds of the prime ring
siege-craft The art of surrounding and attacking a fortified place in such a way as to isolate it from help and supplies, for the purpose of lessening the resistance of the defenders and thereby making capture possible.
sigils Magical writing or symbology, that can either be carved into a surface or merely symbol-shaped objects. The idea of sigil is essentially any arcane symbology or representative object. Sigils need not be physical, they can be drawn in the air in the process of casting certain powerful spells. The term sigil is similar to rune, except runes tend to be carved in stone or wood. In Child of Ascendants, Dray Cartha had shaladen like triangular artifacts embedded in her body that were simply called sigils. These immensely powerful artifacts gave her numerous physical and mental abilities.
See Also:  Books Of The Ring Realms, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, Melakanir, magic, Olimbril, stone, shaladen, Xersis
sil'matra Translated literally this term means 'bright mother' or 'star mother'. It is typically used as a respectful form of address for a woman who is older or of higher station. In the novel Gaea's Legacy, Cassandra uses this form when speaking to Queen Kalindinai (rather than her given title "Matradomma"). Ordinarily, this would be considered disrespectful, but in that particular situation the Queen wanted a favor from Cassandra that she couldn't get elsewhere. By using the lesser title, Cassandra was testing to see how badly Kalindinai wanted the particular favor. If Kalindinai let it pass without comment, it showed that it was important enough she wouldn't risk rebuffing Cassandra's deliberate misuse of title.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Gaea, Matradomma, titles/honorifics, T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen)
Sil'vaya The elven name of Desiray Illkaren Felspar.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, elven, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren
Silcan-Prime Member world of the Sirus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
Silcanna A huge forest in the southwest of Malan. Home to many elvish colonies. Elves from this forest are, strangely enough, called the 'Silcanna Elves'. It is perhaps just a coincidence that this name is shared with the elder race of 'silver elves' also called the 'Silcanna'. Any similarity is intentional and unnecessarily confusing which is why I should change it but don't.
See Also:  elder, elves, elvish, Malan
silcomhad jihira Elvish. It translates to 'star kisser'. The phrase is to indicate Elves who make the mistake of falling in love with short lived human-kind.
See Also:  elves, elvish
Silissia Large island continent in the southern hemi-sphere of Titaan. Silissia is renowned for the evil creatures which have bred and grown in its territories. Most notable are the enclaves of evil dragons that have extensive cavern networks on the borders of the Silissian desert.
See Also:  silissian, Titaan
silissian Someone from Silissia. see Silissia.
See Also:  Silissia
Silkere, Ceraph Miratha Ceraph is a gray-elf lady from one of the lesser noble houses of Malan. It is rumored that she might have blood ties to Queen Kalindinai of Malan, but there has been no substantiation to support this. Ceraph is battle trained warrior and mage. She is considered seventh circle master of the Can Danee style of two-handed sword fighting. She has significant magical training, and is expert on the identification and operation of magical items. Typically elves are very tight lipped about their actual age and Ceraph is no exception. It is guessed she is around 600 cycles old.

This Elf lady is the mother of two daughters. One of whom was married to Tal Falor. During one of the rare East Realm incursions, the homestead where the Silkere family lived was over-run and destroyed. Ceraph's husband and both daughters were lost. Ceraph herself killed many in the battle but was eventually overcome and captured. Her treatment while kept captive by the East Realm regulars was anything but gentle. Talorin Falor eventually tracked and freed her. Feeling responsible for what happened, Tal cared for Ceraph during her long recovery. Needing some purpose and focus to help her deal with the loss of her family, Ceraph began taking part in the operations of Tal's training academies, performing as an administrator and talent scout.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, combat prowess, danee, Elf, elves, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Malan, mage, magic, T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen)

silkstrand Alchemically produced lightweight robe created from webbing of giant spiders and discarded cocoons of Gargantua moths. Plant fibers are woven around the extraordinarily strong core to give more mass and gripping bulk.
silrada Elvish. From the phrase silrada jihira, literally star-shy-kiss. Poetically, one who is shy of kissing the star.
See Also:  elvish, jihira
Silvanshire Town in southeastern Malan. This is the village where Irodee rejoins the group and Bannor is given the ultimatum by Hecate.
See Also:  De'Falcone, Irodee, Hecate, Malan, Starfist, Bannor
Silvarron, Daedalus Young traveler mage native to the world of Istavarron. He grows up in district of Duroging in the Ring Realms capital city called Malhama. Dae is rare type savant that combines the tao-abilities of the Chakta Nola (space), and the Istar Nola (magic).

Able to use magic shortly after he could walk, his natural gifts are all that keep him alive in mean streets of the capital world. Daedalus is the most intuitively powerful mage in the realms, able to perform 4th tier epic level magic. His repertoir of magic is tiny because of his being little more than a hobo in terms of resources, and his young age (only 20 cycles).

In the Ethermancer cycle, Dae offers traveler services (escape services really) to some rogue Silcanna elves who are using time diving in some nefarious activity, this winds them (and Daedalus) in a Protectorate sting operation. Dae escapes but winds up stranding himself in need of rescue. Dulcere Solaris retrieves him and after discovering his history of homelessness and abuse, decides to sponsor him for conscription in the Protectorate. During an examination of his wounds prior to his indoctrination, it is discovered that he has advanced metal poisoning.

With there being no magical or normal medical cure for his condition, Dulcere takes him to one of the Solaris family physicians. Araceli Delarn cures Daedalus' illness but not before doing some radical experiments that alter his affinity for magic and angering Vulcindra Skybane.

Daedalus is the grand-son of Elsbeth Crowninshield. His mother is Arahn Crowninshield, his father is Krin Farwalker, the great grandson of Vulcindra Skybane. It is speculated that it is the heredity of the great Chakta Nola in the line of Skybanes, and the Istar Nola in the line of Crowninshields that made him the vessel for the tao heredity of Daedalon Estarous Farstrider.
See Also:  ascendant, Crowninshield, Elsbeth, Crowninshield-Farwalker, Arahn, Delarn, Araceli, elves, eternals, Eternity, Farstrider, Daedalon Estarous, Farwalker, Krin, istar, Istavarron, Malhama (City Of), mage, metapathy, magic, nola, Ring Realms, Skybane, Vulcindra, Starbinder, Dulcere Val'Saedra, savant, Silcanna, tao, time guardians

Silvertree Inn Inn located in the West Hill district of Hokar city in middle South of the former Hold of the Sea Princes. The Yggdrasil clan stays at the inn during the course of their insurrection against the Sea Princes.
See Also:  Hokar, Yggdrasil
simulcra A creation that is a copy or simulation of another creature. The quality of simulcra are such that they are usually fairly easy to tell from the original. In some forms of magic, they can be indistinguishable from the host creature however.
See Also:  magic, simulcrum
simulcraic Of or pertaining to simulcra i.e. pertaining the duplication and copying of creatures and objects. Simulcraic derivatives are mathematical formulas which scan fractal space for mathematical expressions of which resolve to discrete patterns. While this might seem like a fictional concept its basis comes from existing technology. Such algorithms exist and it only is the lack of computers powerful enough that prevent wider utilization of this technique for data compression.
See Also:  data, simulcra
simulcrum A creation or copy of a living thing. See simulcra.
See Also:  simulcra
Sireth Wren Kergathas first patron before Desiray Illkaren-Felspar.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
Siriena One of Desiray Illkaren-Felspar's daughters that Wren's brother Azir dabbles with.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Kergatha, Azir, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
Sjelnistenmir Hall of the Towering Tree, the citadel (fortress) of Idun Yggdrasil, her retinue, and military forces. The five tower citadel is host to some three to four thousand soldiers, and has aeries of griffins, dragons, and pegasai. Idun is served by sixty-three Chosen valkur maidens who are nominally lead by her advocate, Millicent Njordhelm.
See Also:  Njordhelm, Millicent, pegasai, Sassa, Valkur, valkur, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun
skalding The original skalding was simply a recital of inspirational heroic poetry practiced by the Aesir and Vanir in order to bolster morale and encourage camaraderie. Skalding can, in general, be referred to as organized story-telling for entertainment purposes.
See Also:  Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin)
skalds While skalding is story-telling, the skalds were both purveyors of story but also keepers of history. While the literary tradition of written records is widespread, there are still considerable concentrations of people who have no access to the education needed to learn to read and write. In those areas, the oral tradition is still strong, and in those places skalds ply their trade entertaining and keeping the people in touch with their roots.
See Also:  skalding
skellar A large winged creature similar to a Wyvern in appearance with two powerful forelegs ending in magically sharp claws easily able to sever limbs. Skellar are pack-creatures with a strict hierarchy. They are extremely intelligent, have their own rudimentary language, and hunt in groups. Their flying ability is phenomenal both in the maneuverability of their snake-like bodies and the speed at which they can achieve both in level flight an in a dive.

These creatures are particularly unique for their ability to ingest and metabolize magical and non-magical metals. The metals they consume are actually integrated into the bone structures of their bodies. As a result they are extraordinarily hardy creatures. Few are the warriors that relish doing combat with them.

Because of their intelligence and obstinate nature Skellar can not be domesticated. However, on occasion individuals will respect an person enough to serve as a mount. Talorin Falor of the Band of the Crescent Moon keeps an entire squadron of these creatures in his lands on the continent of Canth. He has on occasion ridden one of the members of that group.

Skellar are not natural creatures, but breed-able creations engineered by the Dream Merchants. The elite members of the Dream Merchant hierarchy use magically dominated Skellar for guards and mounts. It is rumored that Skellar are actually a creation of the Kriar grand-loremage named Theln.
See Also:  Azygos, Theln, Band Of The Crescent Moon, combat prowess, Dream Merchants, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, hybrid (golem), jyril/kriar war, kriar, loremage, wyvern

skharvarren A particularly vicious form of soul magic.
See Also:  magic, soulbiter
Skurgg Member world of the Demos Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Demos, worlds of the prime ring
Skybane, Vulcindra One of the oldest and most powerful of all living savants. She is a savant of space, able to sense, create, and control paths through sub-etheral space. Vulcindra is the ancient patron of the G'yaki martial art, and an mage of incomparable knowledge and skill. One of the last remaining members of the Dreel race, she possesses more than a fair number of the physical gifts of the firsts. She is guessed to be close to a hundred millennia old and is conqueror of the known planets of the first alliance. Her name 'skybane' is an appellation given for her tactic of opening portals into the coronas of nearby stars from high vantage points creating a destructive rain of plasma on resisting populaces. She is, without doubt, among the most dangerous elders alive in Eternity.
See Also:  blightscythe, Charon, dreel, Eternity, etheral, First Alliance, G'yaki, mage, magic, plasma, savant
Skyedoom, Caladar Recognized as the only patriarchal figure in the Frielos family. Longtime paramour of Aarlen Frielos. For more than ten millennia, Caladar served as one of the family heads, organizing affairs and running battle campaigns.

Around 1088 N.I.S. Aarlen Frielos was taken prisoner by the Eternals and subsequently punished. The powerful matriarch lost much of her will to live. Through a course of events several seasons long, she took up with Beia Targallae. In the following summers, Aarlen grew closer to Beia and more apart from her dark associations (and Caladar). She eventually married Beia in 1092.

In 1112 N.I.S, Caladar tried and failed to assassinate Beia, and was subsequently ostracized from the Frielos family.

Caladar had two brothers, Marduk Skyedoom, and Zhentar Skyedoom. Zhentar is the father of Ziedra Skyedoom, a good friend of Wren Kergatha.
See Also:  ascendant, Band Of The Crescent Moon, eternals, Frielos, Aarlen, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Skyedoom, Zhentar (General), Skyedoom, Ziedra, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen)

Skyedoom, Zhentar (General) Zhentar Skyedoom was a renowned warmage who served under King Shadowstalker defending the kingdom of Drakmourn. Zhentar lost his life in a magical duel with Gabriella Sarn Ariok, who at the time was staging a coup over the Shadowstalker family. Zhentar was married to a Cloudwalker maiden named Beldwin, also a formidable warrior and magic user, who also lost her life in the bloody takeover. Zhentar and Beldwin had two children, Ziedra and Tarl. Prior to the attack which took their lives, Ziedra and Tarl were placed on separate ships and secreted away to Sharikaar. Tarl returned Drakmourn several seasons later to get revenge for the loss of his parents. His whereabouts are unknown. It is surmised that he lost his life attempting to fight Gabriella, though this is unsubstantiated. Ziedra made a life in the Sharikaarian city of Corwin, and prospers to this day.
See Also:  Ariok, Gabriella Sarn, Corwin, magic, Moonshaes, Skyedoom, Ziedra, Shadowstalker, Xenos (King), Sharikaar, sharikaarian, warmage
Skyedoom, Ziedra Ziedra Skyedoom is an ex-patriot noblewoman of the eastern Silissian kingdom of Drakmourn. Daughter of General Zhentar Skyedoom, and Beldwin Skyedoom. At a young age, Ziedra was sent away from her home to seek refuge in the Sharikaarian city of Corwin. There Ziedra joined up with a band of gypsies for shelter and refuge. She later met and befriended Wren Kergatha another orphaned young girl. Wren joined the Brethren guild and with her guild earnings supported herself and Ziedra for many seasons. In the interim Ziedra began learning to dance, and over a span of seasons grew famous and prosperous on her own. She took up with royalty and she and Wren gradually grew apart. Ziedra's prosperity was not to last, she dallied with the wrong man and was forced to escape Corwin with city guard on her heels. Again destitute, the young woman wandered from kingdom to kingdom doing odd jobs and staying ahead of the princess' agents. She finally ended up in the port city of Ivaneth where she again met up with an older wiser Wren Kergatha who again took her under her wing.

