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Book 1: Shadow of the Avatar

Time frame: Spring 1099 N.I.S

Ebook: Shadow of the Avatar


Hecate, goddess of the moon and dark magic, wants a new body and eight summer old savant Liandra Kergatha is it. Torn from her mother's arms, the young girl is spirited away to another world to undergo the ritual of succorunding, the creation of an avatar. Before the procedure can be completed, the temple is attacked and Liandra escapes into the city with the bindings half complete and her name and memories of her former life wiped clean.

Possessing great natural skill and many hidden powers, the young girl perseveres on her own and a decade later becomes Wren, one of the greatest master thieves in Corwin. Unfortunately for Wren, lost is not forgotten, and after a bloody encounter with an avatar, Hecate's baneful attention is drawn to her once again.

What started with a decade old kidnapping becomes a war that escalates into a conflict involving powerful immorts, wizards, and otherworldly creatures as Wren seeks help and wins favor with the legendary clan of the Felspars. To survive this conflict Wren must learn her origins, befriend amazing allies, and tap into the secret powers of her birthright. Even as she rises to the challenge, she discovers that Hecate is not the only foe she must watch out for...


The Genesis of Savant's Blood traces back to a series of 1st person novellas written between 1989 and 1997, Ends Against the Middle, Savant's Blood, and Immortal's Treasure. Treasure was never completed due to creative differences between myself and writing group moderator. Originally, the stories started with Wren and Irodee, with Wren's origins being more nebulous. I had invested so much in Wren that I was committed to having a completed work with her as the central character.

I scrapped the first person approach, and adopted a first-person-like 3rd person technique and completely reimagined the character origin and events of the story. Scenes and characters from the original novellas were preserved as scenes in the new book, particularly the gem theft from Ranfast's, and the upside down tree rescue of Irodee outside Cosmodarus.

Early chapters and versions of what would become this book overlapped the novellas and revisions exist as old as 1995. The completed book was 150 chapters. 130 of those chapters were done by 2002, but competing work dragged the last 20 chapters out until late 2003. Realizing it was too goliath to market I split the beast into Shadow of the Avatar, and Hecate's Bounty. The completed re-edits were done around 2004.

Book 2: Hecate's Bounty

Time frame: Fall 1103 N.I.S

Ebook: Hecate's Bounty


Imagine that you are one half of a cosmically powerful being. Wren Kergatha, a savant of forces, is heir to the incredible powers of the first ones. The big problem is, separated from her beta half, her abilities provide little more than token defense against demons and avatars. To make matters worse, the stronger half is bent on devouring her.

Hecate's Bounty continues Wren's epic quest to regain her memories, family, and heritage. Even with the potent help of the Felspar clan, the young savant of forces finds herself and her allies on the run from the minions of a pantheon lord.

In order to rescue her parents and brother, Wren must find the lost city of Cosmodarus and confront the evil goddess of the moon. How will she defeat a creature able to ravage worlds???


In 2004, the 150 chapter completed Savant's Blood book was chopped into two books. The epilogue ending as well as the bridging problem with Vera were grafted into the story on a third revision upon reflection of stuff I had written in Reality's Plaything.

Book 3: Aesir's Blood

Time frame: Spring 1105 N.I.S

Ebook: Aesir's Blood


Wren Kergatha defeats Hecate and reclaims her family, only to face new challenges. The Kriar have infiltrated Starholme, Vera her mentor in G'yaki combat, suffers a breakdown, and her grandmother Idun the pantheon lady wants to start a god war.

The third instalment of the Savant's Blood Series sees Wren embrace her Aesir heritage, becoming a general like her mother and grandmother, and fighting a ground war in order to find Vera's G'yaki clan in order to help the woman heal decades old wounds.

Being far stronger and accompanied by army of allies doesn't stop Wren's enemies from causing trouble. She must fight dragons, gods, and even a rogue member of the firsts, before she can set matters right with Vera, herself, and her family.


