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Sheento, Daena

Name: Sheento, Daena

Aliases: Dane, Ward Prodigal of House T'Evagduran, First Ascendant

Inspired by: Will Greenway

Appears in: Gaea's Blood, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns the Creator, 'Neath Odin's Eye, Gaea's Legacy: Eternal's Agenda, Gaea's Legacy: Savants Ascendant, Gaea's Legacy: The Infinity Annihilator

Occupation: Student

Birthplace: Girdorath City, Planet of Crownar

Hair: Auburn (Auburn)

Eyes: Brown (Green Luminescent)

Height: O:5'3" A1: 6'2" A2:5'11" A3:7'6" A4:6'4"

Weight: O:116 A1:510 A2:250 A3:850 A4:600

Unusual Features: Daena has become in every essence a "first one" (or as has been noted a "second one" because she is that actual incarnation that the first race designed. She has numerous immortal features shared in common with the pantheon lords. Her tissue (in normal form) is three times denser than human flesh giving her commensurately greater strength and resistance to injury. Her eyes glow with the energies of Eternity and her body crackles and shimmers with magical power (unless she suppresses this aura [which she typically does]).

Age: 16

Martial Status: Unmarried

Known Relatives: Belin Sheento (Aunt), Darith Sheento (Aunt)

Group Affiliations: House T'Evagduran, Protectorate, House Felspar

Magical Skills: As the first ascendant after eons, Daena has a vast array of magic-like abilities, most of which she is unaware of. With Janai T'Evagduran's help she is exploring these powers and discovering more and more each day.

One Daena's major magical abilities is the power to alter her shape. Currently, Daena has only used this power to adjust her height, weight, proportions and mass (and make alterations in hair, eye, and skin color). She has demonstrated the ability to look like other people, so there is nothing that precludes her using it to become other creatures.

The other application of Daena shape altering power is what is called "battle-shape" where the tissue of the body takes on a "metalized" state. In this form, an ascendant (and pantheon lords who also possess this ability) are resistant to nearly all forms of conventional injury. The organs of the body go into a form of stasis and even deep penetrations into the metal shell have limited effect (a stab through the heart for instance will not kill an ascendant in battleform-- though when they change back to flesh and blood the injury might do so.) Ascendants cannot naturally heal or by healed by either magical or technical means while in battleform. The battleform is extremely inconvenient. While the user is incredibly strong (usually able to lift ten tons or more), it takes a great deal of energy, the body is inflexible, has no feeling and is very slow. Because of the great mass (the user typically weighs a few tons or more), most floors and furniture will not support a person in battleform. Battleform cannot be retained while asleep (or at least nobody in the stories has figured out how to do it yet).

Another of Daena's commonly used magical powers is her stealth ability. She can turn her aura and the auras of other creatures "inside out". Even creatures as powerful as the eternals have difficulty seeing magic and energies hidden in this fashion. The nature of this ability and how she does it is still a subject of discussions amongst the many magic-wise people who know Daena.

Spirit speak and telepathy are two other innate abilities that come from Daena's rebirth as an ascendant. Spirit speak is another power shared by the pantheon lords though Daena seems to possess a stronger form of it. This ability allows her to speak any language she is exposed to. This operates independent of Daena's desires. When she speaks people hear her voice in their native and most fluent language. The translations are as idiomatically correct as possible. By this same token, Daena hears people speak in their own language but the meaning (including idiomatic phraseology) remain clear to her. Daena also possesses the far more versatile and powerful ability to communicate telepathically, though she does not use this talent often.

As mentioned earlier, Daena has many as yet unknown powers that stem from her rebirth as an ascendant. Her potential as a magic user is phenomenal. This was proven by Janai's ability to teach Daena how to perform teleportation. After learning this skill, Daena can now teleport by force of will alone, much the same way Kriar and other planes savvy creatures can.

Daena's last abilities stems from her heritage as a savant (Da'Jamack Nola). Her nola powers were vastly increased by her ascendancy. Daena has the ability to control magnetic and gravimetric fields. She can manipulate metals, reshape them and move them with her mind. Daena's most devastating nola power is her ability to do "gravimetric isolation" which causes a target to stop in relation to the proper motions of the planetary and stellar bodies near which the object resides. By doing so, the object suddenly gets "left behind" the achieved affect being an angular velocity that can be in excess of a mile a second or more. Daena has no control over which way the object will "fly" when it is isolated, so there is always the risk the attack might be just as devastating to her or any nearby allies when it is used as the object or person scorches off in a particular direction. ((Daena and Wren discovered that by working their nolas together that they roughly affect the direction the object flew when affected.)) Like most savants, Daena can leave her body and astrally travel. However, Daena's astral form is near infinite in its range and strength. She is likely the most astrally powerful creature in the realms.