It shortly after this reunion that Ziedra's destiny was to truly crystallize. Through Wren's recent acquaintances she met Bronawyn Shadowstalker, one of the only surviving family members of the uprising that killed her father. She also discovered her father's relationship to family Frielos, discovering she was actually the niece of Caladar Skyedoom the paramour of Aarlen Frielos. The revelations were not to end there. Wren Kergatha also discovered that Ziedra was a savant, an Ishtar Nola, a savant of magic.

Through circumstances, Ziedra was forced to develop skills quickly simply to survive the events that her relationship with Wren got her involved in. Ziedra learned sword fighting and ended up as an magical apprentice of Aarlen Frielos.

As an Ishtar Nola, Ziedra is a natural mage, able to learn spells simply by touching the caster during the incantation. She has an eidetic memory that allows her to memorize movements and vocal sounds with the briefest exposure. Her ability to couple memorization and the coordination of her body makes Ziedra an incredible student of any coordination reliant skill. This ability is sophisticated enough that she can build skills virtually as fast as she is exposed to the nuances. The Ishtar Nola also allows the reading of magical auras. Ziedra can read not only the properties of magic, but can discern details about the caster who created the enchantments. As a living avatar of magic Ziedra is extremely resistant to harmful magicks, and totally impervious to all forms of magical charms, paralyzation, control and domination. She can manipulate magical energies much the same way the Kel'Varan Nola manipulates forces. This control combined with her personification of magic allows Ziedra to use a magic item that would otherwise work only for a specific person. The exact limits of this last skill are unknown, but it is believed that her nature as 'magick's mistress' causes all magical items to see her as their 'true creator'. The pantheon lord Isis possesses a similar capability and some surmise she is the tao-beta to the Ishtar Nola.
See Also:  ascendant, avatar, combat prowess, Corwin, Frielos, Aarlen, Grancovin, {Baron}, guild, Ishtar, Isis, Ivaneth, kel'varan nola, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, mage, magic, nola, Skyedoom, Caladar, Skyedoom, Zhentar (General), savant, Shadowstalker, Bronawyn, sharikaarian, silissian, tao

Skyweir Master devote of the martial arts, and legendary hand-to-hand combat expert. Skyweir is a second generation member of the Band of the Crescent moon. This sturdy monk's steel-hard hands have lent support to many a quest. For much of his career he was the companion of, and worked with, the monk Giquokor who was another master of the open-hand. Together, the first to negotiate, and often the first into any combat. Their bravery and honor were well regarded by all the members of the Band.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, combat prowess, Giquokor
Slagtown A dangerous slum in the city of Corwin, depicted in Shadow of the Avatar. The town is described thusly: A disintegrating collection of shanties, ancient warehouses, and tenements that lay south of Guildhall. Pitted and bowed by time, the contorted walls looked like decaying bone fragments. Broken pillars and insect-riddled wood leaned together like kindling for a massive funeral pyre.
See Also:  avatar, Books Of The Ring Realms, Corwin
slepnir The eight-legged steed ridden by Odin.
See Also:  Allfather, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Odin
slip-gate A slip-gate is a less stable tunnel between locations that is not easily detected by magic. Due to the nature of their back-door mechanism the use of slip-gates comes with some risk of catastrophe.
See Also:  magic
slither-belly A long thin reptile that might be confused for a snake on Earth.
slither-shell A slow slimy shelled insect that might be confused for a snail on Earth.
Snowfire Name of the intelligent shape changing weapon utilized by Beia Targallae. Snowfire is far more than just a weapon but a living autonomous being. This became even more prevalent after he was promoted to honorary shaladen status and Zarr Benwarr of the eternals granted him the powers of eternity. When not actively in the shape of a weapon or a piece of jewelry on Beia's person, Snowfire prefers the shape of a small dragon. He is a especially fond of gems. He consumes cheap jewels for energy and hoards precious stones whenever he can.

Though he is Beia's weapon, in many ways Snowfire thinks of her as a possession. This was probably intentional on Aarlen's part when she made the weapon, as he jealously guards Beia from any who would do her harm. Snowfire is strongly masculine, a fact which at times rubs Beia the wrong way.

As a shaladen imbued with a portion of Stellaraac's (and hence eternal Foross' power), Snowfire is a master of shape altering powers, both in his own form and Beia's. Additionally, he can control other materials and creatures as well by absorbing them. Doing forced shape absorption of unwilling intelligent creatures is a frowned upon practice however...
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, dragon, energy, eternals, Eternity, Frielos, Aarlen, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Kerall, Foross, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, Stellaraac, shaladen, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), Xersis

software A conglomeration of computer understandable instructions which control its functions.
Sojourn, Sornai Kriar mistress of psionic powers and physical adept. A devote of Kriar combat science with over six million cycles of dedication to developing the mind and body. Sornai served in the renowned 1st Shrike Legion as a military combat instructor and trained such personages as Eclipse Shargris and Quasar Diliaysus. More recently she has served as a personal trainer for dignitaries including the Kriar matriarch, Marna Solaris. To the populous, Sornai is known as a roustabout and instigator of conflicts. The reputation is largely the product of Daergonian efforts to punish her ongoing support of the Vatraena and her refusal to train Daergonian loyalists. She was eventually forced to retire dishonorably when a Daergon superior pushed rank a step too far. She has since served with Vatraena loyalist shadow companies when the mission was sufficiently justified. Sornai took part in two significant raids against the Baronian held Karanganoi homeworld and was a large contributor to both mission's success. Sornai's abilities make her a nightmarish opponent. She is able to move with blinding speed and strike with a power sufficient to disintegrate buildings and liquefy metal. Her ability to control energy and toughen parts of her body makes her invulnerable to all but the most severe attacks.
See Also:  Baronian, combat prowess, daergons, Diliaysus, Quasar Lathaan (Tarkath), energy, Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, karanganoi, Karanganoi Homeworld, kriar, psionic, quasar, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), Surr, Daergon, Shargris, Eclipse, vatraena
Sol The Greek name for our own sun.
solar-cycle One circuit of a planet around a star. (A year)
solarians Followers of Marna Solaris. see Solaris, Marna.
See Also:  ascendant, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena)
Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena) Marna Solaris is the spiritual mother of the Kriar race, and the oldest living Kriar in existence. While the persona of the Vatraena dates back to before the launching of Homeworld, she is only in spirit that same person. Untold millions of cycles old, the Prime Mother of the Kriar has been through renewal thousands of times. While she is (in spirit) the eldest Kriar, she is, in many ways, the youngest because she has forgotten so much of her past in antiquity.

Marna is the undisputed mistress of the Kriar warp science, and the most skilled time diver on Fabrista home world. She is rivaled only by military commander Tarkath Quasar Diliaysus, who uses extensive matrix enhancements to increase her powers. In addition to her time diving capabilities, Marna is able to perform n-space folding by pure force of will. This talent is the ability to cause the atomic and sub-atomic structure of matter to twist upon itself and occupy higher order dimensions. This process can be likened to taking a two dimensional object and folding it so it occupies three dimensions. Marna can take three dimensional matter and "fold" it so that it occupies four and even higher order spaces.

After the adoption of Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri by house Techstar, it became a fashion among the Kriar nobility to start interacting with the humanity and skilled mages in particular. The ability of magic to overcome something Kriar science could not opened many eyes, and sparked intense interest in learning the secrets of magic. Also, humans being young and impressionable, made them excellent proteges. The Kriar being empaths, derive a great deal of satisfaction being around creatures who still experience excitement and passion. They can feel "vicariously" through their empathy, emotions and sensations that they themselves have become numb to due to hundreds of millennia of life.

See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Diliaysus, Quasar Lathaan (Tarkath), Fabrista, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks, magic, n-space, quasar, solarians, tarkath, vatraena, warp

Solduskanar Member world of the capital ring. Also called the 'Crown Setting' and more colloquially just 'Dusk', it is the planet of shadows. Bathed in faint light of a brown star, it is home to the most powerful of the vampire clans. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
songen G'yaki dialect, respect.
See Also:  G'yaki
sonkei G'yaki dialect, dignity.
See Also:  G'yaki
sono koshinuke kusojijii G'yaki dialect, Vera yells this in anger. It roughly translates to 'cowardly old geezer'.
See Also:  G'yaki, Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}
sorasouja-heika G'yaki dialect, roughly translates to sky-majesty or majesty above the sky. An honorific for a deity or pantheon lady.
See Also:  deity, G'yaki
Sornai Sojourn See Sojourn, Sornai.
soul-forging This can refer to annealing of the life-force of a spirit, soul, or tao-based creature. Note that there are three different kinds of animating life energy each distinguish sentient entities, but their relative powers and capacities each differ.
See Also:  ascendant, energy, tao
soul-spark Alternate term for life-spark. Also differentiates between soul and spirit life essences.
soul-speak A form of communication available mostly to creatures possessing a tao-essence. Soul-speak has the qualities of telepathy but does not rely on sub-etheral channeling that many creatures cannot perceive or naturally block. Spirits, souls, and taos all share a common root thread that bind them to fabric of the cosmos. The consciousness connection is concept driven, abstract and distinct from a propagating language. When a soul speaker communicates, the concepts in their minds are propagated to the threads of consciousness around them. So even if the words they speak are gibberish to the entities around them, the intent and imagery can be understood. Because the mental manipulation of consciousness is faster than sound, the listener's mind tends to "rewrite" what they hear into their most familiar language. Note, the spirit-speak or soul-speak only works with creatures the speaker is aware of.
See Also:  ascendant, etheral, tao, telepathy
soulbiter Another name for the hard to spell skharvarren. See skharvarren.
See Also:  skharvarren
soulforce A synonym describing the spiritual or taoistic energy of a living creature. Note that there are three different kinds of animating life energy each distinguish sentient entities, but their relative powers and capacities are each very different.

The word "spirit" is used interchangeably to refer to both spirits and souls. This practice is in fact invalid. Souls which are the animating life force of humans have very different characteristics from spirits. While the two are roughly analogous, the properties the two lifesparks imbue in the creature are quite different. Souls burn hot, they can quickly gain in power, but reach a maximum potential. As a result, creatures with souls tend to be shorter lived. Souls have a strong affinity for their host, which is a trait exhibited by the human tenacity to survive despite tremendous physical adversity. The hot burning soul weakens within a century without magical reinforcement or reconstitution. Spirits on the other hand are slow to grow in power, and have a much higher threshold in absolute capacity. Because they burn much more slowly, spirits can easily persist for millennia. The bond between spirit and flesh is much more fragile. The last kind of life-spark to discuss in essence of a tao. Savants, eternals, and other special entities are animated by a tao spark. The tao-spark is immensely more powerful than either spirits or souls. A tao can exist long periods of time without being bound to flesh, purified tao entities can persist nearly indefinitely without a body. A tao is essentially a fully contained entity in ephemeral form. They have essentially infinite capacity for growth, can grow quickly, and can persist for eons.
See Also:  ascendant, energy, eternals, lifesparks, tao

soulname Disambiguation. Soulname is used interchangeably for both the a creature's "true name" and for a forged spirit talisman. True name see soulname(1). Spirit talisman see soulname talisman.
See Also:  soulname talisman, soulname(1)
soulname talisman A soulname talisman (sometimes just referred to as having one's soulname) is physical tangible embodiment of a creature's life-spark. Through a complex and exceedingly excruciating ritual, a creature's life-spark is drawn from the body and interwoven with a magic, shaladite and ishtite. By growing, folding, and imbuing the ephemeral life-spark, the untouchable and invisible energy is forced to increase in density and become a substance called Shael Dal. Through the host body's bonds to the life-spark, changes wrought in the essence affect the body, imbuing it with magic.

The hardening of souls and spirits (essentially turning them into metal) makes their persistence effectively infinite. Impurities in the flesh brought on by soul decay are expunged by the forging. The magic used to protect and reinforce the life-spark during the process also reinforces the mind and body, typically giving them greater strength and mental power. The body bound to the solidified life-spark has a stronger affinity for magic, and the entity has an intuitive relationship with living essence of the universe and the connectedness between living creatures (telepathy).

A large percentage of the elders and great elders of the realms have undergone soul forging to become un-aging. The forging does not give true immortality (being unkillable). Several notable personalities in the books have been soul forged Beia Targallae, Desiray Illkaren-Felspar, Luthice Corresont, Tal Falor, Senalloy Morae Corresont.

