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Beware of spoilers contained herein. These words be out of time and continuity. They are just facts and they know not what they do...
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   D   From D'Casar, Meliandri  To Ebisa
D'Casar, Meliandri Personal hand-maiden to Kalindinai T'Evagduran. Meliandri is rumored to have both Wood Elf and Sylph blood, she is extremely dark skinned (for an Elf) and much more round than is common for their a typically slender people. Her green eyes are also highly unusual for her kind. Meliandri is a highly skilled healer, and served Kalindinai for some three centuries in the capacity of personal assistant and attendant. Meliandri is taken by Hecate to be succorund against her will. She later attacks Bannor and Janai as an avatar. The essence of Meliandri is lost when Bannor teleports the group while Hecate is in the process of taking over Meliandri's body. Later, Meliandri's body serves as a receptacle to capture Sarai's spirit when her body is destroyed in the attempt to disperse Hecate.
See Also:  avatar, Elf, Hecate, Starfist, Bannor, succorund, T'Evagduran, Janai (2nd Princess), T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen), T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess)
D'klace The D'klace are actually a guild of assassins for hire. They are retained by the various kingdoms usually in a deterrent role much the way weapons of mass destruction are stockpiled in the modern world.

The D'klace are actually a branch of the "all-world's" or "masters" guild lead by half-god drow Adorne Doonweir. Membership in any branch of the over-world guild is a measure of status because of the rigorous initiation that must be passed in order to join. There is a close association between the masters guild and Dream Merchants. The rogue Kriar, Theln Azygos, is said to have ties in both organizations.
See Also:  Azygos, Theln, Dream Merchants, drow, god, guild, hybrid (golem), jyril/kriar war, kriar, Masters Guild

D'Shar, T'Gor Active member of the Shael Dal wielding the Shaladen blade Korvel.
See Also:  Garadhyr, Golondrax, Korvel, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, Olimbril, Shael Dal, shaladen, Xersis
D'Shar, Tigress Active member of the Shael Dal wielding the honorary shaladen Swiftwind.
See Also:  Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, Olimbril, Shael Dal, shaladen, Xersis
D'Tarin, Algernon Active member of the Shael Dal wielding the Shaladen blade Warstar. One of the nine Lords of Ivaneth, and master of the East wood. One of the core members of the Band of the Crescent Moon dating back to their first treks in Silissia. Algernon has one daughter, Val'Siden, currently married to Bertram Tarrantil.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Ivaneth, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, Olimbril, Shael Dal, shaladen, Silissia, Tarrantil, Bertram, Warstar, Xersis
D'Tarin, Val'Siden Wife of Algernon D'Tarin and daughter of Bertram Tarrantil and his ex-wife Thamara Narrimar.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, D'Tarin, Algernon, Tarrantil, Bertram
da'jhamack nola A term coined from Elvish. A savant of attractions, having control over metal and mass attraction (gravity). Daena Sheento, the ward prodigal of Princess Janai T'Evagduran of Malan is a savant of this type.
See Also:  elvish, Malan, savant, Sheento, Daena, T'Evagduran, Janai (2nd Princess)
Da'Jhamack Nola The Da'Jhamack Nola is the savant of attractions. This is one of the prime Nola powers and is one of the more versatile savant abilities. In terms of its ability in combat, it is easily one of the most powerful. The Da'Jhamack can manipulate the attractive forces of magnetism and gravity and can control them in various ways. They can cause metal items to become super magnetized or can simply move metal objects around by force of will. The Da'Jhamack's most devastating ability is their ability to completely neutralize the effects of gravity and actually invert the effects of mass and momentum. Daena Sheento, the current living Da'Jhamack, was able to turn pantheon lords into meteors with this ability to staggering affect. The danger is that the savant cannot predict exactly where a body will go when all effects of gravity and momentum are suddenly removed from an object. Essentially the target is being made to "freeze" in space relative to everything else. To understand this effect, realize that the planet we live on is moving through space at over five miles a second. Imagine if something took hold of you and made you suddenly stop while the rest of the planet simply kept on moving. If you were lucky you would shoot into the sky at five miles per second, becoming an incandescent ball of flame as air friction superheated your body. If you were even less fortunate you could be slammed into the ground or a nearby mountain at hypersonic speed.

With proper training, the Da'Jhamack can use the forces of gravity and magnetism to fly, and can levitate others to fly with them in the same manner. Since Daena Sheento assumed the powers of a first one, it is unknown what the true limits of her powers are.
See Also:  combat prowess, da'jhamack nola, megapsion, nola, savant, Sheento, Daena

da-succorund An incomplete form of forced avatarism. The channel is left open for the god, but the creature so affected can be unaware of their capacity to serve as host for the deity's energies.
See Also:  avatarism, deity, god
Dac See Ironfist, DacWhirter Varon "Dac"
See Also:  Ironfist, DacWhirter Varon {Dak}
Dacwhirter See Ironfist, DacWhirter Varon {Dak}.
DacWhirter Varon Ironfist {Dac} See Ironfist, DacWhirter Varon {Dak}.
Daedalon Estarous Farstrider See Farstrider, Daedalon Estarous.
Daedalus Silvarron See Silvarron, Daedalus.
Daela Yggdrasil Sister of Yggdrasilian all-father, Nord. See Yggdrasil, Daela.
See Also:  Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Daela
Daenaire Minor noble elven house, notable because Desiray Illkaren Felspar is second generation descendant (she's 1/8th elf).
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Elf, elven, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren
Daergon Surr See Surr, Daergon.
Daergon, Jhasad The son of Daergon Surr and Hecate. Magical enchantments enable pantheon lady Hecate to bear Daergon Surr's child. The half god half Kriar is extremely powerful and more than a little unhinged. It is discovered that much of the events of the Knot in Time are instigated behind the scenes by Jhasad. It is Jhasad's trap a Daladar (not Rakaar's) that opens the rift in space/time.
See Also:  Baronian, Daladar, god, Hecate, jyril/kriar war, kriar, Steelsheen, Rakaar, Surr, Daergon
daergoni slang for Daergonian. see Daergons.
See Also:  daergons, Vratague
daergonian See daergons.
daergons The Kriar political group who followed the warrior Daergon Surr. This group was in power when the Kriar first came into conflict and consequently lost a war to the Jyril. The tactics of the Daergons were also the cause of the Protectorate war. Though technically the Kriar did beat the eternals while under the command of the Daergons, the victory is considered a loss because of the unacceptable cost of Kriar lives.
See Also:  daergoni, eternals, Eternity, Jyril, jyril/kriar war, kriar, metapathy, Surr, Daergon, time guardians, Vratague
dagda One of Celtic pantheon lords. Dagda is nature effigy and the patron of Oorcee the druid who slew the timelord Hellzan.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Hellzan, Oorcee, timelord
Dagi See Lumina Dagi.
dak'rega An order of Elven scouts and rangers that patrol the borders of Malan.
See Also:  elven, Malan
Dal'taak'tem Rumored to be the "internal affairs" group that keep an eye on the pantheon lords. In actuality, Dal'taak'tem is simply a designation given to an servant working for a pantheon lord giving them special "trusted" dispensation and diplomatic status. Essentially, they can come and go where they please, especially in regards to the particular pantheon lord whom they serve. Certain pantheon lords have agreements that extend this freedom to the dal'taak'tem of "allied" lords within their own pantheon and selected lords of other pantheons. Isis and Ishtar have such an agreement as goddesses who do not have particularly overlapping groups of worshipers (Isis is the goddess of magic and fertility, Ishtar represents love and war).

The term comes from old Dracon (the original language spoken by the pantheon lords). The translation literally means free-walk-dark, or more poetically those who walk freely in the shadows.
See Also:  goddess, Ishtar, Isis, magic

Daladar One of the core worlds of the Ring Realms. Daladar was home to one of Meridian's Death Spectacle arenas. Corim, Beia, and Ceraph enter the arena and disrupt Meridian and Rakaar's plans to destroy the Protectorate.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Baronian, eternals, Eternity, metapathy, Ring Realms, Steelsheen, Rakaar, Silkere, Ceraph Miratha, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), time guardians, Vale, Corim Erik
Damay Alostar See Alostar, Damay.
Damrosil Terranath See Terranath, Damrosil.
dan sadad Numanorian language for 'power circle'. The Dan Sadad is fighting style that stresses contact within the opponent's 1st circle. In Numanorian fighting (and many others) their are 5 circles of combat range. The circles start with the torso and move outward as aspects of reach. The first circle is the radius reachable by the elbows. The second circle is from elbows to strikes reachable with the knee. The third circle is knee reach to fist contact. (Third circle is where most styles concentrate). Fourth circle is from fist range to kick range. The fifth and final circle is weapon reach.

The Dan Sadad is a 'hard' aggressive combat style that is extremely difficult to master. Skilled practitioners are frustrating opponents because they get in close and use elbow and knee strikes and blocks to disable your ability to attack. By necessity of the style, followers of the Dan Sadad are physically powerful, and train to withstand punishment. Typically, by the time a warrior masters the style they've taken a LOT of punishment as this style stresses accomplishing something all the other styles spend their time training you NOT to let happen (i.e. not letting someone inside your third circle). Talorin Falor of the Shael Dal is a master of Dan Sadad.

The Baronian Rakaar Steelsheen worked a variant of this form. The Dan Sadad and Jacdaw styles are very popular in arena combat because of their exciting 'up close and personal' aggressiveness and often spectacular wrestling style take-down attacks.
See Also:  Baronian, combat prowess, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, jacdaw, metapathy, Numanorian, Steelsheen, Rakaar, Shael Dal

dan sword In elvish martial parlance the off hand sword. It is usually mated with the primary hand caan sword. See also caan sword.
See Also:  caan sword, elvish
danee Corrupted form of the Numanorian Dan Nae which means 'power two'. The Dan Nae is a fighting style that stresses speed and flexibility and the use of two equal length weapons. The Danee style is a favored not only for fighting but entertainment as well because the dance-like rhythms, spinning defenses, kicks, and other showy forms that are parts of the discipline. The Danee is considered a moderate form that emphasizes misdirection and capitalizing on an opponent's mistakes. Ceraph Silkere practices the Danee weapon style.
See Also:  combat prowess, Numanorian, Silkere, Ceraph Miratha
Danvellian, Rath Guildmaster of the Lightning Hand guild in the city of Hokar in the south of the Hold of the Sea Princes. Wren Kergatha defeats Rath in a one-on-one fight and thereafter becomes the nominal master of the Lightning Hand guild.
See Also:  guild, guildmaster, Hokar, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
dao G'yaki dialect. The terms 'dao' and 'dou' sound the same and essentially refer to the same thing. The 'dao' is the written concrete form of a dou. See dou.
See Also:  dou, G'yaki
darkroot A deep brown root which when steeped in a boiling water creates a potent drink. The concoction is similar to other drinks made by steeping dried leaves.
Darthal Witherwood See Witherwood, Darthal.
dasta Kriar word that has no literal translation. It is used interchangeably in context when referring to named cliques, organizations, or groups of people. Dasta Daergon was the political affiliation of followers loyal to Daergon Surr. In another instance, Dasta Fabrista is the entire host of people and creatures who live on the Fabrista Homeworld.
See Also:  Fabrista, Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, kriar, Surr, Daergon
data Of or pertaining to any piece of information in any media.
database A collection of data organized (often on computer) in a form to expedite the recovery of specific queries.
See Also:  data
Davernaa Member world of the capital ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
Daxis Member world of the Demos Ring hosting a cross-ring gate. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
daylustre creche Techstar Industries Daylustre cyber-creche, a birthing place for Kriar cyber-organisms. Techstar Industries is owned by the Techstar family, and chaired by Gwensulin Techstar, who is Cassandra Kel'Ishtari-Felspar's adoptive grandmother (Cassin and Annawen's great grandmother).
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, cyber-unit, Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri, jyril/kriar war, kriar, Techstar, Gwensulin
De'Falcone, Irodee Myrmigyne of Jhandris'Kul clan, follower of Nethra, and wife of Laramis De'Falcone. Her maiden name is Irodee Ki'Targallae. In Myrmigyne, the Ki suffix before the proper name means adopted sister. Irodee is a long time friend of Wren Kergatha. Irodee is the biggest woman ever born among the clans, measuring just a hair under 22 hands tall and weighing almost 17 stone she is nothing short of imposing. Irodee's natural mother, Tolumbra Skyesteel, died when the girl was still young, thus she spent a most of her youth in the care of various foster mothers. Gawky and clumsy because of her quick growth, she found growing up in the clans difficult first because of her inability to compete with her sisters then later because of her size.

Ess Targallae, the sister of Myrmigyne Queen, adopted Irodee and changed her lineage from Skyesteel to Ki'Targallae when she was early into her teens after the girl proved her bravery and commitment to the clan. As the protege of the Queen's sister, Irodee learned quickly and developed into a skilled warrior. In addition to being one of foremost warriors in the clan, Ess Targallae is the most educated. She tutored Irodee and eventually sent the girl to the best schools in Malan and Ivaneth. It was while in the schools that Irodee truly flourished. She became a favorite amongst the teachers, a gentle giant with a caring disposition and a thirst for knowledge. She graduated with honors from two universities, and holds advanced certificates in language and history. She speaks six languages fluently: Myrmigyne, common, sea trade, both the Elf High Tongue and Dykreeni, and Dwarven.

