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T'Evagduran, Janai

Name: T'Evagduran, Janai

Aliases: Arminwen Janai, 2nd Princess of Malan

Inspired by: Will Greenway

Appears in: Reality's Plaything, 'Neath Odin's Eye, Gaea's Legacy, Gaea's Blood

Occupation: Princess of Malan

Birthplace: Highcourte, Malan

Hair: Black

Eyes: Amber

Height: 5'5

Weight: 130

Unusual Features: Like most Elves of the Realms, Janai has luminescent eyes, that give of a faint light in the dark. Elves also have pointed ears and extremely long life spans.

Age: 526 years

Martial Status: Widow -- Married twice

Known Relatives: Jhaann T'Evagduran (Father), Kalindinai T'Evagduran (Mother), Ryelle T'Evagduran (Sister), Sarai T'Evagduran (Sister)

Group Affiliations: Kingdom of Malan, Malanian High Court, Ivaneth Gentry, Corwin Gentry, Coormeer Gentry

Magical Skills: Officially Janai has no magical skills. Mages in Malan are required to serve terms in the military. However, Janai spent some twenty years in tutelage in Canth, and has significant skills as a mage. She is no where near the capabilities of her mother Kalindinai, but the wilder blood that gives Kalindinai her extraordinary power has been inherited at least in part by the princess. Her skills are about two thirds that of an arch-magi.

Tournament Rank: Janai does not participate in standard tournament play. However, she does enter archery competition quite often. As a Malanian royal, she has had the mandatory martial training that King T'Evagduran insists that all of his family participate in. If Janai were to take part in tournament play she would be considered a 3rd ring competitor. Swords however are not Janai's game. It is the bow where this Elven lady shines. Her ability to shoot is rumored to be magical in nature and may even be some mutation of her mother's wilder magical talents. Her skill in the bow exceeds 14th circle skill levels, and could only be matched by someone with heightened senses or reflexes (Wren Kergatha for example). In one exhibition for the Malanian nobles Janai reportedly put 6 shafts into a 3 inch circle at one hundred paces firing in quick succession. A feat not yet duplicated to the current day.

Information: Janai is Kalindinai's second daughter. Of the Queen's three daughters, Janai is actually the most rebellious, however, unlike her younger sibling she is much better at hiding it. Janai has a reputation as a schemer and a hedonist, but is well liked in Malanian court despite this. The princess is well traveled and has significant holdings outside of Malan. She owns countryside keeps and apartments in Ivaneth, Corwin, and Coormeer. She also has holdings in Canth and Pedon. She is rumored to have a controlling interest of one of the Nomarian trade guilds. Both of Janai's husbands have died under suspicious circumstances. In both cases, the marriages had been arranged by her father. Her first husband died in one of the Realm wars. However, he died well inside territory controlled by Malan. A much decorated warrior, though the bodies of enemies were found around him. One court physician maintains the wound responsible for his slaying was actually an arrow shot. Evidence of this was never formally brought to the Malanian court however. Her second husband was slain in a magical duel. Strangely, both duelists were killed in the fight along with their seconds. The incident was considered a "freak accident of magical amplification". The fireblast that hit the combatants was far in excess of what either Elf could generate. The families of the four slain men maintain that Janai had a hand in their death. This was never brought to court because it was well known that Janai possessed no talents in magic.

Janai and Sarai constantly fence with each other verbally and socially, and though they openly display hostility toward one another, they are quick to rally in defense of one another. Janai has great deal of respect for her older sister Ryelle, to whom she gives more deference to than even her mother at times. Some sources speculate that the eldest sister Ryelle knows something about Janai that keeps the younger sister step and fetch...

Targallae, Ess

Name: Targallae, Ess

Aliases: Honored Elder

Inspired by: Will Greenway

Appears in: Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot in Time, Savant's Blood: Shadow of the Avatar, Savant's Blood: Hecate's Bounty, Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns the Creator

Occupation: Professional Adventurer

Birthplace: Mirakul Breeding Colony, Purple Plains

Hair: red

Eyes: green

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 190

Unusual Features: Ess has numerous battle scars as a result of her taking part in some 421 battles in the Arcturan Death Spectacles. Because of extensive use of healing magics and potions, they now have little effect on her.

Age: 57

Martial Status: Unmarried

Known Relatives: Beia "Regaura" Targallae (sister), Irodee Skysteele De'Falcone (adopted daughter), Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri (clan-sister)

Group Affiliations: Jhandris'Kul Myrmigyne tribe, Band of the Crescent Moon, Kingdom of Ivaneth, The Protectorate

Magical Skills: Ess being trained as a Mataya (Lore-Knight) and a bard in Malan has dabbled in magic. She uses it mostly to entertain clan children and can do small 1st order spells. As a warrior of the Death Spectacles she has extensive combat experience in dealing with mages and is a truly fearsome opponent for any spellcaster.

