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Beware of spoilers contained herein. These words be out of time and continuity. They are just facts and they know not what they do...
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   G   From G'at'sarat  To Hades
g'at'sarat Numanorian warrior's dialect, which means bite-strike. It is used to describe a spinning serpent-like move performed with a dagger.
See Also:  Numanorian
g'nari Precursor culture to the more-recent G'yaki. The G'nari and G'narth were the magic hostile mortal enemies of the Numanorians.
See Also:  g'narth, G'yaki, magic
g'narth An ancient race and enemies of the Numanorians who developed a martial art specifically geared for the killing of magic users.
See Also:  magic
g'renyaki Precursor art to the G'yaki style created by Renyaki and later revised by Vulcindra Skybane.
See Also:  G'yaki, renyaki, Skybane, Vulcindra
G'yaki The G'yaki are together a race, a culture, and a guild rolled into one. The G'yaki are night warriors that hire out as mercenaries and sometimes assassins. They share many common characteristics with monasterial sects, gathering together in strictly governed colonies which dedicate themselves to self discipline, martial training, and enlightenment.

G'yaki masters are renowned for their stealth and ability to escape, able to vanish through means of indirection, and pseudo-psionic disciplines. They are vicious warriors, their master-level fighters able to shatter a wall with a single punch. The G'yaki are most notable for their advances in tao-disciplines and spiritual-hardening. G'yaki devotees can over time develop spiritual properties similar to savants. Vera, the woman who serves as the Felspar Clan family cook is a G'yaki master. The little woman has demonstrated extraordinary combat abilities, able to single-handedly hold three Frielos family Sen'Gen at bay.
See Also:  ascendant, combat prowess, Felspar Clan, g'yaku, guild, Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}, psionic, Sen'Gen, tao

g'yaku A student of the G'yaki martial art. Can also refer to a member of clan of G'yaki. See G'yaki.
See Also:  G'yaki
Gabriella Sarn Ariok See Ariok, Gabriella Sarn.
Gaea The name for the female creator-force. Legend has it that a coupling between Alpha and Gaea gave rise to all the living things in Eternity. Gaea is the patron of Wren Kergatha. She is known to many as the 'green mother' and there are many legends of this cosmic fertility goddess interacting with various heroes. The diaries of Wren Kergatha cite having met and received boons from this powerful immortal creature.
See Also:  Alpha, ascendant, Eternity, goddess, immortal, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, motherforce
galaxy Any of numerous large-scale aggregates of stars, gas, and dust, containing an average of 100 billion solar masses and ranging in diameter from 1,500 to 300,000 light-years.
gallowsman A hang-man responsible for pulling the lever on the gallows.
Galvas Town One of the landmarks referenced in the Hold of the Sea Princes.
gamma-particle Once of several heavy radiation particles.
See Also:  radiation
Garadhyr Honorary shaladen wielded by Sarai T'Evagduran as surrogate for eternal Areth. Sarai shares Areth's powers with beta rank Shael Dal Arabella Tunespinner. Corim Vale does a field deputizing of Wren Kergatha as Garadhyr's wielder during a situation of extremis-- what Wren could really do with a shaladen wasn't discovered she had it too briefly. Garadhyr holds another distinction in that Bannor Starfist transformed this weapon to temporarily replace a mangled left arm damaged in a battle. It is the only recorded incident in which a shaladen has been utilized in such a fashion.
See Also:  Arabella, ascendant, Golondrax, Jalt, Areth, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Lexaron, Melakanir, metapathy, Olimbril, Starfist, Bannor, Shael Dal, shaladen, T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess), Vale, Corim Erik, Xersis
Garech A midach in the Elven military sent to track down Sarai. He accompanied Praelor Vindae.
See Also:  elven, midach, praelor, T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess)
garett, detective Pushy loud-mouth law-enforcement officer who berates Corim, Tal, and the others during their arrest.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Vale, Corim Erik
Garfang A bio-weapon designed by Kriar dasta Daergon for the express purpose of killing the Eternals, in the Kriar / Protectorate war. In that conflict, the incredibly powerful creature killed all but one of the Eternals (Yi Esperantil) in a single battle. However, in interim Garfang had discovered the dasta's less-than-desirable intentions toward him when the war was over. So, in the conflict, he let enough of the eternal's attacks get through that the dasta was decimated. After killing the Eternals, he disappeared. He had only been sighted a few times before appearing on Fabrista home world where he came into conflict with Bannor Starfist.
See Also:  dasta, Esperantil, Yi, eternals, Eternity, Fabrista, jyril/kriar war, kriar, metapathy, Starfist, Bannor, Surr, Daergon, time guardians
Garmtur'Shak Nola A savant of Reality. The pantheon lords call savants the Ka'Amok (Ka-Give Amok-Chaos)-- Chaos bringers. The Garmtur has the ability to control "threads" of reality. The word "threads" is used extensively to describe how this power works, however these threads are a metaphor for the relationships (the connections) between matter and energy. The Garmtur can perceive and alter entire systems of these matter/energy relationships.
See Also:  energy, ka'amok, savant
Garn Ellon See Ellon, Garn.
Garrath Crowninshield See Crowninshield, Garrath.
Gelovige, Wilco Oprecht 2nd Shrike Legion Varkath detached. Wilco is one of a handful of cyber-citizens who achieved a top level assignment in the Kriar military. A trusted officer of the Daergon party, Wilco oversaw many dark projects in the secrecy of the Phagara event-horizon waypoint stationed next to a galactic class singularity.

In the waning cycles of the kriar-eternal war, the eternals located the station and managed to convince the cyber-citizenry there that continuing to aid the Daergon's war would bring about only destruction. Wilco and his subbordinate staff defected in favor of an alliance with the eternals. Advocate Koass and Wilco became friends and the Phagara waypoint remains a "safehouse" for the Protectorate in times of duress.
See Also:  cyber-unit, eternals, Eternity, jyril/kriar war, kriar, kriar ranks, metapathy, Phagara, Surr, Daergon, time guardians, varkath, Vinax, Koass