While she is highly intelligent, Irodee is somewhat uncomfortable in letting it show. She prefers instead to play 'dumb' and often speaks in broken fragments like a barbarian. After marrying Laramis she confused many of her friends in the way she only showed her mastery of language to her husband. When not in his presence she lapses back to her fragmented speech patterns. Irodee is thirty summers old and has a five summer old daughter. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, Irodee accepted the ki'succorund (voluntary avatarism) for Ukko.
See Also:  ascendant, avatarism, dwarven, Dykreeni, De'Falcone, Laramis, Elf, Hyssta, Ivaneth, Jhandris'kul, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, ki'succorund, Ki'Targallae, kul, Malan, Myrmigyne, Nethra, stone, succorund, Ukko

De'Falcone, Laramis Appointed high Justicar of Ivaneth and Malan. Originally hailing from Coormeer (a kingdom in the south of Sharikaar). Laramis is an exemplary knight of the order of Ukko. He is swordsman of extraordinary skill, and veteran of many conflicts. During the events of Reality's Plaything, Laramis is 32 summers old. Laramis is married to Irodee, a Myrmigyne of the Jhandris'Kul clan. Laramis and Irodee have a five summer old daughter named Marta. It is revealed by the end of Reality's Plaything that Laramis is an ki'succorund avatar of Ukko.
See Also:  avatar, Books Of The Ring Realms, Coormeer, De'Falcone, Irodee, Hyssta, Ivaneth, Jhandris'kul, justicar, ki'succorund, kul, Malan, Moonshaes, Myrmigyne, succorund, Sharikaar, Ukko
decantrix A alchemical solution that can be painted on an object to make it undetectable to magic.
See Also:  magic
DeChelts Numanorian magic researcher credited with locating and studying the cache repository keys of the Firsts. See also DeChelts device.
See Also:  dechelts device, magic, Numanorian
dechelts device DeChelts device is the name given to the interdimensional keys of the Firsts originally researched by mage DeChelts of Numanor. Wanting ultimate security and convenience, the ancient firsts designed a perpetual doorway mechanism that had a few common properties: 1.) Very hard to access. 2.) Very hard to locate. 3.) Perpetual. 4.) Impossible to counterfeit or replicate. To this end, they fashioned special doors and the keys that could locate and summon them. The doors they designed were living creatures with enough organic energy they could create dimensional portals. These creatures are known in the Realms as phoenixes. Extremely powerful, spell resistant avian creatures, that live in and around volcanos. The creatures are truly immortal, periodically burning to ash and being reborn. DeChelts and many other researchers after him never discovered the summoning capacity of keys because they never had had any extended interaction with a descendant of the firsts. It was only until the current day, when Liandra Kergatha studied one of the devices and thus realized how it worked.
See Also:  DeChelts, energy, first one key, immortal, interdimensional, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, key of the firsts, mage, magic, Numanor
Dedriad The "dubbed name" of book of writings created by the pantheon lord, Hecate. These notes are a cross between a diary and memoir the goddess left behind in the wake of her death.
See Also:  goddess, Hecate
defenestrated Sorry, threw this one out a window. No, really, that's what it means. More crazy was the term was actually included in one of the books. So defenestrate me!
Degaba, Dorian See Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba.
deity The generic term for a pantheon lord.
Delacruix A pantheon member of the Taurteran Hosts loyal to Rellus. Delacruix pursues Countessa to Fabrista Homeworld with a bunch of Tirian vampires and gets beaten up by Dray Cartha. He retreats taking Lily Felspar, the daughter of Ziedra, as a captive.
See Also:  Countessa, Fabrista, Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, Skyedoom, Ziedra
Delarn, Araceli Rank twelve cybermed created by Eladrazelle Delarn. Araceli is the first rank 14 medical physician created on homeworld, as such she enjoys a great deal of notoriety among cyber citizens. Eladrazelle treats Araceli and her three younger sisters (Monique, Porsche and Octavia) as daughters. Being older, and the first of her rank, Araceli is given to moody and eccentric behavior. She is something of a thrill seeker (for a cyber) and her sisters often have to cover for her when one of her whimsical projects gets out of hand. In the events of the Ethermancer novels, Araceli is serving as the Solaris family physician, reporting to Vatraena Marna and her daughter Dulcere.
See Also:  cyber-system, cyber-unit, cybermed, Delarn, Eladrazelle, Delarn, Monique, Delarn, Octavia, Delarn, Porsche, Homeworld, Mercedes, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), Starbinder, Dulcere Val'Saedra, vatraena, Wysteri
Delarn, Eladrazelle One of the highest counsels on home world and personal friend of both Vatraena Solaris and Dame Gwensulin Techstar. Eladrazelle is a 2nd generation Kriar and one of the oldest Kriar on Fabrista Homeworld. She is a scientist specializing genetics, and essentially the 'mother' of the matrix technologies relied upon by almost all living Kriar. Eladrazelle is also notible for her collaborative works in cybermed development. She created first rank 14 cybermed to ever exist (Araceli). She later evolved and enhanced on that creations abilities giving rise to Monique (the first rank 16 cybermed), Porsche (the first rank 17 cybermed) and Octavia, the only level 20 cybermed citizen in existence. Eladrazelle treats Araceli, Porsche, and Octavia as her daughters and the four share a very strong bond.
See Also:  cyber-system, cybermed, Delarn, Araceli, Delarn, Monique, Delarn, Octavia, Delarn, Porsche, Fabrista, genetics, Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, Kirikos, Dame, kriar, Mercedes, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), Techstar, Gwensulin, vatraena, Wysteri
Delarn, Monique Cybermed daughter of Eladrazelle Delarn. Monique was the first of a dozen rank 16 cybermeds created. Monique is specialized in xenobiology and the treatment of non-kriar organisms.
See Also:  cybermed, Delarn, Araceli, Delarn, Eladrazelle, Delarn, Octavia, Delarn, Porsche, jyril/kriar war, kriar, Mercedes, Wysteri
Delarn, Octavia Cybermed daughter of Eladrazelle Delarn. Octavia is the only rank 20 medical physician in existence. Octavia is for all intents and purposes the queen of healer mecha, having the most sophistication of any healer on Homeworld. As such, all mecha, even those from other dastas recognize and acknowledge her with a certain amount of awe.

Octavia and Marna Solaris team up to create the avatar for Gaea, one of the most sophisticated organic bodies ever created by the Kriar. Octavia also recreates Bannor's ascendant body when his is destroyed by a run-in with jikartandak.
See Also:  ascendant, avatar, cyber-system, cybermed, Delarn, Araceli, Delarn, Eladrazelle, Delarn, Monique, Delarn, Porsche, Gaea, Homeworld, jikartandak, jyril/kriar war, kriar, megapsion, Mercedes, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena), Starfist, Bannor, Wysteri

Delarn, Porsche Cybermed daughter of Eladrazelle Delarn. Porsche is one of a handfull of rank 17 medical physicians in existence on Fabrista homeworld. Porsche is heavily involved in the development of molecular reconstruction mechanisms and has been involved in some of the adaptations for treatment of magical creatures.
See Also:  cybermed, Delarn, Araceli, Delarn, Eladrazelle, Delarn, Monique, Delarn, Octavia, Fabrista, Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, Mercedes, Wysteri
DeMarco Law officer that questions Corim while he is incarcerated.
See Also:  Vale, Corim Erik
demi-god The term demi-god covers a number of "types". These are people and creatures who possess abilities such that the are confused for the pantheon lords. Depending on who is doing the classification, "demi-god" covers quite a range of creatures. Any especially heroic act that goes down in history can confer "demi-god" status on a personage (as far as the common man is concerned). Among staunch adventurers, this term is an indication of power rather than prestige.
See Also:  god
demi-urge The living life essence in creatures that is willingly given up in the process of worship. The focus of creatures on their figurehead deity generates an energy that can be tapped and utilized by that creature. The pantheon lords jealously guard the demi-urge magicks, but from time to time they have fallen into the possess of mortal wizards and sorceresses. In the past, possession of such knowledge, once discovered, resulted in the mages and everyone the ever came in contact with being systematically hunted down and slain.
See Also:  deity, demiurge, energy
demiurge Alternate spelling. See demi-urge.
See Also:  demi-urge
demon A generic term referring to any of a number of outer planes dwelling creatures created and utilized by the pantheon lords to wage war and intimidate lesser creatures.
Demonorian, Aquada Aquada is a crazy ranger who willingly submitted to the Arcturan death spectacles (because of the magic loot) not suspecting the fights would be rigged (or perhaps not caring). She fought and was defeated by Beia Targallae. One of Beia's 9 arena losses was to the due to Aquada's unhinged over-the-top combat style. Aquada was fond of the phrase 'I smash it with my mace'. It was a said she did everything with a mace including a few indecent acts...
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, combat prowess, magic, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen)
Demonorian, Arrimus Soveriegn of Isis and brother of the loony over-sexed lady ranger of smash-it.
See Also:  Isis, soveriegn
Demos Member world of the Demos Ring hosting a cross-ring gate. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
Dericost, Childers Retainer for Laramis De'Falcone.
See Also:  De'Falcone, Laramis
Desiray Illkaren Felspar See Felspar, Desiray Illkaren.
Deurasus The honorary shaladen staff created for Cassin Felspar-Frielos. The name means sister of logic.
See Also:  Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, shaladen, Xersis
devils A generic term referring to any of a number of outer planes dwelling creatures created and utilized by the pantheon lords to wage war and intimidate lesser creatures.
Dewfield A run down village in the borderlands along the Karameth river which is right on the Ivaneth/Corwin border.
See Also:  Corwin, Ivaneth
dewflower Similar to dewpetal which also blooms in the early morning. Dewflowers have a blue to purple tint and the petal pulp is used in women's fragrances. See also dewpetal.
See Also:  dewpetal
dewpetal An attractive star-shaped flower that blooms in the early morning. The sweet smell of dewpetal is very distinctive, and many perfumes are based on the scent.
Diakere Harad See Harad, Diakere.
Diliaysus, Quasar Lathaan (Tarkath) Tarkath Diliaysus is a Kriar war veteran going back to the 3rd generation of Kriar after Fabrista Homeworld left the Kriar home star. She took the alias Quasar (her piloting call-sign) early in her military career and has used that in place of her real name ever since. Quasar's military service is long and distinguished and she has been decorated many times for bravery and ingenuity in battle. As a commander she was particularly well known for her 'least damage' humanitarian initiatives. As time went on and power and policies shifted in the ruling dastas, Quasar turned bitter and angry, a once idealistic and noble officer lost respect for the governing body and in many ways lost faith in the race itself. Quasar had sacrificed much to become the best possible soldier in the defense of the Fabrista and all of her pleas for sanity were arrogantly disregarded. She fought a losing war against the Jyril and she along with the rest of the Kriar folk were made sterile through a form of 'curse' that resisted all technical means of reversal.

Even after the Jyril war, dasta Daergon had learned little from their mistakes and the people were suffering for it. Quasar felt that the 'sheep' that continued to allow themselves to be led by fools deserved their fate. Quasar resigned her active commission to work in the private sector. She did odd jobs as civilian transport pilot, as a detective, and spent some time in research and development working with Eladrazelle Delarn. Many of Quasar's sophisticated matrix enhancements are one-of-kind prototypes created by Eladrazelle.

Quasar's skills as a time diver and as an agent of the military internal affairs eventually pointed her in the direction of hiring out as temporal consultant, body guard, doing private investigation and bounty hunting. In her later years, her reputation and respect for life worsened and she became known also as an assassin for hire.

Quasar's relationship with Eclipse Shargris is nearly as long and complex as her relationship with the dastas. The two of them came up through the ranks together and were literally the last warriors standing in three major battles. The two of them have been witness to more Kriar deaths than all the other living Kriar officers currently serving the ruling dasta.
See Also:  dasta, Delarn, Eladrazelle, Fabrista, Homeworld, Jyril, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks, quasar, Surr, Daergon, sector, Shargris, Eclipse, tarkath, temporal