Tournament Rank: Ess is an unlimited class tournament competitor with extensive Death Spectacle experience that sets her apart from most of the competition. She rarely fails to make the final rounds of the unlimited class challenges and is highly regarded at the All-Worlds tourney for both weapons combat and archery.

Information: Ess is Beia Targallae's younger sister taken from the Mirakul breeding creche three years after Beia was taken from their mother. Both women were raised in the arena and for the majority of their lives knew little else than the life and death struggle of gladitorial games.

Ess, like Beia, mastered many forms of armed and unarmed combat and trained in weapons like the spear, ring-she, bow, longsword, two-handed sword, dagger and axe. She is an acknowledged master of the Dan Sadad, Jac'Daw, and Caan Lajaar styles.

Unlike her sister, Ess has not undergone immortalizing and the years have begun to creep up on her. Brief stints as a member of Shael Dal, wielding various Shaladen blades have softened the effects on the Myrmigyne woman and she is physically closer to her 30s than her 50s.

Shortly after Ess and Beia joined the Jhandris Myrmigynes at the behest of Damrosil Terranath, Ess adopted Irodee Skysteele a tall, gawky youngster, shunned by much of the clan children. Ess made the young girl her "project" and
poured her efforts into "civilizing" both herself and her
new protege.

Ess is highly regarded both academically and martially and is welcome in many Kingdom's throughout Sharikaar where she often acts as a representitive of the way of Mataya.

Targalle, Regaura "Beia"

Name: Targalle, Regaura "Beia"

Aliases: Queen Reguara, Magistrix Conjugal

Inspired by: Will Greenway

Appears in: Savant's Blood: Shadow of the Avatar, Savant's Blood: Hecate's Bounty, Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot in Time, Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns the Creator, Gaea's Legacy

Occupation: Professional Adventurer

Birthplace: Mirakul Breeding Colony, Purple Plains

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: green

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 190

Unusual Features: Being an honorary member of the Shael Dal and wielder of Shaladen sword, Beia no longer ages. She has also been through the soul forging which allows her to bring out her ultimate physical potential for short periods of time. Because of her association with the Shaladen Stellaraac and the honorary shaladen Snowfire she can alter her shape at will. Though she has this ability Beia rarely uses it. She does however use that power to shape her weapon (Snowfire) into various objects ranging from armor to jewelry and clothing. As a result of long exposure to the energies of Eternity, Beia is far stronger than a normal woman of her size and build.

Age: 60

Martial Status: Married (Aarlen Frielos)

Known Relatives: Ess Targallae (sister), Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri (clan-sister), Damrosil Terranath (clan-sister)

Group Affiliations: Jhandris'Kul Myrmigyne clan, House Frielos, House Felspar, Trade Alliance, 1st Alliance, Kingdom of Ivanath, Kingdom of Malan

Magical Skills: Beia has learned some rudamentary magic, mostly to improve her ability to recognize and avoid magical attack. Aarlen and Cassandra both have encouraged her to learn magic but she has to the current day resisted.

Tournament Rank: Beia is an extraordinarily gifted warrior that fought 611 battles in the Arcturan Death Spectacles. Of those fights she lost only 7 times and only 12 matches ended in a draw. She is a grand master of the Jac Daw and Dan Sadad fighting styles. Only T'Gor D'Shar, and Talorin Falor rival her mastery of the Dan Sadad. After the spectre of the Death Spectacles one would expect Beia never to want to fight gladitorially again, but this is not so. She knows her fighting skills were what earned her freedom from the arenas and she sees the non-lethal All-worlds tourneys as a way to spread the word of strength and freedom. Whenever Beia has entered tournament play she never fails to reach the later rounds of the unlimited class challenges. She has taken 1st place in the 14th circle challenges three times out of twelve entries. She often teams up with Damrosil Terranath for team matches where they have never failed to reach at least a quarter final bout.

Information: Beia has a long and sordid past. Raised in the arenas she new nothing but gladitorial combat until the age of 26 when she escaped the arena's with the assistance T'Gor D'Shar. T'Gor had been drafted in the arenas as an outside competitor, lured there by promises of great weapons, fabulous wealth, and the best fight training available in the realms. Most of this being true if one could manage to win seven combats in a row-- which draftees rarely did.

Beia served as an arena "ringer" or blockmaster an impossible opponent set up to defeat draftees so that they would be forced to continue their gladitorial contracts. As a lifer, a pit fighter born in the arena, freedom could only be achieved by going one hundred battles undefeated. As Meridian Arcturan's star fighter, Beia suffered exactly one defeat every hundred battles through various tricks rigged by the evil mage.