Tournament Rank: Daena is not yet old enough (or particularly interested) in participating in tournament play. She is an untrained combatant and any skills in fighting she possesses are remnants of Hella's memory. Hella, the daughter of Loki and the goddess of the dead who joined with Daena possessed significant fighting skills as do most of the Aesir. Daena's great strength, speed, and resistance to injury make her a dangerous opponent for unskilled fighters. However, she is little threat to higher ranked warriors.

Information: Through a course of events detailed in 'Neath Odin's Eye, Bannor Starfist located Daena for Hella, the Aesir goddess of the Dead. Hella had gotten tired of her static existence (and tired of listening to the bellicose bluster of the other Aesir if any credence can be given to her statements). When confronted with the potential escape of Wren Kergatha, her parents, the De'Falcones, and the T'Evagdurans from Nifelheim, Hella offered to let them go without pursuit in return for Bannor staying with her of his own free will. Bannor agreed. Later, Hella requested that Bannor find her alpha half-- her tao match. Bannor did so and he led the powerful goddess to the planet of Crownar (The central world of the 27th magocracy) where they soon after found Daena.

Hella tried to persuade Daena to accept the merger but the young girl (then only 15) was far too frightened to willingly acquiesce. Hella then forced the transformation wherein Daena became an ascendant and heir to the vast powers of Gaea's first children.

Overwhelmed and frightened by the change, Daena latches onto Bannor and follows him back to Gladshiem and conflict with Odin and the High Jury.

It is in Gladshiem that Daena meets the beaten and frozen Janai T'Evagduran fresh from a long imprisonment in Hella's dungeon. Janai immediately latches onto the young girl and the wily elf noble quickly gets into Daena's good graces. After returning from Gladshiem, Janai immediately adopts Daena as her "ward prodigal".

A few scoredays into their relationship, Janai declares Daena to be her "One". Declaring a person to be a "One" implies monogamous relationship between two people. The implication can be romantic (as it is with Bannor and Sarai) or it can be platonic as suggested in the situation between two females. Because Daena is a shape-changer the romantic / platonic aspects of this are somewhat more murky.

During the course of her ascendancy, Daena's "natural" or base form goes through several changes. When she first becomes an ascendant, her body is roughly in the configuration that Hella was last in (as noted in the height and weight under A1). She later with help from others adopts a slightly smaller and lighter form that becomes her new "native" body for living in. Later during the course of events in Gaea's legacy, Kell purifies her tao and synchronizes her with the magic of Starholme Prime. This transformation causes an explosion in her size and weight (as noted in A3). At this point Daena's personal energy is so great than it is difficult for her to assume a smaller shape. She manages to squeeze down to what becomes her native size (A4) for the rest of her depictions in Realms literature.

The title "ward prodigal" is an official title given to person of common birth who is sponsored by royalty. The word "prodigal" means extravagant or wasteful, and in this applies to a noble who has the luxury of taking responsibility for a particular person. Ward prodigals are typically people recognized to be of particular intrinsic worth, diamonds in the rough as it were. This is particularly true of a young goddess.)

Skyedoom-Felspar, Ziedra

Name: Skyedoom-Felspar, Ziedra

Aliases: Zee, Magestrix Prodigal, Istar'Nola

Inspired by: Will Greenway

Appears in: Savant's Blood: Shadow of the Avatar, Savant's Blood: Hecate's Bounty, Aesir's Blood, Gaea's Blood, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns the Creator, Gaea's Legacy: Eternal's Agenda, Gaea's Legacy: Savants Ascendant, Gaea's Legacy: The Infinity Annihilator

Occupation: Professional Adventurer, Dancer, Magick Consultant

Birthplace: Drakmourn City, Silissia

Hair: Black (Gray-white)

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'9" A:6'2"

Weight: 160 A:510lbs

Unusual Features: By the end of events in the Gaea's Legacy arc, Ziedra opts to keep her body as an Ascendant. As such she has all the features typical of a pantheon lord. Her body is three times as dense as mortal flesh with commensurately enhanced strength and resistance to injury. As an aspect of her ability as the ishtar nola, her extreme resistance to magic is increased to the point that she is for all practical purposes-- impervious to magic she does not wish to affect her. As a lasting effect of a flight amulet she absorbed during events in Hecate's bounty, Ziedra has an innate ability to fly. The powers of Eternity affect Ziedra's eyes so that they glow with a violet light.