Genemar CLASSIFIED. Sorry folks... not letting this one out. We have only Rakaar's reference. 'Creation run amok...'
See Also:  Baronian, Steelsheen, Rakaar
genetics The biology of heredity, esp. the study of hereditary transmission and variation.
ghanda Elvish. It means to 'accept' or 'acknowledge'-- usually in response to being addressed by someone of lower station.
See Also:  elvish
Gharrohl Powerful noble earth elemental worshiped by some shamanistic cultures.
See Also:  elemental
Ghenn Member world of the Demos Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Demos, worlds of the prime ring
ghiran G'yaki dialect, ghiran is title like overlord or master of many clans. The title is given to a master of singular talent, wisdom, and power. Orenraki Hiramasa was one of handful of ghirans through G'yaki history. Idun Yggdrasil was very close to Hiramasa, and there are speculations that Hiramasa may in fact be the father of Euriel Kergatha that Idun never speaks of.
See Also:  G'yaki, Kergatha, Euriel Idun-daughter, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun
giga-rev One billion revs. see rev.
See Also:  chronon, rev
gigabyte 1000 Megabytes or 1,024,000,000 bytes.
gigapsions One billion psions. See megapsion.
See Also:  megapsion
gigarev A billion revs. see rev.
See Also:  chronon, rev
Gihn Member world of the Cygnus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
Giliaja Secondary house staff matron in the Green Run extension of the Kul'Amaron citadel of Malan. Giliaja serves princess Sarai T'Evagduran, and is responsible for the cleaning staff and guest amenities of the house.
See Also:  Kel'Ishtauri Academy, kul, Kul'Amaron, Malan, T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess), Verdasil
Giquokor Master if the East Wind for the Silent Sect of Ivaneth. Giquokor was one of the founding members of the band of the Crescent Moon. He was given a magical artifact javelin named Heartstopper by the pantheon lord Thor for special service in the Lich Ceta incursion.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, heartstopper, Ivaneth, Thor
gishiki no sairento tsuihou A G'yaki dou of shunning and exile that remands the punished clan member to be forgotten and treated as dead.
See Also:  dou, G'yaki
Gladshem Member world of the capital ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
Gladshiem The outer plane where Asgard, Nifelheim, and the other realms ruled by the Aesir and Vanir can be found.
See Also:  Aesir, Asgard, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Nifelheim
glamors Magics that affect the mind and perception, particularly those that cause euphoria or grant the caster control over another person.
glassteel A clear magical material with the tensile toughness of thick metal. Glassteel is typically created through the casting of a special spell on ordinary glass. After the incantation is complete, the material has taken on the properties of a metal while still being transparent.
glow-globes In the Ring Realms glow-globes are one of magick's solutions to artificial lighting. In the case of glow-globes the effect is not entirely magical. Rare chemicals that have been enchanted take on a property than when agitated (the globe is shaken slightly) they will give off light for up to a bell.
See Also:  glowlights, Ring Realms
glowlights Another term for magical lighting (they are called differently in different regions). Glowlights are the same as glow-globes. See glow-globes.
See Also:  glow-globes
god Generic term for the immortal pantheon lords and ladies who make their homes in the outer planes.
See Also:  goddess, godhood, immortal
goddess Generic term (female gender) for god. See god.
See Also:  god
godhood The traits/attributes of being immortal. See god.
See Also:  god, immortal
gold-skins A slang term used to refer to members of the Kriar race.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
golems Creatures made from inanimate materials which motivate and act as something alive. Some such creatures are autonomous, most are not. In the Ring Realms, golems are typically used in the role as guardians, tireless, fearless, powerful, and ultimately loyal they are popular tools amongst powerful mages.
See Also:  Ring Realms
golnir Honorary shaladen weapon (hammer) wielded by the Justicar Lord, Bertram Tarrantil. In addition to its shaladen capabilities, Golnir is a magic hammer of considerable power. When thrown it returns and it can be used to 'stun' creatures by smashing it into the ground. Talorin Falor carries a mate to Golnir that he uses to get the upper hand against Rakaar Steelsheen in their battle on the technical world called Altara-3.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Baronian, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Garadhyr, Golondrax, justicar, Lexaron, Melakanir, magic, Olimbril, Steelsheen, Rakaar, shaladen, Tarrantil, Bertram, Xersis
Golondrax Honorary shaladen wielded by King Jhaan T'Evagduran of as a surrogate for eternal Sroth. King T'Evagduran shares Sroth's powers with T'Gor D'Shar (Korvel), Tigress D'Shar (Swiftwind), Suda Nightrhymer (Flameripper), and Vulcindra Skybane (Blightscythe). Though he has a dark reputation, Sroth is well regarded and his surrogate T'Gor is noted for their his contributions in service to the Protectorate.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, blightscythe, D'Shar, T'Gor, D'Shar, Tigress, eternals, Eternity, Garadhyr, Korvel, Lexaron, Melakanir, Mephista, Sroth, metapathy, Olimbril, Skybane, Vulcindra, shaladen, T'Evagduran, Jhaann (King), time guardians, Xersis
gomen G'yaki dialect, sorry (informal).
See Also:  G'yaki
gomennasai G'yaki dialect, sorry (formal).
See Also:  G'yaki
Gorashi Dwoden See Dwoden, Gorashi.
gorgon Legendary creature that could turn people to stone.
See Also:  stone
Grahm Tuffala See Tuffala, Grahm.
Grancovin, {Baron} Corwinian noble who was a lover of Ziedra Skyedoom for a short period. Another member of the nobility had her eye on the Baron and Ziedra ended up running from the headsman for her dalliances. See Skyedoom, Ziedra.
See Also:  corwinian, Skyedoom, Ziedra
grata Kriar for 'thank you' or 'thanks'.
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
grav-seats A Kriar artifice that is essentially a 'floating chair'. High tech furniture! ;-)
See Also:  jyril/kriar war, kriar
gravimetrics The study and effects of gravity.
graviton A particle postulated to be the quantum of gravitational interaction and presumed to have zero electric charge and zero rest mass.
Grayhawk City state in the middle Flaeness on the ring member world of Ooerth. Talorin Falor was originally born in the region just east of the city.
See Also:  flaeness, Falor, Talorin {Tal}
great-bow Alternate spelling for 'greatbow'. See greatbow.
See Also:  greatbow
greatbow A class of compound re-curve bows renowned for their range and stopping power. Much can be determined about a warrior who carries and is proficient with a greatbow because of the strength and discipline necessary to master the weapon.
See Also:  great-bow
Gretjia Crowninshield See Crowninshield, Gretjia.
Grimaldi Basin A network of valleys that sit beneath the shadow of Honig's Fist. See Honig's Fist.
See Also:  Honig's Fist, network
grimoire Essentially a book. In the Realms, the name grimoire usually has connotations that the material contained within the book is special lore of some kind, usually magic.
See Also:  magic
Grogir Of Rhad See Rhad, Grogir.
Grohden Frielos See Frielos, Grohden.
grollar spikefist Avatar of Iuz in the kingdom of Iuz bordering the Hold of the Sea Princes.
See Also:  avatar, Iuz
grungir Odin's magic spear which captured the souls of his enemies.
See Also:  Allfather, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), magic, Odin
guardians, time The guardians are in most essential ways a variant of the eternals. The guardians are not however combatants the way the eternals are. They are the administrative keepers of time and space (and the legal processes thereof) and often call upon the Eternals to solve thorny problems. Otherwise, the guardians act almost entirely through proxies. During the events of A Knot In Time, Corim, Dulcere, Beia, Cassin and Annawen must stand before the guardian triumvirate for their transgressions against time and the Protectorate.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Books Of The Ring Realms, eternals, Eternity, Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri, metapathy, Starbinder, Dulcere Val'Saedra, Targalle, Beia {Regaura} (Queen), time guardians, Vale, Corim Erik
guild In the generic sense, any of several organizations that represent various craftsman. Mages, thieves, and warriors all have representative guilds (sometimes more than one in the bigger cities). When spoken of as 'THE guild', it is generally assumed to be the thieves or assassins guild.
guilder A member (usually referring to a thief) who is a member of a guild.
See Also:  guild
guildmaster The head or chief organizer of a guild.
See Also:  guild
guncle Short for great or grand uncle.
Gundar A half-ogre enrolled at Tal Falor's fighting academy. Corim almost beats Gundar up over a misunderstanding and wrong-headed aggression on the half-ogre's part.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, combat prowess, Falor, Talorin {Tal}, Vale, Corim Erik
gungnir Odin's three tined spear which nearly kills Daena Sheento and Sarai T'Evagduran when their spirits are captured within it. The spear gets destroyed by the shaladen Sharonsheen, after which the severed half is used to impale Bannor Starfist in Odin's duel for judgment.
See Also:  Allfather, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Garadhyr, Golondrax, Lexaron, Melakanir, Olimbril, Odin, Starfist, Bannor, shaladen, sharonsheen, Sheento, Daena, T'Evagduran, Sarai (3rd Princess), Xersis
Gunlod A female giant who was a dalliance of Odin's. She is the mother of Bragi. Who is the husband of Idun for a short time.
See Also:  Allfather, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Odin, Yggdrasil, Idun
Gwenafra Tristar See Tristar, Gwenafra.
Gwensulin Techstar (Dame) see Techstar, Dame Gwensulin.
See Also:  Kirikos, Dame, Techstar, Gwensulin
Gwynned Wife of Darin'Kel Felspar. Gwynned joins the family later after they have settled in Malan. The marriage is arranged due to Isis impatience with her soveriegn (Darin'Kel) being so reticent to choose a mate.
See Also:  Felspar, Darin'kel, Isis, Malan, soveriegn
   H   From Hades  To Ice Falcon
Hades The outer plane where many 'under-realms' of demons and creatures of the dark can be found.
See Also:  hadespawn
hadespawn Creatures who come from Hades. See Hades.
See Also:  Hades
hajime G'yaki dialect, begin.
See Also:  G'yaki
hajimemashite G'yaki dialect, a polite greeting offering to begin an acquaintance or friendship.
See Also:  G'yaki
hala khan tuular Kriar dialect, a title meaning mother of memory. The title was given to Marna Solaris as the first immortal to represent their race throughout time.
