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The 12 Book Story Line

When the novel Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time was first conceived, it was seen as part of an open-ended series that revolved around the members of the Protectorate. Stories would focus on the different members and subordinate supporting cast members.

Because I didn't work solely on Chronicles, but on other novels at the same time I began to see possibilities for cross-overs and cameos between the protagonists of the three novel series I was working on.

Wren Kergatha (whose story line starts earliest of the three series) interacts with many of the characters depicted in the Chronicles. She also is the savior savant who befriends and helps Bannor in the Reality's Plaything series.

In the later books of the Realty's Plaything series more and more characters crossed over. The last book of the Wren's series (Gaea's Blood) and the last Chronicles book will take place after the events of Infinity Annihilator and bring together most of the characters seen in that last story arc.

War of the Genemar will take place roughly fifteen years after the events in Infinity Annihilator. The first book in that series (Child of Ascendants) is being worked on out of sequence.

So the chronological order to the events of the novels roughly follows the list below. (Numbers specify the summer cycle N.I.S [New Ivaneth Standard]):

* N.I.S = New Ivaneth Standard.

The War of Genemar should see some of the following events:

  • Wren getting married (who's the lucky guy?)
  • Bannor and Sarai's child (Vhina) will be featured prominently
  • Daena Sheento / First one / Hella identity developments
  • Corim will finally get to first base with Dulcere...
  • Corim entangled with house Felspar / Frielos
  • Bannor/Sarai involvements with First one legacy and the Kriar
  • More cross-over from other members from the Band of the Crescent moon.
    • T'Gor and Tigress D'Shar
    • Algernon
    • Skyweir and Giquokor
    • Damrosil
    • Others as I figure out how to work them in...

Now, all I have to do is live long enough to get it all done...