A fully indoctrinated member of the Protectorate who has either a shaladen or an honorary shaladen gain abilities similar to having a soul name. The alpha shaladens confer this ability without any forging. Honorary shaladens are bound to the member's life-spark and reinforced in a slightly less extreme ritual. When the honorary shaladen is bound to the eternal's tao force, they gain soulname-like reinforcement.
See Also:  Alpha, ascendant, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Baronian, Corresont, Luthice, Corresont, Senalloy Moirae, energy, eternals, Eternity, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Garadhyr, Golondrax, ishtite, Luthice Corresont, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, magic, Olimbril, soulname, Shael Dal, shaladen, tao, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), telepathy, time guardians, Xersis

soulname(1) A soul name, or true name, is the identity of a creature's life-spark. This "name" or tag is not typically discernible (or even understandable) by common creatures. It typically requires magic or psychic discipline to ascertain the representation or key that serves unlock aspects of the life-spark's potential. The possession of a creature's true name can give a skilled mage immense power over that entity. Lore is filled with mages seeking out the true names of underworld creatures with the intent to summon and control them. Knowing one's own true name is a base requirement for learning the upper tiers of magic. Telepaths find and communicate with each other through true names, though skilled telepaths create soul-aliases that they exchange for communication to avoid revealing their true-names.
See Also:  mage, magic, soulname
soulstone A soulstone is a gem enchanted so that it can contain (and maintain) a life-spark. The maintenance part is significant, as lifesparks stored in such gems can easily persist for dozens of millennia. (Or until the gem is broken)
See Also:  lifesparks
Southrealm Kingdom ruled by Corwin regent Balhadd before it was overrun by Northrealm. In the aftermath of a ten summer war it was absorbed into the Kingdom of Ivaneth.
See Also:  Corwin, Ivaneth, Northrealm
soveriegn The soveriegns are a special sect of the pantheon lord Isis' devotees. These versatile men and women serve both as mages and clerics in their service to the goddess. They are highly regarded and revered even by other clerical sects.
See Also:  goddess, Isis
spectrum The distribution of energy arranged in order of wavelengths.
See Also:  energy
spell-shackled An entity who has been magically restrained with a magic dampening device.
See Also:  magic
spell-sword Spell-swords are blades that have been alloyed with magically conductive materials to assist in spell casting.
spellbows A bow which functions in much the same way a magic staff does for a mage. A spell-bow can store, absorb, and release magical energies. A properly trained wielder can fire spells embedded in arrows giving them farther than normal range and imbuing the spells with properties beyond their normal scope.
See Also:  mage, magic
spicewood A light-colored fragrant wood used in the construction of some furniture, and often used to line walls. Chips of spice-wood are sometimes used in gardens for their odor.
sproutboy Rammal Starfist's nickname for Bannor (one he hated).
See Also:  Starfist, Bannor, Starfist, Rammal
Squallrider, Ballaster Highest of the pirate lords that controlled the Hold of the Sea Princes before the Kergatha family helped the Barocal clan in a coup d'etat.
See Also:  Ballaster Squallrider, Barocal
Sroth Mephista See Mephista, Sroth.
star cluster A close grouping of stars all of the same general age. Usually associated with bodies of stars outside the lens of the galaxy, but can apply to the dense clusters at the heart of the galaxy as well.
See Also:  galaxy
star vessel Same as starship. See starship.
See Also:  starship
starbark A pale barked tree characterized by a ridge pattern that looks like hundreds of interlocking stars.
Starbinder, Dulcere Val'Saedra Daughter of Marna Solaris by her second husband Louvros. Dulcere is a well regarded Belkirin who commanded the star vessel Tiraka. While trying to defend her ship, Dulcere fought a hand-to-hand battle with the blue eternal named Garn. She was subsequently injured and forced to make planetfall, where a mishap with her damaged command-level power matrixes caused a cliff to collapse and bury her. The avalanche forced her into stasis, which over a long period of time allowed her to heal.

Many millennia later she was uncovered by Meridian Arcturan and Rakaar Steelsheen who used magic to control her. They later bound her to a device and used her time-diving powers to cause a massive time quake (isolinear diffraction). Dulcere eventually escapes control and joins forces with Corim Vale, Beia Targallae, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri Felspar, and Annawen Kel'Ishtauri Felspar. Together the group manages to undo the damage caused by Meridian and restore time to normal.

As a reward for her assisting the humans, the Jyril Vasar Sa'Gairin removes the curse from Dulcere's body. The ancient Kriar is very confused when she begins to have feelings for Corim. Eventually, they do begin to grow closer. Their relationship is immediately complicated when Senalloy Corresont confesses her feelings for Corim.

After reuniting with her mother, Dulcere goes back to the surname of Solaris. During the events of Anvil of Sorrow, Dulcere becomes a member of the Shael Dal wielding the honorary shaladen Lignum. She, Corim and Senalloy become a family of sorts.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Baronian, belkirin, Books Of The Ring Realms, Corresont, Senalloy Moirae, Ellon, Garn, Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri, Garadhyr, Golondrax, isolinear, isolinear diffraction, Jyril, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, magic, Olimbril, planetfall, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), star vessel, Starbinder, Louvros, stasis, Steelsheen, Rakaar, Shael Dal, shaladen, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), Tiraka, Vale, Corim Erik, vasar, Xersis

Starbinder, Louvros Second husband of Marna Solaris and father Dulcere Val'Saedra Starbinder. Louvros is slain by agents of Daergon Surr, and Dulcere is implicated in the plot so as to cause distention in Marna's family.
See Also:  Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), Starbinder, Dulcere Val'Saedra, Surr, Daergon
stardock A self sufficient space-station for the purpose of maintaining a way-point for star-ships. A trade center. (One definition)
See Also:  way-point
stardrive Any FTL propulsion system that makes interstellar travel possible.
See Also:  FTL, interstellar
Starfist, Bannor Border guardian for the Barony of Tenax. He holds the rank of captain in the Baron's ranger regulars. Bannor has the power of the Garmtur Shak'Nola (A savant of reality) which gives him control over the threads of probability, interaction, and creation. His senses allow him to perceive the forces, energies, and interactions of matter and energy through simple concentration. As part of his power he can recognize and memorize such patterns instantly in order to later manipulate them.

Bannor's control over the Garmtur is rather limited, so it often acts in undesirable and sometimes self-destructive ways. Bannor is a skilled warrior with a several years of battle experience. He uses the Jacdaw style of two-handed fighting which is specifically tailored for axe combat. Bannor is proficient in tracking, plant, and animal identification. As a scout, he is extremely familiar with the borderlands, and has become a proficient in cartography (map making). Bannor is twenty seven years old and engaged to Sarai T'Evagduran the 3rd princess of Malan.
See Also:  combat prowess, energy, jacdaw, Malan, nola, savant, Tenax, Tenax (barony Of), T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess)

Starfist, Rammal Bannor's Older brother. Deceased. Rammal died from arrow wounds and shock in the war of South Realm. A ghost of Rammal appears to live on in Bannor's dreams. Whether this is a figment or an actual impression of him is unknown. If he were still alive, Rammal would be 29 years old.
See Also:  Starfist, Bannor
Starfist, Ravan Bannor's older sister. Currently, living and married. Ravan and Bannor have not spoken since his father cast him out. Ravan has two children. Ravan is 28 years old.
See Also:  Starfist, Bannor
starhawk One of the largest combat-class warships in the Kriar armada. A starhawk has a draft weight of sixty million tons. The craft is roughly two thousand paces long and has a nominal crew compliment of 7500.
See Also:  combat prowess, jyril/kriar war, kriar
Starholme Prime Legendary home of the first-ones. According to the Dedriad, this place was somehow closed to the pantheon lords by Wren Kergatha.
See Also:  Dedriad, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
starpaths A generic term referring to magical byways connecting the worlds of the Ring Realms.
See Also:  Ring Realms
starpetal An attractive forest flower characterized by its double colored petals and the star-like splotch of color at its center.
starreach (armor) Space armor used for exploration in deep space. Starreach suits are characterized by having more powerful thrusters, heavier screens, and their ability to mount heavy weapons and equipment.
See Also:  thrusters
starscape Visual word to describe a panoramic view of interstellar space.
See Also:  interstellar
starship Any vessel capable of traveling between stars.
See Also:  star vessel
Starsong Shaladen blade and spirit talisman of the eternal Areth Jalt. Starsong confers the ability to manipulate sound, and immunity to sound (sonic) based attacks, these include sound-based forms of charm and domination by magical creatures. Starsong also allows the wielder to completely truespeak an object or creature to the level of even learning its true name. Obviously, while an indirect form of attack, it is nonetheless and extremely powerful ability.
See Also:  Garadhyr, Golondrax, Jalt, Areth, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, shaladen, truespeak, Xersis
starwand Any of a group of bladed weapons supposedly imbued with the essence of the stars. Wren Kergatha is given the starwand Corona to use against Hethanon.
See Also:  ascendant, Hethanon, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Nystruul
Starwind One of the shaladen swords. Corim Erik Vale summons Starwind and uses it in the fight against Meridian and Rakaar. See Vale, Corim Erik.

The blade Starwind is slightly different than the other Shaladens. Its natural form is as a short-sword. Magic in the weapon allows it to strike with enhanced speed, making the heavy blade maneuver as though it were nearly weightless. Starwind's major power is its ability to manipulate & control the minds of intelligent creatures, and shield its user from hostile mind affecting attacks.

In the brief time Corim Vale wielded the blade he did not have time to learn to utilize the Aurra's primary ability. While using the sword he was able to tap into an impressive amount of the eternal's power, so much so that he came close to burning his physical body out on a couple of occasions.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, Baronian, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Levon, Aurra, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, magic, Olimbril, Steelsheen, Rakaar, shaladen, Vale, Corim Erik, Xersis, Zortach

stasis The cessation of relative time for an object or area. A stasis by definition arrests the decay of matter within its confines.
Steelsheen, Rakaar Powerful Baronian warmage forced to serve Meridian Arcturan in his attempt to destroy the Protectorate. Rakaar proved on many occasions to be both a skilled user of magic and a nearly unstoppable sword combatant. He defeated the extremely experienced DacWhirter Ironfist in a pitched battle with a lucky con'gorot move. He later fought an undecided match against Beia Targallae who technically got the better of him through a surprise move. His most prolonged combat was with 16th ranked Talorin Falor where the battle was essentially a stalemate until a chance opening allowed Tal to cripple Rakaar and force him to retreat. Of the battles he fought, only the ancient belkirin warrior Dulcere Starbinder was his superior, and only then when she was at full strength.

Rakaar is particularly significant for his possession of the Genemar, a weapon he stole from the Baronian hierarchy. This powerful device is being sought by a number of agencies, none of whom have yet located it. No-one yet knows much about the genemar, and whatever Rakaar knew of it was taken to his grave when Corim Erik Vale defeated him in battle with the shaladen Starwind. Rakaar did describe the item as 'creation run amok' but nothing else.

Rakaar had in his service a trained battle-nurse named Senalloy whom Corim subsequently frees. Senalloy is the blood sister of another Baronian woman named Luthice.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Baronian, battle-nurse, belkirin, combat prowess, con'gorot, Corresont, Luthice, Corresont, Senalloy Moirae, eternals, Eternity, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Garadhyr, Genemar, Golondrax, Ironfist, DacWhirter Varon {Dak}, kriar ranks, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, magic, Olimbril, Starbinder, Dulcere Val'Saedra, Starwind, shaladen, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), time guardians, Vale, Corim Erik, warmage, Xersis

Steelwood, Jolandrin Renowned ranger and lady student of Loric Felspar.