See Also:  immortal, jyril/kriar war, kriar, Solaris, Marna (Counsel) (Vatraena)
half-elf A person who has both human and elven heritage. Half-elves are fairly common through-out the Ring Realms. Elven male to human female couplings are the more common human/elf bonds, and also the most likely to bare children.
See Also:  Elf, elven, elves, half-elven, half-elves, Ring Realms
half-elven Of or pertaining to half-elves. See half-elf.
See Also:  Elf, elves, half-elf, half-elves
half-elves plural form of half-elf. See half-elf.
See Also:  Elf, half-elf
half-giant A person who has both human and giant heritage. Half-giants are more legend than fact, despite the number accounts. What is confused for half-giants are often ogres and adolescent giants.
hana clan A subordinate family to the Hoshin G'yaki clan that experiences tragedy when Enjiro Hana takes up with the daughter of the head Hoshin jissentenki. Enjiro Hana is the nominal head of the family after the deaths of family patriarch and matriarch.
See Also:  G'yaki, Hoshin, jissentenki
Hanahold The residence of the Hana clan within the larger fortress of Hoshinhold.
See Also:  hana clan, Hoshinhold
hand (measurement) A measure of length. For those concerned with Terran equivalents, a hand is equal to 4 inches or slightly over 10 centimeters.
See Also:  terran
hanshi In G'yaki a hanshi is master over other shishous (masters). Typically, they are retired shishous who have significant accomplishment in their careers.
See Also:  G'yaki
Harad, Diakere Avatar of Hecate. Harad was slain by a group of dwarves led by Dacwhirter Varon Ironfist.
See Also:  avatar, Dwarf, Hecate, Ironfist, DacWhirter Varon {Dak}
hardware Of or pertaining to any technological artifice.
Haven Member world of the Capital Ring hosting a cross-ring gate. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Istavarron, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, Mephr, Mitras, Multhad, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Tarynis, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
heartstopper A artifact quality weapon given by Thor to Giquokor, the master of the East wind of the Silent Sect. The javelin grants enhanced strength and resistance to damage, and can be magically called back to the wielder's hand (much like Thor's own hammer).
See Also:  Giquokor, Thor
heatherwood A seasonal tree that occupies the lower altitudes near water courses.
Hecate Pantheon lord, goddess of magic, death, and the moon. Hecate is an outcast even among her own kind. She pursues the ultimate power, Tan'Acho, and is willing to go to any lengths to achieve it.
See Also:  goddess, magic, tan'acho
hectarev One hundred revs. see rev.
See Also:  chronon, rev
hedgecloth A rough cloth made of plant fibers that is cheap to make and strong enough for portage.
heika A G'yaki styling indicating one of high caste or authority. Vera and Enjiro refer to Idun (who is a goddess among other things) as Idun-heika (or just heika).
See Also:  goddess, G'yaki, Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}, Yggdrasil, Idun
Hella Pantheon lord, goddess of death who guards the domain of Nifelheim. In the story of 'Neath Odin's Eye Hella joins with Daena Sheento to become a first one.
See Also:  Allfather, ascendant, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Books Of The Ring Realms, goddess, Loki, megapsion, Nifelheim, Odin, Sheento, Daena
Hellfurnace Name of the mountain range where the Hoshinhold clan city is located.
See Also:  Hoshinhold
Hellfurnaces A volcanic mountain range in the western Flaeness.
See Also:  flaeness
hellseeker A powerful offensive magic spell that blasts outward from the caster's hand in a cone shaped area of destruction. It is most effective against abyssal and infernal creatures but has more than enough power to destroy a normal unprotected person.
See Also:  magic
Hellzan A powerful timelord and one of the most powerful adversaries of the Band of the Crescent Moon. Through a complex series of events Hellzan seduced Damrosil Terranath, Tiernia Nirvanae, and Aquada Demonorian who had all donned Kriar matrix stones and were undergoing the transformation from human to Kriar. He had hoped to use the children they birthed in an attempt to subjugate sections of the Ring Realms. Tiernia, Damrosil, and Aquada did indeed give birth to children who had immense timelord capacities because of their Kriar inherited traits however the four stayed faithful to their mothers, and fought on their side in the final confrontation at the great henge of Olinar. Despite their assistance in the battle, preventing Hellzan from using his time powers, the powerful warmage and his minions were winning the fight. It was the servant of Dagda, Oorcee who laid Hellzan low with a lucky spell that splintered the mage's mind at a critical moment, causing him to be crushed by his own power. Hellzan was survived by his four children Telken (by Damrosil), Windsong (Tiernia), Tempest & Windstruck (Aquada).
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, dagda, jyril/kriar war, kriar, matrix stone, mage, magic, Nirvanae, Tiernia, Olinar, Oorcee, Ring Realms, Terranath, Damrosil, timelord, warmage
heterotropic Of or pertaining to the power generated by living things.
Hethanon Initially an avatar of Set, who was the cult leader of a thieves guild called the Dagger. Hethanon destroyed the guild of Brethren in Corwin. Desiray Illkaren Felspar and Wren Kergatha mounted a counter assault and drove him out. Hethanon eventually lost face with Set after failing twice in to recapture Wren Kergatha. Hecate eventually opted to make Hethanon her avatar for purposes known only to her. After his acceptance into the cult of Hecate, he changed his name to Nystruul. See Nystruul.
See Also:  ascendant, avatar, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Corwin, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, guild, Hecate, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Nystruul
Hibiki Hoshisenin See Hoshisenin, Hibiki.
Hiradell A way-station on the trade-road between Hokar and Bassil in the Hold of the Sea Princes.
See Also:  Bassil, Hokar
Hiramasa Orenraki See Orenraki, Hiramasa.
hiyo G'yaki dialect, a general greeting.
See Also:  G'yaki
Hodi Pantheon lord of the Aesir, god of luck.
See Also:  Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), god
Hokar One of key cities in the Hold of the Sea Princes. This is the town where Loric find Vera. It is also the place where Wren Kergatha challenges and defeats the resident thieves guild master. She is also christened a guildmistress by Desiray Felspar in this location.
See Also:  ascendant, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Felspar, Loric, guild, Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter
Homeworld Actually, a gigantic ship in space. The Kriar home world actually encompasses and entire star. The entire structure is mobile and has wandered the multiverse for untold millions of millennia. The Kriar have two home-worlds the Fabrista home world (from which most of the Kriar in the realms hail) and Karanganoi home world which has been over-run by Baronians. Characters such as Senalloy, Luthice, Alloy, Rakaar, and others essentially hail from Karanganoi home world.
See Also:  Baronian, Corresont, Luthice, Corresont, Senalloy Moirae, Fabrista, jyril/kriar war, karanganoi, kriar, multiverse, Steelsheen, Rakaar
Homeworld(1) Disambiguation. There are two primary home worlds referred to in the literature of the Ring Realms. Dasta Fabrista Homeworld, and dasta Karanganoi Homeworld. Both of these titanic constructs are solar system sized metal balls capable of interuniversal travel.
See Also:  dasta, Fabrista, Homeworld, jyril/kriar war, karanganoi, Karanganoi Homeworld, Ring Realms
honeyblooms A small yellow flower that grows in damp soil noted for their sweet fragrance.
honeybug A small swarming black and yellow insect noted for their sting and thick sweet secretions they store in their hives. On another world you might call them bees.
honeypetal A flower similar to honeyblooms with a larger bud.
See Also:  honeyblooms
Honig's Fist Distinctive land mass in south-eastern Malan near the Ivaneth border.
See Also:  Grimaldi Basin, Ivaneth, Malan
honto G'yaki dialect, really?
See Also:  G'yaki
Hool Marshes in the central part of the Hold of the Sea Princes.
Hoshihana G'yaki sub-clan of clan Hoshin. Enjiro Hana is a shishou dan nijuusan and patriarch of the family. During the events of Aesir's Blood, Wren Kergatha entrusts him with the powerful blade of the firsts named Nightrazor.
See Also:  Aesir, ascendant, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Books Of The Ring Realms, G'yaki, Hoshin, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Nightrazor, shishou
hoshihana clan Hoshihana is the formal styling of the Hana name indicating their relationship as a subordinate clan to the Hoshin. More literally Hoshin-Hana.
See Also:  Hoshihana, Hoshin
Hoshihana, Aki Youngest daughter of the Hana sub-clan of clan Hoshin. Aki's elder sister is Su'ko {Vera} Hoshihana. Her older brother is Enjiro.
See Also:  Aki Hoshihana, elder, Hoshihana, Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}, Hoshin, Su'ko
Hoshihana, Enjiro Shishou dan nijuuni (22nd rank) of the Hoshin G'yaki. A well regarded shou who brought misfortune on the Hana clan when he fell in love with Suzuka Sagiwara. The head jissentenki did all he could to discourage the two. Ultimately ending the lives of two family heads, Vera's husband, and Vera being exiled from the Hoshin.
See Also:  G'yaki, hana clan, Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}, Hoshin, jissentenki, nijuuni, shishou, shou
Hoshihana, Imura Previous Matriarch of sub-clan Hana, mother of Su'ko and Enjiro. Imura commits ritual suicide after the tragic death of her husband Kochu. It is later discovered that Kochu's death had been a plot by Chage Sagiwara.
See Also:  Chage Sagiwara, Su'ko
Hoshihana, Namu Second daughter of Hoshihana. Her younger sister is Aki, and her older sister is Su'ko.
See Also:  Hoshihana, Su'ko
Hoshihana, Suzuka Enjiro's wife, daughter of head jissentenki Chage Sagiwara and one of the reasons that the jissen caused so much chaos in the Hoshin clan.
See Also:  Chage Sagiwara, Hoshin, Hoshisagiwara, Suzuka, jissen, jissentenki, Suzuka Hoshisagiwara
Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai} One of the little known members of the Felspar clan, but undoubtedly one of the most essential to its smooth operation is Virasama or Vera. She is the cook, the housekeeper, the caregiver, the seamstress, the lady's maid and a host of other functions. Vera is an energetic, respectful, and oh-so-correct servant of Loric gifted with extraordinary abilities. How this diminutive lady actually manages to do all the things she does is largely a mystery to most of the members of the household, but over the cycles they have grown accustomed to Vera's "magic". That include such things as being able to pour nine different drinks out of the same pitcher, or just happen to provide a new person with their favorite food.

