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Shaladen Chronicles Series Description

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We all want to realize our potential. Some of us struggle every day to realize even the smallest fraction of it. Corim Vale, the fighting sage and Matayan, is in a struggle to be a better man—not only for himself but for the less fortunate in the world. An educator, warrior, and adventurer—a man with a gentle heart and a thirst for the unknown. The unknown is going to find him and kick him in the teeth...

Corim has entered the Falorian fighting academy to apply for a teaching position. In order to teach 9th circle fighting he must "interview" with the academy's master, Talorin Falor, a mock duel and demonstration of his fighting skills.

The problem is, strange things have been happening to him of late, people are attacking him for no good reason... a least none that he can discern. The academy talent scout, who he has heard is a cold indifferent Elf woman, is all over him. Things just don't add up, but he really doesn't have time to figure it out...

The Immortals

What man knows of the immortals is more conjecture than fact. Those that know truck little with common men. Some days one might chance near a tavern corner and hear the hushed converse of those who have braced those who are more than mortal.

Many are the creatures of the Ring Realms that be not of ordinary flesh. There are the elders, men and women with knowledge and magic who cheat the finite span of life. There are the sentinels who transcend humanity to serve in the hosts of the pantheons.

Above those are the immorts, dilutions and derivations of the pantheon lords and the elder races.

Higher still are the true immortals and the progenitor races, gods that shake the heavens with their footsteps and bend the lives of lesser creatures.

Lastly, there are the incarnations of eternity, beings of transcendent power to whom a century is like the passing of day and the power even of gods is of no consequence. Of these, words are only spoken of in whispers, for who dares to belittle a god?

This innocuous beginning is contrasted against a "coming trouble" that the academy master feels in his bones and billions of screams burned into the memory of Belkirin Dulcere.

It takes only one spark to start an inferno. For Corim, that spark is Beia Targallae, the icy Myrmigyne veteran of the Arcturan death spectacles. Beia is looking for help from Talorin in a mission of hers, but in an altercation and a challenge it's Corim that will be her ally.

Unknown to the two, alarming events are occurring. Meridian Arcturan, the master of the death spectacles, is planning revenge on Beia and all the members of the Protectorate. He has gathered a coven of skilled mages, enslaved an incredibly powerful Baronian warmage, and taken a time-traveling Kriar warrior prisoner. With these tools, he plans to destroy time and day by day he grows closer to his goal...

Not knowing it, Beia and Corim are on a collision course with Meridian's plans. They and others will feel the consequences when they fail to stop the mad wizard's scheme.

Their attempts to foil Meridian will bring them to ally with Cassin and Annawen a pair of young Kriar just talented enough to travel in time. In Siderous Chronous they will meet the escaped Kriar Belkirin Dulcere, now crippled and wracked with guilt over the destruction of time. Together they will try to set matters right.

Chronicles keeps the energy high. Characters are put in focus and made to reveal their hearts. There's romance and lust and heroism. It is part fantasy and part science fiction, with influences of space opera and gritty dark fantasy. There are a range of heroes, anti-heroes, villains and super-villains and even a mystery or two.

Even when matters are set right, there's still the aftermath, fallen comrades and vengeance to seek. Anvil of Sorrow, the second installment of Chronicles continues Corim's odyssey against a newer more powerful opponent--Hecate of Olympus--the goddess of magic, death and the moon. If that weren't challenge enough, there's a little matter of a missing object called the Genemar that races and creatures are willing to commit genocide over.

Who Mourns The Creator joins the conflict of the Protectorate against the forces of Baronia. Their warriors have entered the Ring Realms and are destroying everything in their path. With a little help from Wren Kergatha and her friends, and a little assistance from Daena Sheento and Bannor Starfist the war promises to be truly epic...