Aesir's Blood marks an end to a 4 year hiatus from Wren as the star of her own book. The first contributions to the volume were begun in late 2008. I was still working on Gaea's Legacy (which would later be split into three books). Wren's origins and the whole direction of the Ring Realms saga was taking form. I had also started Child of Ascendants, where I was fleshing out where the culmination of the first generation characters was leading. The book had me tearing out my hair at times trying to figure out how it would fit into Knot in Time and Reality's Plaything. The book ended up being an exercise in pushing the envelope in a number of ways that would spoilers were I to detail them. The book was completed in early 2014, six years after its initial inception.

Chronicles Book 1: A Knot in Time

Time frame: Summer 1112 N.I.S

Ebook: A Knot In Time


Corim Vale is a man of contrasts, a scholar, warrior, treasure hunter, historian and educator in search of a patron school. This landless, loveless tournament competitor has come to the cross-world institution called the Falorian Academy in hopes of winning a tenure, and learning the secrets of the outer-realms explorers. Corim is going to get his wish, just not in the way he expects...

The grand wizard of the Death Spectacles, Meridian Arcturus has wreaked havoc across dozens of worlds. One by one the outposts of his realm-spanning syndicate has been systematically destroyed by Beia Targallae, Tal Falor, and the agents of the Eternal Protectorate. In hiding and under threat of discovery, hatred and desperation have given the evil mage the psychotic drive to carry out a retribution of cosmic proportions: destroy time.

For Corim, what starts a test becomes a time-spanning fight for life, when he stumbles upon Meridian's base of operations and his captive Kriar chronomaster. Calamity strikes and he becomes a castaway trapped by the paradox of a timequake that eradicates his chronology. He and a few other survivors must find a way to undo Meridian's knot in time before dimensional instability destroys all of reality!


The inception of this book goes back to before 1990. There were older versions of the early stage manuscripts lost to the era of floppy disks. This was not my first book, but it is the first of the Ring Realms modern era professional quality stories. I originally approached this as a vehicle to showcase characters from our roleplaying group. A draft of the book was complete in 1993. However, I was still tinkering with it until as late as 1997. It sat in the drawer couple years, when I pulled it out again it was to polish it and search for a publisher. During, I traded books with another writer named Roshoud Brown, who read it and gave me shellacking over consistency and drama issues. This resulted in my yanking out big chunks of the book and rewriting them. Among them, the scenes with Annawen and Corim in Eternity's Heart, and the origin story of Aarlen. The most important of the changes that Roshoud influenced me on was the pivotal scene where Dulcere tries to kill herself. Roshoud urged me, and it resonated true, that a warrior unwilling to sacrifice themselves to save an entire universe is no longer a character worthy of respect. As with all my works, it is a living document, and I've applied additional tweaks in 2013 and 2014 for the revised releases.

Chronicles Book 2: Anvil of Sorrow

Time frame: Winter 1112 N.I.S

Ebook: Anvil of Sorrow


Saving the collapsing timeline cost Corim Vale his right arm and half of his soul, proving that the best of intentions can lead one to the abyss. In Corim's case--literally.

For the Protectorate, things have gone wrong in a big way. Meridian's attempt to destroy time has left Eternity's chronology in a mess. Aarlen Frielos the most skilled time diver of the Shael Dal lies in a coma, along with Beia Targallae, and three other women. To restore them all Corim needs to do is retrieve Aarlen's missing spiritual essence. Finding the lost soul is simple, it's getting it back from the death goddess who has it that might offer a challenge...

As a newly appointed gamma class Protectorate enforcer, Corim Vale has a lot to learn. He must hit the chronology running as Eternity is besieged by marauding extra-universal aliens, Kriar insurgencies, and mad wizards who simply refuse to die. If that wasn't enough to deal with, the mind patterns of an ancient magestrix is inexorably overwhelming his body...