Vera is rarely idle and almost never seems to sleep. She is a extraordinary chef that provides the family with flavorful, no-nonsense, "country cooking". Many are the times that some of Loric's elder guests have tried to hire Vera away, but she always declines.

The truth of Vera's magical abilities lay with Loric, and his desire to make his huge household manageable for his trusted follower. Over the cycles, he has developed house magicks which respond to Vera's unique mental talents, allowing her tao-like spiritual strength to manipulate the environment of the citadel to her wishes. Since few creatures save savants have a tao, it was safe for Loric to create these magics.

Vera's tao abilities come from her training as G'yaki assassin. Vera is a master level G'yaki with more than a century of combat experience. Upon passing rites of a master Virasama was given the alias Su'Ko Tai as her 'true name' and identity as a 'true' G'Yaki. Vera functioned in this capacity for several decades. It was only when she refused to take her own life after the death of her husband that she was dishonored and expelled from the G'yaki clan in which she lived. This dishonor lives with her to this day, and is why Vera feels herself only worthy of the trivial position of house maid.

Vera has the exceptional combat skills acquired from decades of training as a G'yaki stealth master. In addition, she has the birth advantage of coming from region surrounding Tralondizaar, a location of one of the ancient Kriar gate systems. This particular gate was malfunctioning and leaking chronal energy into the environment. Over the millennia, the G'yaki family that lived in area were affected by these energies. Making them able to "slip" ticks in time creating an illusion of extraordinary speed. These "slipped" or bypassed ticks also extend one's lifespan, prolonging their already tao-advantaged life forces.

Vera hides her G'yaki training unless there is an emergency or there are special circumstances. When she "becomes" a G'yaki, her whole persona undergoes a change and she becomes a vicious machine with a mission. She does not speak while in this state, and communicates only with hand gestures and head shakes. She is a truly formidable fighting machine, able to stand off three of Aarlen Frielos' technically armed Sen'Gen while sustaining only minor injuries.