One of the conditions of defeating an opponent in the arenas is that the warrior may opt to take 2 of that person's belongings, or take that person into servitude. Part of Meridian's twisted arena schemes is that his riggers were often able to defeat their opponents without slaying them outright. These hapless people would be carted off the field hanging by a thread where revival magicks would be used to restore them to health. Each revival cost the contractee seven battles. So, in defeat not only did they still need to fight seven more battles, they owed seven more. As as result draftees rarely could rarely overcome the deficit of owed fights to earn their way out.

T'Gor D'Shar fought for three years in the arenas, learning the Dan Sadad from various blockmasters. He deliberately forfeited optional matches to maintain his contract but not dig himself into a hole where he could not win his way out.

When he felt he had learned everything of value, he began his push to win his way clear of the arena. Unfortunately, T'Gor had become rather popular and had a reputation for winning all the big fights. When it looked like T'Gor would get himself free. Meridian arranged to have him fight Beia.

The fight was vicious and Beia was more than challenged by this powerful draftee. However, her greater experience and wild animal power (plus a little rigging by Meridian) ensured that she defeated him. This being her six hundredth battle, Beia resented that Meridian had robbed her of a fair fight. She chose to take T'Gor's service rather than deprive him of his magic items.

It was during this service time that T'Gor and Beia got to know one another. Both of them were mutually angry at Meridian's rigs, T'Gor for being duped, and Beia for being robbed of an honorable challenge against a worthy opponent. It was during this time that T'Gor convinced Beia to try to leave the arenas. Years of conditioning and abuse had made her believe that it was not possible to overcome Meridian.

T'Gor believed different. His plan was to request a special challenge rematch and have Beia throw the fight. He would "kill" her and collect the body as his spoils. Of course, there was the little matter of winning six more fights. With Beia's additional training and coaching, T'Gor won the six fights and made the special challenge against Beia.

It was this "special challenge bout" that brought Beia to the attention of Aarlen Frielos. Unbenownst to Beia and T'Gor, the fight had been rigged so BOTH warriors would end up in a three way match and get defeated. This was known to the spectators but not the two warriors. It was Aarlen who made the gave the gift of Tariegron, the great battle blade to Beia right before the fight. The odds ranged from fifty to one to over a hundred-to-one against the two fighters surviving.

The battle was horrendous, invisible block masters, monsters and a host of trickery was turned against them. However, Meridian had not counted on Tariegron's vorpul edge nor the determination of the two. When the dust had settled they had defeated four Rhinotaurs, a half dozen hidden block masters, and several other fighters. Gasping for breath, facing Meridian's box the two of them looked up at him defiantly. While Beia stood their glaring at the evil mage, T'Gor stepped back and slammed Beia across the back of the head, knocking her unconscious and "defeating" her for the seventh time. T'Gor claimed her "body" as the spoils. Emotions from this titanic struggle were so high and audience involvement so great that Meridian was forced to release T'Gor who in turn pulled Beia from the arena.

After a brief stint with freedom and recovery, Beia and T'Gor would return to the arena to help others escape the rigged battles including Beia's younger sister Ess.

On the outside Beia would go through a long recovery and acclimation process. She became "attached" to Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri after serving as body-guard for her in a few adventures. The gold mage and her friend Dorian would eventually soften the hard exterior of this cold fighting machine and bring out her real emotions and feminine nature.

She would go on to make friends with Talorin Falor, and become the widely regarded teacher of pit fighting techniques. Tal would eventually persuade Beia in backing a campaign to destroy all of Meridian's arenas.

Years later she would meet and grow close to Aarlen Frielos.

Tarrantil, Bertram (Lord)

Name: Tarrantil, Bertram (Lord)

Aliases: High Justicar

Inspired by: Kaye Boardman

Appears in: Savant's Blood: Hecate's Bounty, Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time, Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns the Creator

Occupation: Paladin of Ukko, Justicar of the allied territories of Sharikaar

Birthplace: Dolantown, Coormeer

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 310

Unusual Features: As a result of being a Shael Dal, Bertram is slightly heavier than normal human of his height and build. His strength and resiliency to harm are significantly higher than that of typical human being. As a result of the energies of Eternity coursing through his body, he no longer ages.