Age: 29

Martial Status: Married (Radian Felspar)

Known Relatives: Radian Felspar (Husband), Zhentar Skyedoom (Father) [deceased], Beldwin Skyedoom (Mother) [deceased], Caladar Skyedoom (Uncle) [deceased], Tarl Skyedoom (Brother) [deceased]

Group Affiliations: Clan Kergatha, Clan Felspar, Clan Frielos, Mage's guild of Cosmodarus, All-World's Tournament

Magical Skills: As a mortal savant, Ziedra's abilities with magic were staggering in their scope. Next to the Garmtur, the ishtar nola savants are among the most potentially deadly. With an innate talent for magic and able to learn virtually any kind of spell, these mega-mages are capable of frighting magical feats. ((After only a couple score-days of training Ziedra could cast sixth order magics that many mages study for lifetimes and STILL cannot master.)) By events in Gaea's Legacy, Ziedra has trained to be the equivalent of fifth circle sorceress. However, she can memorize and utilize spells in ways that most magicians of lore-mage and higher class cannot. After becoming an ascendant, she transcends the definition of what it is to be a mage. Magic is an expression of will, and she can essentially cast any spell she desires at any time as long as she is familiar with the effect. As noted elsewhere she is extremely resilient to magic and as an ascendant, even eternals would have difficulty injuring her with magic.

Another aspect of being an ascendant is the ability to assume "battle-form" (this is a power common to the pantheon lords). In battle-form the tissue of the body takes on a "metalized" state. In this form, an ascendant is resistant to nearly all forms of conventional injury. The organs of the body go into a form of stasis and even deep penetrations into the metal shell have limited effect (a stab through the heart for instance will not kill an ascendant in battle-form-- though when they change back to flesh and blood the injury might do so.) Ascendants cannot naturally heal or by healed by either magical or technical means while in battle-form. The battle-form is extremely inconvenient. While the user is incredibly strong (usually able to lift ten tons or more), it takes a great deal of energy, the body is inflexible, has no feeling and is very slow. Because of the great mass (the user typically weighs a few tons or more), most floors and furniture will not support a person in battle-form. Battle-form cannot be retained while asleep (or at least nobody in the stories has figured out how to do it yet).

Abilities specific to the ishtar nola:
As an Ishtar Nola, Ziedra can learn spells simply by touching the caster during the incantation. She has an eidetic memory that allows her to memorize movements and vocal sounds with the briefest exposure. Her ability to couple memorization and the coordination of her body makes Ziedra an incredible student of any coordination reliant skill. This ability is sophisticated enough that she can build skills virtually as fast as she is exposed to the nuances. The ishtar nola also allows the reading of magical auras. Ziedra can read not only the properties of magic, but can discern details about the caster who created the enchantments. As a living avatar of magic Ziedra is extremely resistant to harmful magicks, and totally impervious to all forms of magical charms, paralyzation, control and domination. She can manipulate magical energies much the same way the Kel'Varan Nola manipulates forces. This control combined with her personification of magic allows Ziedra to use a magic item that would otherwise work only for a specific person. The exact limits of this last skill are unknown, but it is believed that her nature as 'magick's mistress' causes all magical items to see her as their 'true creator'. The pantheon lord Isis possesses a similar capability and some surmise she is the tao-beta to the Ishtar Nola.

Tournament Rank: Ziedra does not regularly participate in tournament play. However, on a lark, Ziedra entered the All-worlds as a novice initiate and challenged the 8th circle as a qualifier in the round of 256. In the 32 bouts (the all worlds is double elimination), she did not give up a single point. Her eidetic memory for defensive moves makes her nearly impossible to score on. Her magical resistance is such that magic weapons refused to mark her. Ziedra's 32 and 0 perfect record (with perfect 3-0 [best of 5] scores in each match) has never been accomplished before or since at any circle rank. After Ziedra was awarded, several fighters guilds filed a grievance against Ziedra for sand-bagging (sand-bagging is someone of higher skill participating in a lower rank for purposes looking good). Attempts to strip Ziedra's title were unsuccessful as she had never participated in any previous tournaments and there was no record of any masters having taught or seen her on the field of battle. The award went down as a fluke with gentle chiding that she would never be allowed to participate below 12th rank in any future appearances all the All-worlds.