Wife of Sebenreth'Kar Felspar.
See Also:  Felspar, Loric, Felspar, Sebenreth'Kar

stellar nova The collapse and subsequent explosion of a star.
See Also:  supernova
Stellaraac Shaladen blade that is spiritually bound to the eternal Foross. The blade confers the ability of ultimate metamorphosis (shape changing). The wielder can manipulate not only their form, but the forms of others, and inanimate objects as well. It is said that this blade is second only in power to Sharonsheen, the blade bound to Koass Vinax, the commander of the eternals. Aarlen Frielos currently wields Stellaraac. She and Foross have something of a love/hate relationship going on...
See Also:  eternals, Frielos, Aarlen, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Kerall, Foross, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, shaladen, sharonsheen, Vinax, Koass, Xersis
Sterlans One of set of daggers of flight given to Liandra Kergatha by her grandmother Idun Yggdrasil. See also Sterrand. See also Sterslaan. See also Stervaart. See also Stervallan.
See Also:  Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Sterrand, Sterslaan, Stervaart, Stervallan, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun
Sternhammer, Baelish A teritaani mercenary who shacked up with Idun Yggdrasil until the goddess got pregnant. The onus of raising a demi-god child and the anchoring responsibilities of being a husband and father were more than the untethered freebooter was willing to deal with. He abandoned Idun and was later reported dead of suicide. Sources closer to the matter, suggest that he didn't die at his own hand. He and Millicent Njordheim (Idun's avatar and castellan) were seen together prior to his expiration. Whether he's simply reported dead or ACTUALLY dead is currently unresolved. It is perhaps coincidental that their daughter Euriel had begun asking after and actively hunting for her father when he was reported dead.
See Also:  avatar, castellan, demi-god, god, goddess, Kergatha, Euriel Idun-daughter, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun
Sterrand One of set of daggers of flight given to Liandra Kergatha by her grandmother Idun Yggdrasil. See also Sterlans. See also Sterslaan. See also Stervaart. See also Stervallan.
See Also:  Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Sterlans, Sterslaan, Stervaart, Stervallan, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun
Sterslaan One of set of daggers of flight given to Liandra Kergatha by her grandmother Idun Yggdrasil. See also Sterlans. See also Sterrand. See also Stervaart. See also Stervallan.
See Also:  Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Sterlans, Sterrand, Stervaart, Stervallan, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun
Stervaart One of set of daggers of flight given to Liandra Kergatha by her grandmother Idun Yggdrasil. See also Sterlans. See also Sterrand. See also Sterslaan. See also Stervallan.
See Also:  Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Sterlans, Sterrand, Sterslaan, Stervallan, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun
Stervallan One of set of daggers of flight given to Liandra Kergatha by her grandmother Idun Yggdrasil. See also Sterlans. See also Sterrand. See also Sterslaan. See also Stervaart.
See Also:  Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Sterlans, Sterrand, Sterslaan, Stervaart, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun
stickerberry Bumpy red berry fruits about the size of the end of a thumb. The flavor is both pithy and sweet.
stone Measure of weight. For those concerned with Terran equivalents, a stone is equal to 20 pounds or just hair over 9 kilograms.
See Also:  terran
Stonebones A powerful magical potion for mending internal bone structures (like ribs). The ritual of the stonebones is an extraordinarily painful but quick way of magically repairing hard tissue that would otherwise take weeks or months to heal.
Stonecypher, Crayy Prototype FIU (Forward Interdiction Unit) originally assigned to the Kriar 5th Destra legion. This legion was eventually broken up by the Daergons and its SpecOps cybercitizens redeployed to the Shrike, Raptor, and Mitaka groups. Crayy learned combat from the famed instructor Sornai Soujourn and has been a model of societal upward mobility for cyber citizens. Under Shrike command, Crayy served in distiguished combat against the Lokori with multiple frame destructions and many operatives saved. Many veteran Kriar and cybercitizens became disenfranchised with poor Daergon management and regard for the resistence being encountered in Gaea's cosmos. Crayy used seniority and distiguished recognition to force his senior officers to rotate his service to the internal homeworld defense kayyar legions. Regarded by most as a dependable and straight forward officer, Crayy constantly butted heads with the Daergon olgiarchy and his refusal to endorse ironfist tactics against Vatraena loyalists who were enjoying a groundswell of support in the face of numerous Daergonian military setbacks. Crayy managed to thread through the politics and was promoted when the Daergons fell from favor. Crayy currently holds the rank of Varkath in the 3rd Darkstar kayyar legion. He is among the highest ranked cyber citizens on Fabrista Homeworld.
See Also:  Axtria, {Kayyar}, cyber-unit, combat prowess, daergons, Fabrista, Gaea, Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, kayyar, kriar, kriar ranks, Lokori, Sojourn, Sornai, Surr, Daergon, varkath, vatraena, Vratague
stonehaven A mountainous duchy in the north of the Titaanian continent of Sharikaar. The duchy is west of the dwarven city of Blackstar and is the principle human trading entity that ships goods for the dwarven nation.
See Also:  Blackstar, dwarven, Moonshaes, Sharikaar, titaanian
Stonewood Kingdom to the north of Ivaneth, so named for the rock-like fossilized trees that can be found through much of its territories. Stonewood is has the notorious reputation of having been the birthplace of Lady Karn Taath, the Iron Queen, otherwise known as the womb of abominations. The birth-mother of the avatar Mishaka.
See Also:  avatar, Ivaneth, Taath, Mishaka (princess) (avatar)
Stormhand, Kaven A subordinate captain under the command of Wren Kergatha during the war to retake the Hold of the Sea Princes.
See Also:  ascendant, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
stormreaver A class of Kriar battle armor, that is light-weight and capable in many environments. In the air, it is able maintain super-sonic speeds for extended periods of time. As a combat artifice, these suits are among the most advanced in the Kriar arsenal. Vhina T'Evagduran and Senalloy Corresont wore custom prototypes with magical enhancements when they fought against the minions of Gaia. It is from one of these suits of super armor that Vhina is quick taught the skills of piloting.
See Also:  Baronian, combat prowess, Corresont, Senalloy Moirae, jyril/kriar war, kriar
stroma The connective, functionally supportive framework of a biological cell, tissue, or organ. It is explained in one of the books that stroma of the bones can be enhanced to increase healing.
strongbow A general class of bow designed for elite warriors with extraordinary and beyond-human strength. Magical versions of these bow tap into the magical ability of the user to launch arrows with truly devastating force.
Su'ko Vera's true name that she reclaims after the events of Aesir's Blood. See Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera}.
See Also:  Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Books Of The Ring Realms, Hoshihana, Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}
sub-ether The area of space existing below the atomic level, closely linked and (possibly) the same as hyperspace.
See Also:  hyperspace

subete G'yaki dialect, all.
See Also:  G'yaki
subjective-time The apparent passage of time to an observer separate from relative and real-time. Though a persons biological clock might run slower, and all matter decay at a slower rate near the speed of light, once a mind can count to sixty a subjective minute has passed.
See Also:  real-time
subnet The Karanganoi cybers that defect from the Baronian ship refer to themselves as a "subnet". This term is likely used by them because in network terms a subnet is analogous to a group or a division of service.
See Also:  Baronian, karanganoi, network
subpath A flow (like a tube) that occurs in the sub-ether. The actual connections between weak spots in time/space.
See Also:  ether, sub-ether, time/space
subspace Another term for the sub ether.
See Also:  ether
succorund The act of spiritually binding a being to a pantheon lord. There are various forms of this process that have varying side-effects on the host.

succubi Demonic residents of the outer planes who take the form of beautiful women (or men). They are vampires that live on the blood and life-force of other creatures. They are shape-changers and can take male or female form. The male shape is known as an incubus. These creatures make sport of seducing humanoids and slowly draining the life from them. These creatures enjoy carnal pleasures and love to toy with their prey, making virtual slaves of victims too weak-willed to resist their enticements.
See Also:  erinyes
suffix-chan G'yaki dialect, honorific. Applied to friends, any youthful woman, or as an expression of affection.
See Also:  G'yaki
suffix-dono G'yaki dialect, honorific similar to milord G'yaki dialect,.
See Also:  G'yaki
suffix-heika G'yaki dialect, honorific post-fix, (majesty) added to indicate high royalty or one who is close to the immortals (or actually immortal)."
See Also:  G'yaki, immortal
suffix-kun G'yaki dialect, honorific, applied to friends or younger male or male of lower station.
See Also:  G'yaki
suffix-sama G'yaki dialect, honorific post-fix, added to the name of an elder respected person (extra emphasis) or someone of importance.
See Also:  elder, G'yaki
suffix-san G'yaki dialect, honorific, applied to show respect to equal rank or addressing superior rank or age.
See Also:  G'yaki
sumimasen G'yaki dialect, excuse me or forgive me.
See Also:  G'yaki
Sunglory, Kirran High Praelor for the Griffin Regulars of Malan's capital army. Kirran is a loyalist supporting King T'Evagduran and the royal family. Kirran takes a fancy to a certain savant of forces turned ascendant and pursues a romantic agenda.
See Also:  ascendant, Malan, megapsion, praelor, savant, T'Evagduran, Jhaann (King)
supernova When any of the giant class stars go nova. See stellar nova.
See Also:  Nova, stellar nova
Surn Larger Elven community north of Silvanshire.
See Also:  elven, Silvanshire
Surr, Daergon Prime Kath and later notorious political leader of the Fabrista Kriar dasta. Daergon was responsible for many major events in Kriar history. His main contribution was his dissolution of the previously adhered to cultural protection "prime-directive". His particular push was to establish the Kriar as a dominant species, in this process actively interacting with and studying other cultures in a non-damaging but socially and psychologically damaging process that equivalents to 'tag and release'. Kriar ships would move into a system and request access. Access not granted resulted in a 'forced' study that involved capture, probing, and release of a significant portion of a planets population, through the Kriar dimensional gating system. (Alien abduction anyone?) The purpose of these studies was to scan for and locate unique ideas, concepts, and lore that could further the currently stagnant Kriar body of scientific and sociological enlightenment.

This accelerated "study" of other cultures did yield significant results but at the cost of inflicting severe culture-shock on every race the Kriar came in contact with. This plan was vehemently opposed by many of the ruling hierarchy, but those that resisted ended up meeting with mishaps, or having some other misfortune occur in their lives. It was over this matter that the reigning Kriar matriarch Marna Solaris, and her two confidants and staunch supporters Gwensullin Techstar, and Eladrazelle Delarn left the Kriar ruling counsel.

The cycle of study and culture shock continued across several universes until the Kriar encountered the home world of the Jyril. Not believing there might be an older and more advanced race, Daergon pushed the study when Jyril warned the Kriar not to enter their territory. The push into the Jyril territory immediately resulted in combat losses where there had been none for millennia. The Jyril had craft that not only matched the power and speed of Kriar star-vessels, but surpassed them in firepower. Smelling that some really significant technological secrets might be gained from the Jyril, Daergon continued to press the invasion, escalating the conflict into the first war that the Kriar had been involved in for several eons.

The conflict did not last. The Jyril moved en-mass and were quick to crush the Kriar vanguard long before it ever got within striking distance of their home world. It was then they decided to give the Kriar something to occupy themselves. They inflicted a race-wide "curse" on the Kriar making them not only infertile but unable to feel or experience pleasurable sensations or emotions. This was deemed an appropriate punishment for their "unfeeling" and "insensitive" invasions into the sanctity of other cultures.

This loss was devastating to the Kriar in more than the obvious ways. It was stunning blow to the arrogant and superior attitude carried on by Daergon and his followers. Limping away from Jyril space they retreated to inter-universal void to lick their wounds, analyze the lessons learned, and try to undo the damage done to their race by the Jyril.

The Kriar researchers were soon to discover that the Jyril curse went beyond even their eons old super science. The genetic infertility and "numbing" could not be engineered away, even when manipulating the genes at the atomic level. Somehow, inexplicably, the cells would revert. No detectable radiation or change other those wrought by the Jyril magic could be discerned.

This set most of the leadership into a panic. The Kriar had given rise to their last generation and they as a race would have no more progeny. The only continuance the Kriar would have lay in the then living individuals. A continuance project immediately ensued, and all living Kriar went through engineering to effectively make their lives "perpetual". A renewal procedure was scheduled for all members so that psychotic ennui would not set in from too-long lives. At the time, there were already members from the second generation of Kriar who were already involved in a "perpetual life" program so it came as no shock to the general population when this course of action was chosen as a intermediate solution to the infertility conundrum.

The Jyril curse became a new and powerful motivation in the lives of the Kriar. The resources of an entire race were now focused on discovering a means to defeat this disastrous attack. Plans to revisit an attack on the Jyril were immediately dismissed because it was deemed that there simply was too big a gap in the capacities of the two races, and any losses experienced would be permanent and irreplaceable. It was decided that the search for lore to rectify their problem would be sought in other universes.

As one would hope, the ruling body had learned something from its mistakes, and was careful with the initial forays seeking information that might lead to a solution. The next cultural contacts were cautious and resulted in a minimum of disruption. An thus was begun "the great seeking". Agents of the Kriar home world scoured civilization after civilization looking for the choice bit of knowledge that would give them the key that would unlock the Jyril curse. With prime-directive protections back enforce the process was painfully slow and research stretched into decades, centuries, and millennia. Several hundred thousand fruitless cycles had passed when the Kriar found themselves entering a new universe. The universe of the Ring Realms. The followers of the still ruling Daergon decided that the process to discover the solution needed to be stepped up. The Kriar people were growing tired of life even with renewal. A decision was made to again abandon the prime-directive protections.

With this new universe the Kriar soon discovered that they had their hands full. Not one but several races possessed not only the ability to resist, but the ability to inflict serious harm. There were the vicious and brutal Lokori who's immense strength and natural time-related psionic powers took many Kriar lives. There too were the Dreel and the Toroth who staged devastating invasions into Kriar outposts and even managed to get war parties in the soft belly of the Kriar home world.

The Kriar defense forces trained harder, developed stronger weapons, and continued to press deeper into this new and extremely dangerous universal envelope. As they gained a toehold on the some of the richest core worlds they began constructing the gate system to allow better movement and study within the confines of Eternity.

It was the activation of the gates and the scanning of the time-streams that were to prove fateful to the Kriar hierarchy. With their roots buried deep in the etheral flesh of eternity, the gates were seen as a threat by the time guardians. The eternals were dispatched to order the deactivation and dismantling of the Kriar portal system. The meeting with the arrogant Daergon did not go over well, and Koass promised that any further incursion would be deemed an act of war. A line was drawn in the sand and Daergon Surr was warned not to step across it.

Daergon and his followers dismissed the warning of the eternals. After all there were only twelve eternals. What kind of threat could such a small force pose?

The Kriar learned to their dismay that Koass and his followers could do a lot, and thus began the war with the eternals. No quarter was asked and none was given. Ship after ship was destroyed, often being brought down by only one of these curiously powerful creatures. Kriar were dying, and there was no hope for their replacement. Soon the Daergons realized that they needed to change their tactics. They needed a weapon to match the power of the eternals. Thus they engineered the creature Garfang, essentially a super-kriar with immense chronal, physical, and psionic power that drew upon the same sources of energy that the eternals did.

With the future of their race at stake and smelling a possible solution to the Jyril problem, Daergon personally oversaw the Garfang project. He created a plan by which he could strike down all of the eternals in a single blow using their new secret weapon.

Garfang was installed at Kriar way-point deep in the heart of eternal controlled space along with a battalion of the Shrike legion elite. Garfang was trained and prepared for the battle to come. Unbeknownst to Daergon, Garfang was far more self-willed than even the scientists who designed him knew. The powerful creature discovered what was planned for it after it had fulfilled its purpose. Garfang then developed plans of his own.