Vera's tao-enhanced physiology gives her near superhuman endurance, and she needs little sleep. She is two to three times as strong as a well honed athlete of her height and weight. Her ability to "slip" time gives her phenomenal speed exceeding the reflexes of highly-enhanced immorts. G'yaki mind disciplines and close to two hundred cycles of life give her formidable mental skills as well. Vera is immune to most mind affecting magics.
See Also:  ascendant, chronal, combat prowess, elder, energy, Felspar Clan, Felspar, Loric, Frielos, Aarlen, G'yaki, jyril/kriar war, kriar, magic, Su'ko, Sen'Gen, tao

Hoshihinoyama G'yaki sub-clan of clan Hoshin.
See Also:  G'yaki, Hoshin
Hoshikumopiasu G'yaki sub-clan of clan Hoshin.
See Also:  G'yaki, Hoshin
Hoshikuronaifu G'yaki sub-clan of clan Hoshin.
See Also:  G'yaki, Hoshin
Hoshin Surname of the G'yaki clan to which Vera (Su'ko) owed her loyalty for so many cycles. Note that G'yaki surname's are compounded when families intermarry. Vera's father's surname is Hana. So, in formal styling Vera's name is Hoshihana. (Technically, Hoshinhana but the 'n' is dropped for flow.)
See Also:  G'yaki, Hoshihana, Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}, Su'ko
Hoshin, Etsu Wife of Tieshu Kisho Hoshin and nominal negotiator for internal clan affairs.
See Also:  Hoshin, Kisho Hoshin, tieshu
Hoshin, Irieta Hanshi (master G'yaki) of the Hoshin clan in league with Jissen Sagiwara. The guards siding with the jissentenki try to force clan Yggdrasil to go to him when they come to Hana hold.
See Also:  G'yaki, hanshi, Hoshin, jissen, jissentenki, Yggdrasil
Hoshinhold The homestead of the Hoshin G'yaki clan in the mountains near the hellfurnace volcanos in the western Flaeness.
See Also:  flaeness, G'yaki, Hellfurnace, Hoshin
Hoshisagiwara G'yaki sub-clan of clan Hoshin. Chage Sagiwara was the head Jissentenki for the Hoshin clan who rebels and causes considerable unrest and death within the families.
See Also:  Chage Sagiwara, G'yaki, Hoshin, jissentenki
Hoshisagiwara, Jharaku Senior (and grouchy) shou for the Hoshin.
See Also:  Hoshin, shou
Hoshisagiwara, Suzuka Suzuka's maiden name before marrying Enjiro Hoshihana. See Hoshihana, Suzuka.
See Also:  Hoshihana, Hoshihana, Suzuka
Hoshisenin G'yaki sub-clan of clan Hoshin.
See Also:  G'yaki, Hoshin
Hoshisenin, Chojo Friend and master of Kochu Hoshihana, (Enjiro and Su'ko Hoshihana's Father). Chojo is the nephew of Kumo Wejah and a well regarded G'yaki Hanshi who is becomes sympathetic to the Hoshihana clan and willing to back Vera and Enjiro in their bid to uncover the corrupt activities of jissentenki minister Chage Sagiwara. Chojo helps train Wren Kergatha for the contention against Sagiwara's contention defender Yuukenko.
See Also:  ascendant, Chage Sagiwara, Chojo Hoshisenin, G'yaki, hanshi, Hoshihana, hoshihana clan, Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}, jissentenki, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, Su'ko, Yuukenko
Hoshisenin, Hibiki Husband of Su'ko Hoshihana. Hibiki is killed in a dou arranged by Chage Sagiwara.
See Also:  Chage Sagiwara, dou, Hoshihana, Su'ko
Hoshisenin, Michi Female cousin of Su'ko and Enjiro Hoshihana.
See Also:  Hoshihana, Su'ko
Hoshisenin, Murasaki Commanding G'yaki shou involved in Hoshinhold security.
See Also:  G'yaki, Hoshinhold, shou
Hoshisenin, Taro Male cousin of Su'ko and Enjiro Hoshihana.
See Also:  Hoshihana, Su'ko
Hoshiwejah Another sub-clan of the Hoshin. Hanshi Kumo Wejah, the husband of Akiha Hoshin, is a well regarded shou close to the clan patriarch.
See Also:  hanshi, Hoshin, shou
Hoshiwejah, Akiha Matriarch of the Wejah sub-clan of clan Hoshin. Vera Hoshihana and Enjiro Hoshihana's grandmother on their mother's side.
See Also:  Hoshihana, Hoshihana, Virasama Takara {Vera} {Su'Ko Tai}, Hoshin
house valharesh The Valharesh family while old and well regarded among the elves was not a part of the circle of great houses that made policy and guided the destiny of Titaan's Elf population. In fact, the Valhareshs actually hail from another world (Charon) in the Magocratic ring. What made the family move from Charon has not been disclosed, but it is known that they keep a great number of secrets.

The Valharesh have for many generations been great mages, and in fact, have the support of a very powerful (and obviously immortal) patron who has trained the first born Elf of each new generation who takes up the art of magic. Bertrand, the first born son of the 25th generation chose not to enter seriously into the endeavor of magic. Most Elves "dabble" in magic, learning a few simple spells and incantations--but the family patron only teaches the first serious mage of each generation. Kalindinai, the next born after Bertrand, did enter into serious magic. She had no choice. The young Elf lady was a "wilder" a natural mage with far beyond ordinary magical potential. Such potential that she could spontaneously cause magical effects whenever she experienced strong emotions or surprise. Kalindinai required magical tutelage simply to prevent her powers from inadvertently causing harm to others.

Even as a young Elf, Kalindinai's magical talents were renowned and grew even more so as the family patron apprenticed her further and further in the arts of magic. The law of Malan requires that all skilled mages join the defense militia, and Kalindinai was no exception. As a wilder, her phenomenal magical strength made her a natural battle-mage, and she quickly distinguished herself as a powerful asset in the Elven legions. Malan experienced many skirmishes with Corwin during this era and Kalindinai's potent magical skills were recognized by the then ruling T'Evagduran family and utilized to best advantage. It was during her tours of duty that Kalindinai would first meet young prince Jhaan T'Evagduran. Later, these two would fall in love, and marry--but only after a great deal of political turmoil. House Valharesh, was not a member of the inner circle of houses, and for the soon-to-be king to marry outside the cadre of nobility was frowned upon greatly. However, Kalindinai's tremendous magical ability was seen as a potentially enormous boon for the T'Evagduran bloodline. The T'Evagduran family had not seen a great mage in their ranks for several generations and it was hoped that Kalindinai's children would rejuvenate that lost spark. For that reason the sentiments of the noble houses were dismissed and the marriage not only allowed but encouraged. This defiance of tradition caused a great deal of enmity between house T'Evagduran and the other ruling houses.

