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Solaris, Marna Dualani Jalath

Name: Solaris, Marna Dualani Jalath

Aliases: Vaetrana Solaris, First Counsel Solaris, Mother Prime

Inspired by: Will Greenway

Appears in: Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time, Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns The Creator, Gaea's Blood, Gaea's Legacy

Occupation: Political leader (Supreme Kriar Counsel), Quantum Physicist/Researcher, Behavioral Scientist

Birthplace: Stellar Prime, Homeworld concordant before exodus

Hair: Blue-Black

Eyes: Green (Luminescent)

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 220

Unusual Features: Marna has the same non-human characteristics of all the Kriar race. (See the write-up on the Kriar, and Ivral Techstar for more info). Her eyes are unusual in that they are not black (which is typical for Kriar) instead they glow with a green radiance.

Age: (Unknown) 10,000,000+

Martial Status: Married. (Dominique Ariok) (4th marriage)

Known Relatives: Dominique (Mate), Dulcere Val'Sidra Starbinder (daughter by third husband), Elandro (son by A.Frielos), Celaesh (daughter by D.Ariok), Jhazarhine (daughter by Isis)

Group Affiliations: Supreme Kriar counsel, Universal Protectorate, Counsel of Isis, House Felspar, House Ishtarvariku, the 27th Magocracy of the Ring Realms.

Magical Skills: Marna is currently married to Dominique Ariok, the daughter of Gabriella Sarn Ariok, one of the great elder mages. Dominique's skills are not those of her mother's, but they are quite formidable (exceeding those of a lore-mage). She agreed to teach Marna after some persuasion. Even after several years Marna's skills are rather limited. The Kriar has to "unlearn" many technical ideas in order to adopt the science of magic.

Tournament Rank: The Kriar are a predominantly a pacifistic culture-- less than 2% of all Kriar have the psychology necessary to be effective combatants. Kriar warriors are considered in many ways to be aberrant to the norm for their culture. For most of her eons long life Marna was a pacifist, however wars, the death of her mate, and the loss of children drove her to the edge. She has since adopted the more violent ways of warriors. She is however quite new to the idea of combat and still has great deal of difficulty with intentionally harming intelligent creatures.

Information: Marna Solaris is the spiritual mother of the Kriar race, and the oldest living Kriar in existence. While the persona of the Vaetrana dates back to before the launching of homeworld, she is only in spirit that same person. Untold millions of cycles old, the Prime Mother of the Kriar has been through renewal thousands of times. While she is (in spirit) the eldest Kriar, she is, in many ways, the youngest because she has forgotten so much of her past in antiquity.

Marna is the undisputed mistress of the Kriar warp science, and the most skilled time diver on Fabrista homeworld. She is rivaled only by military commander Tarkath Quazar Diliaysus, who uses extensive matrix enhancements to increase her powers. In addition to her time diving capabilities, Marna is able to perform n-space folding by pure force of will. This talent is the ability to cause the atomic and sub-atomic structure of matter to twist upon itself and occupy higher order dimensions. This process can be likened to taking a two dimensional object and folding it so it occupies three dimensions. Marna can take three dimensional matter and "fold" it so that it occupies four and even higher order spaces.

After the adoption of Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri by house Techstar, it became a fashion among the Kriar nobility to start interacting with the humanity and skilled mages in particular. The ability of magic to overcome something Kriar science could not opened many eyes, and sparked intense interest in learning the secrets of magic. Also, humans being young and impressionable, made them excellent proteges. The Kriar being empaths, derive a great deal of satisfaction being around creatures who still experience excitement and passion. They can feel "vicariously" through their empathy, emotions and sensations that they themselves have become numb to due to hundreds of millennia of life.

Starfist, Bannor Nalthane

Name: Starfist, Bannor Nalthane


Inspired by: Will Greenway

Appears in: Reality's Plaything, 'Neath Odin's Eye, Gaea's Legacy, Who Mourns the Creator,

Occupation: Borderlands scout, Prince Conjugal of Malan

Birthplace: Barony of Tenax, Southrealm (Now Ivaneth)

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 250

Unusual Features: Bannor is significantly tougher and more resiliant than even someone with exceptional conditioning and training. Mostly, this is due to his savant ability which constantly shields him at a low level. His strength and resistance to harm increase as the extremis of the situation heightens. Despite this, Bannor wears many scars. Most notibly a scar on his back and chest where he was pierced through the torso by Odin's spear Gungnir.