This work was finally completed on Jan 16, 2016. The last 16 chapters (56,000 words) written during a two month writing "sprint". Many of the things I envisioned for this book when I was only 18 chapters in ended up in a whole other realm. Foundating ideas for this work were first committed to paper in 2007. I didn't really start serious work until 2010. Even then I tinkered with it because I was working on Aesir's Blood. The character of Senalloy hadn't really crystallized as a character until I used her in the Reality's Plaything Saga. With that opportunity to refine the character, she is much more interesting in this volume. I take extra time with her in the early chapters to establish her as a truly credible romantic threat to Dulcere. While I am loathe to admit it, this book and the one before it ARE modeled after harem anime. The main difference is the hero ISN'T wishy- washy. He commits. However, because of their differences and various difficulties he begins to question his commitment. His struggle with that is more interesting to follow I think. By the time I got to the wrap up on this book I decided that I really needed to deliver on the romantic tension. The graphic (for me) depiction may end up making me the goat but that was what I thought really fit the build up.

Book 1: Reality's Plaything

Time frame: Spring 1113 N.I.S

Ebook: Reality's Plaything


When you fall in love with royalty, you might as well stick your head in a noose. So Bannor Starfist learns, at the end of a rope. Then things get worse.

Now a target for an insane moon goddess Hecate, Bannor must learn to control his enormous but newly recognized power, or he will be consumed by it. Time is against him, Hecate's minions are closing in on him, devastating the land and world that he loves.

In this clash with evil he is joined by Elves, Savants, Humans, and Dwarves in their efforts to resist Hecate's assault. Outnumbered and outmanoeuvred at every turn, it is a losing battle that drives Bannor closer and closer to capture and confrontation with the goddess herself.

How does one man fight a god? Armed with little more than an axe and a love for his Elven wife Sarai, Bannor must find out or lose his soul to darkness.


This book has a close relationship with Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time, but not the relationship you would expect. In 1993, I had finished Chronicles, and was workshopping the chapters to get the book ready for publication. I was something like 20 chapters into the rewrite when the workshop leader, Joan Oppenheimer, and her then second-in-command (Matt Pallamary [who is formidable writer whose work you should check out]) decided to call me out. For no reason that I can recollect, they decided to pile on me and proceeded to tell me in no uncertain terms that I did not know how to write. They unequivocally stated I did not know structure, character, plot... I basically didn't know ANYTHING and that I should look to fix my fundamentals.

I was stunned. I was not exactly a noobie at this point. I had already been writing for thirteen years and had completed 5 novels, 3 novellas, and a bunch of short stories. If I was so egregiously off course, where was this critique months if not years before that surly day at Jerry Orton's house in Point Loma, San Diego? Yes, I remember when and where. When something you toil over for five years gets called trash, it STINGS and you remember it.

Reading anymore of the book to that group after such a tainting was pointless. I was really and truly pissed off. I could have quit the group but rather than do that I decided on a different approach. Over the course of the next two weeks, I wrote the first chapter of Reality's Plaything. I wanted to demonstrate a lot of things with this chapter. An opening hook, so I started with a man being hung. Setting detail while in tense situation, physical/emotional registers and numerous other elements.

The opening scene involves six characters in a fairly complex interaction. This being one of the main critiques leveled at me was that I had too many characters and nobody could FOLLOW that many characters through a book. ((This was, is, and _remains_ ABSURD. Had they never heard of Lord of the Rings where there was: Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gandalf, Borimir, Strider, Gimli, and Legolas? I'm counting 9 main characters is anyone else counting 9?))

So, how did the group respond to this knee-jerk I-dare-you experiment? Quite suddenly, I was a genius. It was great. They loved it. Completely forgotten were the previous comments that I was a no- talent unskilled hack. Since I feared the taint on Chronicles, it would be years before I would pick up and truly finish that book.

There are three distinct revisions to Plaything, all of them involving Wren. As Wren evolved in her own series, I had to track those revelations in this text. The most recent changes came after I finished Aesir's Blood and all the new things from that book.