display (generic) often a video display terminal VDT (CRT).
disruptor (generic) similar to blaster (c.f.) Disruptor's carry a heavier connotation of the damage inflicted. Usually the dissolution of molecular cohesion through harmonic discordance. (Shaking something to pieces!)
See Also:  blaster
djinni Elemental spirit folk that inhabit many parts of the ring realms. The air djinn or djinnis are the creatures responsible for the "djinni in a lamp" myths.
See Also:  elemental, Ring Realms
dna Deoxyribonucleic Acid (now you know why its DNA!). The chief material in chromosomes, the cell bodies that control the heredity of an animal or a plant. (Basically the genetic codes of a creature, present only in the nucleus of a cell.)
dolandil A fine vintage of wine found only in Malan. Dolandil stock is the personal stores of wine held by the King and Queen.
See Also:  Malan
dolhorm storage unit Maehr Cateye refers to dimensional storage box with this classification.
See Also:  Cateye, Maehr
dollyo chagi G'yaki dialect, name of a spinning heel kick move in G'yaki martial arts.
See Also:  G'yaki
Dom Starbinder (Louvros) One of the regional Governors on Homeworld and uncle to Dulcere Starbinder.
See Also:  Homeworld, Starbinder, Dulcere Val'Saedra
dom'ista Elvish honorific. Proper form of address for the King. The translation is 'Father Star'-- or 'Stellar Father'. In this regard it is similar to the common Term-- "sire".
See Also:  elvish
doma Elvish. A variant of the word for 'father'.
See Also:  elvish
Dominique Kalan Ariok See Ariok, Dominique Kalan.
domma Disambiguation-- not the same as Doma. Where the latter is Elvish prefix indicating male gender. Domma is a female styling of respect for an older woman or a woman of higher station. In some families, the husband may call the wife Domma.
See Also:  doma, elvish
Domna Myrmigyne who challenged Beia Targallae to ritual combat when the queen was experiencing a bout of weakness due to advanced age and body deterioration from a life spent being pounded in the arenas. Despite Beia's weakness, her vast combat experience made challenge no contest whatsoever. It is this particular incident which is the catalyst that causes Beia and Aarlen to meet and interact.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, combat prowess, Frielos, Aarlen, Myrmigyne, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen)
domsa Domsa is a male styling. It is more rarely used and usually in a family setting.
donma Elvish dialect, respectful title for a older woman of noble status. Mixed with common trade language 'donma-prime' it is similar to elvish formal title Matradomma.
See Also:  elvish, Matradomma, titles/honorifics
doppelganger A created creature indigenous to the outer planes. If credence can be given the Dedriad, Hecate had a large part in their devising. Doppelgangers are however encountered in the desolate fringe territories of the realms.
See Also:  Dedriad, Hecate
Dorahe Crowninshield See Crowninshield, Dorahe.
Doral Member world of the Sirus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
Doratah Member world of the capital ring. The instigating incident that gets Dae Silvarron in trouble with the Protectorate occurs on this planet. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, eternals, Eternity, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, metapathy, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Silvarron, Daedalus, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, time guardians, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
Dorian Degaba Ishtarvariku See Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba.
Dormigor, Kaas A Lokori encountered in Starholme Prime that gives trouble to Bannor, Wren, Daena and the others.
See Also:  Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Lokori, megapsion, Starfist, Bannor, Starholme Prime, Sheento, Daena
dou G'yaki dialect, a dou is a tenet, decision, philosophy, or precedent that provides guidance or enforces order. When a dou is committed to written form they are then called dao. G'yaki culture is largely governed by dou precedent. See dao.
See Also:  dao, G'yaki
douzo G'yaki dialect, please.
See Also:  G'yaki
download To retrieve information (data) through a communications link.
See Also:  data
dracked (Slang) Conjugation past tense of 'going draconic' or going crazy or being 'freaked out'.
dracking (Slang) Conjugation present tense of 'going draconic' or going crazy or being 'freaked out'.
draconians The dragon race. In Gladshiem there are enough dragons to form a "community" structure. Tymoril and Kegari the two dragons which accompany Bannor on his adventures refer to dragon-kind as a collective community.
See Also:  dragon, Gladshiem, Kegari, Starfist, Bannor, Tymoril
draconid Specific term referring to a dragon or dragon-like creature. While having reptile-like qualities, dragons are not cold-blooded creatures. With their intelligence, magic, mutability and abilities of flight they are their own genera.
See Also:  dragon, magic
draconoid Any thing with features similar or related to dragons. Including being a dragon.
See Also:  dragon
dragon These magical reptiles take many forms, colors, and sizes and live throughout the Ring Realms. What more can be said about them that whole volumes of material haven't addressed'
See Also:  Haven, Ring Realms
dragon queen See Ariok, Gabriella Sarn.
dragonfire Fire that came out of a dragon.
See Also:  dragon
dragonkind Literally related to the family of dragons.
drakmoorian A reference to the Silissian kingdom of Drakmoor, at one time ruled by the Shadowstalker clan and their patriarch King Xenos. Xenos and most of his family end up executed in a coup arranged by Gabriella Sarn Ariok. Gabriella's daughter Sabella ends up married to Xenos' surviving male heir, Nevarr.
See Also:  Ariok, Gabriella Sarn, Crowninshield-Ariok-Farwalker, Sabella, Shadowstalker, Nevarr, Shadowstalker, Xenos (King), silissian
Draline Valharesh See Valharesh, Draline Ryelle (Lady).
Draupnir Hammer of thunderbolts used by Talorin Falor.
See Also:  Falor, Talorin {Tal}
Dream Merchants The shadow organization of the Dream Merchants has been described in many ways; both as saviors and as sellers of death. They are a mercenary organization that facilitate the realization of dreams--for the right price. The organization's extensive portfolio of mages, warriors, thieves, and assassins, in a addition to an phenomenal information gathering network could make the impossible, possible.

It is unclear who or what founded the Dream Merchants or how they came to possess Kriar technology. Many site Theln Azygos as being the chief architect of this organization. Others say that this is not possible, because she only became involved with them late into their development. Other sources point to the eternal Yi Esperantil as being responsible for their initial creation as a research cadre trying to restore the lost eternals to life and find a means to defeat the Kriar creation Garfang. This particular line of reasoning would support how the core membership of the group who would become the Dream Merchants gained access to the abandoned Kriar way-points, and how they learned to operate the equipment. Others say it was not Yi, but Garfang himself who formed this group for his own reasons. The truth may in actuality be a combination of the three, an endeavor started by one entity and abandoned, then later taken up by another...

Whichever author was responsible for their inception, and despite their seemingly selfish intent, the Dream Merchants were chosen to be the guardians of Eternity's soulname cache. A repository of the true-names of all the living beings in Eternity. This "right" was jealously guarded by the merchants, and if they could be said to be faithful to any task, the soulname right of passage was the one they remained most true too. The merchants would sell anything BUT soulnames. However, for the right price, a creature could be allowed to take the "Eternity's Right of Passage" and try to acquire their name. A few in recent Ring Realms history have succeeded in doing this through various means: Aquada Demonorian, Tiernia Nirvanae, Talorin Falor, Desiray Illkaren-Felspar, and Dorian Degaba Ishtarvariku being among those significant to the tales.

The Dream Merchants are credited with countless crimes as arms dealers who would sell anything to anybody. They were the chief supplier of equipment for Meridian Arcturan's Death Spectacles. Many people say that Meridian was in fact a member of the Dream Merchant cadre who broke away to seek his own fortune. This would explain his close ties to them.

The truth was there were indeed factions within the Dream Merchants that did not distinguish between clients or the goals of those clients. However, there were other more scrupled groups that tried to maintain a sense of balance. It was because of this dichotomy that the organization often worked both sides of the street so-to-speak. Selling weapons to one nation, and the defense against those weapons to the rival who they were targeting with them.

Possibly the most famous (infamous) figure associated with the Dream Merchants is Theln Azygos. For several centuries, she served in a leadership role, managing the affairs, resolving disputes, and acting as a liaison for the organization. It was well known that Theln was not very fond of what the merchants did. It was also fairly well known that she had no particular love of humans from some traumatic experiences in her past. It is uncertain WHY she agreed to do this job for so long, but it is surmised that she did it to temper the Dream Merchants and ameliorate some of the harm the organization was doing.
See Also:  Arcturan, Meridian, Azygos, Theln, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Esperantil, Yi, eternals, Eternity, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Garfang, hybrid (golem), Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba, jyril/kriar war, kriar, network, Nirvanae, Tiernia, Ring Realms, soulname

dream-scape The psychic landscape of a dreaming mind. Imaginary imagery typically shared when a telepath goes into the mind of someone asleep and dreaming.
See Also:  telepath
dreel A elder race descended from the Lokori. Only slightly less xenophobic and aggressive than their parent race. Vulcindra Skybane the elder savant of spaces is reputed to be one of the few remaining Dreel.
See Also:  elder, Lokori, Skybane, Vulcindra, savant
Dregstown A shanty town in Corwin known for its roughness.
See Also:  Corwin
drek Drek (along with dren) are slang terms in the Ring Realms which refer to a less than desirable material. A common usage: The drek has hit the windmill.
See Also:  dren, Ring Realms
dren Dren (along with drek) are slang terms in the Ring Realms that refer to undesirable material. A common usage: That's a bunch of dren!
See Also:  drek, drenning, Ring Realms
drenning Verb form of dren. You have to be drenning me! See dren.
See Also:  dren
drive (Generic) often refers to the engines or motive force of a vessel.
droid Corrupted version of the word 'Android' c.f. made popular in the Star-Wars movie series. The terminology is more analogous to robots as the term droid appeared to apply to any of the cybernetic servitor machinery.
See Also:  android, artificial intelligence, cybernetic
drow Otherwise known as the dark elves. Subterranean in nature and far more violent than their surface dwelling kin. The dark elves are powerful in magic. The drow of the world of Grayhawk take over the surface for several decades in a conflict called the War of the Light Slayers.
See Also:  elves, Grayhawk, magic
Dulcere Val'Saedra Starbinder See Starbinder, Dulcere Val'Saedra.
duna'agon Elvish slang term. Duna is derogatory reference for "man". Agon means half. Literally, half-men.
See Also:  elvish
Duquesne, Mazerak Duke of Coormeer and Storm savant (Lokar Nola) in the employ of Hecate. The Lokar Nola, has the ability to control elementals, and other natural systems of energy (like storms) [hence the name]. Duquesne is close to the royal family of Coormeer, and in position to be placed close to the throne. He is politically active in all the major kingdoms of Sharikaar. Mazarak is in his early 30's. He has three wives and seven legitimate children. He is rumored to have several illegitimate children as well.
See Also:  Coormeer, energy, Hecate, Moonshaes, Myrgul, Duke, nola, savant, Sharikaar
duralloy Lightweight metallic composite used by the Kriar. The material is actually organic in nature and is spun out organic super-colony lathing devices that inject the raw crystalline residue into magnetic fields that force the product into specific shapes. The magnetic interaction and heat cause the crystals to change state wherein the product becomes a fibrous metallic substance. Duralloy has the structural integrity of high grade tungsten-molybdenum steel. It has a melting point of 3700 degrees. It is a non-ferrous material with a heat inductance equivalent to copper. Duralloy has poor electrical conductance and cheap fabricating costs make it a good building material for numerous purposes.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
Duran'Gravar Giant tree in the valley of Jhandris'Kul and the home to the tribe of Myrmigynes lead by Beia Targallae.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Hyssta, Jhandris'kul, kul, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen)
durascreen A clear crystalline composite similar to duralloy.
See Also:  duralloy
Durathi The Durathi are a non-military police force that patrol and keep order in various locations throughout the Fabrista Homeworld. The Durathi are primarily a low-threat response group, that answer the call for rescues and situations of general disorder. In situations where combat or direct confrontation may be necessary the trained warriors of the military are called upon to handle the encounter.
See Also:  combat prowess, Fabrista, Homeworld, jyril/kriar war
Durka A town in the Hold of the Sea Princes seen as having little strategic value.
Durotar One of the primary worlds of the fourth alliance and the planet where Aarlen Frielos' citadel Falconhall is located.
See Also:  Falconhall, Frielos, Aarlen
Dwarf Dwarves are a stocky race of underground dwelling humanoids that can be found throughout the Ring Realms. They are noted for their gruff tempers, craftsmanship, and lust for treasure. Dwarves tend to be very materialistic and typically don't venture far from their home community above ground. Wanderers are not unknown, and they are staunch and loyal followers and supporters once their trust is earned. Dwarves typically live between 200 and 300 summers.
See Also:  dwarven, Ring Realms
dwarven Of or being related to dwarves. see dwarf.
See Also:  Dwarf
dwarves See Dwarf.
dwarvish The language spoken by dwarves.
See Also:  Dwarf
dwoden A powerful clan of G'yaki, a fringe (progressive) group that has some of the most powerful warriors in the Realms. Clan Dwoden was formally a subbordinate house to clan Orenraki. A betrayal of jissentenki households in clan Orenraki caused the death Tieshu Toretsu Orenraki, and took the lives of his son Hiramasa, and Subaru Dwoden. By the time Idun Yggdrasil outted the conspiracy, clan Orenraki had spintered into 3 clans that went their own way. Gorashi Dwoden, survived by his father Subaru took up the mantle Tieshu for clan Dwoden. Gorashi has since pioneered a great deal of reform and taken his clan down a bloody path, establishing his organization as one of the most feared and reviled. Hanshi Zu Rishta a shishou dan gojuhatchi (rank 58) who learned under the immortal leader of the 1st Alliance Vulcindra Skybane is one of their members.
See Also:  Dwoden, Gorashi, G'yaki, hanshi, immortal, jissentenki, Rishta, Zu, Skybane, Vulcindra, shishou, tieshu, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun
Dwoden, Gorashi Tieshu of the powerful Dwoden clan of immortal G'yaki. He is shishou dan yonju (rank 40) trained under the prominent G'yaki Orenraki Toretsu. His father's sister married into clan Orenraki. Making Hiramasa Orenraki, the son of Toretsu, Gorashi's cousin. Hiramasa was well regarded among all the G'yaki clans as something of peace bringer and forward thinker, who attempted to bring the splintered G'yaki clans together. Hiramasa and Idun Yggdrasil were in a relationship prior to the jissentenki uprising in the Orenraki clan that took Hiramasa's life, and the life of Gorashi's father Subaru. The death of Subaru Dwoden left Gorashi as the clan head, and he formed a new clan from the ashes of clan Orenraki.
See Also:  dwoden, G'yaki, immortal, jissentenki, Orenraki, Hiramasa, shishou, tieshu, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun
Dykreeni The dykreeni are an elven offshoot that live underground. They are not dark-skinned like the drow, and do not suffer living in the light. They however possess many traits common to both the high-elves and the Drow. It is thought that perhaps they are actually the result of an unlikely coupling between a high-elf and a Drow.

The elvish dialect of the Dykreen is the truest to old language of the Silcanna. Because of the many trills and exacting intonations it is an extremely difficult dialect to master for non-elves. Through quick-teach Bannor Starfist learns Dykreeni styled elvish.
See Also:  drow, Elf, elven, elves, elvish, Starfist, Bannor, Silcanna

   E   From Ebisa  To Fabrista
Ebisa One of the hanshis in clan Hoshin.
See Also:  Hoshin
Eboneye Magical intelligent spear created by Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri Felspar for Beia Targallae. Eboneye is indeed an intelligent creature whose secondary purpose is to collect knowledge for Cassandra. The weapon has a somewhat 'catty' female personality that during the narrative of A Knot In Time falls in love with Corim Vale.