Age: 29

Martial Status: Married (Sarai T'Evagduran)

Known Relatives: Ravan Starfist (sister), Rammal Starfist (brother)[deceased], Kiranna Starfist (Mother), Khendar Starfist (father)

Group Affiliations: Kingdom of Malan, Family Felspar, Family T'Evagduran, Family Kergatha, Family De'Falcone.

Magical Skills: Bannor possesses no "specific" magical skills but is highly magical in nature due to his possession of the Garmtur'Shak Nola. He works "spells" of a sort by manipulating the threads of reality. He controls these effects in only a general way... often getting unpredictable and sometimes undesirable side effects. Magic does not work well on Bannor, and he can easily pervert and destroy spells being cast on him by enemy mages if he has sufficient warning. In time, when Bannor has a grasp and understanding of magic he has the ability to be far more potent than even a grand loremage.

Tournament Rank: Bannor does not participate in regular tournament play, nor does he regularly practice fighting. He is, however, a natural warrior, able to wield two weapons in the Jac'Daw style of two-handed fighting. He has exceptional strength and speed and is able to hold his own against 10th circle warriors. As was noted above, when faced with crisis his ability to resist seems to increase. When confronted by the powerful Pantheon Lord Odin, Bannor was able to hold even the powerful immortal at bay for a short time.

Information: Border guardian for the Barony of Tenax. He holds the rank of captain in the Baron's ranger regulars. Bannor has the power of the Garmtur Shak'Nola (A savant of reality) which gives him control over the threads of probability, interaction, and creation. His senses allow him to perceive the forces, energies, and interactions of matter and energy through simple concentration. As part of his power he can recognize and memorize such patterns instantly in order to later manipulate them.

Bannor's control over the Garmtur is rather limited, so it often acts in undesirable and sometimes self-destructive ways. Bannor is a skilled warrior with a several years of battle experience. Bannor is proficient in tracking, plant, and animal identification. As a scout, he is extremely familiar with the borderlands, and has become a proficient in cartography (map making).

T'Evagduran, Janai

Name: T'Evagduran, Janai

Aliases: Arminwen Janai, 2nd Princess of Malan

Inspired by: Will Greenway

Appears in: Reality's Plaything, 'Neath Odin's Eye, Gaea's Legacy, Gaea's Blood

Occupation: Princess of Malan

Birthplace: Highcourte, Malan

Hair: Black

Eyes: Amber

Height: 5'5

Weight: 130

Unusual Features: Like most Elves of the Realms, Janai has luminescent eyes, that give of a faint light in the dark. Elves also have pointed ears and extremely long life spans.

Age: 526 years

Martial Status: Widow -- Married twice

Known Relatives: Jhaann T'Evagduran (Father), Kalindinai T'Evagduran (Mother), Ryelle T'Evagduran (Sister), Sarai T'Evagduran (Sister)

Group Affiliations: Kingdom of Malan, Malanian High Court, Ivaneth Gentry, Corwin Gentry, Coormeer Gentry

Magical Skills: Officially Janai has no magical skills. Mages in Malan are required to serve terms in the military. However, Janai spent some twenty years in tutelage in Canth, and has significant skills as a mage. She is no where near the capabilities of her mother Kalindinai, but the wilder blood that gives Kalindinai her extraordinary power has been inherited at least in part by the princess. Her skills are about two thirds that of an arch-magi.

Tournament Rank: Janai does not participate in standard tournament play. However, she does enter archery competition quite often. As a Malanian royal, she has had the mandatory martial training that King T'Evagduran insists that all of his family participate in. If Janai were to take part in tournament play she would be considered a 3rd ring competitor. Swords however are not Janai's game. It is the bow where this Elven lady shines. Her ability to shoot is rumored to be magical in nature and may even be some mutation of her mother's wilder magical talents. Her skill in the bow exceeds 14th circle skill levels, and could only be matched by someone with heightened senses or reflexes (Wren Kergatha for example). In one exhibition for the Malanian nobles Janai reportedly put 6 shafts into a 3 inch circle at one hundred paces firing in quick succession. A feat not yet duplicated to the current day.