Daergon's plan proceeded. He mobilized a significant number of his forces to the way-point to create a "final strike" opportunity for the eternals, hoping it would lure them in with the intent to cripple the Kriar's offensive capabilities. The ploy worked and the eternals' entire force arrived to strike a single retributive blow against the Kriar contingent. Summoning their energies, Koass led the coven of eternals in a ritual to create a single devastating blast that would destroy the entire way-point, all of the ships, and the Kriar within them.

As the eternals prepared their attack, Garfang was deployed. However, the living weapon did not attack as had been originally planned. To the Kriar's dismay, he instead waited until the eternals began the attack before taking action. Using his immense powers, he turned their energies back against them, striking through time and dimensional space before they could react. In heartbeats, the defenses of the eternals were crumbling and the mass attack was on the verge of failing. The eternals gritted the attack out, thinking that their energies could overwhelm Garfang. The push grew, the summed powers of eternity growing in a devastating ball of energy, shoved this way and that between the coven of eternals and Garfang. Slowly, their attack was shoved back by the technically born powers of this super creature as he fed on more and more of their power. It was a fierce battle and the first one who blinked would be vaporized, and it was one of the lesser eternals, Yi Esperantil, who flinched. The balance of the coven shuddered and in a sudden flash the energy they had been directing against Garfang washed over them in a devastating and lethal wave. Detached from the coven, Yi herself escaped but the rest of her comrade eternals were destroyed. As this was happening, Garfang allowed the remainder of the eternal attack to pass him unimpeded. In an instant, the way-point screens were shattered, and the massive strike rained home destroying the Shrike Legion elite and the other forces stationed at the way-point.

After the assault was over, Garfang disappeared, and the Kriar mourned their Pyrrhic victory. The incredible loss was simply too much to bear, and the ruling Daergonians were summarily dismissed for the massive blunder that had resulted in so much irredeemable death. The main contingent of Homeworld retreated back into inter-universal space to recoup and rethink its follies.

Hundreds of millennia later a mage by the name of Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri would find and don a set of Kriar power matrixes once belonging to a certain notorious Kriar leader, and set him loose in the boundaries of eternity to wreak havoc. Through her contact with him she would eventually make contact with Ivral Techstar, the daughter of Gwensullin Techstar who would summon back the Kriar home world. This famous mage would eventually assemble the pieces of the shaladen amulet (the amulet of Tarkimaar) used by Koass Vinax to bind the eternals into a coven, and restore the shattered paradise stone that served as the key to all of the energies to eternity's heart. She would gain the powers of eternity and eventually begin restoring the bodies of the eternals. Thereafter, she would enact the most significant change in Kriar history. The lifting of the Jyril curse.

Now as an outsider, Surr tried to foment discord on Homeworld, but his efforts would eventually bring him into conflict with members of the Band of the Crescent Moon, and the new members of the Shael Dal.

He would eventually meet his final end at the hands of Cassandra and a Jyril agent named Mira.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, bit, chronal, combat prowess, dreel, daergons, dasta, Delarn, Eladrazelle, energy, Esperantil, Yi, eternals, Eternity, Eternity's Heart, etheral, Fabrista, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Garadhyr, Garfang, Golondrax, Homeworld, inter-universal, Jyril, jyril/kriar war, kath, kriar, kriar ranks, Lokori, Lexaron, mage, megapsion, Melakanir, metapathy, Mira, magic, Olimbril, prime kath, psionic, radiation, Ring Realms, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), stone, scanning, Shael Dal, shaladen, Techstar, Ivral, time guardians, Vinax, Koass, void, Vratague, way-point, Xersis

Surya Member world of the Cygnus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
Suyrtur Powerful noble fire elemental worshiped by some shamanistic cultures.
See Also:  elemental
Suzuka Hoshisagiwara Suzuka's maiden name before marrying Enjiro Hoshihana. See Hoshihana, Suzuka.
See Also:  Hoshihana, Hoshihana, Suzuka

sweetbark A heavy bodied cold climate tree that creates a sweet sap that can be turned into various confections. On earth, it might be confused for a maple tree.
Swiftwing, Adwena Ardani air-maiden formerly serving Ukko. Adwena was the second to Megan Vinax when she served Ukko. Adwena actually suffered more at the hands of Ukko than did Megan. Dorian persuaded Adwena to leave and it was Adwena's decision that triggered Megan to herself seriously consider separating from Ukko. Ukko's harsh punishment of Adwena for entertaining thoughts of leaving was one of the catalysts that moved Megan to break away.

In the cycles after Adwena broke away, she took up with Desiray Illkaren Felspar and the two of them were very close--close enough to have children (something she could never do with Ukko even though the pantheon lord forced himself on her regularly).

Adwena and Desiray have a daughter named Syranil.

She and Megan remain tight like sisters, and it was this closeness that brought Adwena to the attention of the Koass and the eternals. They had a vacancy in ranks of the Shael Dal and Adwena was a powerful warrior and an elder currently without a cause. They asked her to join up and she accepted. Adwena is the surrogate for the eternal Yi Esperantil wielding the shaladen blade Krelstar.
See Also:  ardani, Band Of The Crescent Moon, elder, Esperantil, Yi, eternals, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Felspar-Swiftwing, Syranil, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba, Krelstar, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, Olimbril, Shael Dal, shaladen, Ukko, Vinax, Koass, Vinax, Megan, Xersis

sylissian A citizen hailing from any of the kingdoms of Silissia.
See Also:  Silissia
symbiote Literally, the word means 'to live together'. Many creatures in nature exist in a symbiotic relationship. The best example of this are insects and plants. Many varieties of plants rely on flying insects (like bees) to spread their pollen which results in genetic diversity which is necessary for survival.

Some extremely advanced races create specially tailored symbiotic creatures to perform various tasks. One example of this is an organism that can be used as clothing. The creature itself is a colony organism that binds together into a non-porous "cloth". This living clothing feeds on the body heat, skin oils, dead skin, salts, and perspiration present in a humanoid creature. The colony creature also scavenges any metabolizable particles that come in contact with its surface, including hair, pollen, (dandruff =)), dust, and, of course, any trace amounts of food a sloppy wearer might spill on it. It is designed to absorb to break down or depolarize (disassociate) itself with many of other kinds of inorganic particles as well. In essence, this creates a "self cleaning" fabric. Added to this basic structure are "microdot energy capacitors" anchored throughout the body of the symbiote. These organic "batteries" store bio-electric energy and are arranged in a positive-negative lattice allowing them to repel or attract one another. Through this mechanism and the symbiote's own fibrous motility the fabric can be reshaped, creating a form of reconfigurable clothing.

Kriar symbiote clothing is more sophisticated yet, employing discrete matter conversion nodes into the symbiote's body, allowing for more involved changes of the wearer's living attire.

In her trip to Starholme Prime, Wren accidentally triggers some "hungry" first one symbiotic clothing.
See Also:  energy, jyril/kriar war, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, kriar, megapsion, Starholme Prime

synthezoid An entirely organic artificial creation. Used mostly in reference to artificial beings indistinguishable from natural born members of the target species. Similar to Clones (c.f.) but not necessarily using the cell template of a specific member of the target species.
Syranil Felspar-Swiftwing See Felspar-Swiftwing, Syranil.
Sytrys Member world of the Sirus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
   T   From T'a'fugit  To Uchimono
t'a'fugit The spell of spirit binding. The words actually mean 'spirit in time' but this literal translation doesn't really capture the essence of what the spell does which is to transfer or bind a 'free' spirit into host body.
See Also:  t'a'kaas
t'a'kaas The spell of spirit attraction. This arcane enchantment is designed to draw a spirit from a body and siphon it into a gem repository. Usually, to prepare the spirit for transference to another host via t'a'fugit. See t'a'fugit.
See Also:  t'a'fugit
T'Evagduran, (clan) During the events of Savants Ascendant the entire T'Evagduran family is inducted into the ranks of the Shael Dal in order to defeat the Baronian / Daergon incursion. They are the only such family in the history of Eternity to be so honored. King Jhaann, Queen Kalindinai, and their daughters end up being valued contributors to the Protectorate.
See Also:  ascendant, Baronian, Books Of The Ring Realms, eternals, Eternity, megapsion, metapathy, Surr, Daergon, Shael Dal, T'Evagduran, Jhaann (King), T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen), time guardians
T'Evagduran, Janai (2nd Princess) Janai is Kalindinai's second daughter and around 500 cycles old. Of the Queen's three daughters, Janai is actually the most rebellious, however, unlike her younger sibling she is much better at hiding it. Janai has a reputation as a schemer and a hedonist, but is well liked in Malanian court despite this. The princess is well traveled and has significant holdings outside of Malan. She owns countryside keeps and apartments in Ivaneth, Corwin, and Coormeer. She also has holdings in Canth and Pedon. She is rumored to have a controlling interest of one of the Nomarian trade guilds. Both of Janai's husbands have died under suspicious circumstances. In both cases, the marriages had been arranged by her father. Her first husband died in one of the Realm wars. However, he died well inside territory controlled by Malan. A much decorated warrior, though the bodies of enemies were found around him. One court physician maintains the wound responsible for his slaying was actually an arrow shot. Evidence of this was never formally brought to the Malanian court however. Her second husband was slain in a magical duel. Strangely, both duelists were killed in the fight along with their seconds. The incident was considered a "freak accident of magical amplification". The fire-blast that hit the combatants was far in excess of what either Elf could generate. The families of the four slain men maintain that Janai had a hand in their death. This was never brought to court because it was well known that Janai possessed no talents in magic.

Janai and Sarai constantly fence with each other verbally and socially, and though they openly display hostility toward one another, they are quick to rally in defense of one another. Janai has great deal of respect for her older sister Ryelle, to whom she gives more deference to than even her mother at times. Some sources speculate that the eldest sister Ryelle knows something about Janai that keeps the younger sister step and fetch...

Janai is a natural with the bow, and takes top honors in any tournament she enters. She has beaten her father on two occasions who is renowned through the realms for his skill. Because her father takes losing badly, she has never again entered a tournament in which he was competing.

Janai is a schemer and a hedonist. She has significant magical talents which she keeps secret due to certain obligations imposed on Malanian citizens who are mages. During the events of 'Infinity Annihilator', it is learned that Theln Azygos was her mentor in magic. Janai has no children.

After events in 'Neath Odin's Eye, Daena Sheento becomes Janai's One, much to the chagrin of the King and Queen. Same sex One's are not unknown, but regarded with some bemusement. Officially, Daena is Janai's ward prodigal.
See Also:  Allfather, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Azygos, Theln, Books Of The Ring Realms, Coormeer, Corwin, display, Elf, Ivaneth, Malan, malanian, magic, Odin, Pedon, Sheento, Daena, T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen), T'Evagduran, Ryelle (1st Princess), T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess)

T'Evagduran, Jhaann (King) King T'Evagduran ascended to the throne of Malan 1116 summers ago at the age of 972, and has had a fairly peaceful rule throughout. Malan has fought many skirmishes, but the conflicts were short lived due to the military and magical might commanded by house T'Evagduran. Jhaann is reputed to be the best archer in all of Sharikaar. Only his daughter Janai can contend against him, and she does not participate in warfare. He has moderate magical skills and is capable of enchanting minor magic items. Jhaann married Kalindinai in his 115th summer of rule. He and his wife have been married for 999 summers. They have had three daughters.
See Also:  Malan, magic, Moonshaes, Sharikaar, T'Evagduran, Janai (2nd Princess), T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen)
T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen) Queen Kalindinai became the bride of Malan 999 summers ago at the age of 1153. She is a well respected and regarded queen who travels extensively within the borders of Malan conducting affairs of state. Kalindinai is what as known as a wilder mage, possessing extraordinarily strong magical and mental abilities. Her skills are only equivalent to an arch-magi but the power of her magic is significantly greater. It is the Queen's participation in some of Malan's border skirmishes that have caused the conflicts to end so quickly. The Matradomma is a devastating warmage and capable of destroying entire legions. Because of her intimidating reputation, Kalindinai often conducts negotiations on behalf of Malan. Kalindinai has three daughters.
See Also:  arch-magi, Malan, Matradomma, mage, magic, titles/honorifics, warmage
T'Evagduran, Ryelle (1st Princess) Ryelle is Kalindinai's first daughter, born one summer after she was married to the King. Ryelle is 998 summers old. Ryelle is the steady daughter, who has always gotten along with both her parents. She is good at keeping her sisters under control when necessary, and get her sisters out of trouble when their stubbornness causes problems. Ryelle has never married though she has had several serious relationships that each time were thought would end in marriage. Her younger sister Janai maintains that she scares potential husbands away with talk of duty and loyalty to the affairs of the realm.
See Also:  T'Evagduran, Janai (2nd Princess), T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen)
T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess) Sarai is Kalindinai's youngest daughter and is 473 summers old. Sarai idolizes her father and was the only daughter to join the Malanian military. Disguising her identity, she entered the ranks as a common recruit and earned her way to high Praelor of the hippogriff elite before it was discovered she was in fact the crown princess. Because of this, she is well regarded and respected amongst the officers and regulars of the Malanian forces. Sarai is skilled in the sword and bow, and served in three cavalry campaigns. She has some minor skills in magic. Sarai is the most independent of the daughters, and very direct in her manner. It is this directness that causes her to clash with her father who feels a need to reign in his willful daughter. Shortly after her enforced engagement to Duke Myrgul Tradeholme, Sarai slipped out of Malan. She later found Bannor Starfist in borderlands and fell in love with him. They later decided to get engaged.
See Also:  Malan, malanian, magic, Myrgul, Duke, praelor, Starfist, Bannor, T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen)
T'Gor D'shar See D'Shar, T'Gor.
ta'arthak nola A savant of matter. Mandrimin is a famous Ta'arthak Nola. See Mandrimin.