Age: 38

Martial Status: Married (Valsiden D'Tarin), Married (Desiray Illkaren)

Known Relatives: Bertram has no living blood relatives. However, Bertram has 5 children from a previous marriage (Thamara Narrimar). Technically, as he is married to Desiray all of her children are relations. Bertram cares for, and calls his own, nearly twenty other adopted children. Only two of these have been seen in the stories (Kahless and Jhanny) (Savant's Blood: Shadow of the Avatar)

Group Affiliations: Protectorate, Court of Ukko, Kingdom of Ivaneth (Rank Duke), Kingdom of Coormeer (Rank Baron), Counsel of Justicars

Magical Skills: Bertram possesses the magical arts granted to him by the pantheon lord Ukko. As such, he has fairly strong powers of healing that include (but are not limited to) mending broken bones, curing poisons and diseases.

Tournament Rank: Bertram is an unlimited class warrior who does not regularly participate in tournament play. He has visited the All-World's tournament on two occasions. In both attempts he was defeated before the round of 16 in the 14th circle challenges. That is not to say he is not a powerful warrior just that he is not practiced in the jousting forms practiced at the All-worlds. Bertram's prowess with his hammer Golnir' is legendary and the minions of evil who have fallen before its might number in the thousands...

Information: Bertram is a third generation member of the Band of the Crescent Moon. He signed up with them right before the "World's Edge Quest" that resulted in the assembling of the Amulet of Tarkimaar and the subsequent return of the eternals to physical form.

For much of the quest, Bertram was seen as the "baby" of the crescent mooners as, at the time, he had yet to make a name for himself. The gentleman warrior was in over his head and it was initially the careful shepherding of Cassandra and Desiray that kept this valiant and prideful Paladin alive. Bertram did eventually come into his own, but to this day Cassandra still treats him (much to Bertram's annoyance) as a young punk.

After the World's Edge Quest, Bertram ended up on the roster of the Band, and when friends and allies of the Band needed assistance he was there to fill in when the more seasoned members of the group were considering retirement from the adventuring arena. Bertram undertook several significant missions including the quest that captured Gabriella Sarn Ariok. It was during this same adventure that Bertram met and became serious with Thamara Narrimar, a rather flamboyant, if a bit crazy, lady warrior with _huge_ tracts of land.

Bertram's marriage to Thamara was an adventure in itself and the mercurial lady quite literally put the good-natured gentle Bertram through Hades. Such antics included suddenly changing from her lifelong profession of fighting (at which she was highly ranked area warrior) to one of magic. Blame here can be laid on Cassandra, but the gold mage denies it vehemently. Shortly after her occupational change came occupational hazards... like alchemical experiments that burned down their home not once, but twice. Thamara doing various magical experiments on herself that changed her appearance and altered her personality. In the midst of all these events, Thamara gets pregnant four times, adding to the overall stress. (Where is my wife and unborn child and what are they doing TODAY.) Eventually, the already unstable Thamara went completely looney and through as strange turn of events became a vampire.

The ever loyal Bertram cleaned up his wife's messes summer after summer, but after the vampire incident, decided enough was enough. After Thamara was restored to normal, Bertram informed her of his intention to end their relationship.

Thamara was despondent and promised she would do ANYTHING if he would simply give her a fiftieth chance. After much persuading (seduction?) Bertram acceded to her wishes but on one condition... NO MORE CHAOS. Thamara swore, and thus began the truly downhill trend in their relationship. To go one step beyond in proving she had turned over a new leaf, Thamara took another occupational change. After all, being a mage was just blowing up the house anyway... Thamara applied to become a Paladin of Ukko. A position that, to Bertram's surprise, Ukko personally accepted. ((There is some speculation about what actually occurred and several sources claim that bribes may have been involved.)) It is shortly after Thamara took up the mantle of paladin-hood that she became pregnant with her 5th child. It's speculated that her getting pregnant was another way for her to hold onto Bertram, as the man definitely doted on children and the noble genteel would never leave a pregnant wife. Bertram and Thamara managed to get through another cycle of marriage (and the birth of their 5th child). The husband and wife team "bashed evil" on several more adventures. Roughly a cycle later the missions had dried up and life was calm and there was no evil to slay. Historically, these were the worst times for Thamara as there were no places to constructively release her frenetic energy. Since adventures weren't finding Thamara, the lady went seeking trouble of her own. Through a course of events too complicated to relate in this already long telling, Thamara ended up alienating the church of Ukko and getting stripped of her paladinhood. One of the infractions that led to this downfall is related to how Desiray Illkaren ends up married to Bertram--Thamara was trying to beat the system... Numerous little lies and secrets came home to haunt the lady and the good-natured paladin simply had no other choice but to bid adieu to the ardent, insane, but well endowed Thamara-- the mother of his five children.

A few summers later the daughter of Algernon D'Tarin (Valsiden) catches Bertram's eye and through a fairly involved series of events, the father (once Bertram's adventuring mate) finally agreed to allow Bertram to court his daughter for marriage...

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