Book 2: 'Neath Odin's Eye

Time frame: Spring 1114 N.I.S

Ebook: 'Neath Odin's Eye


Surviving a battle to the death with a god would tax the greatest of heroes, but for Bannor Starfist it is only the beginning of something much worse--a war with a whole pantheon of gods!

The death of Hecate has triggered a rumble in the Vanir pantheon. AllFather Odin is not happy, Bannor and all his friends must be brought to justice for the crime of murder.

For the already battered Bannor, the ordeal is only beginning. Sarai's mother and sister, and all the rest of his friends have been captured and imprisoned in Niflheim, the land of the dead. Somehow, he must find a way to get them out without Odin catching him as well. To add to the challenge, the battle with Hecate has a taken away his powers...


Earliest contributions to this book started in 1998. However, it was heavily influenced by some of the plot revelations going on in the later stages of my writing of Savant's Blood. Yes, I work on multiple projects at once. I always planned to explore Wren's relation to an Asgardian goddess, so this book became the first such exploration. This really helped a lot as I worked out Wren's relationship to her mother and grandmother in Aesir's Blood. From the getgo I wanted the resolution of this book to go in unpredictable ways. Especially the confrontation with the high jury. Sif's valkyries and the characters themselves grew on me and their part in the story became bigger than I originally intended, especially Millicent who plays a key role in the end. The appearance of the Eternals was the lynch pin to tie all the books I had thus written together into a single saga. The first revision of this book was completed around 2001, but I did not have the release edits done until 2004.

Book 3: Eternal's Agenda

Time frame: Spring 1115 N.I.S

Ebook: Eternal's Agenda


Always a catch...

For Bannor Starfist, the savant of reality, nothing is easy... including getting married.

Fresh off a duel with allfather Odin, Bannor tries to start a new life in Malan with his cherished betrothed, Sarai. He hopes the worst of his troubles will be preparing for the elaborate royal marriage ceremonies. As usual, things don't go according to plan...

Creation, annihilation, perpetuity... the words boom in Bannor's mind through his magical nola powers. The message is just a pre- cursor to another big mess done Garmtur style. Daena, the savant of attractions turned immortal goddess, is up to something and Advocate Eternal Koass is anything but happy.

Bannor goes to Eternity's Heart to speak on Daena's behalf and ends up the Shael Dal's latest draftee. The Protectorate has a problem. A million blood-thirsty war- mages are running rampant through the Ring Realms destroying everything they come in contact with. The difficulty is, nobody can find them... except maybe someone with the reality bending power of the Garmtur Shak'Nola.

Bannor decides to help but learns the hard way. No good deed goes unpunished...


The first contributions to this volume were made in Jan 2003. Note, I was still wrestling with the goliath Savant's Blood, and because of that did next to nothing on Agenda until the final edits were complete in 2004. I immediately jumped on the original incarnation which I workshopped as Gaea's Legacy. These books took shape fast and I wrote fast (comparatively speaking). By mid 2007 I had 90 chapters complete and was already realizing a had enough for two if not three books, not one. So, I decided to split off everything before the birth of Gaea. I eventually decided the original Baronian invasion of Kul'Amaron made a great breakpoint for a volume. From that decision, Eternal's Agenda became the narrative it is now.

The introduction of Quasar in the story took me by surprise. Originally, I had stealthed Baronian's following them around at the waypoint. It occurred to me since the second volume of Chronicles (Anvil of Sorrow) was in limbo, that she was left kind of unresolved. She was kind of a great anti-hero so I decided to have the confrontation in waypoint trade center be with her. Her participation and juxtaposition with Aarlen (a true villian) provided some interesting points. It also allowed me to tie in the ultimate enemies a little more easily through her relationship to Eclipse.

Quasar's intent to sacrifice herself ties this book into Ascendant. I didn't originally have her kidnap Wren and Azir, but when I looked at splitting the book and getting the company to homeworld. A more antagonistic (tension) reason for them doing it came to mind. Ultimately, it added more meat to the middle book and caused me to explore avenues I wouldn't have otherwise.