As savant of matter is able to affect the structure and volume of organic and inorganic matter, able to shape it or transmute it to their will. The Ta'arthak's perceptions allow them to recognize the constituent compounds and components of any object they see, and in so doing alter its cohesive properties and density. While Ta'arthaks can affect organic matter, their powers are far more effective against base materials, especially pure forms of base molecules, iron or gold for instance. These they can shape and manipulate with but a whim.
See Also:  Mandrimin, nola, savant

Taath, Mishaka (princess) (avatar) Hated avatar of Hecate, and arch-nemesis of Wren Kergatha. Mishaka is the offspring of Lady Karn Taath, known as the Iron Queen. Baroness Taath was so evil and her children hellions of such magnitude she was dubbed 'the womb of abominations'. Mishaka was the most infamous and notable of the string of despots and witches birthed by the woman. Mishaka is around eight hundred cycles old and due to the influences of Hecate's powerful demiurge almost completely insane.
See Also:  ascendant, avatar, demiurge, Hecate, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
tachyon Any of several theoretical FTL particles.
See Also:  FTL
taija Elvish. It means 'nice'.
See Also:  elvish
talonbows An Elven legion specializing in long range archery tactics.
See Also:  elven
talonlancer A Elven legion specializing in spear and griffin-back riding.
See Also:  elven
Talorin {Tal} Falor See Falor, Talorin {Tal}.
tan'acho The highest level of awareness and affinity with the forces of the cosmos. The Garmtur Shak'Nola can reach this affinity. Bannor briefly experiences Tan'Acho without knowing it while fighting Hethanon in a lakeside clearing.
See Also:  combat prowess, Hethanon, nola, Nystruul, Starfist, Bannor
tanglefoot A common type of weed that acts as the name suggests.
tao The spirit force of savants. The tao is a far stronger essence than that of a typical mortal, able to retain consciousness and identity for extended periods of time outside of a physical shell. The tao can all retain and capture the essence of mortal life-forces and keep them intact within its matrix, incorporating that pseudo-life into the host entity.
See Also:  ascendant
tao-principles The philosophical essence of tao-training. See tao-training.
See Also:  ascendant, tao, tao-training
tao-training A discipline that hardens the spiritual essence of the practitioner until they gain tao-like abilities similar to those of savants. The G'yaki clan of shadow warriors train extensively in tao hardening. Vera, who serves as a cook in the Felspar household is a G'yaki master. Tao disciplines have many benefits for both mind and body, the ability to go prolonged periods without sleep, reduced requirements for food and water, increased life-span, faster healing, to name only a few. It is said G'yaki tao masters can harden their bodies to the consistency of steel and can shatter anything from walls, people, to weapons with a single focused punch.
See Also:  ascendant, G'yaki, Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}, tao, tao-principles
Targallae, Ess Beia's younger Myrmigyne sister. She is a spectacle trained pit fighter and is an extremely formidable warrior. After her release from the arenas, Ess sought spiritual guidance and found it in the genteel ways of the lore-knights of Mataya, off whom Corim Vale is also a follower.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Mataya, Myrmigyne, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), Vale, Corim Erik
Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen) Summary

Queen of the Jhandris'Kul clan of Myrmigynes that reside in the great tree Duran'Gravar. Beia is a survivor of the Arcturan death spectacles, victor of 611 bouts, 7 losses and 12 draws. She wears the shadowbolt tattoo and in an acknowledged 12th circle grand master of the Jacdaw and Dan Sadad fighting styles. She is a renowned archer and hunter as well. See has a younger sister named Ess. Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri is her adopted 'clan sister'.


Beia has a long and sordid past. Raised in the arenas she new nothing but gladiatorial combat until the age of 26 when she escaped the arena's with the assistance T'Gor D'Shar. T'Gor had been drafted in the arenas as an outside competitor, lured there by promises of great weapons, fabulous wealth, and the best fight training available in the realms. Most of this being true if one could manage to win seven combats in a row-- which draftees rarely did.

Beia served as an arena "ringer" or block-master an impossible opponent set up to defeat draftees so that they would be forced to continue their gladiatorial contracts. As a lifer, a pit fighter born in the arena, freedom could only be achieved by going one hundred battles undefeated. As Meridian Arcturan's star fighter, Beia suffered exactly one defeat every hundred battles through various tricks rigged by the evil mage.

One of the conditions of defeating an opponent in the arenas is that the warrior may opt to take 2 of that person's belongings, or take that person into servitude. Part of Meridian's twisted arena schemes is that his riggers were often able to defeat their opponents without slaying them outright. These hapless people would be carted off the field hanging by a thread where revival magicks would be used to restore them to health. Each revival cost the contractor seven battles. So, in defeat not only did they still need to fight seven more battles, they owed seven more. As as result draftees rarely could rarely overcome the deficit of owed fights to earn their way out.

T'Gor D'Shar fought for three years in the arenas, learning the Dan Sadad from various block-masters. He deliberately forfeited optional matches to maintain his contract but not dig himself into a hole where he could not win his way out.

When he felt he had learned everything of value, he began his push to win his way clear of the arena. Unfortunately, T'Gor had become rather popular and had a reputation for winning all the big fights. When it looked like T'Gor would get himself free. Meridian arranged to have him fight Beia.

The fight was vicious and Beia was more than challenged by this powerful draftee. However, her greater experience and wild animal power (plus a little rigging by Meridian) ensured that she defeated him. This being her six hundredth battle, Beia resented that Meridian had robbed her of a fair fight. She chose to take T'Gor's service rather than deprive him of his magic items.

It was during this service time that T'Gor and Beia got to know one another. Both of them were mutually angry at Meridian's rigs, T'Gor for being duped, and Beia for being robbed of an honorable challenge against a worthy opponent. It was during this time that T'Gor convinced Beia to try to leave the arenas. Years of conditioning and abuse had made her believe that it was not possible to overcome Meridian.

T'Gor believed different. His plan was to request a special challenge rematch and have Beia throw the fight. He would "kill" her and collect the body as his spoils. Of course, there was the little matter of winning six more fights. With Beia's additional training and coaching, T'Gor won the six fights and made the special challenge against Beia.

It was this "special challenge bout" that brought Beia to the attention of Aarlen Frielos. Unbeknownst to Beia and T'Gor, the fight had been rigged so BOTH warriors would end up in a three way match and get defeated. This was known to the spectators but not the two warriors. It was Aarlen who made the gave the gift of Tariegron, the great battle blade to Beia right before the fight. The odds ranged from fifty to one to over a hundred-to-one against the two fighters surviving.

The battle was horrendous, invisible block masters, monsters and a host of trickery was turned against them. However, Meridian had not counted on Tariegron's vorpul edge nor the determination of the two. When the dust had settled they had defeated four Rhinotaurs, a half dozen hidden block masters, and several other fighters. Gasping for breath, facing Meridian's box the two of them looked up at him defiantly. While Beia stood their glaring at the evil mage, T'Gor stepped back and slammed Beia across the back of the head, knocking her unconscious and "defeating" her for the seventh time. T'Gor claimed her "body" as the spoils. Emotions from this titanic struggle were so high and audience involvement so great that Meridian was forced to release T'Gor who in turn pulled Beia from the arena.

After a brief stint with freedom and recovery, Beia and T'Gor would return to the arena to help others escape the rigged battles including Beia's younger sister Ess.

On the outside Beia would go through a long recovery and acclimation process. She became "attached" to Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri after serving as body-guard for her in a few adventures. The gold mage and her friend Dorian would eventually soften the hard exterior of this cold fighting machine and bring out her real emotions and feminine nature.

She would go on to make friends with Talorin Falor, and become the widely regarded teacher of pit fighting techniques. Tal would eventually persuade Beia in backing a campaign to destroy all of Meridian's arenas.

Years later she would meet and grow close to Aarlen Frielos.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, Band Of The Crescent Moon, combat prowess, Duran'Gravar, dan sadad, D'Shar, T'Gor, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Frielos, Aarlen, Hyssta, Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba, Jhandris'kul, jacdaw, kul, mage, magic, shadowbolt, Tariegron, vorpul

Tariegron Vorpul blade wielded by Beia Targallae that she utilized to win her freedom from Meridian's death spectacle.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), vorpul
tarkath Combat and engineer grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a rear admiral. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  combat prowess, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
Tarkath, Quasar Diliaysus see Diliaysus, Quasar (Tarkath).
See Also:  Diliaysus, Quasar Lathaan (Tarkath), kriar ranks, quasar, tarkath
tarkimaar {amulet of} Amulet reassembled in the World's Edge Quest. This amulet allowed Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri to become the avatar of Eternity and resurrect the discorporated Eternals.
See Also:  avatar, Band Of The Crescent Moon, eternals, Eternity, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri
tarlonn Combat grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a lieutenant. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  combat prowess, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
Tarmagal Red-haired thief of the brethren guild who served as second to Vulcindra Rotiart. Tarmagal was noted for her fighting ability. Unfortunately, she was not good enough to survive the assault of the Cult of the Dagger.
See Also:  combat prowess, guild
Taro Hoshisenin See Hoshisenin, Taro.
Tarrantil, Bertram Bertram is a third generation member of the Band of the Crescent Moon. He signed up with them right before the "World's Edge Quest" that resulted in the assembling of the Amulet of Tarkimaar and the subsequent return of the eternals to physical form.

For much of the quest, Bertram was seen as the "baby" of the crescent mooners as, at the time, he had yet to make a name for himself. The gentleman warrior was in over his head and it was initially the careful shepherding of Cassandra and Desiray that kept this valiant and prideful Paladin alive. Bertram did eventually come into his own, but to this day Cassandra still treats him (much to Bertram's annoyance) as a young punk.

After the World's Edge Quest, Bertram ended up on the roster of the Band, and when friends and allies of the Band needed assistance he was there to fill in when the more seasoned members of the group were considering retirement from the adventuring arena. Bertram undertook several significant missions including the quest that captured Gabriella Sarn Ariok. It was during this same adventure that Bertram met and became serious with Thamara Narrimar, a rather flamboyant, if a bit crazy, lady warrior with _huge_ tracts of land.

Bertram's marriage to Thamara was an adventure in itself and the mercurial lady quite literally put the good-natured gentle Bertram through Hades. Such antics included suddenly changing from her lifelong profession of fighting (at which she was highly ranked area warrior) to one of magic. Blame here can be laid on Cassandra, but the gold mage denies it vehemently. Shortly after her occupational change came occupational hazards... like alchemical experiments that burned down their home not once, but twice. Thamara doing various magical experiments on herself that changed her appearance and altered her personality. In the midst of all these events, Thamara gets pregnant four times, adding to the overall stress. (Where is my wife and unborn child and what are they doing TODAY.) Eventually, the already unstable Thamara went completely looney and through as strange turn of events became a vampire.

The ever loyal Bertram cleaned up his wife's messes summer after summer, but after the vampire incident, decided enough was enough. After Thamara was restored to normal, Bertram informed her of his intention to end their relationship.

Thamara was despondent and promised she would do ANYTHING if he would simply give her a fiftieth chance. After much persuading (seduction?) Bertram acceded to her wishes but on one condition... NO MORE CHAOS. Thamara swore, and thus began the truly downhill trend in their relationship. To go one step beyond in proving she had turned over a new leaf, Thamara took another occupational change. After all, being a mage was just blowing up the house anyway... Thamara applied to become a Paladin of Ukko. A position that, to Bertram's surprise, Ukko personally accepted. ((There is some speculation about what actually occurred and several sources claim that bribes may have been involved.)) It is shortly after Thamara took up the mantle of paladin-hood that she became pregnant with her 5th child. It's speculated that her getting pregnant was another way for her to hold onto Bertram, as the man definitely doted on children and the noble genteel would never leave a pregnant wife. Bertram and Thamara managed to get through another cycle of marriage (and the birth of their 5th child). The husband and wife team "bashed evil" on several more adventures. Roughly a cycle later the missions had dried up and life was calm and there was no evil to slay.

Historically, these were the worst times for Thamara as there were no places to constructively release her frenetic energy. Since adventures weren't finding Thamara, the lady went seeking trouble of her own. Through a course of events too complicated to relate in this already long telling, Thamara ended up alienating the church of Ukko and getting stripped of her paladinhood. One of the infractions that led to this downfall is related to how Desiray Illkaren ends up married to Bertram--Thamara was trying to beat the system... Numerous little lies and secrets came home to haunt the lady and the good-natured paladin simply had no other choice but to bid adieu to the ardent, insane, but well endowed Thamara-- the mother of his five children.

A few summers later the daughter of Algernon D'Tarin (Valsiden) catches Bertram's eye and through a fairly involved series of events, the father (once Bertram's adventuring mate) finally agreed to allow Bertram to court his daughter for marriage...