Kalindinai was a good queen and a fertile one as well, bearing the crown a daughter a scant two summers after their marriage. The new Queen was tough but fair, and having served in the ranks of the soldiers well regarded and respected. With house Valharesh having it's eldest daughter in the seat of the Queen, the "barely noble" family flourished and grew in strength as their eldest son Bertrand maneuvered for political advantage. Eventually, he would win favored status and a place on the ruling council, establishing House Valharesh as one of the ruling houses.

The Valharesh magical legacy was thought to have stopped with Bertrand and Kalindinai's generation as there were no serious mages among Kalindinai's daughters. However, a recent development was the discovery that Janai T'Evagduran not only had learned magic while away in Canth, but was actually an exceptionally skilled mage. Janai has not revealed who taught her magic, but there are thoughts that the patron of Valharesh is the source of her secretive magical skills.
See Also:  battle-mage, Bertrand Kirnath Valharesh, Charon, Corwin, Elf, elven, elves, immortal, magocratic, Malan, mage, magic, T'Evagduran, Janai (2nd Princess), T'Evagduran, Kalindinai (Queen), Titaan, Valharesh, Bertrand (lord), Valharesh, Draline Ryelle (Lady), worlds of the prime ring

Hubara Member world of the Cygnus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
Huginn One of a pair of magical birds which act as spies for Odin. The other black bird is Munnin. Their names mean thought and memory.
See Also:  Allfather, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Munnin, Odin
hybrid The offspring of genetically dissimilar parents, especially of plants or animals that are of different varieties, species, or races.
hybrid (golem) An autonomous artificial life form created by the Dream Merchants. These extremely-powerful hulking creatures are head and shoulders taller than the average man, and have bodies three times as wide. The material of their flesh is as dense as hard wood, and resistant to most conventional injury. They are hideously strong, easily able to pulverize rocks in their grip. Unlike typical golems these creatures are actually alive, they have a brain and organs, and can be "killed" when they receive an injury in a critical area (a spear shoved in their ear for instance). Meridian Arcturan employed one of these creatures named Jhund. This massively powerful juggernaut could even go toe-to-toe with the Baronian battle-mage Rakaar for a time.

It is rumored that the hybrid human/golems are the creation of the Kriar mage Theln. Numerous other creatures have been attributed to her including the vicious Skellar, and adamantium golems.
See Also:  adamantium, Arcturan, Meridian, Azygos, Theln, Baronian, battle-mage, Dream Merchants, golems, hybrid, jyril/kriar war, kriar, mage, magic, skellar, Steelsheen, Rakaar

hydra A rare multi-headed dragon that lives in isolated parts of the Ring Realms.
See Also:  dragon, Ring Realms
hyper-gravimetric Super normal gravity. Such as the gravitational forces generated by a star or worse-- a black hole.
hyperdrive The propulsion system which makes hyperspatial jumps possible.
See Also:  hyperspatial
Hyperion Titan of the firsts that never received full consciousness during the division of alphas and betas in Starholme Prime. Hyperion is an immensely powerful juggernaut when directed. As the nominal authority of Starholme, Hyperion follows Wren's orders. When he is directed to kill Aarlen Frielos, the powerful elder is completely overwhelmed. It is only a change of heart that keeps her from being slain by this unstoppable immortal.
See Also:  alphas, betas, elder, Frielos, Aarlen, immortal, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, megapsion, Starholme Prime
hyperlight A term that essentially means 'faster than light'. The additional implication is that hyperlight is FAR beyond the speed of light.
hyperspace (generic) in SF any of a different theoretical realms where points in real-space coincide. The capability of ingress and egress to this realm allows a vessel to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent getting from to one point to another.
See Also:  real-space
hyperspatial Meaning beneath the level of real-space.
See Also:  real-space
Hyssta The hyssta, sometimes also known as the Trackazoids, are a progenetor race. Branches of their heredity are known as hydras, dragons, draconids, dragon- kin, wyverns, lizard men, and kobalds. Some of the reptile lords like Bahamut, Tiamat, Leviathan, Quetzalcoatl, Lilith are Hyssta or close forebears.

The Hyssta are unique for their melding of reptilian and insectoid traits. True hyssta are hermaphroditic and adaptive gender-fluid with six role-phases. Like bees and wasps they can gestate or develop into 'noble' variants. Hyssta nobles are the precursors of the creatures known as the dragon gods (Bahamut, Tiamat) and great dragons. The three roles each have a defender and breeder aspect, leaders, architects, and builders. Leaders (nobles) have the highest mana potential, the architects are more mentally adept, and builders more physically endowed. Builders and Architects can evolve into nobles. It is rumored for instance that the Midgard Serpent is a devolved builder noble.

Hyssta are hyper mana-sensitive and are an apex race in the regard of magical accomplishments. The Hyssta created a magical pocket universe known by several names: (Purple Planes, Ribbon Realms, Far Reach, Shardaris Ward). The Myrmigyne colony at Jhandris'kul where the war sisterhood lives in the great tree of Duran'Gravar is located in one of the zones of the Ribbon Realms. Cosmodarus, the birth place of the story protagonist Liandra Kergatha is also a 'ribbon realm'. Cosmodarus was originally a Hyssta builder colony. The language Draconic is a derivative of the Hyssta mother tongue. Shardaris was another such builder colony. The Hyssta and Metath both used Shardaris for magical and hereditary experimentation, particularly in the linking and exploitation of the Wellspring Eternal (the shadow backup of Starholme Prime). Due to some of their creations getting unruly the Hyssta sealed off the columngate leading into that world. Shardaris and its ties to the the Wellspring, and the living shaladen adepts who are a form of artificial savant are explored in the War of the Genemar series. Dray Cartha, first encountered in the Child of Ascendants , is the apex creation of the wellspring adepts and the shaladen-sapien that both the Hyssta and Belathi were striving to evolve.
See Also:  Alliances (galactic), Belathi, Books Of The Ring Realms, Cosmodarus, dragon, Duran'Gravar, Garadhyr, Genemar, Golondrax, Hyssta Combine, Jhandris'kul, Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter, kul, Lexaron, megapsion, Melakanir, metath, Myrmigyne, Olimbril, Starholme Prime, savant, Scale Lords, shaladen, Trackazoid, Xersis