Book 4: Savant's Ascendant

Time frame: Spring 1115 N.I.S

Ebook: Savant's Ascendant


Bannor and Wren are on another adventure doing what they do best... getting into and out-of trouble. The two savants embark on a simple reconnaissance mission with their new friends from the Shael Dal. Naturally there are the little bumps that make the danger duo's life so interesting--massacres, spies, and hostile alien assassins...

At the behest of Koass the eternal, Bannor has pierced the veil of secrecy around the Baronians, and the soldiers of Baronia have a single response:



The content for this book was actually in progress in late 2005, but much of the material was shifted around and changed in the final revisions. At one point it was part of the 90 chapter mass that was the whole legacy arc. I was while I was in the process of looking for splitting points I knew Gaea's birth would be one. Unfortunately, that still left a giant book. So, I decided on the Baronian assault as the breakpoint. I restructured around that.

As I was writing this book, I wanted to cross out of fantasy into science fiction. I did it mostly for a feel. I deliberately split the milieu between Fabrista Homeworld and Kul'Amaron (technology and magic) and then started stitching the two closer and closer together. I risked the losing the fantasy audience for the express purpose of trying to win science fiction converts. I thought the story compelling enough that people would follow along. They do this in Japanese Anime so I thought, why the heck can't I do it?

Book 5: The Infinity Annihilator

Time frame: Spring 1115 N.I.S

Ebook: The Infinity Annihilator


The rogue Kriar Daergons have the ancient Jyril genemar, a weapon capable of destroying all the magic in Eternity. A device so destructive it can slay any creature from a universe away. Bannor is just lucky enough to have the weapon aimed at him.

Infinity Annihilator is the fifth and final volume in the epic of Reality's Plaything, as the ultimate powers meet head on in devastating battle.


All but the last twenty chapters of this volume were complete in 2007. I wouldn't actually have it all down until late 2008. The wrap up and resolution gave me fits. As a result the denouement drags on for more than a dozen chapters. I think readers will enjoy this closing volume for nothing more than the fact is that I simply leave nothing dangling. As a reader, that has always driven me crazy and I was determined that nobody would experience that in an saga written by me.

I'm particularly proud of the Elven ceremonies and their depiction. Along with the final confrontation between Bannor and his father (oops, spoiler).

Book 4: Gaea's Blood

Time frame: Winter 1116 N.I.S

Ebook: Gaea's Blood


After a showdown with Hecate, a war with Odin, and the star-spanning conflict with the Kriar and the Baronians, Liandra "Wren" Kergatha has had to become an ascendant simply to cope with the threats. Championing the resurrection of Gaea, the true all-mother of the firsts, Wren has become a powerful leader charged with organizing the ascendants into an army to fight the universe spanning Chyrith.

Possessing truly world-shaking power, the savant turned ascendant, faces a new set of trials that strength and ability cannot defeat. Politics, alliances, and a meddlesome cadre of mother figures set on getting her married!

The fourth and final instalment of the Savant's Blood series focuses on intricacies and entanglements of Gaea's children, the Felspars, clan Yggdrasil, and the Protectorate and their preparations to defend Eternity from the Chyrith.


I had the opening chapter for this book completed in 2009. The scene where Wren wakes up in bed with general Kirran Sunglory just came out as an inspired piece of humor that perfectly sets the tone for what I want to do with the book. The novel will explore the relationships of the savants and further tie up things for the integration into the next generation of books.

Chronicles Book 3:

Who Mourns the Creator

Time frame: Winter 1116 N.I.S

Ebook: Who Mourns the Creator


Still to come.


Senalloy has found a place where she feels needed. As a competitive Baronian, she still doesn't like to lose. I plan to get a lot of mileage out of merger of the Shael Dal, Fabrista Shrike Legion, and Gaea's children. There's still villainy to clean up, and lots of potential friction. Dulcere will have to find her emotions or find Corim taken from her.