As a mortal savant Ziedra's defensive combat skills are easily 10th rank or higher. To be truthful even elders have difficulty with her. The main thing is the ishtar nola's power makes her fighting skills fairly unbalanced. She has tremendous defensive and countering ability, however her offense is relatively weak through lack of training. So, while she can hold off much more skilled opponents she can never defeat them through force of arms. However, for a savant of magic, that really isn't a problem... a few spells can generally make up for lack of armed offense.

Information: Ziedra Skyedoom is a ex-patriot noblewoman of the eastern Silissian kingdom of Drakmourn. Daughter of General Zhentar Skyedoom, and Beldwin Skyedoom. At a young age, Ziedra was sent away from her home to seek refuge in the Sharikaarian city of Corwin. There Ziedra joined up with a band of gypsies for shelter and refuge.

It is while Ziedra is doing turns for silvers as a street dancer that she meets up with Wren Kergatha. Throughout their teen years the two young women grow up together amongst Corwin's lower caste. During this course of events Wren pays for Ziedra to learn dance, and the young woman proves a natural. By the time the young Silissian was 19, her reputation had spread to the royal family and she was soon dancing for the nobles of Corwin's court.

Ziedra's fraternization with nobility slowly drove a wedge between her and Wren, and a fateful decision to dally with a baron finally broke up their relationship. Unfortunately, the princess ALSO had eyes set on the Baron and Ziedra wound up on the wrong end of an execution edict. Forced to run for her life, Ziedra did not again meet up with Wren until five summers later when a chance encounter had their paths cross in Ivaneth.

Because of events at that time, Wren takes Ziedra under her wing again and they renew their friendship. It is shortly after that it is discovered that Ziedra is a savant of magic, and slightly after than that it is learned that she is the niece of Aarlen Frielos, one of the most powerful grand-elders in the Realms.

Ziedra has a deep and abiding affection for Wren, one that goes beyond platonic interest. It is source of tension between the two women at times. After failing to get what she wanted Ziedra later marries Radian Felspar.


Name: Skyweir

Aliases: Master of the East Wind

Inspired by: Tony Langley

Appears in: Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot in Time

Occupation: Temple Guardian

Birthplace: Eastern Dykreen

Hair: Bald (Black)

Eyes: Black

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 230

Unusual Features: Due to strength enhancing objects kept on his person through decades of adventuring, Skyweir's body mass is slightly increased. His natural strength is approximately three times that of a trained athlete of his size and build.

Age: 61

Martial Status: Unmarried

Known Relatives: None

Group Affiliations: Band of the Crescent Moon, Monestary of the West Wind, Monestary of the East Wind, Kingdom of Ivaneth

Magical Skills: Skyweir possesses no magical skills per se. He is extremely battle-hardened in the area of combatting magical attack. He recognizes most battle magic and can easily evade most spells unless they are cast by extremely powerful and skilled casters.

Tournament Rank: Skyweir participates ocassionally in the Ivaneth tournies, where it is more a demonstration/recruitment on behalf of the Monestary of the East wind. He has never been defeated in these "limited class" "local talent" exhibitions. He has ventured to the All-worlds tourney on a few ocassions where warriors closer to his stature battle. There he has placed in the top 10 of 12th rank in weapon-to-weapon challenges. In unarmed martial combat he has never failed to place in the top ten of the unlimited competition. Only his friend, and fellow "crescent mooner" Giquokor (the Master of the West Wind) rivals his skill in unarmed combat.

Information: Skyweir was an early member of the "Band of the Crescent Moon" and accompanied them on their 2nd and 3rd expeditions to Silissia (the first expedition met with ruin which ended in Skyweir's being recruited).

Skyweir hired on with the Band in order to provide finances for his monestary in Eastern Ivaneth. Later, another monk, Giquokor, a member of the Monestary of the West Wind, also joined for similar reasons. Being of like mind, it was no surprise the two became friends and grew strong along with their allies in the band.