Hyssta Combine Few of the dragon-god Hyssta remain, but their legends are the most powerful and feared in Realms cosmos. As the most fecund of the elder races, their myriad bloodlines ran rampant across a vast number of worlds. Strongly territorial and irascible these creatures spread in waves. Building hive colonies and spreading when populations reach a threshold. Both the 4th and 1st alliances have learned at great expense that disturbing these creatures creates a disproportionate response that leaves whole planets scrubbed clean of sentient species. The harshest laws in the 1st, 3rd, and 4th alliances involve willful tresspass in Combine protected space.
See Also:  Alliances (galactic), dragon, elder, elder races, god, Hyssta, Scale Lords, Trackazoid
   I   From Ice Falcon  To Jac'daw
Ice Falcon Alias for Aarlen Frielos. see Frielos, Aarlen.
See Also:  Alliances (galactic), Frielos, Aarlen, Hyssta
ichi G'yaki dialect, one.
See Also:  G'yaki
Idun See Yggdrasil, Idun.
Idun-daughter, Euriel Kergatha See Kergatha, Euriel Idun-daughter.
Idun-daughter, Liandra Kergatha "Wren" See Kergatha, Liandra {Wren} Idun-daughter.
Idundaughter A styling of Euriel Yggdrasil's name as the daughter of the pantheon lady Idun. Yggdrasil, the name is not favored due to once tyrannical rule the Yggdrasil clan once held over the houses of the Aesir and the Vanir.
See Also:  Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Kergatha, Euriel Idun-daughter, Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil, Idun
Igar Desolate planet in the Ring Realms, once rich in magical resources, now depleted and war scarred.
See Also:  Ring Realms
Iggerd, (King) Younger of two brothers, ruler of Northrealm. Instigator of the war of Southrealm. See Balhadd (King).
See Also:  Balhadd (King), Northrealm, Southrealm
immort Styling of the word immortal. The shortening is figurative and literal, meaning not quite immortal. Having greater than mortal lifespan and power. See immortal.
See Also:  immortal
immortal Any of class of creatures which have effectively infinite life-spans. Immortal in the greatest sense can mean almost impossible to kill. The pantheon lords fall into this category being able to heal back from the most fearsome of wounds. In later stories, Bannor tests just how far "immortality" goes.
See Also:  immort, Starfist, Bannor
implant (specific to Cyberware c.f.) In reference to a particular techno-enhancement placed in the body. The implant has experienced shutdown.
See Also:  cyberware
Imura Hoshihana See Hoshihana, Imura.
incantralyte A heavy mercury-like amorphus metal that can store large amounts of magical potential (like a battery). It is related to the material ishtite. See ishtite.
See Also:  ishtite
indarren An Elvish style of respect for a masculine person of higher position.
See Also:  elvish
Indrus Member world of the Sirus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
inertia The tendency of a body to remain at rest or continue in motion unless disturbed by an external force.
inertialess A field state which circumvents inertia allowing superior maneuverability (the ability to instantaneously accelerate, stop or change direction without the adverse effects of G forces.
See Also:  inertia
inter-galactic Literally, between galaxies.
inter-spacial Of or relating to dimensional connections between two points in real space.
inter-universal Literally, between universes. Many prescribe that there is only one universe. However, the Kriar, Jyril and other extra-universal creatures know different. Eternity, the body of Ring Realm's universe is but one dimensional unity among an undetermined number of distinct universes in the multiverse or cosmos.
See Also:  Eternity, Jyril, jyril/kriar war, kriar, multiverse
interdimensional Of or pertaining to alternate realms of existence and their access.
interdimensionally Pertaining to dimensions, particularly to the interface between dimensions. Sometimes dimensional interfaces are used to create pocket dimensions for the purposes of storage. Powerful mages 'interdimensionally' store materials for easy access through an item or specialized spell. Desiray Illkaren Felspar's shadow cloak is itself a dimensional interface, allowing her to store objects, or even place it on the ground and create a space in which to conceal or guard herself.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, interface
interface The method by which human-machine or machine-to-machine interaction takes place. A computer keyboard is a human-machine interface.
intergalactic Of or pertaining to a scope encompassing galaxies i.e. intergalactic travel would mean travel between galaxies.
See Also:  interstellar
interstellar Of or pertaining to a scope encompassing stars. See intergalactic.
See Also:  intergalactic
Iodite Sea An salty inland sea within the territory of Corwin. The Iodite is renowned for the creatures that live within its brackish depths.
See Also:  Corwin
ion An atom, group of atoms, or molecule having a net electric charge acquired by gaining or losing electrons from an initially neutral configuration. [Greek, something that goes.]
See Also:  molecule
ion-plasma projector Weapons used by the Kriar and several other technically advanced races. An ionic envelope is formed in a miniaturized magnetic chamber where air is super-heated to a plasma. An ionic envelop propels the pellet at supersonic speed. This concept of hurling raw molecular matter at a target is sometimes referred to as a 'mass driver'. Most Ion-plasma projectile weapons are only effective in an environment where there is atmosphere. There are variations on this design that do operate in a vacuum, but these require cells of liquid ammunition.
See Also:  ion, jyril/kriar war, kriar, plasma
Iriedlung Village in Gladshiem where Bannor is directed to go in his quest to get Idun's family back from Nifelheim.
See Also:  Gladshiem, Nifelheim, Starfist, Bannor, Yggdrasil, Idun
Irodee De'Falcone See De'Falcone, Irodee.
ironbutt A derogatory reference Talorin Falor uses to identify Senalloy Corresont. See Corresont, Senalloy Moirae.
See Also:  Baronian, Corresont, Senalloy Moirae, Falor, Talorin {Tal}
Ironfist, DacWhirter See Ironfist, DacWhirter Varon 'Dak'
See Also:  Ironfist, DacWhirter Varon {Dak}
Ironfist, DacWhirter Varon {Dak} Sometimes known as the Warmaster of Kron. Member of the Band of the Crescent Moon. DacWhirter hales from the Kron hills in the Kingdom of Coormeer to the east of Ivaneth. This hardy dwarf has taken part in a great deal of the lore of Titaan. He has been rumored dead several times only to reappear summers later as though nothing had happened. Through what magic he accomplishes this is still unknown.

There are those who theorize that he is an agent of Moradin, who favors him with renewed life after sacrificing himself in the cause of protecting life in the Ring Realms. If this is the case, DacWhirter has never favored anyone with his secret. Measuring 16 hands tall and weighing over 22 stone DacWhirter is one of the biggest dwarves recorded in the realms. DacWhirter is an 9th ranked Warmaster and veteran of 20 All-World's tournaments. He has at times qualified and made it to the final rounds the unlimited class tourneys. These inconsistent showings in tournament play have raised the question if there might not be more than one dwarf baring the name of DacWhirter Ironfist.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Coormeer, Dwarf, Ivaneth, magic, Moradin, Ring Realms, stone, Titaan, warmaster

Ishtar Pantheon lord, goddess of love and war.
See Also:  goddess
ishtarian A person who is a part of the cult of Ishtar or one of her worshipers.
See Also:  Ishtar, ishtarites
ishtarites Alternate reference for followers of Ishtar. See Ishtarian.
See Also:  Ishtar, ishtarian
Ishtarvariku, Brin Dorian Degaba's husband. Brin is a male elder possessing all the powers and abilities of Gabriella Sarn Ariok, the Dragon Queen of Silissia. Brin is in fact a gender-changed clone of Gabriella, that has undergone some cosmetic modifications so as not to obviously look like her paternal twin. Brin's identity as clone of Gabriella is known only to a few.
See Also:  Ariok, Gabriella Sarn, Band Of The Crescent Moon, Brin Ishtarvariku, clone, dragon, elder, Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba, Silissia
Ishtarvariku, Dorian Degaba Dorian's history is long and complex. She started life in another guise, as a man named Gondor Degaba. Gondor's life was one of adventure. He forayed against slavers, and giants, and evil elves. As a skilled mage he was injured many times but had never really met his match. It wasn't until he joined up with the Band of the Crescent Moon in their fight against a Lich Lord named Ceta that he met with real defeat. The undead creature made every-one's life hard. Her minions killed two of the band outright and Gondor himself was turned into a vampire which the party was forced to destroy in order to continue their quest. Through some powerful magics Gondor's life-force was preserved, but he was an disembodied spirit. The band had undertaken their quest at the behest of the Aesir pantheon lords, and it was lord Loki who decided to take an hand in providing a new form for Gondor. The god bound Gondor into the body of a woman. From then on Gondor became Dorian. This made life difficult as during the course of their adventuring Gondor and Cassandra had already become close and sworn to each other. It wasn't until a few months later they discovered how close they had become, because Cassandra was pregnant. Gondor/Dorian's life was only beginning to get complicated.