War of the Genmar Series





Book 1: Child of Ascendants

Time frame: Spring 1130 N.I.S

Ebook: Child of Ascendants


For Vhina Starfist-T'Evagduran, 4th Princess of Malan, adventure is a hereditary trait. With a reality controlling savant for a father, and an elven mistress of elements for a mother, Vhina has lived in the shadow of her parent's legend. Trained almost from birth in the arts of battle, she can only wonder why-- because there is no war... not even a hint of one.

Until today.

Child of Ascendants carries on the story of the children of Gaea, and their struggle to protect the realms from the threat of the Chyrith, a race so powerful, entire universes fall under their sway...


I started on Child of Ascendants even before I was finished polishing Infinity Annihilator. I had eight chapters in by the the time 2009 was rung in. This book was intended as a radical technique shift and was intentionally aimed at young adults. Unlike the other books it is almost exclusively science fiction, however, it will lead into volumes where the magic is fed back in. I had this book tied up in 40 chapters which was comparatively short for me. I had the draft completed by November of 2010. Two years is not a record for me, but for a book of this size (116,000 words) it's still pretty fast.

Book 2: The Karanganoi Gambit

Time frame: Spring 1130 N.I.S

Ebook: The Karanganoi Gambit




I have a smattering of this book committed to the page. Based on reader feedback they like the character of Dray Cartha, which is a good thing she's the adult co- star through the rest of war. These books aim at tying my very oldest and first works into the stuff that came long after. Back in the 1977/78 (as a teenager) I completed Factor 10, which was a sci fi harem novel before I even knew what harem fiction was. It was horrible (I know that now), but I was 14, so cut me some slack. A teenager completing a 119,000 word narrative (slightly longer than Child of Ascendants) is still an achievement. I would go on to write a novella called the Icy Savior where I prototyped a race called the Lell. They are the precursor to what later becomes the Lokori. After Savior came a fantasy book called Tides of Light and Darkness. This went all over the place. I put 200,000+ words down and the ending just never gelled.

The important thing that came out of that book was the prototype for the pantheon lords. I started on a work tentatively called Wrath of Yadiz, which was a more skilled execution and continuation of the story I set down in Factor 10. It had literally dozens of characters, multiple teams and crap going every which way. I just wasn't mature enough in my writing at the time to pull it off. I knew it wasn't working and I moved on to something else.

At the same time I was pulling an epic fail with Wrath, I started on a Taste of Magic, and Pinch Me If You're Real (two dramatically different stories). Pinch was my take on Urban fantasy and was a exploration of 4th wall distorted narrative where friends and relations were all mixed together with fantasy characters from a Dungeons and Dragons game. The chapters alone were wildly successful but the entire narrative never gelled. A Taste of Magic starred Dray Cartha, and worked the premise of what does an out of luck surfer girl do when she gets a djinni (as in the sitcom I Dream of Jeannie). It went in wierd directions but I FINISHED it somewhere in late 1990. I went on to write a sequel (To Turn The Mystic Clock) which mixed in the characters I failed to manage in Factor 10 and Wrath of Yadiz. The main character (and the book) melted down by the end. (Dray makes allusions to the meltdown in Child of Ascendants.) By this point, I'm immersed in many things (I have my own business, I'm attending writers conferences, and a part of a writing collective). Dray's books, immature as they were, still left a mark on me. As I was working on Child of Ascendants, I decided how I could go back to those old books and breathe new life in the characters and ideas of my teens and early 20s.

Book 3: The Chyrith Agenda

Time frame: Winter 1131 N.I.S

Ebook: The Chyrith Agenda




None yet.

Book 4: Gaea's Revenge

Time frame: Winter 1132 N.I.S

Ebook: Gaea's Revenge




None yet.

Book 5: The Infinite Child

Time frame: Spring 1132 N.I.S

Ebook: The Infinite Child




None yet.