In addition to the other powers mentioned, Eboneye can speak audibly, sub-audibly through bone contact, and through a form of short range telepathy. Eboneye can read most languages, and understands the various rune-tongues of magic. During an encounter with a group of void dragons, Corim accidentally 'kills' Eboneye. The name 'Eboneye' is Cassandra's intentional self-reference, referring to the space black eyes possessed by the gold-skinned members of the Kriar race. The reference was intended to remind Beia of who created the eccentric weapon. The blade of this weapon is ultra sharp and considered to be 'vorpul' quality. The weapon can detect the emanations of life-forces within approximately 50 paces. It can particularly determine if those lives it detects have hostile intent. Eboneye provides a significant amount of protection from energy based attacks of all kinds. Depending on the strength of the assaults, this protection may only extend to a few hits. Once per day the weapon can be called up to heal the wounds of a single creature.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Books Of The Ring Realms, energy, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, jyril/kriar war, kriar, magic, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), telepathy, Vale, Corim Erik, void, vorpul

echis A breed of demon used by Hecate's forces.
See Also:  demon, Hecate
Eclipse Shargris See Shargris, Eclipse.
Edmund Tradeholme (King) See Tradeholme, Edmund (King).
Edrick One of the four war-hands of the Silent Sect. Edrick was the master of the North wind. His close friend Skyweir, was master of the West Wind, and the master of the East Wind Giquokor was also an occasional adventuring companion.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Giquokor, Skyweir
eh'san Kriar language that has no literal translation. It is a military specific term that a subordinate uses to address a higher ranking official. It is used in the same way as 'sir' is used to show respect. 'Sir. Yes, sir!'
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
Eladrazelle Delarn See Delarn, Eladrazelle.
Eldee Name the main cyber on the Lumina Dagi uses colloquially. It is an enunciation of L.D. el dee.
See Also:  cyber-unit, Lumina Dagi
elder Used to describe creatures (usually humanoids) that have lived far longer than normal human life span. Any creature with more than 500 cycles of living is considered an elder. Many elves fall into this category.
See Also:  elves
elder races The elder races are cultures that developed far in advance of current civilization. In the cases of the cultures indigenous to Eternity, they are the initial handful of tribes from which other life diversified. In the cases of the Jyril, Kriar, and Baronians, they are elder cultures which have origins outside of Eternity.
Elder Races by Era/Age
(1) Pre-Eternity (2) Newbirth Eternity (3) Cosmic (4) Super Ancient
Jyril First Ones
Belathi (First Ones)
Lokori (First Ones)
*Time Guardians
(5) Ancient (6) Pan-galactic (7) Galactic (8) Pre-Human
Tandleau [Elysians]
Dreel (Lokori)
Metath (Belathi)
Tharr (Belathi)
Toroth (Lokori)
Hyssta [Trackazoids]
Pantheon lords [gods]
Silcanna [silver elves]
Parenthetical (text) indicates the progenitor race.
Bracketed [text] indicates a common reference name.

If a race name is preceeded by a * they are a derivative race that has no decendents. The Eternals and Guardians are essentially synthetic, and there are a very limited number of them. Both races can breed but for many and various reasons do not.
If a race name is preceeded by a - (in the case of the savants)... The race is persistent but not continguous. The savants qualify as a race because they have a definite trackable heredity that decends through time, but is manifest within other host races.
(1) Pre-Eternity races are races that are unknowably old, whose existence predates the creation of our own universe. The Jyril are in this category alone. It is possible that the Jyril are actually of the same approximate age as the Kriar. However, they are categorized as elder to the Kriar because of their obvious superiority in both technology and the development of magic.
(2) Newbirth Eternity is a category for races that came into being slightly before, during or slightly after the birth of Eternity. Note when we say "slight", we are speaking in cosmological terms (thousands of millennia or more).
(3) Cosmically old means cultures that have spanned the lifetimes of stars. The Belathi and the Lokori are alone in this category. They are the first inbreeding between the first ones and evolved life in Eternity. These cultures were wild, unrestrained, and brutal. The Kriar who came to Eternity were nearly overwhelmed by these ferocious ancients.
(4) Super ancient refers to creatures which developed in concert with the growth of eternity. The savants are also in this category as they are genetically derived aberrations of first one heredity. By this point in time, no living first ones exist. Their legacy can only be found in their direct decendants the Belathi and Lokori, who are by this point also on the decline.
(5) Ancient cultures which only include the Sidri and the Tandleau are the first super-evolved races of eternity that do not stem from a root in the first ones or Eternity. The Sidri are a technical culture that fades into obscurity prior to the major conflicts with the Kriar. The Tandleau are a pan-magical culture cultivated by the time-guardians, that have a special relationship with the Protectorate.
(6) The pan-galactic category includes cultures who are all derivitive of the decendants of the first ones. The Belathi and Lokori no longer exist in pure forms, the powerful blood of the first ones now diluted by hereditary strains that evolved on new growth worlds. These creatures still walk the stars at will, and enjoy god-like levels of physical and mental power.
(7) Galactic civilizations enjoy a level of technology and cultural development millions of years old. These civilizations span thousands if not millions of worlds.
(8) Pre-human civilizations are ancient cultures with develpment measured in hundreds of thousands of years. Note that the pantheon lords exist in this category, these creatures are actually derivative dilutions of the Dreel, Metath, Tharr, and Toroth hereditary strains. Think of these super-ancient clans as the first "pantheons". It is not until the proliferation of life that these creatures re-emerge to breed, feed off of, and awe the newly developing cultures that are the progenitors of the Ring Realms.

See Also:  elder, Eternity, Jyril, jyril/kriar war, kriar
elder, ancients The ancients are any creature over 50,000 cycles old. Except in a few exceptions, these are usually members of one of the elder races. Vulcindra Skybane known as Death Goddess of the 1st Alliance is a storied ancient rumored to be descended from the Dreel. The truth of her age is suspect, but her empire has clashed with Aarlen's for close to twenty thousand cycles. Whether Vulcindra is identity maintained by a continuity of successors or an actual entity remains a source of argument.
See Also:  dreel, elder, elder races, Frielos, Aarlen, goddess, Skybane, Vulcindra
elder, elite The elder elite is attributed to creatures of truly world shaking potential. Elders over 20,000 cycles old fit in into this category. Aarlen Frielos and Elsbeth Crowninshield (c.f.) are the two recognized elder elite currently known in the Ring Realms universe. However, there are some Baronians including Senalloy and Luthice who may also qualify in this category.
See Also:  Baronian, Corresont, Luthice, Corresont, Senalloy Moirae, Crowninshield, Elsbeth, elder, Frielos, Aarlen, Ring Realms
elder, grand Grand elders are the next step up from great elders, and encompass creatures over 10,000 cycles old.
elder, great Great elders are another classification of elders that is also suggestive of power. Great elders distinguish themselves by being 5000 or more cycles old or being particularly dangerous through the lore or abilities they possess.
eldritch Referring to magical sorcery. Eldritch has a necromantic connotation.
electron The subatomic particles which orbit the nucleus of an atom.
element (metaphysical) The four primary elements are stone, air, water and fire. The common thought is that there are planes of existence that are the "home dimension" of each element. When tapping into an element it is from this extra-planar location that the power flows. Another school of thought cites that there are "resonances" within material and energy that can be synchronized with so as to provide energy, control, and various magical "sympathetic" transformations and reactions.
See Also:  energy, stone
elemental In the broadest sense a creature that is a manifestation or embodiment of one of the four elemental forces (stone, air, water, fire). Note that this extension is more or less metaphorical. Races such as Djinni and Efreeti are considered elementals (air and fire respectively). What gives them this distinction is their mastery of magicks which manipulate their respective element.
See Also:  djinni, stone, terra-force
elementalism A state of being in tune with an element (stone, air, water, fire) so as to be able to control that fundamental force. Elementalism is essentially the process of becoming an elemental avatar.
See Also:  avatar, elemental, stone
Elf Elves are a race of creatures seen throughout magically endowed worlds of the Ring Realms. It is popularly believed they are the descendants of the elder race called the Silcanna (also known as the silver elves). The patron of the elves, Carellion Lothlarian, is rumored to not be a pantheon lord but is instead one of the Silcanna. This has not be substantiated however. The Elf race is noted for the longevity of its members and their close relationship to magic and nature. The elves themselves are split into several distinct hereditary branches (sub-races) that each have their own language and customs. These are the Gray-elves, the High-elves, Wood-elves (faeries), Mountain or 'Valley' elves, and Sea-elves.

There is no particular racial bias or prejudices between these races and their dialects are derivative enough from each other that all of them can understand and communicate at a rudimentary level. Of the five, the aquatic semi-amphibious Sea elves are the furthest removed from the original hereditary strain and by necessity are the group that has the least interaction with both other elves and humans.

Elves are typified as having the same approximate stature as humans, but having a tendency to be slimmer and more fine boned. Their ears and eyes are slightly larger in proportion to their faces than is typical for a human. The ear cartilage is up-swept and pointed, this trait being most noticeable in Wood-elves. The eyes of elves have a luminous phosphorescent quality that is noticeable even in daylight. This 'glowing' quality enables elves to have exceptional vision at night, being able to resolve reasonable details in approximately half the light necessary for human viewing. Elven vision is tuned to longer ranges (being able to resolve at 40 feet what a human does at 20). This trait is at the sacrifice of

close-up vision. As a consequence, Elven script tends to be quite large and their books rather thick. They often employ vision aides when it is necessary to read smaller print in any volume.

The other characteristic of elves is their lifespan which is typically over five hundred cycles. The gray elves are the most long lived of elves, their lifespans extending well beyond two millennia. In fact, it is unknown exactly how long they do live because few that become great elders ever die of natural causes.
See Also:  Carellion Lothlarian, elder, elven, elves, magic, Ring Realms, Silcanna

Ellon, Garn Eternal and alpha rank member of the protectorate serving as tactical leader. If there is an eternal that lives in the nightmares of the Kriar it is Garn. Garn is physically strongest of the eternals and responsible for many of the lost vessels of the Kriar. Garn's spirit talisman is called Warstar. The weapon's primary ability is to stasis creatures it touches. While putting creatures in stasis is its ability. A case could be made for the fact that this weapon confers the most strength and invulnerability of all the Shaladens that THAT is its primary ability. The wielders of Warstar are living engines of destruction with immense physical power and armor like skin. Talorin Falor served as Garn's surrogate for many cycles, and the two lead several successful campaigns. Due to problems Algernon and Nethra were experiencing Tal and Algernon switched responsibilities. Algernon D'Tarin now serves as Garn's surrogate.
See Also:  Alpha, Band Of The Crescent Moon, D'Tarin, Algernon, eternals, Eternity, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, jyril/kriar war, kriar, metapathy, Nethra, stasis, time guardians, Warstar
Elminster Crowninshield See Crowninshield, Elminster.
Elsbeth Crowninshield See Crowninshield, Elsbeth.
elven Of or being related to Elves. see Elf.
See Also:  Elf, elves
elves Plural of Elf. see Elf.
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elvish The language of Elves. Elves have several distinct dialects, most notable among these being the high tongue spoken by the gray elf nobility. The most widely spoken dialect is called Dykreen or Dykreeni which simply means 'dialog' or 'speech'. The various tribes of wood, sea, and mountain elves speak variants of Dykreeni.
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elvish ranks Despite their age and artistic tendencies. The elvish military ranking system is fairly straight forward. It is divided into ground (foot) troop leadership and elite (mounted ground and air cavalry). When unit names are mentioned (like Hippogriff elite, or Nightslash elite) the 'elite' designates which rank titles are used in that unit. All special forces units are 'elite', the Nightslash elite involved with internal affairs and security even though they aren't a mobilized field military unit still use the convention.

Elvish Military Rank Equivalents

Standard Forces
Foot Soldiers
Elite Forces
Mounted / Air Troops
Equivalent to:
  Marshal [Field marshal] / Marshal of the air force
General (Maethormain [First of Warriors])Rovalmain [First of Wings]General / Air chief marshal
Methortaid (usually addressed just 'methor')RovaltaidLieutenant general / Air marshal
  Major general / Air vice-marshal
  Brigadier / Air commodore
Aramethor (usually addressed just 'ara')ArarovalColonel / Group captain
  Lieutenant colonel / Wing commander
  Major [Commandant] / Squadron leader
Kul'PraelorKul'PraelorCaptain / Flight lieutenant
Tormaethor (battlemaster)Torrevv (flight master)Lieutenant / Flying officer
3rd Praelor Second lieutenant / Pilot officer
2nd Praelor Officer cadet
1st Praelor Sergeant major / Warrant officer
MidachZuldachPrivate / Airman

See Also:  elvish, Nightslash
empath An empath is creature that is capable of sensing (and often reflecting or mimicking) the emotions of other creatures. The Kriar are natural empaths and respond to strong emotions. The Kriar have a very negative response to fear as a result. Fear being one of the most primal of emotions, tends to over-ride rational thought and discord. As a culture that is very old and jaded, the empathic nature of Kriar tends to make them seek out younger and more impressionable companions so that they can vicariously experience sensations that time and repetition have denied them.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
empathic reverb This term is closely tied to another concept which can only be called "carnal energies". An empathic reverb takes place when two telepathic creatures create an open mental channel between one another and create a "sensation loop". The easiest way to visualize this is take two mirrors and place them in view of one another. The repeated echo of the images in the mirrors is similar to how this feedback works. It can also be likened to what happens when you hold a microphone too close to the speaker which is producing the sound that the microphone is "hearing"... the deafening feedback "screech" is the essence of what the reverb is. In an empathic reverb, physical sensations are shared (like a speaker producing sound). The listening empath (the microphone) picks up those emotions and sensations and transmits them back to the source who adds that sensation to what they are already experiencing and that is retransmitted as well. The cycle continues until there is a sensory "screech" of truly staggering intensity.

Obviously without some level of control two people would just knock each other senseless or the sensation would become so intense they simply couldn't maintain concentration to continue being so-linked. However, even momentary bursts of this reverb can make the coldest fish gasp with desire.