As a woman, Dorian went on developing her skills as a mage. Her relationship with Cassandra grew and changed, and later changed further still as Desiray entered the picture. She helped raise Cassin and Annawen and watched them grow into young women. Dorian's adventures continued.

Dorian is a skilled and creative mage that is far more powerful than a typical mage of her age and skills. She has a knack for creating magic items and blending magicks to create devastatingly powerful combinations. In later cycles, she takes up the sword and martial training purely for the physical "toughening" to enhance her powers even further. Over the course of decades Dorian has developed a reputation as a schemer and a manipulator. She has successfully won the support, dedication, and even adoration of many extremely powerful allies, including such personages as Gabriella Sarn Ariok, who now mentors her in magick. While all are suspicious of Dorian, there is more than a little respect as well, where brute force has failed, Dorian's clever deceptions have more than once saved the day.

Dorian is the wife of Brin Ishtarvariku, she has eleven children between four partners, two with Brin: Rindar and Jaraed. Four with Cassandra: Cassin, Annawen, Kassandra, Dorrian. Three with Desiray: Darin'Kel, Everia, Leandra. Lastly, two with Megan Vinax: Ralani and Silvia.
See Also:  Ariok, Gabriella Sarn, Aesir, Aesirs And Vanir (origin), Band Of The Crescent Moon, Brin Ishtarvariku, elves, Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Cassin Kel'Ishtauri, Felspar, Darin'kel, Felspar, Desiray Illkaren, Felspar, Everia, god, Loki, mage, magic, undead, vampire, Vinax, Megan, Vinax, Ralani Kiverina Armadoi

ishtite A rare metal especially conducive to the conduction and absorption of magic. Ishtite itself is typically far too rare and not durable enough to make solid objects from. Other materials are usually wrapped around it or alloyed with it. An amount of ishtite able to make a simple finger ring can be valued at hundreds of thousands of gold depending on the material's purity. Pure ishtite is incredibly rare and probably exists in only one or two magic labs in all of the Ring Realms.
See Also:  incantralyte, magic, Ring Realms
Ishtyn Member world of the Cygnus Ring. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  worlds of the prime ring
Isis Pantheon lord, goddess of magic and fertility.
See Also:  goddess, magic
isolinear The term is used in conjunction with the temporal concept of a diffraction, where event probability sequences are made to coincide with one another. Iso from isolate. Linear or line -- literally line isolation.
See Also:  temporal
isolinear diffraction The term typically reserved for describing temporal anomalies is nearly self explanatory. The root iso means equal. Linear (or line). A diffraction is a shearing or dispersing effect. So literally, it is a shearing off or dispersing of a time line... a very bad thing indeed. The actual effect takes place when an isolated uncorrectable phenomena causes a shift in the temporal event sequence. This alteration of probability cusp causes the existing timeline to merge probabilities with another possible event sequence. In other words, the path previously chosen does not occur, thus all the events that STEM from that occurrence cannot/will not happen and void or diffraction in time takes place. Virtually speaking, everything that existed downstream from the cusp ceases to be... or some would prefer suddenly "never was". One cannot really dally with concepts like this without being burdened by nomenclature, logic, and simple tenses.
See Also:  temporal, timeline, void
istar The elvish root for meaning of or pertaining to magic.
See Also:  elvish, magic
istari Elvish. A shortening of title of savant Ishtar Nola. Simply the Istari.
See Also:  elvish, Ishtar, nola, savant
istarnari A council of powerful Elvish magic users. Five of the Istarnari are the heads of the original Elvish noble houses. The clans of Dyzeln and Allanaar have had many members within the ranks of the Istarnari.
See Also:  elvish, magic
Istavarron Also known as 'Crown Prime'. Member world of the capital ring and home of the magocratic seat (The city of Malhama). The world of Istavarron lies in a region of space where the most potent "natural" magic can be found. The upwellings of sub-ethereal biophase, psion, and other arcane are extremely prevalent effecting the evolution of the species that live on the planet causing a much higher than normal birth-rate of magical adepts and mutations. Travelers (colloquially known as luggers), mages adept at teleportation, are a mutation that occurred here and were encouraged to breed true. Daedalus Silvarron is notable wilder mage who was born in the powerful flux of this system. See worlds of the prime ring.
See Also:  Arabor, Arbor, Avernus, Agni, Belath, biophase, Bveld, Celeston, Charon, Callista, Davernaa, Daxis, Demos, Doral, Doratah, Enad, Encelus, Estryd, ethereal, Fheir, Ghenn, Gihn, Gladshem, Haven, Hubara, Indrus, Ishtyn, Jhanus Xek, Kaali, Kadras, Khaestral, Logos, Lohdon, Lokor, Lorval, magocratic, Malhama (City Of), mage, Mephr, magic, Mitras, Multhad, mutation, Mystranus, Naarth, Nadir, Nirvalla, Nyth, Olyand, Orcist, Oerth, Ohgorn, Prule, psion, Qualas, Ravva, Rhoador, Rygos, Skurgg, Solduskanar, Surya, Sytrys, Sidrus, Silcan-Prime, Silvarron, Daedalus, Tarynis, teleportation, Teronis, Thall, Thenris, Tian, Titaan, Urdagh, Vayu, Vellig, Vestyn, worlds of the prime ring, Wysterra, Xetus, Yudin, Zeria
Iuz A evil demigod of violence in the north western region of the Grayhawk. The country in which he resides is also named Iuz. Disambiguation See Iuz(2).
See Also:  Grayhawk, Iuz(2)
Iuz(2) (Disambiguation) A country in north western region of Grayhawk. Named for its principle founder Iuz. Disambiguation See Iuz.
See Also:  Grayhawk, Iuz
Ivaneth Name of the kingdom south of Malan, with Corwin on its western border, and East realm and Coormeer on the east. Ivaneth is ruled by King Edmund Tradeholme. The capital of Ivaneth is Ivaneth City. A city of just over 1 million people.
See Also:  Coormeer, Corwin, Malan, Tradeholme, Edmund (King)
Ivaneth(2) (Disambiguation) Capital of the of country of Ivaneth. Ivaneth is the largest sea port in the mid-south of Sharikaar. Ivaneth is known particularly as the city from which the Band of the Crescent Moon hailed. See Band of the Crescent Moon.
See Also:  Band Of The Crescent Moon, Ivaneth, Moonshaes, Sharikaar
Ivral Techstar See Techstar, Ivral.
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