Bertram remains an active member of the Shael Dal wielding the honorary Shaladen weapon Golnir. Bertram is the high Justicar of Ukko, the highest ranking law upholding religious figure on the continent of Sharikaar. Currently, Bertram is married to Desiray Illkaren Felspar for particular political reasons too complicated to enumerate here. Desiray is also married to Loric Felspar and Brin Ishtarvariku. Bertram has six birth children from a previous marriage to Thamara Narrimar. Recently Bertram married Val'Siden D'Tarin (the daughter of Lord Algernon D'Tarin). In addition to his five children from wedlock, Bertram has close to thirty adopted sons and daughters. Of all these, only Jahnny and Kahless have been seen in the stories.
See Also:  Ariok, Gabriella Sarn, Band Of The Crescent Moon, bit, Brin Ishtarvariku, combat prowess, D'Tarin, Algernon, energy, eternals, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Felspar, Loric, Garadhyr, golnir, Golondrax, Hades, justicar, Lexaron, mage, Melakanir, metapathy, magic, Moonshaes, Olimbril, paladin, Shael Dal, shaladen, Sharikaar, Tarrantil, Jahnny, Tarrantil, Kahless, Ukko, Xersis

Tarrantil, Jahnny Daughter of Bertram Tarrantil.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Tarrantil, Bertram
Tarrantil, Kahless Son of Bertram Tarrantil.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Tarrantil, Bertram
tarthane Combat grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a senior chief. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  combat prowess, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
Tarynis Member world of the Cygnus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
technomagic Magic that has been proceduralized into mathematical expression.
See Also:  magic
technomancer A person who wields technology and magic. Aarlen Frielos is a prime example of a technomancer in the Ring Realms.
See Also:  Frielos, Aarlen, magic, Ring Realms
Techstar, Gwensulin Mother of Ivral Techstar and one of the few living 2nd generation Kriar. One of the high counsels and close friend to Marna Solaris and Eladrazelle Delarn.
See Also:  Delarn, Eladrazelle, jyril/kriar war, kriar, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), Techstar, Ivral
Techstar, Ivral Ivral Techstar is the youngest of the Kriar at (only 156,000 years old). Like the rest of her people she was cursed with infertility and sense deprivation by the Jyril. Complex genetic locks prevented the Kriar from cloning or engineering away the reproductive and sensory disorder. To ensure race survival Kriar extended their lives until a normal reproductive and evolutionary cycle could begin again. In early 1078 N.I.S Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri Felspar cured the Kriar gene lock using the power of Eternity.

Ivral Techstar had previously come in contact with Cassandra because she had been seeking the Kriar's help in apprehending a rogue Kriar warrior (and political leader) named Daergon Surr. Also during that time Cassandra was still adjusting to the Kriar power matrixes that she had acquired during the quest against Hellzan. The stones had been "healing" her-- the end result being a slow metamorphosis to Kriar physiology.

Through Ivral, Cassandra learned about the Jyril curse. She eventually decided to assist the race in reclaiming their normal evolution. A year later she did succeed and became an instant hero amongst the Kriar people. The Kriar government however was wary of Cassandra, this (to them) virtual infant had overcome in a single year what they had spent a thousand millennia trying to defeat. It was decided that a guardian should be assigned to the mage. Ivral being the youngest Kriar, and already knowing Cassandra, was selected to be that liaison. It was decided that "adoption" was the best way to give Cassandra legal citizenship on Homeworld and further assist in the Kriar hierarchy in keeping track of this powerful mage.

Though initially the adoption was a matter of convenience, Ivral eventually came to know and care for Cassandra. After many millennia of being unable to reproduce, the Kriar psyche is rather preoccupied with procreation and child- rearing. To someone a thousand millennia old, Cassandra is still a child. Ivral by stages became in function as well as name-- Cassandra's mother. Dame Techstar (Ivral's birth mother), eventually became infatuated with her grand-child mostly because of Cassandra's daughters (Cassin and Annawen) who were children (in human terms) and born Kriar.

The Techstar family has profited enormously by Cassandra's addition to their ranks, as the mage's "star status" among Kriar is worth a great deal in favors, media deals, and other "celebrity status" benefits. This, of course, certainly hasn't hurt Cassandra's popularity among the members of her adoptive family.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Eternity, Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri, Hellzan, Homeworld, Jyril, jyril/kriar war, Kirikos, Dame, kriar, mage, magic, Surr, Daergon

telekenesis The manipulation of objects purely through the power of the mind. (see also Kenesis).
See Also:  kenesis, telekenetic
telekenetic A person possessing the ability of telekenesis. See telekenesis.
See Also:  telekenesis
telekinetic A mental and magical energy capable of manipulating objects.
See Also:  energy
telepath Used generally to describe a person who has telepathic ability. However, the word is also often used to distinguish a group of individuals with psionic capabilities that might or might not include telepathy.
See Also:  psionic, telepathic, telepathy
telepathed Past tense of having sent or received a telepathic communication.
See Also:  telepathic
telepathic The ability to communicate via mental projection. The capabilities of telepaths ranges from simple impressions that can only be communicated across a room to creatures like the Eternals and pantheon lords that can physically control several creatures across interstellar distances.
See Also:  eternals, interstellar, telepathy
telepathing The act of sending or receiving telepathic messages.
See Also:  telepathic
telepathy The ability to project / communicate via mental energies. See telepathic.
See Also:  mindspeak, telepathic
teleport The act of teleporting. See teleportation.
See Also:  teleportation
teleportation Magical teleportation was originally developed by Mandrimin (c.f.). The simple explanation is that it is a magical process which allows instantaneous transport between two locations. For the technical mage, teleportation involves two phases, the first being the extraction a simulcraic derivation of the source matter from chaotic space, then a fractal compression of the interpolated particulate helices is performed. The corresponding magical data is then compact enough to do matter / energy exchange with the target locale where the simulcra are reconstructed into their approximations. Note that the source and destination are no longer the same, but extremely accurate approximations created out of the templates located in mathematical space. [Complicated isn't it? That's why it takes special training to be a mage! ]
See Also:  data, energy, Mandrimin, mage, magic, simulcra, simulcraic, teleport
temporal Of or pertaining to Time.
Tenax City in the barony of the same name. See Barony Of Tenax.
See Also:  Tenax (barony Of)
Tenax (barony Of) Territory west and north of what used to be known as Northrealm.
See Also:  Northrealm, Tenax
tenday Like it sounds-- ten days.
tera-rev One trillion revs. See rev.
See Also:  chronon, rev
terabyte One thousand gigabytes.
terapsion A conglomerate measurement of energy potential (one trillion psions). A psion was arbitrarily described as the heat generated by a six-log fire.
See Also:  energy, psion
Teronis Member world of the Cygnus Ring. Teronis is one of the 'silent' member worlds of the remote Cygnus ring. Its columngate, named Borathon, is currently sealed to traffickers from the Magocracy. The dimensional thresholds to this planet from Arbor and Nadir fluctuate unpredictably, discouraging casual investigation. Ward scratches above the Nadir master gate opening are said to be made by the claws of a Lokori demon.

Teronis is rumored to be a Lokori ward world and few people are brave enough to risk encountering the elder race of vicious killers.

Teronis is the ring world where the story of King's Steel takes place. Teronis sits at the furthest edge of the magocratic realms bordering the First Alliance. Magic is weaker there than near the core worlds. From scattered ruins across the planet's surface, this civilization has fluctuated between technical and magical culture. Some evidence suggests that this world was once a nexus hub for a now-isolated sixth world ring. See also worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, demon, Demos, Doral, Doratah, elder, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, First Alliance, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lokori, Lorval, magocracy, magocratic, Mephr, magic, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria

Terra Karlin-Falor See Falor, Terra Karlin.
terra-force Another name for the energy of stone-- stone elementalism. See elemental. See also elementalism.
See Also:  elemental, elementalism, energy, stone
terran Of or pertaining to earth of the Sol system.
See Also:  Sol
Terranath, Damrosil Damrosil is a 2nd generation member of the Band of the Crescent Moon. She has free-booted across many planets and participated in numerous adventures. Damrosil was a longtime companion of Tiernia Nirvanae and the two of them had numerous encounters with the Dream Merchants and their operatives. Damrosil and Tiernia grew apart in their later years as Tiernia settled down to build a bard school. Damrosil went on to fight in the Arcturan Death Spectacles and made the acquaintance of Beia Targallae.

Damrosil escaped the arena and shortly thereafter assumed leadership of the Jhandris'Kul clan of Myrmigynes. Several years later, Beia also escaped the spectacles and returned to her home among the clans. Itching to begin adventuring again, Damrosil willingly stepped down from her seat as queen and gave the position to Beia. It was shortly after this period that the Eternal Yi began the reformation of the Protectorate with the help of Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri Felspar. By that time, Damrosil had already found the Shaladen blade Cybersong. Since Damrosil had bonded with the weapon, and few better warriors existed, the protectorate asked her to join their ranks. Damrosil accepted. Damrosil has the distinction of being the first of the indoctrinated warriors of the Shael Dal.

Tournament details: All-World's Tournament of 1089, winner 14th circle, All-World's Tournament of 1093, winner 15th circle, placed in top 10 of unlimited play in 5 entered tournaments. Damrosil is a veteran tournament warrior with over 312 victories at various ranks. She spent some years in the Arcturan Death Spectacles and has trained extensively with Beia Targallae. Beia and Damrosil often compete in tag-team unlimited class tournament play. When together they have never failed to place below the top 10.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Cybersong, Dream Merchants, Esperantil, Yi, eternals, Eternity, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Garadhyr, Golondrax, hybrid (golem), Hyssta, Jhandris'kul, kul, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, Nirvanae, Tiernia, Olimbril, Shael Dal, shaladen, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), time guardians, Xersis

Territaani A human-like elder race that live in the remote parts of the Ring Realms. Aarlen Frielos is a notable member of the territaani.
See Also:  elder, Frielos, Aarlen, Ring Realms
tesseract First coined by Madame L'ingle in A Wrinkle in Time. Defined as the act of folding space to cross large distances. A corrupted version of this is an isolated area where four physical dimensions exist.
Thall Member world of the Enad Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
thane Engineer grade rank in the Kriar military equal to an ensign. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
thane'kar Engineer grade rank in the Kriar military equal to a junior lieutenant. See also Kriar Ranks.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks
Thanos Frielos See Frielos, Thanos.
thaumaturgic circle A circle for the performing of ritual magic.
See Also:  magic
the 27th magocracy See worlds of the prime ring.
the magocratic ring See worlds of the prime ring.
the prime ring See worlds of the prime ring.
Theln Azyogos See Azygos, Theln.
Thenris Member world of the Sirus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
thistlewings Small common gray, black, and white birds. The "thistle" refers to the shape of the white patch on the wings.
Thor Lord of the living lightning, son of Odin and Jord, pantheon lord of war and ally to mortals. Thor is the husband of Sif, and has two sons Magni and Modi.

Thor flies on his chariot pulled by the goats Tanngrisni ("gap-tooth") and Tanngnost ("tooth grinder"). Thor sometimes wears the belt Megingjard which doubles his already considerable strength. At one point in 'Neath Odin's Eye he loans this belt to Bannor Starfist. Thor's home hall is Bilskirnir, which is located in the region Thrudheim ("place of might").
See Also:  Allfather, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Bilskirnir, Books Of The Ring Realms, Modi, Magni, Odin, Starfist, Bannor, Thrudheim

thornflower A rose by any other name...
Thrudheim The territory where the pantheon lord Thor lives, and where his hall Bilskinir is built.
See Also:  Thor
thrusters (generic) low speed jets for adjusting the attitude of a vessel.
Tian Member world of the Cygnus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
tieshu G'yaki dialect, title for a clan leader or family head.
See Also:  G'yaki
time guardians Agents of eternity who specifically defend the chronal frontier from various threats both natural and created.
See Also:  chronal, Eternity
time/space The fabric of the cosmos, the fundamental associativity that binds matter and causality.
timediver A person capable of moving through time. See timelord.
See Also:  timelord
timediving The act of shifting / traveling through non-consecutive time to arrive at earlier or later temporal probability sequences.
See Also:  temporal
timeflow A distinct causal sequence of probabilities. In Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time, a critical event is altered causing a shunt or a joining between two probably sequences, called an isolinear diffraction. The timeflow is refers to the event sequencing.
See Also:  Books Of The Ring Realms, Garadhyr, Golondrax, isolinear, isolinear diffraction, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, shaladen, Xersis
timegate A gate which allows perception of (and perhaps travel to) different events in the past.
timeline An abstract concept that describes the flow of events that form a temporal causality.
See Also:  temporal
timelord A mage, psionicist, or technomancer with the ability to travel in or manipulate the fabric of time.
See Also:  mage, magic, psionicist, technomancer, timediver
timequake The reaction caused by altering an event in time. The storm of changes which occur after the event changes.
timescan The act of looking back in time in a particular area to glean information, and sometimes sample material evidence.
timescape The body and dimensional existence of non-consecutive time.
See Also:  non-consecutive time
timeshadow A visual impression of events left by fragments of displaced time.
timeshadows Shades or threads of probability visible in Siderous Chronous, described in Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time.
See Also:  Books Of The Ring Realms, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, shaladen, Siderous Chronous, Xersis
timestreams Alternate terminology for a time "line" or chain of causality. Time is described as "flowing" so time stream is a natural nomenclature.
timewinds A figure of speech, the "flow of time".
timewipe The act of disrupting the chronological continuity so that it is impossible to timescan an area. Time wiping obviously does not remove the events from the time-stream, so a persistent time diver can actually dive back to point of the events of interest. However, since all time-diving has a certain element of risk, and that effective anomaly compensation is difficult to come by. Time-wiping is deemed an effective deterrent against everything except the most powerful chronomasters.
See Also:  chronomasters, timescan
Tiraka The starship commanded by Dulcere Starbinder when she was attacked by the eternals and was forced to make planetfall.
See Also:  eternals, planetfall, Starbinder, Dulcere Val'Saedra, starship
Titaan Member world of the Cygnus Ring of the Ring Realms, the planet from which the Band of the Crescent Moon hails (among others). See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Ring Realms, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
titaanian A person hailing from the Ring Realms world of Titaan.
See Also:  Ring Realms, Titaan
titles/honorifics There are many uses of title and honorifics in the fiction of the Ring Realms. This chart lists most of them collectively.