One of the aspects of this telepathic mechanism is that the more closely in sync two people are, the better they are at doing it. Cassin and Annawen being twins sharing only one soul were the first to really popularize this mechanism for carnal purposes. They could make anyone into putty with what they called a "reverb sandwich". Getting in sync with one another, jump-starting a sensation, and trapping someone between them, and projecting the sensations through the "victim". The intensity of these sensations overwhelm gender biases, and almost all rational thought. It is because of this that reverbs are rationed because of their highly addictive nature. Too much, and that's all a pair of people would do until they expired from exhaustion (or their brains simply burned out).
See Also:  carnal energies, empath, Felspar Clan, Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri, jump, telepathic

Enad Member world of the Enad Ring hosting a cross-ring gate. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
encantrix Amorphous metal-like substance looking similar to mercury that can absorb and retain magical energy.
See Also:  energy
Encelus Member world of the Enad Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
encephalonic Of or having to do with the brain and cognitive functions.
Enclave Murriel The world-space enclosure where the Solaris family home resides.
energy (generic) of or pertaining to any spectral force which can perform work (change states in matter).
enhanced-human A generic way of describing people who have greater than human levels of strength, endurance, resiliency, etc. usually granted through magical or technical modification of their born-bodies.
erinyes Demonic creatures from the outer planes very similar to succubi. See succubi.
See Also:  succubi
Esperantil, Yi Eternal and alpha rank member of the protectorate specializing chronal analysis.
See Also:  Alpha, chronal, eternals, Eternity, metapathy, time guardians
Estryd Member world of the Sirus Ring hosting a cross-ring gate. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
eternals The seventh generation Eternals were evolved for the purpose of fighting of invasions of 'foreign bodies' and the cancerous infestation of germane life (temporal 'trouble makers'). Each entity was imbued with complete mastery over a certain element, energy or power, and lesser control over other forms.

Since the matrix provided more raw power than even than Eternals could control, the eternals were given the ability to surrogate their powers to other creatures. This surrogation is commonly referred to as avatarism. This same technique is practiced by the deities of the outer planes, and in some instances by grand magi. The surrogates of the eternals were dubbed the 'Shael Dal'. The number of surrogates each Eternal can have is unknown. The time guardians, who also possess this power, and have been known to have as many of sixty-one functioning surrogates at one time. See Eternity. See also time guardians.


Eternal's NamePositionShaladen NamePower
Koass VinaxPrime CommanderSharonsheenReality
Foross KerallStrategic CommanderStellaraacShape Shifting
Nethra ArgosTactical CommanderNovaSpace
Garn EllonTactical LeaderWarstarTime
Sroth MephistaCovert Operations LeaderKorvelLife Energy
Areth JaltIntelligence OperationsStarsongSound
Aurra LevonPsychological TacticsStarwindMind/Control
Yi EsperantilChronal specialistKrelstarTime
Zarthel BenwarrMagic/Tech specialistPulsarMind/Forces
Jarella KepsforiaSecurity specialistCataractDimensions
*Culavera SajaerTactical specialistJemfireReality/energy
**Leto SatierothTactical specialistCybersongFire/energy
*Culavera is one of the oldest living beings in the universe, and the only creature surviving of the third generation of the protectorate. Her powers are in actuality greater than those possessed by the prime commanders. Unfortunately, she cannot exert herself at those levels for very long.
**Leto is a product of the fifth generation of the protectorate, and, like Culavera, much older than the rest of their peers. Leto suffers from energy 'seizures' as a result of not being sufficiently synchronized with the Eternal's power matrix.

Roster of Shael Dal (surrogates)

Eternal's NamePositionShaladen Name(s)Surrogate(s)
Koass Vinax Prime Commander Sharonsheen Megan Vinax
    Lexaron* Ryelle T'Evagduran
    Xersis* Bannor Starfist
Foross Kerall Strategic Commander Stellaraac Aarlen Frielos
    Snowfire* Beia Targallae
    Zortach* Corim Vale
    Olimbril* Janai T'Evagduran
Nethra Argos Tactical Commander Nova Talorin Falor
    Lignum* Dulcere Val'Saedra Solaris
Garn Ellon Tactical Leader Warstar Algernon D'Tarin
Shadowbane* Dominique Ariok
Sroth Mephista Covert Operations Leader Korvel T'Gor D'Shar
    Swiftwind* Tigress D'Shar
    Blightscythe* Vulcindra Skybane
    Flameripper* Suda Nightrhymer
    Golondrax* Jhaan T'Evagduran
Areth Jalt Intelligence Operations Starsong Arabella
    Garadhyr* Sarai T'Evagduran
Aurra Levon Psychological Tactics Starwind Elsbeth Crowninshield
Yi Esperantil Chronal specialist Krelstar Adwena Swiftwing
    Deurasus* Cassin Felspar-Frielos
Czarthel Benwarr Magic/Tech specialist Pulsar Zedar Cloudseeker
    Darkbane* Aleesha Cloudseeker
    Golnir* Bertram Terrantil
    Velnasus* Annawen Felspar-Frielos
Jarella Kepsforia Security specialist Cataract Gwenafra Tristar
Culavera Sajaer Tactical specialist Jemfire Terra Karlin Falor
Leto Satieroth Tactical specialist Cybersong Damrosil Terranath
    Melakanir* Kalindinai T'Evagduran
*Shaladen names so marked are "honorary" embued weapons.
**Honorary shaladens highlighted with a green background indicate conscripted inductions that occur during Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot in Time and Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow that occur in 1112-1113 N.I.S
***Honorary shaladens highlighted with a red background indicate special field inductions that occur during the events of the Gaea's Legacy arc which occurs in 1115 N.I.S

See Also:  avatarism, combat prowess, energy, Eternity, Shael Dal, shaladen, temporal, time guardians
Eternity The name 'Eternity' is only a concept. However, it is popularly addressed as a living, breathing creature, and is often worshiped as a god. Eternity itself is actually a composite consciousness. It is the pooled psychic resonances of all living things. It is suspected that, after the first expansion, outside influences planted the seeds that would eventually develop into the super-consciousness that is Eternity.

One speculation points to a "Father" and "Mother" force (Alpha and Gaea) as being the originators of these seeds. These two beings are cited throughout the records made during the early development of the Protectorate, but their actual presence is never recorded. These two creatures are also cited as the progenitors of the First Ones, the race from which the original stock, and many later generations of universal protectors originated.

During the earliest stages of evolution, Eternity was little more than an infinitely large amoeba with a few basic responses. The thoughts of the myriad forms of life that were evolving began to etch neural paths on this receptive blank slate. At some point, the populations of life grew large enough that the resonances activated the 'seeds'. These twelve gigantic gems began to pick up and enhance the neural responses, and themselves take on the sophistication necessary for stimulus and response.

As Eternity evolved, life-forces were drawn into the matrix of gems. A residual imprint of these first primitive creatures created the first evolutionary steps in Eternity's progress toward awareness.

A billion cycles ago, both Eternity and life had diversified to a point where major changes could be undergone. During these changes, creatures began to be physically drawn into the matrix. From that point, these creatures became Eternity. The composite awareness saw all of time and space as a body. The body lacked defense mechanisms, and this fusion of living and un-living essences could sense wounds that threatened the health of 'the body'.

Forces brought the 'seeds' to a central 'womb' to focus the consciousness. With this centralization, further powers became realized, and development increased in speed. Hosts were cultivated from the vastness of evolving creatures; these would be the anti-bodies that would attack and destroy infestations, and heal wounds.

The matrix continued to assimilate living creatures; its power multiplying as it grew.

Initially, twenty-four hosts came into being; two were linked to each seed. These hosts were incubated, forged, and evolved to fulfill special roles in the universal defense. These were the first Guardians.

These first creatures were far less refined than the Eternals and Guardians that evolved later. They did have a purpose and a design. They built defenses around the womb, and created the pocket dimension Siderous Chronous.

These first defenders oversaw the choosing of their predecessors. They learned ways to make them stronger and more durable, having longer life-spans and broader capabilities.

The second generation Guardians were more in tune with the matrix, capable of tapping into its now-immense powers themselves, physically and mentally superior to their parent races. Their life-spans were greatly extended, some ten times that of their parent races. These were the generation of savants that would eventually shape the 'seed-womb' into Eternity's Heart. The 'seeds' were faceted, and refined, to amplify their consciousness-projecting powers. They amassed the knowledge and powers to build defenders far more advanced than themselves. At this time, the defenders were broken into two groups: The savants and the warriors. The savants were to evolve mentally, with consciousness that extended through time and space. The warriors would tap directly into the cosmic forces now funneling through the matrix.

The Protectorates third generation was fraught with disappointments. Many forms of life did not survive the rigorous incubation processes, or the radical alterations in their physical and mental structures. The projects of this generation were shelved as too ambitious after 47 of 48 subjects died through body failure or instability. The sole survivor (Culavera) was stasised as a borderline case, and took part later in the scaled-down mutations.

By the time the scaled-down projects were underway, the second generation Guardians were nearing the end of their lives. The survivor of generation three, and two other volunteers, underwent the fourth generation treatments. All three came through alive, but mentally shattered. Only Culavera, who was the result of the far more ambitious 3rd generation group, was salvageable for further treatment. Culavera was put into stasis pending further review.

Three of the second generation guardians had died by the time the fifth generation process went into affect. One volunteer (Leto) went through the process and survived physically and mentally intact, but undershot expectations for the desired matrix synthesis. The subject was put in stasis for review by his predecessors.

All but three of the second generation guardians were dead when the sixth evolution forging was undertaken. Five subjects underwent the rigorous process, and all survived. Only one second generation guardian survived to see the seventh evolution, which birthed five time Guardians and ten Eternals. He died before the final annealing of the subjects was completed.

The seventh generation Eternals and Guardians was a near perfect synthesis of power, longevity, and durability. Possessing hardened mindsets, expanded mental power and flexibility, they evolved into the Eternals and Guardians known today, about 10 million cycles ago.
See Also:  Alpha, eternals, Eternity's Heart, fusion, god, Gaea, metapathy, Satieroth, Leto, stasis, Sajaer, Culavera, Siderous Chronous, time guardians

Eternity's Heart The dimensional space that houses the central consciousness of the Eternity. This location and its associated dimensional fold is the temporally autonomous location where both the eternals and time guardians make their headquarters. The twelve giant focal matrix stones that serve as the power conduits for the eternals and guardians are located there. The actual size of Eternity's Heart is unknown. Reality within the location is malleable and stretchable, and more than a dozen world-sized constructs have existed within it simultaneously. The eternals, guardians, and any surrogates who possess a focal extension (shaladen or honorary shaladen) can cause alterations of reality within the boundaries of eternity's heart through force of will. During the temporal crisis of A Knot In Time Beia Targallae appeared to create an entire world for them to live in for a short duration.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Books Of The Ring Realms, eternals, Eternity, Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, matrix stone, Melakanir, Olimbril, shaladen, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), temporal, time guardians, Xersis
ether The somewhat dated notion of a fundamental fabric that binds matter together-- in other words the vacuum where things AREN'T. (The author notes that its a dated concept in light of quantum theory. However, since most of the readers don't have a doctorate in physics-- we'll stick with easier concepts.)
ether-space The continuum that exists in transition in non-consecutive time. The fabric of cosmos existing in transition outside the boundaries of the sub-paths.
See Also:  sub-paths
etheral Typically it means to be insubstantial. It however can be used to indicate 'out-of-phase' state. The Ethereal plane is an alternate interpretation of real space much like the astral plane.
See Also:  astral plane, ethereal
ethereal Typically it means to be insubstantial. It however can be used to indicate 'out-of-phase' state. The Ethereal plane is an alternate interpretation of real space much like the astral. See astral plane.
See Also:  astral plane
etherflux A disturbance in the fabric of space/time.
etherlock An etherlock is caused when a time-driver, mage, or device causes the probability fields in a specific area to become static. Essentially all matter in the target area is forced to assume the same inertia, temporal phase, and energy potential as designated by the 'lock'. This has the effect of rooting an area in time and space absolute to either a specific set of coordinates or a given vector. The etherlock prevents any kind of matter or time transference within its confines. The process takes a tremendous amount of power, and is the most demanding discipline practiced by a time-diver.
See Also:  coordinates, energy, inertia, mage, magic, temporal
Etsu Hoshin See Hoshin, Etsu.
Euriel Kergatha See Kergatha, Euriel.
See Also:  Kergatha, Euriel Idun-daughter, Yggdrasil, Idun
eurwren Wren when trapped in her mother Euriel's body makes a mocking joke of herself when she asks, "who am I now?". The combined name is pun and an aspect of the bitterness she is experiencing at that moment.
See Also:  Kergatha, Euriel Idun-daughter, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
evocations Magicks which draw upon extra dimensional energies for their power.
exoskeleton A technical artifice worn on the outside of the skin to provide additional functionality (enhance strength, provide flight, etc).
expert-system A neural-network devised to expedite decision making in a precise area of expertise. A user answers a complex series of questions, and based on the answers the computer follows a path of logic to a course of action.
See Also:  network, neural-network
   F   From Fabrista  To G'at'sarat
Fabrista The race of Kriar occupying the 'Fabrista' Homeworld.
See Also:  Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, karanganoi, kriar
Falconhall The name of the citadel where Aarlen Frielos is reputed to have lived as a child.
See Also:  Frielos, Aarlen
Falor, Talorin {Tal} Talorin Falor is one of the more storied figures in the Ring Realms, a warrior with a truly mythical ability to find himself in the 'hot spots' of legends in the making. Tal's history is a complex knot of twists and turns that involves many enterprises and tragedies. After a few seasons spent treasure hunting, Tal retired while still young to invest his gold and become a businessman. He ended up in the unlikely role as the proprietor of a brothel, an enterprise he shared with his adventuring partner Kaas Windsbane. The two men, while running a house of ill repute, were known as the 'softest touches in town'. They never bound their girls to contracts, nor did they ask more than a token percentage of any fees collected. In fact, the two men even helped their 'girls' get 'legitimate' work should the seamy life no longer appeal. Perhaps it was this low-pressure approach that made their business so successful. The endeavor was not to last, Tal grew bored and started looking for adventure again. He took up with king Tradeholm's eastern front regulars as an experienced captain. It was during this tour of duty that he met and fell in love with an Elven woman named Deirde Silkere. Tal continued his borderland tour and kept house with Deirde for several seasons. What might have been an idyllic life for the warrior turned tragic when raiding parties from the east realm overran several villages and cities along the border. Tal and the troops under his command were quick to respond, and over a period of days drove back the enemy. It was during this conflict that Tal showed mercy to one of the enemy commanders. An act of altruism which would see an entire village of elves sacked as revenge, and result in the loss of his wife of only a few seasons. This experience would harden the man for the many adventures to come.