Numerous adventures and the acquisition of magic items (a Varillium blade, and later one of Loric Felspar's krill daggers) made Skyweir into a truly potent force for good.

The Band of the Crescent Moon eventually went on hiatus on Skyweir retired to his monestary to train others and find
peace. Several years later, the enigmatic Skyweir returned to adventuring to help in another set of quests where he battled with all his former powers.

After the venture was done, Skyweir returned immediately to his monestary. He remains in periodic contact with the Crescent Mooners, Algernon D'Tarin in particular who owns land near Monestary of the East Wind.

Solaris, Marna Dualani Jalath

Name: Solaris, Marna Dualani Jalath

Aliases: Vaetrana Solaris, First Counsel Solaris, Mother Prime

Inspired by: Will Greenway

Appears in: Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time, Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns The Creator, Gaea's Blood, Gaea's Legacy

Occupation: Political leader (Supreme Kriar Counsel), Quantum Physicist/Researcher, Behavioral Scientist

Birthplace: Stellar Prime, Homeworld concordant before exodus

Hair: Blue-Black

Eyes: Green (Luminescent)

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 220

Unusual Features: Marna has the same non-human characteristics of all the Kriar race. (See the write-up on the Kriar, and Ivral Techstar for more info). Her eyes are unusual in that they are not black (which is typical for Kriar) instead they glow with a green radiance.

Age: (Unknown) 10,000,000+

Martial Status: Married. (Dominique Ariok) (4th marriage)

Known Relatives: Dominique (Mate), Dulcere Val'Sidra Starbinder (daughter by third husband), Elandro (son by A.Frielos), Celaesh (daughter by D.Ariok), Jhazarhine (daughter by Isis)

Group Affiliations: Supreme Kriar counsel, Universal Protectorate, Counsel of Isis, House Felspar, House Ishtarvariku, the 27th Magocracy of the Ring Realms.

Magical Skills: Marna is currently married to Dominique Ariok, the daughter of Gabriella Sarn Ariok, one of the great elder mages. Dominique's skills are not those of her mother's, but they are quite formidable (exceeding those of a lore-mage). She agreed to teach Marna after some persuasion. Even after several years Marna's skills are rather limited. The Kriar has to "unlearn" many technical ideas in order to adopt the science of magic.

Tournament Rank: The Kriar are a predominantly a pacifistic culture-- less than 2% of all Kriar have the psychology necessary to be effective combatants. Kriar warriors are considered in many ways to be aberrant to the norm for their culture. For most of her eons long life Marna was a pacifist, however wars, the death of her mate, and the loss of children drove her to the edge. She has since adopted the more violent ways of warriors. She is however quite new to the idea of combat and still has great deal of difficulty with intentionally harming intelligent creatures.

Information: Marna Solaris is the spiritual mother of the Kriar race, and the oldest living Kriar in existence. While the persona of the Vaetrana dates back to before the launching of homeworld, she is only in spirit that same person. Untold millions of cycles old, the Prime Mother of the Kriar has been through renewal thousands of times. While she is (in spirit) the eldest Kriar, she is, in many ways, the youngest because she has forgotten so much of her past in antiquity.

Marna is the undisputed mistress of the Kriar warp science, and the most skilled time diver on Fabrista homeworld. She is rivaled only by military commander Tarkath Quazar Diliaysus, who uses extensive matrix enhancements to increase her powers. In addition to her time diving capabilities, Marna is able to perform n-space folding by pure force of will. This talent is the ability to cause the atomic and sub-atomic structure of matter to twist upon itself and occupy higher order dimensions. This process can be likened to taking a two dimensional object and folding it so it occupies three dimensions. Marna can take three dimensional matter and "fold" it so that it occupies four and even higher order spaces.

After the adoption of Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri by house Techstar, it became a fashion among the Kriar nobility to start interacting with the humanity and skilled mages in particular. The ability of magic to overcome something Kriar science could not opened many eyes, and sparked intense interest in learning the secrets of magic. Also, humans being young and impressionable, made them excellent proteges. The Kriar being empaths, derive a great deal of satisfaction being around creatures who still experience excitement and passion. They can feel "vicariously" through their empathy, emotions and sensations that they themselves have become numb to due to hundreds of millennia of life.

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