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A Knot in Time

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A Knot in Time

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We all want to realize our potential. Some of us struggle every day to realize even the smallest fraction of it. Corim Vale, the fighting sage and Matayan, is in a struggle to be a better man—not only for himself but for the less fortunate in the world. An educator, warrior, and adventurer—a man with a gentle heart and a thirst for the unknown. The unknown is going to find him and kick him in the teeth...

Corim has entered the Falorian fighting academy to apply for a teaching position. In order to teach 9th circle fighting he must "interview" with the academy's master, Talorin Falor, a mock duel and demonstration of his fighting skills.

The problem is, strange things have been happening to him of late, people are attacking him for no good reason... a least none that he can discern. The academy talent scout, who he has heard is a cold indifferent Elf woman, is all over him. Things just don't add up, but he really doesn't have time to figure it out...