After this harsh lesson, Tal's tactics and demeanor took on a darker tone, the bitterness over his loss one not quickly forgotten or left behind. He went back to active adventuring and campaigning now in a more serious vein. It was shortly after that he met up with members of the Band of the Crescent Moon, and learned more of the Death Spectacles run by Meridian Arcturan. He met Beia Targallae and T'Gor D'Shar and began assisting them in shutting down the arenas. It was during this time that Tal began adding to his fighting skills, learning to combat the arena pit fighters on their own ground. He began studying and mastering the harsh art of the Dan Sadad.

During the cycles that followed Tal would be involved in the recovery of the amulet of Tarkimaar, he would fight all manner of creatures from adamantium golems to skellar. He would take part in the revival of the Eternals slain by Garfang, and help organize many of the quests to recover the Shaladen swords. He himself would recover the shaladen blade Warstar. He would foray repeatedly in the cities of Dream Merchants and even fight the rogue elements belonging the deposed Kriar leader Daergon Surr.

Tal's hard heart would soften and their would be romantic interludes with Desiray Illkaren (then single) and Dominique Ariok. However, it was a fellow Shael Dal, Terra Karlin whom he often adventured with that eventually became the target for his affections. After a courtship of several seasons, they would become the second married couple in the Shael Dal (T'Gor and Tigress being the first).

Tal's adventures would continue. He became a key figure in the Shael Dal, the indomitable spirit to succeed against all odds. He would prove instrumental in several missions including a special cooperative mission with the Fabrista Kriar to Karanganoi home-world, where they would learn of the Baronians and their mysterious 'masters'.

Tal remains active in the Shael Dal and few would dispute his being their spiritual core. He and his wife Terra continue their efforts to remove all traces of the Arcturan death spectacles. Tal created several schools for adventurers, that serve as sources of income as well as recruiters for the various causes that he takes part in.
See Also:  adamantium, Arcturan, Meridian, Ariok, Dominique Kalan, Band Of The Crescent Moon, borderland, combat prowess, Dream Merchants, dan sadad, D'Shar, T'Gor, D'Shar, Tigress, elven, elves, eternals, Fabrista, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Falor, Terra Karlin, Garadhyr, Garfang, golems, Golondrax, jyril/kriar war, karanganoi, kriar, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, Olimbril, Ring Realms, skellar, Surr, Daergon, Shael Dal, shaladen, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), Warstar, Xersis

Falor, Terra Karlin Active member of the Shael Dal wielding the Shaladen blade Jemfire.
See Also:  Garadhyr, Golondrax, Jemfire, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, Olimbril, Shael Dal, shaladen, Xersis
Farstrider, Daedalon Estarous Noble outcast of the Firsts. Leader of the rebel faction that warred against the construction of Starholme Prime and the Wellspring Eternal. Daedalon was one of the few firsts to wield two cosmic vexel manipulation powers, dimension sight, and magic affinity. Maehr Cateye was Daedalon's protege. Her cosmic power strain the Mairn'Reth Nola (organic manipulation [shape shifting]) played a major role in the insurgency until a falling out between her and the rebels made her a target by the insurgents and ruling firsts.
See Also:  Cateye, Maehr, megapsion, magic, nola, Starholme Prime, savant
Farwalker, Krin Krin is the great grandson of High Imperix Vulcindra Skybane the immortal ruler of the first alliance. As part of non-aggression agreement between the 1st alliance and 39 worlds of the Ring alliance, Krin married Elsbeth Crowninshield's daughter Arahn. Krin and Arahn had four children: Kharabelle, Ljorm, Daedalus and Gillam. Daedalus was given away to a traveler orphanage. He was never told the sirname of his family so made up his own sirname 'silvarron' who was the Numanorian patron of knowledge.
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fastcast Fastcast is term coined for a powerful form of spell casting which uses the person's personal energy and life-force to "short circuit" the normal spell casting process. Normal magical spell casting takes time and some high order spells can take up to a minute or more to perform. Naturally, in battle, time can be something of a luxury, which is why the skill of fastcasting was developed. Fast-casting is the bailiwick of war-mages and battle-mages who hone and condition their bodies for the stresses caused by channeling powerful spells directly through their bodies.
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fastcasting The act of using the fastcast technique. See fastcast.
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Favre Barocal See Barocal, Favre.
Felspar Clan The structure of the Felspar clan is a complicated enough subject to merit its own entry. Loric Felspar's permissiveness, the pervasiveness of telepathy, the extended life span of immorts, and promiscuousness created by the ability to shape change and empathically "reverb" ( see empathic reverb. ) have created a tangled knot of a family tree that would have the most dedicated genealogist weeping. The root of the family's complexity primarily comes from the three house matriarchs: Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri , Desiray Illkaren, and Dorian Degaba Ishtarvariku. Immediately, one wonders why Dorian is included on this list because she is not married to Loric. Dorian went through a permanent gender change. At an earlier point in her life, she was a man, Gondor Degaba. During that time she married Cassandra (technically, she is still married to her?). So before this explanation starts, it's already taken on complications!

Three Squared

To understand the primary complexity one must understand that our three matriarchs are really not gender specific. They can be female or male, able to sire or birth. This is exactly what has happened. Dorian has fathered (or foathrad) children with both Cassandra and Desiray. Each of them has done the same with her and each other for a total of six combinations as depicted below:

(f) Dorian + Cassandra
(f) Dorian + Desiray
(f) Cassandra + Desiray
(f) Cassandra + Dorian
(f) Desiray + Cassandra
(f) Desiray + Dorian
There are children from each of these unions. In the "official" histories, these children retained the surname of the foathra. This created unnecessary complications in creating a chronicle, so the surname Felspar was attributed to all of them. One can see this issue from both sides, saying the making the name the same complicates differentiating who belongs to whom. Granted. However, tracking fifty odd names is hard enough without trying to untangle relationships at the same time!

Take it from the top

Since Loric is the house patriarch, his direct descendants should be listed first. With two wives he has two lines of inheritance:

Loric as Sire
+ Celek Farveth
+ Lorrik 
+ Radian 
+ Triplets
As one can see, Loric's part of the tree is quite modest (in comparison to the rest). It's from this part on that the mind begins to swim:
Matriarchal Interrelationships
Cassandra as Sire Desiray as Sire Dorian as Sire
Desiray Dorian Cassandra Dorian Cassandra Desiray
Caldorian+ Kassandra+ Maarina Darin'Kel* Annawen + Leandra
Sebenreth'Kar+ Dorrian+   Eviria* Cassin +  
+ denotes identical twins
* denotes paternal twins
One might note that there is an inordinate occurrence of twins in this family. That is neither accidental or natural... in most of the cases the condition was egged on by magic.

But wait there's more...

Further complications are added to the tree when Dorian takes a husband (Brin Ishtarvariku) and Desiray takes a second husband (Bertram Terrantil). Bertram was already married to Thamara Narrimar. Add to this, dalliances with two Valkyrs (Megan and Adwena), Marna Solaris (the Kriar matriarch), and the pantheon lord Isis. Now, the picture takes on truly Dionysian characteristics. ((We haven't even gotten to grand children yet!!!)) Was everyone sleeping around??? Well, in a word...yes. Didn't this cause problems...??? Well, of course. Jealousy and drama abound. For those following along, do remember that most of these people are in their 70's and 80's. At the time when most of the stories of the Ring Realms take place Dorian and Cassandra are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their marriage. Despite this advanced age, through various magicks these individuals are still physically in their 20's and as typically randy as beautiful talented brilliant people usually are.

Another factor to consider is that everyone discussed so far has telepathic ability. This factor alone instills a level of trust and permissiveness not experienced in ordinary mundane relationships. Partners don't have to wonder whether they are still loved--the emotion can be discerned, confirmed, and so on. Also, its really really tough to cheat in house of telepaths. It is far easier (and safer) to get permission than it is to ask forgiveness. [Granted, this is the opposite of how it ordinarily goes... but you've probably never had a loremage with immense magical powers pissed at you. She will make you pay for your transgressions. She has the imagination, the desire, and inclination to make life intensely uncomfortable. Worse, there's nowhere you can run... she can teleport, and she'll find you...] Anyways, over the course of five decades sharing was not an uncommon occurrence. It helps to understand that at different times Desiray, Cassandra, and Dorian each maintained separate identities as males that essentially had their own distinct relationships. Ah, the benefits (complexities) of shape shifting...

Miscellaneous Couplings
Dorian / Brin (f) Desiray / Adwena (f) Dorian / Megan
Jaraed+ Silvia
With fifty cycles invested in relationships, children are bound to find partners, get married and have children. In this genealogy, you will see a number of female / female marriages. This is something of a side affect of the interrelationship of the matriarchs. Shape changing creates a lot of potential in partners... in a world of magic and star hopping, the choices are many and varied. However, it just works out that sometimes the best person to understand a woman is another woman... and when that woman can also be a man (or the partners can take turns in the male role... ) the imaginative readers can fill in the blanks...
2nd Generation Couplings
(1)Cassin + Drucilla (f) (2)Annawen + Sindra (f) (3)Caldorian + Bronawyn (4)Sebenreth + Jolandrin (5)Darin'Kel + Gwynned (6)Eviria + Luthice
(None yet)(None yet)Cassopia(None yet)Xander(None yet)
  DonaRae Tristam 
(1):If there can be said to be any contention between the twins it is grounded on the issue of children. There has been considerable pressure from Grandma Frielos to see some bouncing half-Kriar / half-Territaani babies. However, both Drucilla and Sindra being playgirls (boys?) they really aren't child-rearing types. Being independently-wealthy ultra-pampered grand elders, the likelihood of them changing a diaper is all but non-existent. Cassin in particular is admant that BOTH parents should be INVOLVED in child rearing. Drucilla of course wants Cassin to bare the burden of carrying the baby to term (she's MUCH too busy to be bothered with being pregnant...) that is the second part of the issue. There are other considerations that futher complicate the discussion. It remains a sore point, and is the source of the first real friction this long running relationship has experienced.
(2):Annawen is the twin upon whom the real pressure is being applied by Aarlen to have children (mostly because she's more easily swayed than Cassin). It is also because Annawen has a stronger desire for children. However, she agrees with Cassin (though to a lesser degree) about the issue of involvement of the parents in the raising of the children. Both sisters are aware of the cold and loveless upbringings fostered in the Frielos family, which is a stark contrast to the extremely close-knit Felspar Clan with multiple mothers fostering overlapping affection on all the children. It is that paradigm by which they gauge how their own families should be raised. Something that would be difficult with only partial participation of the parents.
(3):The decision to bare children was sparked largely by Bronawyn. The dark Silissian princess has always taken issue with her inlaw Gwynned, the nosy, judgmental, stuck-up, cleric of Isis living down the hall. This contention grew out of a basic argument of how such a "plain ordinary commoner" would rate one of the most beautiful men a woman could set eyes on i.e. Darin'Kel (whom Bronawyn had always fancied but was never able to get the attention of). The ongoing upwomanship between these two would make a good story thread in a soap- opera.
One of the requirements of Gwynned's allegiance to the church of Isis was to bear at least one child, and teach them in the ways of the church. Gwynned and Darin were having problems conceiving. During one sharp- tongued dinner conversation Bronawyn was nettling Gwynned, suggesting that the reasons for their problems was simple frigidity and her not being "woman" enough to bear children. There were undertones about boyishness, etc. This trading of barbs escalated, with the remark about "wondering what a reptile knew about having babies anyway— they lay eggs after all..."
Through a course of events one could only attribute to soap opera dynamics it became a race to see who could concieve first. Gwynned had a head start, but Bronawyn was determined to show her up... reptile indeed!
Bronawyn did concieve first, a fact which she lorded over Gwynned for some time thereafter. This was also a source of kidding between the brothers about who had more of the "right stuf" but it was not taken as seriously as between the two women.
(4):Seb and Jol are a very laid-back pair. Jolandrin is a simple girl used to being in the wilderness and has still has a way to go develop the sophistication of the others in this wild family. She has a good heart though and plenty of libido. There's no rush (in their minds) even though momma Desiray has been dropping strong hints that her other son should get off his duff and make some grand kids!
(5): The relationship between Gwynned and Darin'Kel is epic in its own right. Starting with a heated conflict between Gwynned and Everia. Everia is VERY possessive of her brother and had no desire at all to share her paternal twin with anyone—period. Add to this that the marriage between Gwynned and Darin was obligatorial (it was ordered by the church after Darin was admitted to the ranks of the Sovereigns). This thorny situation was made worse by Gwynned's dismay and dismissal of the Felspar clan's "perverted" family interrelations. Carrying around those kind of thoughts in a house full of telepaths is bound to cause friction—which it did. Gwynned finally lightened up after she was given telepathy and began to understand the intricacies of shape-changing and empathic reverbs.
(6): The relationship between the Baronian warwitch and Everia is a complex knot involving her brother Darin, Luthice, and a number of events that would take several chapters of a book to do proper service to. Simply, it was a relationship that went hot-cold-hot-cold-hot-cold— something that was a source of confusion and frustration for Everia and simple irritation for Luthice. In general, baronians lead cold passionless lives of duty with little other emotions save anger and bloodlust to warm their emotional pallet. Being creatures of war they have strong libido and a desire to reproduce. In any event, Desiray had approached Luthice to see if she could recieve some tutelage in spying arts. (Elders who are great mages are not uncommon, but elders with vast experience in espionage are considerably more rare.) Luthice and Desiray met an accord, and in the baronian's shuttling back and forth to train Desiray she ran across Darin'Kel. (Darin'Kel makes women regardless of age stop and stare.) Being a rather forward elder, she made some advances on the boy which the possesive Everia immediately tried to rebuff.
Luthice eventually lost interest in Darin, he was married and boringly true to his wife Gwynned. However, Everia was much like him in a lot of regards, and completely unattached. Luthice bribed Desiray into "giving" her Everia. What ensued after that was a cat-and-mouse chase that went on for cycles. Eventually, Everia came to care for Luthice and they were engaged. Children? The grandmas are waiting with baited breath drooling over the prospect of child that has both Desiray's enhanced genes and that of the war-evolved baronians. Time will tell.
The main relationships are chronicled in the tables above but they are of course not the full extent of the allies and close-knit trysts that have formed over the decades. There are Gabriella and her children. There is Bertram and his wives. First Thamara who he later divorces. Later Bertram marries the daughter of Algernon D'Tarin, Valsiden who then by association becomes Desiray's new sister-wife. There are pantheon lords, eternals, Kriar, savants...oh my. Enough material for a story or two at least?
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Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri Annawen is the silent sister to Cassin. The two sisters are as different from one another as they are alike. Where Cassin represents restraint, logic, and intellect, Annawen represents hedonism, creativity, and passion. Annawen is extremely promiscuous, outgoing, and spontaneous. While Cassin plans things down to the last detail, Annawen simply makes it up as she goes. Each sister represents the pure forms of the extremes that might occur in a normal personality. This is why Annawen is so good at magic. It is a skill that requires confidence, the slightest shred of doubt can ruin or cripple a spell. Annawen literally has no worries, and no fear or compunction about the consequences of her actions. By that token, she has nothing holding her back. This is, of course, why she has problems with control.

