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Reality's Plaything Series Description


Who wouldn't want to be hunted down and have their soul eaten by a death goddess? I mean, so what if she's a little insane and bent on the destruction of the universe. I mean it's only a little oblivion...

You're the most powerful savant in all the Ring Realms, but you don't even know it. In fact, your desires can become reality, all you have to do is want it bad enough. You don't know that either. Worse yet, those desires, can cause not only your destruction but the destruction of your world and possibly the cosmos itself. You don't know that either—but you're going to find out!

That's the initial premise of Reality's Plaything— discovery. The hero, Bannor Starfist, is a disillusioned war veteran who haunts the hills far from his birthplace because he has been disowned. Pressed into service at only fourteen, he and his older brother took part in a losing war between two kingdoms. Bannor made it back, his brother did not. A fact his father could not and would not accept.

Not surprisingly, Bannor is a loner made tough by his early life, and further hardened by his knighting as member of Tenax border guardian elite. He is a man used to relying on himself.

The Savants

The historians called it the millennium of the immortal storm. One thousand years had passed since the Silissian holocaust swept the globe of Titaan. The Saughuin invaders had been driven back into the murky depths of the sea, and the dwarven halls at Blackstar rang with the sounds of victory over the orc hordes.

It was an age of gods and those who would challenge them, when demi-gods and goddesses walked the land in the guise of mortals and took lovers and begot children.

Magic was strong and plentiful, and varied were the strains of man that came after the first dilutions of immort blood.

It was the rise of the Ivaneth Empire over a declining Corwin, when the greatest mages and warriors ever to walk the face of Titaan were born and grew strong.

Thence came the Krillar, and the Shael Dal, and the organized bands of adventurers whose strength was the equal of any kingdom's army.

This time also marked the rise of savants, known to the immortals as the Ka'Amok. For eons, once every few decades men and women were chance gifted with the persistent life sparks of Alpha and Gaea that made them the spiritual brothers and sisters to the pantheon lords. However, the gods treated them not as kin but as prey, hunting them to harvest their bodies for the ritual of succorunding—the forced binding of avatars. For eons that hunt had continued, until the first of true born walked the worlds and grew strong, seeking to end a thousand centuries of predation...

Even tough-guys get lonely—Bannor has the lucky stroke of a lifetime. While trading in a border town, a gray Elf woman, Sarai, takes a shine to him. The Elf lady is a mystery, and it's obvious, even to Bannor, that she is a lady and no common Elf. She is remarkably accommodating and accepts his sparse lifestyle. Not wanting to question his good fortune, Bannor doesn't ask, and Sarai doesn't tell.

It's a simple start, but it's about to get complicated—and really thorny.

The troubles begin with a kidnapping and a little matter of Bannor getting hung.

Bannor has been discovered, or at least his existence has—he is the Garmtur Shak'Nola, the savant of reality—and Hecate the moon goddess wants him. First come the bumbling easily-bested minions who don't even know the identity of who they're trying to capture. Worse are on the way though...

Fortunately, help is on the way. Wren Kergatha, now a veteran advocate for savants, comes on the scene help keep Bannor out of Hecate's clutches. Being a self-sufficient man, and not really wanting to accept help from a stranger and woman, Bannor is reticent to go along with her schemes. He learns quickly though that he may not have a choice as Rankorhaaz, Hecate's pet demon, becomes part of the pursuit.

Matters will only get worse, and even with Wren's help, things will get out of hand. Even Wren has no idea how badly Hecate wants Bannor, and the evil goddess is willing to break ancient covenants to have her prize.

If problems with Hecate weren't enough. Sarai has some surprises—a little matter of a secret she's been keeping from him...

The Reality's Plaything series continues to wind up through the first book, pitting Bannor against Hecate and her avatars. Bannor must not only deal with the goddess, but learn things about himself and the woman that he loves. His wife-to-be poses a separate set of challenges nearly as monumental as his enemies.

'Neath Odin's Eye continues Bannor's struggle, now against an entire pantheon of gods. His friends have been captured and he must fight his way into Hel to free them. If that doesn't seem insurmountable enough—he's about to become a father as well. More twists and turns await. He must make a deal with a goddess and restore to life one of the most powerful beings in the Ring Realms— a First one.

Gaea's Legacy, gods are too easy, we need to give Bannor a really harsh challenge— how about marriage? Oh, never mind that the guests are warlords bent on capturing the seed of creation— the genemar. In a plot that throws in everything and the kitchen sink, the new in-laws and the demands of a family soon-to-be-three are the backdrop for a truly cosmic odyssey. Nearly every character worth mentioning in the Ring Realms makes an appearance in this one, I get tired just writing about it...