Information: Janai is Kalindinai's second daughter. Of the Queen's three daughters, Janai is actually the most rebellious, however, unlike her younger sibling she is much better at hiding it. Janai has a reputation as a schemer and a hedonist, but is well liked in Malanian court despite this. The princess is well traveled and has significant holdings outside of Malan. She owns countryside keeps and apartments in Ivaneth, Corwin, and Coormeer. She also has holdings in Canth and Pedon. She is rumored to have a controlling interest of one of the Nomarian trade guilds. Both of Janai's husbands have died under suspicious circumstances. In both cases, the marriages had been arranged by her father. Her first husband died in one of the Realm wars. However, he died well inside territory controlled by Malan. A much decorated warrior, though the bodies of enemies were found around him. One court physician maintains the wound responsible for his slaying was actually an arrow shot. Evidence of this was never formally brought to the Malanian court however. Her second husband was slain in a magical duel. Strangely, both duelists were killed in the fight along with their seconds. The incident was considered a "freak accident of magical amplification". The fireblast that hit the combatants was far in excess of what either Elf could generate. The families of the four slain men maintain that Janai had a hand in their death. This was never brought to court because it was well known that Janai possessed no talents in magic.

Janai and Sarai constantly fence with each other verbally and socially, and though they openly display hostility toward one another, they are quick to rally in defense of one another. Janai has great deal of respect for her older sister Ryelle, to whom she gives more deference to than even her mother at times. Some sources speculate that the eldest sister Ryelle knows something about Janai that keeps the younger sister step and fetch...

Targallae, Ess

Name: Targallae, Ess

Aliases: Honored Elder

Inspired by: Will Greenway

Appears in: Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot in Time, Savant's Blood: Shadow of the Avatar, Savant's Blood: Hecate's Bounty, Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns the Creator

Occupation: Professional Adventurer

Birthplace: Mirakul Breeding Colony, Purple Plains

Hair: red

Eyes: green

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 190

Unusual Features: Ess has numerous battle scars as a result of her taking part in some 421 battles in the Arcturan Death Spectacles. Because of extensive use of healing magics and potions, they now have little effect on her.

Age: 57

Martial Status: Unmarried

Known Relatives: Beia "Regaura" Targallae (sister), Irodee Skysteele De'Falcone (adopted daughter), Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri (clan-sister)

Group Affiliations: Jhandris'Kul Myrmigyne tribe, Band of the Crescent Moon, Kingdom of Ivaneth, The Protectorate

Magical Skills: Ess being trained as a Mataya (Lore-Knight) and a bard in Malan has dabbled in magic. She uses it mostly to entertain clan children and can do small 1st order spells. As a warrior of the Death Spectacles she has extensive combat experience in dealing with mages and is a truly fearsome opponent for any spellcaster.

Tournament Rank: Ess is an unlimited class tournament competitor with extensive Death Spectacle experience that sets her apart from most of the competition. She rarely fails to make the final rounds of the unlimited class challenges and is highly regarded at the All-Worlds tourney for both weapons combat and archery.

Information: Ess is Beia Targallae's younger sister taken from the Mirakul breeding creche three years after Beia was taken from their mother. Both women were raised in the arena and for the majority of their lives knew little else than the life and death struggle of gladitorial games.

Ess, like Beia, mastered many forms of armed and unarmed combat and trained in weapons like the spear, ring-she, bow, longsword, two-handed sword, dagger and axe. She is an acknowledged master of the Dan Sadad, Jac'Daw, and Caan Lajaar styles.

Unlike her sister, Ess has not undergone immortalizing and the years have begun to creep up on her. Brief stints as a member of Shael Dal, wielding various Shaladen blades have softened the effects on the Myrmigyne woman and she is physically closer to her 30s than her 50s.

Shortly after Ess and Beia joined the Jhandris Myrmigynes at the behest of Damrosil Terranath, Ess adopted Irodee Skysteele a tall, gawky youngster, shunned by much of the clan children. Ess made the young girl her "project" and
poured her efforts into "civilizing" both herself and her
new protege.

Ess is highly regarded both academically and martially and is welcome in many Kingdom's throughout Sharikaar where she often acts as a representitive of the way of Mataya.

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