Though law and rules are not the kind of thing Annawen would normally like, she finds the idea of twisting rules to her own ends intriguing. Her creative and exhibitionist nature are extremely well suited to both a courtroom and the stage. She would be perfectly suited to them except for the fact that she does not speak aloud. This of course, keeps her out of trial law in all but the most sophisticated territories where telepathy is tolerated as a means of communication. She does on occasion call on Cassin to be her 'voice' as she is in most of their everyday life. Cassin typically refuses most of her sister's requests because she feels Annawen should 'find her own voice'. Being the eldest, they are the big sisters to all the Felspar family children. They are often bailing their brothers and sisters out of trouble. Annawen's interest in law is quite valuable for resolving many of the situations that arise.

Annawen feels that Cassin is an errant part of her that has run away. The fact that she cannot function overlong without her troubles her. She harbors a secret (not so secret to her sister) desire for them to unify into one person. Cassin is extremely bothered by this desire in her sister, likening it to being 'consumed'. Despite their opposing natures, they are as close as two sisters can be and NOT be one person. Becoming married to Sindra and Drucilla Frielos has been an extremely satisfying experience for Annawen. Her pairing with Drucilla provides a balance in her life that Cassin was unable to provide.

The Frielos twins are specialists too, but it is not along the right-brain left-brain aspects. Drucilla represents the passive aspect of their pairing (to Sindra's aggressive) which is well suited to Annawen's personality and tendencies. Cassin and Annawen are extremely active and well traveled. They are adored on Homeworld. Elsewhere they are regarded with respect, and in many cases with fear and suspicion.

Elsbeth Crowninshield considers the twins, and Annawen in particular, two of the greatest threats to the integrity of magic. Despite herself, Elsbeth has been unable to view these two as enemies though they embody the very essence of what she fears (the merger of magic and technology). Whether by luck, or through their empathy, the twins knew it was essential to make sure they became close to this elder elite. A campaign several years in the making got them into the good graces of the red-haired woman buying them safety from her war on technology.

After an encounter with Corim Vale, and his metapathic talent, Annawen has become rather fixated on the handsome man. The fact that he's in love with Dulcere Starbinder is not at all troubling to her. She knows she'll get her way eventually... she always has in the past...
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Felspar, Caldorian Son of Desiray Illkaren Felspar and Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri. Cassandra is the "Foathra" or the surrogate of a female / female coupling who provides the male genes. Caldorian is has an identical twin brother Sebenreth'Kar Felspar.

Caldorian is currently married to Bronawyn Shadowstalker and has two daughters: Cassopia and DonaRae.
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Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri Cassandra is one of the only surviving members of the first incarnation of the Band of the Crescent Moon. She has traveled and adventured extensively throughout the Realms during her 91 years of life. At one time she was engaged to be married to Gondor Degaba who by a quirk of fate was changed from a male to a female by the Aesir pantheon lord Loki. In Gondor's new identity as a female, things got pretty complicated as he and she had already managed to conceive children. Cassandra ended up not being able to handle the relationship and the two of them grew apart but continued to raise their daughters Cassin and Annawen. Cassandra went on to marry the elder mage Loric Felspar.

After the adoption of Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri by house Techstar, it became a fashion among the Kriar nobility to start interacting with the humanity and skilled mages in particular. The ability of magic to overcome something Kriar science could not opened many eyes, and sparked intense interest in learning the secrets of magic. Also, humans being young and impressionable, made them excellent proteges. The Kriar being empaths, derive a great deal of satisfaction being around creatures who still experience excitement and passion. They can feel 'vicariously' through their empathy, emotions and sensations that they themselves have become numb to due to hundreds of millennia of life.

The Techstar family has profited enormously by Cassandra's addition to their ranks, as the mage's 'star status' among Kriar is worth a great deal in favors, media deals, and other 'celebrity status' benefits. This, of course, certainly hasn't hurt Cassandra's popularity among the members of her adoptive family.
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Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri Cassin is the steadfast twin of the union. She represents all the things that Annawen is not. She is steady, logical, and dedicated to rational thought. Cassin is extremely close to her mother (foathra) Dorian. Dorian is Cassin's paternal progenitor. Early in her life, Dorian was in fact Gondor (a man) and engaged to Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri. A extremely unfortunate encounter with a vampire and a the humor of a Loki resulted in a man being placed in woman's body. By shape changing, he could regain his normal male form, but the magic would eventually wear off and he would again become 'Dorian'. It was in his shape changed state that Dorian (Gondor) fathered the twins Cassin and Annawen. As a way of keeping things from getting confused, they coined the term 'foathra' for a female that had sired children.

There are other foathrings in the Felspar family, but Cassin and Annawen were the first. Initially, Cassandra thought she could deal with her husband-to-be having become female, but later found she couldn't handle it. Gondor also had problems having thought like a male for 50 odd years, now being a female and (via hormones) beginning to think like a female. The two of them grew apart but raised Cassin and Annawen as a family. Cassin married Sindra by 'default'. She thought the pairing with the Frielos twins was a bad and unsafe endeavor. Only later did she come to really appreciate the benefits of being spoiled by an elder. Now, many years into the marriage, she has fully embraced their relationship and enjoys all of its benefits. Cassin plays the passive role to Sindra's aggressive one, and is content to satisfy the needs of her sometimes demanding mate.

Cassin is much more involved in technology and more technically savvy than her sister. In that aspect, she complements her sister well, who is extremely magic savvy. Working together the twins can excel in practically any culture.
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Felspar, Darin'kel Son of Desiray Illkaren Felspar and Dorian Degaba Ishtarvariku. Darin has a twin sister named Everia. Darin is known as the "beauty" of the Felspar clan for his androgynous jaw-dropping handsomeness. His appearance is such that even the pantheon lord Isis keeps the young man on display nearby so she can look at him from time to time. This is one of the reasons for his accelerated rise through the ranks of Isis' followers, a fact which has earned him more than a little enmity.

Despite his rival's jealous claims to his "sleeping his way to the top" Darin'Kel is in fact an exceptionally gifted and talented individual. Having his mother Desiray's incredible physique and Dorian's keen intellect, there is little this young man cannot do once he sets his mind to it. As a cleric of Isis the dogma of the worship was stifling to him. However, he became a cleric as something of a defiance to his mother Dorian who wanted him to learn the magical arts (actually, it was more of Everia's defiance than his, but Darin generally follows the will of his sister). It was not until Darin entered the ranks of the Sovereign that he truly began to flourish (the soveriegns are mages with priest training who serve Isis).

Both Darin'Kel and Everia feel a certain amount of resentment and rebellion against their mother Dorian. Most of their clash is rooted in a mother-daughter tug of war for identity and freedom. Ironically, Dorian's persuasive and manipulative ways work on everybody except her children. Darin's heart is considerably softer than Everia's when it comes to Dorian, and when not toeing-the-line laid down by his sister he and his mother are very close. Desiray experiences none of the hostility that Dorian is privy to. She was the "fun" parent and had no part in the law laid down by Dorian which is in part the reason for the mage's unpopularity with these two children.

Darin'Kel later marries a cleric by the name of Gwynned, and later still they have two sons: Xandar and Tristham.
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Felspar, Desiray Illkaren Desiray Illkaren Felspar, also known as Whitelock, is one of the core members of the Band of the Crescent Moon. She is one of the "three matriarchs" of family Felspar (Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri and Dorian Degaba Ishtarvariku being the other two). Desiray has had a long and sordid history as a thief. Her adventurers in Silissia and later in quests against Hellzan, Surr, and the Dream Merchants made her fortunes which she turned to the task of building a network of guilds. Her skills as a thief are renowned through Sharikaar as is her merciless reputation. In her later years, this reputation softened considerably when she married Loric Felspar. She became gentler still after the advent of children.

Desiray was the personal patron of Sireth, who in turn was the patron of Liandra Kergatha. Desiray and Liandra initially share a mutual enmity toward one another that almost ends in them killing each other. Later, they grow closer and Desiray takes on a role as Wren's surrogate mother. In an attempt to shield both Desiray and Liandra, Gaea alters Desiray so that she can become Liandra's tao beta (meaning that they can join to become a single far more powerful being). In this form, Desiray and Liandra proved a reasonable match for even elder elite like the D'klace sisters Sindra and Drucilla.

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Felspar, Everia Daughter of Dorian Degaba Ishtarvariku and Desiray Illkaren Felspar [Desiray Foathra]. She is one of a pair of polar-body twins ((identical / fraternal) similar appearance but different sex). Her brother is Darin'Kel.

Everia marries the Baronian warmage Luthice in 1114 N.I.S.
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Felspar, Farveth Son of Desiray Illkaren Felspar and Loric Felspar. Farveth is something of a black-sheep in the Felspar family. Sporting the brilliance of his father, and the physical coordination of his mother, Farveth has the traits to excel in a number of fields. With his father's training he is an accomplished tracker, and exceptional woodsman. Despite his exceptional potential, Farveth is adrift in life, neither applying himself or taking any particular interest in finding a true calling. The boy is into and out of trouble on a regular basis, wasting money on gambling and dallying with less than reputable women. It was when he got a girl pregnant that his mother Desiray yanked him up straight by the short-hairs. Farveth is still something of a problem child, but is slowly finally beginning to become a more productive member of the household.
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Felspar, Loric Numanorian elder elite and patriarch of family Felspar. Loric is a renowned ranger and grand lore-mage. He has two wives, Desiray and Cassandra. He has three children by blood (with Cassandra). Loric is the creator of many magical items and technologies. The most notable of which are the Krillar. His wife Desiray wields the krill sword and dagger, Khairhavhel and Khairhavkul. Cassandra and Dorian both used krill staves of his design.

Loric is one of the last generation of Numanor, an elder race that eventually destroyed itself in pursuit of the ultimate power of entropy once possessed by the first ones.

Loric was born approximately 90,000 cycles prior to the events chronicled in most of the stories taking place in the Ring Realms. He by far pre-dates the lives of Aarlen Frielos and Elsbeth Crowninshield. Being one of the few remaining creatures possessing "true-magic" he felt that he should have a say in the development or the corruption of magic and how it was being distributed by the pantheon lords. This led Loric down a path where he began trying to police the ancient lore once controlled by the Numanorians and the first ones. He developed powerful magicks and trained allies to help him in this venture. Despite their limited number and resources Loric and his followers became a growing irritation to many of the pantheon lords, as he "kept them in line" policing not only the spread of magic, but enforcing a certain amount of separation between the lords and their sources of demiurge. The hit-and-run gorilla tactics of the Krill warriors finally escalated into full fledged war and Loric and his followers were forced into hiding. He and his followers would go into seclusion for centuries at a time, spending the "cooling off" cycles in specially designed stasis chambers that Loric had secreted throughout the worlds of the Ring Realms. There were occasions when he spent as long as five millennia in stasis, the exact reasons for these extended submergences are unknown but there are at least four known periods when he went "underground" for several thousand cycles. It's been speculated that he was in actuality sleeping off massive injuries to his body and spirit, but there is no evidence to support this theory. Upon each new emergence, he was stronger and more persistent in his desire to "clean up" the tyrannical dominion of the pantheon lords. Over the course of the millennia, the original desire to merely shepherd magic transformed into a one-man vendetta against the lords. It was in the latter portion of this war that Loric met and befriended Damay Alostar one of the great Kel'Varans. They undertook several quests to protect various members of the savant race scattered throughout the Realms. It was Loric's eventual plan to gather up all the savants and turn them against the pantheon lords. In the middle of this plan, Damay soured on the idea fearing that they would in fact cause the destruction of savant kind rather than their preservation. This fundamental difference eventually resulted in their going their separate ways. In the interim, Loric had learned a great deal from the individual savants he had met, and had discovered intrinsic properties in the foundating power of Eternity. These new discoveries were integrated into the Krillar weaponry and the power turned against the pantheon lords in a renewed onslaught in order to force the lords to give up their possession of the "material plane" and constrain their activities to the outer dimensions. The conflict escalated quickly, and several lords were slain permanently by Loric's new powers. The threat posed by the Numanorian created a situation where the pantheon lords would be forced to either comply and give up their possession of the core worlds, or cooperate and dismiss Loric from existence once and for all. The lords chose the latter, and in a massive battle the pantheon lords came together and in final battle corralled Loric and his followers and destroyed them all in a single entropic blast of demiurge.

In the aftermath of the conflict, it was a general consensus of the pantheon lords that they would all withdraw their primary influence to the outer planes, in order to prevent any further such conflicts. This was not only a direct result of Loric's efforts but an increasing pressure from a number of other sources.