Rank/Title: Arminwen
Translation/Address:  High Daughter
Notes/Description:  Elvish style. Used to address a princess. The word 'Arminwen' is similar to arwen and comes from the same roots, 'ari' which is girl, wen which is a shortening of wenna'fal which is 'child of'. Min in elvish means high. So, the literal translation is high girl child.

Rank/Title:  Arwen
Translation/Address:  Daughter
Notes/Description:  Elvish style. The word 'arwen' is really an elven variant of their word for daughter which is 'ari-wenna'-- ari is girl, wenna is a shortening of wenna'fal which is 'child of'. Arwen is used contextually as a title of respect to woman who is of lesser rank. Kalindinai addresses Wren as Arwen because she is the daughter of a Duke.

Rank/Title:  Baron/Baroness
Translation/Address:  The Right Honourable
Notes/Description:  The style for Baron/Baroness is usually spoken "The Right Honorable Lord/Lady ..." Mostly, this is to distiguish this rank from a the simple address "milord/milady"

Rank/Title:  Count/Countess
Translation/Address:  Milord/Milady
Notes/Description:  The address form "My Lord" or "My Lady" or simply "Lord" or "Lady" is a catch-all term of respect especially in situations where peerage becomes muddled. In the Ring Realms, mages, clerics of power along with immorts share an unspoken peerage even if they do not have an official given title.

Rank/Title:  Dom'Ista
Translation/Address:  Father of Power
Notes/Description:  This title is exclusive to the Elves.

Rank/Title:  Dukes/Duchesses
Translation/Address:  Grace (Highness)
Notes/Description:  Depending on region, a Duke/Duchess may be addressed as 'your grace' in rare instances as 'your highness'. In most kingdoms in the Ring Realms act as regional governors that answer to the King. Note:  that the City of Cosmodarus from which Wren hails, her father and mother carry the the title Duke and Duchess. The population of Cosmodarus alone is actually larger than the biggest Kingdom on Titaan. However, Cosmodarus is a free city, and has no rulership over other lands. Vanidaar and Euriel being the high-generals of the defending army were given the honorific of Duke and Duchess to accord them (and identify) the level of respect they deserved. Before they were given higher titles Vanidaar and Euriel held the titles Baron and Baroness. As neither of them is particularly pretentious they often go by their lesser titles and consider it no slight when addressed by them. They are quite often mistakenly identified and introduced by these lower titles.

Rank/Title:  Emperors/Empresses
Translation/Address:  Imperial Majesty
Notes/Description:  On Titaan the only dynasties to ever exist were in Silissia and Pedon. None currently exist. A dynasty is a conglomerate of multiple kingdoms and are sometimes known as empires or alliances.

Rank/Title:  Elven Peerage
Translation/Address:  N/A
Notes/Description:  Because of the age of the elven language and it's decent from the common roots of the Numinorians and Silcanna, Elven honorifics are used by many races and cultures as a form of "common peerage". The Elven dialect and its nuances are considered to be "noble" or "educated" tongue particularly appropriate to diplomacy and tact.

Rank/Title:  Governor/High Commissioner/Prime Minister/Secretary-general
Translation/Address:  Excellency
Notes/Description:  A number of high government positions use the style "excellency" and like milord/milady it is something of a catch-all when the correct style is not known by the addressor. 'Your Excellency' is actually the correct style when addressing Euriel and Vanidaar Kergatha, the Baron and Baroness who govern the city state of Cosmodarus.

Rank/Title:  Grand Dukes/Grand Duchesses
Translation/Address:  Royal Highness
Notes/Description:  On Titaan, only Corwin has this title (who ranks just below the king). It is a lesser used title because a kingdom must be large enough to have enough Dukes that a second organizational tier is necessary beneath the King. This level of title is typically only used in dynasties where regions within neighboring kingdoms have a sort of governing regional sub-king.

Rank/Title:  King/Queen (Elven)
Translation/Address:  Dom'Ista/Matradomma
Notes/Description:  Means "father of power", somewhat close to all father. Matradomma is quite literally 'mother of mothers'. Domma is the respectful form of address to older woman or a woman of higher station.

Rank/Title:  King/Queen (Human)
Translation/Address:  Majesty
Notes/Description:  There are variants of this style used in various kingdoms and on the different worlds of the realms but 'your majesty' is the most common form of address.

Rank/Title:  Matradomma
Translation/Address:  mother of mothers
Notes/Description:  This title is only used by the Elves.

See Also:  Ring Realms
torn'fratar A territaani fighting demonstration which combines many different disciplines into a single prolonged shadow-fighting exhibition. The torn'fratar is actually a corruption of the Toran'Ta Frataar practiced as a test by Numanorian warriors to demonstrate a working knowledge of the different attack and defense techniques.
See Also:  combat prowess, Numanorian, Territaani
traba A variety of root Wren uses in a magical concoction that makes Irodee's hair grow.
See Also:  De'Falcone, Irodee, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
trackazoid Also known as the Hyssta, a reptilian race which possesses natural time-diving capabilities. The Hyssta are an elder race and extremely hostile to other cultures. The Hyssta are carnivorous and use lesser mammalian species as cattle.
See Also:  Alliances (galactic), elder, Hyssta, Hyssta Combine, Scale Lords, Trackazoid
Trackazoid Trackazoid is not the term the sub-Hyssta refer to themselves by. The name is in fact a derogatory reference for sub-Hyssta scouters. While the Hyssta Combine itself is intolerant of trespass, their powerful citizenry that practice magic and tech are relatively common on the worlds bordering Combine territory. Hyssta have a great love of hunting and getting paid to do it is even better. So, sub-Hyssta often work as bounty hunters-- hence the "Track" in Trackazoid. The sub-Hyssta's nasty habit of hunting down and aggressively eradicating trespassers in their territory only reinforces this label. NOTE: nobody smart calls a sub-Hyssta a trackazoid or "Trac" that wants their arms to remain attached to their body. They have violent tempers and a moody and aggressive. The phrase "going draconic" was first coined for sub-Hyssta that was innocently confused for a dragon-kin. To be compared to one of those inferior variants? THAT is a mass slaying offense.
See Also:  Alliances (galactic), dragon, Hyssta, Hyssta Combine, magic, Scale Lords, trackazoid
Tradeholme, Edmund (King) King of the realm of Ivaneth.
See Also:  Ivaneth
transition realm The void between normal space and chronal disassociation. A physical interpretation (dimension) that exists between all time-lines, essentially buffering space between co-existing realities. Where each temporal reality has its own local physics and logic, transition space is common bridge between them.
See Also:  chronal, tween-realm, tween-space, temporal, void
translator (generic) Any device which makes possible inter-communications between non-like speaking individuals.
transphase Transphase is the transition state between real-space and subspace. A point at which the variances in matter shift from lineal decay to non-chronological stasis. The state of 'timelessness'.
See Also:  real-space, stasis, subspace
transvectoral Transvectoral is related in concept to inter-vectoral time/space. Where inter-vectoral deals with relativism in subspace, transvectoral reflects the pseudo-temporally while undergoing transphase. Time divers who spend a lot of time moving through parallel times and spaces begin to pick up a 'transvectoral charge'. Their bodies and equipment sublimate the unique transphase energies. Once these energies build up to a certain point, time diving becomes difficult and anomaly compensation begins to break down. Worse, if the transvectoral charge is allowed to build up, the actual molecular structure of the diver's body and equipment begins to disintegrate.
See Also:  subspace, transphase, time/space
transvet 'Transvet' is a slang term used by members of the Traveler's Guild, it refers to a traveler who knows twenty or more drop locations.

Dae Silvarron is the unacknowledged highest transvet in the guilds knowing well in excess of 150 drops.
See Also:  guild, longshot, shopper, Silvarron, Daedalus, traveler's guild

traveler's guild Introduced during the Ethermancer series of books, the Traveler's Guild are an organization founded and funded by the Magocracy of the Ring Realms. Initially, composed of magic-users who specialized in teleportation, in the cycles leading up the savant ascendancy around 850 NIS, magical-mutations began being born on the worlds with the highest prevalence of mana (Nadir, Arbor, Callista, Estryd, Haven, Mystranus, Istavarron). These hyper-specialized magic-wielders could teleport / phase / and warp without the use of magical devices or ritual magic. Their far more versatile lugging capabilities made them the premier talent for the Guild, as traditional mages could not compete. Around 1000 NIS elitism and corruption began distorting the guild's policies. The previously celebrated traveler heredity began to be seen as a curse and as a sign of failed mage. Predatory practices became common and the organization grew increasingly more corrupt and exploitive.

By 1090 NIS travelers are all-but pariah's. Magocracy funded orphanages innocuously called 'traveler academies' pay bounties to collect infants and children known to possess traveler heredity. These parentless children become chatel of the Magocracy, sentient mounts that provide transport services to the nobility. A tight leash is kept on non-chatel travelers, enforcing huge tithes and social stigmas to keep them confined as servators to the Magocratic elite.

Dae Silvarron of the Ethermancer series escapes an academy at a young age and learns magic and traveling free from much of the oppression experienced by his kin.
See Also:  Arbor, Callista, Estryd, guild, Haven, Istavarron, longshot, magocracy, magocratic, mage, magic, Mystranus, Nadir, Ring Realms, savant, shopper, Silvarron, Daedalus, transvet, teleport, teleportation, warp

treant Magical forest creatures that resemble animate trees.
Triatus The smaller of Titaan's two moons, characterized by its reddish color. It's color gives this moon its nickname-- the demon's eye.
See Also:  demon, Titaan
Tristar, Gwenafra Half Kriar mage and wielder of a magically altered Kriar master gate key. Like Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Gwenafra put on some Kriar matrix stones, unknowing of the changes they would ultimately make in her. Unlike Cassandra, Gwenafra didn't have access to the tools and technologies necessary to remove the stones when the changes started to become undesirable. The changes were many cycles along before she was able to properly get the change under control. It wasn't until many decades later after she met Cassandra that she was able to truly satisfactorily resolve the issue. Gwenafra continues to wear the stones to this day, enjoying the protections of the stones the same way a full blood Kriar might.

Gwenafra is a skilled loremage and student of the Kriar timegate network. She currently wields the spirit talisman Cataract belonging to the eternal Jarella Kepsforia. Being three centuries old, Gwenafra is one of the more "senior" members of the Shael Dal.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Cataract, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, jyril/kriar war, Kepsforia, Jarella, kriar, loremage, matrix stone, mage, metapathy, magic, network, Shael Dal, timegate

truespeak A form of magic which allows the divining of truth. Powerful forms of this magic can enable to wielder to see into a person's past and speak general facts (highlights) about their lives. Loric true-speaks Wren Kergatha enabling her to learn her family name.
See Also:  ascendant, Felspar, Loric, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, magic
Tuffala, Grahm Wren's contemporary in the thieves guild of Corwin. Grahm died when the cult of the Dagger overran the Brethren guild that she and he were trying to defend. Grahm lives on as a ghost-like impression in Wren's memories. For more on Grahm, see savant's Blood.
See Also:  Corwin, guild, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, savant
tuvan Derogatory term used by Myrmigynes to refer to outsiders, presumably those with little to no actual skills. Terran cowboys use the words 'green horn' and 'tenderfoot' in a similar context.
See Also:  terran
tween-realm same as tween-space or transition realm. see transition realm.
See Also:  transition realm, tween-space
tween-space Same as tween-realm or transition realm. see transition realm.
See Also:  transition realm, tween-realm
Tymoril Dragon that traveled with Kegari. She accompanies Bannor extensively while he is in Gladshiem. See also Kegari.
See Also:  dragon, Gladshiem, Kegari, Starfist, Bannor
   U   From Uchimono  To Val'saedra, Dulcere Starbinder
uchimono G'yaki custom, a weapon with identifying marks signifying membership and loyalty to a G'yaki mentor and clan.
See Also:  G'yaki
Ukko Pantheon lord, god of the atmosphere and lord of the Vanir. Ukko is to the Vanir what Odin is to the Aesir. Laramis and Irodee serve Ukko as avatars.
See Also:  Allfather, Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), De'Falcone, Irodee, De'Falcone, Laramis, god, Odin

unicorn Equine appearing mammals that have a single spiral horn. Unicorns are uncommon but can be found in fairy forests throughout the Ring Realms.
See Also:  Ring Realms
unidiameters Shortened version of "universal diameters" or span of a universe. A typical universal pocket is considered to be about 400 billion parsecs across.
upload To send information (data) to another location via some form of communications link.
See Also:  data
urakai The largest and most prevalent breed of orc that live on the continent of Sharikaar.
See Also:  Moonshaes, Sharikaar
Urdagh Member world of the Sirus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
ushiro-empi-uchi G'yaki dialect, martial arts move, reverse elbow strike that employs bracing with the free hand and rotating the hips to generate additional striking power.
See Also:  G'yaki
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