Unknown to the lords, Loric had invested his essence into a secluded location, placing it within one of the five great krillglobes of his creation. Several millennia later, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri found the globe and discovered the great mage's essence within. The lady mage used her powerful magics to recreate a body for Loric and place his essence within the shell, restoring the ancient Numanorian to life. This last violently forceful vacation had taken most of the fight out of the great mage, with the pantheon lords having withdrawn to the outer planes there really wasn't much left to fight about. Loric spent a great deal of time in seclusion, healing, and regenerating his lost powers. In the meantime, Cassandra was fascinated by this powerful man, both by the possibility of gaining his lore, and learning from him, and the romantic idea of associating with this legendary figure. Loric was, of course, alone and lonely, Cassandra was hungry and enticing. Eventually, the youngster wore down the elder's resistance and the two of them developed a more intimate relationship. They were finally engaged in 1074 N.I.S. after five years of persistence. They were finally married in 1079.

Loric is the patriarch of the clan. The gods tolerate his new existence but remain wary that he might start his old tricks again. He has three boys by Cassandra (born as triplets) Loric II, Radian, and Celek. He has a single son by Desiray (his second wife) named Farveth.
See Also:  Alostar, Damay, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Crowninshield, Elsbeth, demiurge, elder, Eternity, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Felspar, Farveth, Frielos, Aarlen, Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba, khairhavhel, khairhavkul, krill, krillar, krillglobes, mage, magic, monofilament, Numanor, Numanorian, Ring Realms, stasis, savant, Vilesilencer

Felspar, Sebenreth'Kar Son of Desiray and Cassandra. He has a twin brother named Caldorian. Sebenreth or "Seb" is married to Jolandrin Steelwood.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Felspar, Caldorian, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Steelwood, Jolandrin
Felspar-Swiftwing, Syranil Half-ardani daughter of protectorate marshall Adwena Swiftwing, and Desiray Illkaren-Felspar. Syranil is one of three half-ardani Felspar children, herself, Ralani, and Silvia. Close family and friends know her by the nickname Rani.
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Fenris (wolf) A monster known to inhabit the nether regions of Gladshiem. It is prophesied that Fenris will devour Odin during Ragnarok.
See Also:  Allfather, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Gladshiem, Odin, ragnarok
fenris wolf Also known as Fenrir, a giant wolf that can assume human form. He is said to be the a son of Loki and Angrboda. Fenris is prophesied to be the creature that kills the god Odin during Ragnarok. Fenris is said to meet his end at the hands of Odin's son Vidar. See also Angrboda.
See Also:  Allfather, Angrboda, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), god, Loki, Odin, ragnarok
Fheir Member world of the Cygnus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
firmware Software encased in Read-Only form within a piece of hardware.
See Also:  hardware, software
First Alliance In the Ring Realms cosmology, there are four principle intergalactic civilizations. The first and oldest, the iron ruled worlds of the Skybane, is the most widespread and powerful. Led by Domapirix Vulcindra Skybane, it has ravaged and expanded it's influence for more than ninety thousand cycles. Its expansion only disrupted by the sacrifice of the Numanors that blew a dimensional rift in time space that made normal space access to the neighboring worlds of the Ring Realms impractical.
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first one key Colloquial term for the keys originally researched by DeChelts of Numanor. See DeChelts device.
See Also:  DeChelts, dechelts device, Numanor
fission Current day process where energy is derived from the splitting of atoms.
See Also:  energy
flaeness The main continent of Oerth where most of the events of Aesir's Blood take place.
See Also:  Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Books Of The Ring Realms, Oerth
Floor Amaggia The main (first floor of six) of the Hill Court trading venue of the capital of Malan.
See Also:  Malan
flutterbugs Colorful delicate insects that start their life in a cocoon and initially hatch as many segmented plant eating worm. People on Earth just call them butterflies.
foathra In a realm where magical shape changing is common, a foathra is a woman who has sired a child in another woman while in the shape of a man. She is that child's foathra (father-mother). This term also applies to a man, shape changed into a woman who carries a child to term. A far more rare circumstance!
See Also:  Foathra
Foathra A term coined to indicate a primarily-female personage who sires a child. It is a combination of the words father and mother. This root word can be used as past tense verb 'foathrad' meaning 'to sire' a child. A Foathra is primarily possible through shape alteration, however their are scientific means by which the male heredity can be drawn from a female as well.
See Also:  foathra
foathrings A verbal form of the idea of female siring.
Foldrin Master Locksmith and trap creator. Guilder par excellence of the last millennium, that happens to be the measure by which Desiray Illkaren Felspar challenges herself.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, guilder
force-blade The force-blade or force-sword is a plasma energy device with both utility and weapon usages. Engineers employ precision force-blades for cutting and welding ferrous metal joints. The device is sometimes mistakenly referred to a light-sword or laser-sword. It's true nature is magnetic / gravimetric. The light properties are coincidental to the function which is a high grade shaped grav field within which is contained super-excited atmospheric plasma. The damage potential of a force-blade is dramatically decreased in the vacuum of space because there is no material to act as a heat conductor. For the Kriar, the graviton and shaped photonic shell that forms the hollow blade of the weapon is a hardened and miniaturized technology. A specialized matrix transmitter that can be embedded in the hand is capable of producing the tool / weapon effect. Magneto-conductive composites are laced onto the bones of the hand to allow a secondary field to be created that serves as an anchoring and reinforcing structure so that leverage can be applied to the rigid blade without causing harm to the wielder. Essentially the rigid force transmitted through the bones makes the hand itself become the blade's 'handle'. Force blades take a great deal of energy to power. Kriar warriors typically only utilize them for short periods of time unless they are near a power broadcasting source (a ship or permanent energy transmission grid). High ranking Kriar warriors possess matrix 'energy factories' which when combined with super-dense storage effectively allow unlimited usage of this tool.
See Also:  energy, force-sword, graviton, jyril/kriar war, kriar, laser, plasma
force-field (generic) any energy barrier designed prevent or filter the entry of atomic or subatomic material.
See Also:  energy
force-sword same as force-blade. see force-blade.
See Also:  force-blade
Foross Kerall See Kerall, Foross.
fourth-dimension 1) The extrusion of the third dimension into a theoretic quantitative state. 2) of or pertaining to time (used in older fiction).
Fraestar Northern continent on the world of Titaan.
See Also:  Titaan
freecast Magic that is worked without prior preparation or through the use of a magical casting focus. Typically, a mage must memorize a spell and based on certain factors may only be able to cast that spell a few times before it must be memorized again. As a result, mages typically utilize a large arsenal of devices that increase the number of times memorized spells can be utilized. Through training, discipline, and special augmentations of their minds and bodies, mages can develop "permanent" spells that they can invoke at will without threat of ever losing it from memory. This evocation is called a "freecast" because they can do it without preparation or fear of losing memory of the spell. Ziedra Skyedoom-Felspar the Ishtar Nola is noted for her ability to freecast spells without even memorizing them. She does this simply by touching a mage who has the desired spell and then having them duplicate the spells casting. Her freecast is not unlimited however, she only retains the freecast of an unknown spell for two to three bells.
See Also:  Ishtar, mage, magic, nola, Skyedoom, Ziedra, savant
frell Frell is a common curse in the Ring Realms. The compiler of the glossary leaves it up to the reader's imagination as to what 'frell' refers to. It can be conjugated in a number of ways:

That's really frelled.

What the frell?!

You frelling made that up!
See Also:  Ring Realms

Frielos, Aarlen Supreme Magestrix of the 4th Alliance territories. Engaged to Regaura Targallae. Aarlen's exact age is unknown (even to her) but historians agree that she can be no less than 45,000 cycles old. This member of the grand elder elite is descended from territaani branch of humanoid stock. Aarlen was magically and technically enhanced by her Father in order to create a living weapon. Abused and tortured throughout her childhood, she eventually turned on her Father who had already killed her mother and sister. Unfortunately for the then twelve cycle old Aarlen, the cycle of violence did not end there. Mishap, misfortune, and aggression over a span of years eventually turned the white-haired woman into a brutal killing machine. She became proficient in all the major martial and magical arts, and mastered many forms. The a millenniums long series of bloody conquests she hacked out the territory of space now known as the fourth alliance.

During her rise to power she made many enemies which include Elsbeth Crowninshield, Vulcindra Skybane, and the Trackazoid and Eddorian empires. During her thousands of cycles of life, Aarlen has begotten children for purposes of having agents under her direct control. She has thirteen acknowledged children still living. The Frielos family has some 12 recognized generations of relatives that number close to 75,000 members. Though it seems hard to believe, with a life that spans over 1000 generations, Aarlen's distant relations likely number in the hundreds of millions.
See Also:  Crowninshield, Elsbeth, elder, Ice Falcon, magestrix, Skybane, Vulcindra, Scale Lords, trackazoid, Trackazoid, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), Territaani

Frielos, Drucilla Daughter of Aarlen Frielos. Elder elite and member of the D'klace guild of assassins. Being "into" everything, she even plays in an all-girl musical group with Luthice and Arabella. She is the silent sister to Sindra Frielos.

Something to note about Drucilla and her sister is the fact that while they are to a certain extent evil, and definitely self serving, these two never became the irredeemable black that many of Aarlen's creations became. This seems to be a deliberate happenstance on Aarlen's part, presumably so that they would be more effective as spies and seductresses.

Drucilla is married to Annawen Kel'Ishtauri Felspar. The elder woman has been teaching Annawen the etiquette and protocols of the 4th alliance high court, as Annawen seeks to conduct law there.
See Also:  Arabella, Baronian, Corresont, Luthice, D'klace, elder, Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri, Frielos, Aarlen, Frielos, Sindra, guild, Masters Guild

Frielos, Grohden First born son of Aarlen Frielos, master alchemist and strategic commander of the forces of the 4th alliance. Grohden's birth father is lost in antiquity, and it is unknown if Aarlen even remembers who sired this child. Grohden is not Aarlen's first child, he is the earliest surviving child. It is said that Aarlen had a daughter some time earlier that was slain in its infancy during an incursion of Hyssta into the region of space where Aarlen was living at the time.

While Aarlen had always been the epitome of hate and fury scouring the stars of creatures that resisted her, Grohden has never been anything other than the cold calculating sociopath devoid of all emotion. Of all her children, Grohden was the least controlled or chained. Perhaps because of this, the man's psychosis runs that much more deeply. Where Aarlen derided the value of life, Grohden is intensely interested in the human condition-- in the way creatures deal with hardship, in how they seek out diversion, and hide from reality inside of delusions and drugs. Humans and living things in general are curiosities to be dispassionately studied and understood. In a many ways, Grohden was worse than his mother because humans evoked little emotion in him one way or the other.

When Aarlen was turned from the darkness by the eternals, Grohden was uncertain how to react. After all the millennia, he was ambivalent at best toward his "mother". He was never treated like a son, and had always been little more than a tool to her. However, in the depths of his deeply submerged heart he experienced a certain sense of satisfaction at her downfall. In his studies of humans, and human kind, he had long developed a theory of bad karma being eventual end of all evil. Not that he was sinless, there was blood aplenty on his hands, but it was never shed in anger, only in pursuit of survival-- survival that was often predicated by his doing as Aarlen bid. Now, the despot leader of the 4th Alliance was no more... no longer free to smash everything as was her will. Now, she had a conscience.

Since the great changes in Aarlen, Grohden has made only a few appearances. He confronted Beia Targallae briefly, and during the encounter Grohden determined that she was no threat to him or any of his plans. When Aarlen began purifying members of her family, Grohden slipped into the darkness not to be found.

This powerful elder elite remains at large, his plans and status largely unknown.
See Also:  Alliances (galactic), Band Of The Crescent Moon, elder, eternals, Frielos, Aarlen, Hyssta, Hyssta Combine, Scale Lords, Trackazoid, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen)

Frielos, Sindra Daughter of Aarlen Frielos. Elder elite and member of the D'klace guild of assassins. Being "into" everything, she even plays in an all-girl musical group with Luthice and Arabella. She is the speaking sister to Drucilla Frielos.

Something to note about Sindra and her sister is the fact that while they are to a certain extent evil, and definitely self serving, these two never became the irredeemable black that many of Aarlen's creations became. This seems to be a deliberate happenstance on Aarlen's part, presumably so that they would be more effective as spies and seductresses.

Sindra is married to Cassin Kel'Ishtauri Felspar. Being the "voices" of the two sets of twins its not uncommon to see them paired with the other twin. Why they didn't simply marry that way is still something of a mystery...
See Also:  Arabella, Baronian, Corresont, Luthice, D'klace, elder, Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri, Frielos, Aarlen, Frielos, Drucilla, guild, Masters Guild

Frielos, Thanos Thanos is Aarlen's last child, and relatively young by elder standards (around two thousand cycles old). He is the misunderstood child of the Frielos family, something of a black sheep that never got much respect because despite his name, he simply wasn't evil enough. Thanos is a gentlemanly charmer trained like his older sisters, Sindra and Drucilla, to be an assassin. Thanos is the D'klace twin's "baby brother" and there is no-one else that they dote on or show affection toward (aside from Cassin and Annawen). The relationship between these three is fairly complex, as there is definite signs that Sindra and Drucilla shielded Thanos from Aarlen in deliberate attempt to keep him from becoming totally evil as many of the Frielos clan are. Thanos is still bad, but not an irredeemably evil despot, that others like him have become.

Since the change in Aarlen, Thanos has become more accepted. Beia Targallae and Thanos share an uneasy truce, as he does not trust the Myrmigyne, and feels a certain amount of anger toward her over the pain his mother has had to endure. Why he chose Beia as the target for this upset is unknown, as she had nothing to do with Aarlen's capture by the eternals. Some of it may be jealousy because when Aarlen was finally able to show affection to someone, it was to a stranger, and not one of her children.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, D'klace, elder, eternals, Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri, Frielos, Aarlen, Frielos, Drucilla, Frielos, Sindra, Masters Guild, Myrmigyne, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen)

Friggia A frozen layer of Hel.
FTL elision -- Faster-Than-Light.
fusion The propagation of energy through the merger of atoms into a heaver molecule i.e. hydrogen into helium as takes place in every stellar body.
See Also:  energy, molecule
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