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Falor, Talorin "Tal"

Name: Falor, Talorin "Tal"

Aliases: Force Commander

Inspired by: Brad Trusso

Appears in: Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot in Time, Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns the Creator, Savant's Blood: Shadow of the Avatar, Savant's Blood: Hecate's Bounty, 'Neath Odin's Eye, Gaea's Legacy

Occupation: Professional Adventurer

Birthplace: Kron Hills, Eastern Grayhawk

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 330 [720]

Unusual Features: As a long time wielder of Shaladens, and possessor of a soulname talisman, Tal's physiology has been permanently altered giving him extended life, increased strength, and resistance to harm. Tal was the avatar of Eternal Garn, the strongest of the Eternals, for almost a decade and this relationship greatly increased his physical strength on a permanent basis. He is physically the second strongest Shael Dal (next to Algernon the current avatar of Garn). As the Avatar of Nethra, he can increase his physical power at will.
Tal, is the gate-master of Shael Dal, and can manipulate portals through time and space by force of will. This control makes him immune to the majority of time-space effects in addition to the chronal immunity possessed by other Shael Dal.

Age: 54

Martial Status: Married (Terra Karlin Falor)

Known Relatives: None

Group Affiliations: Protectorate, Falorian Fighting Academy, Kel'Ishtauri Bard School, Scarlet Talons

Magical Skills: Tal is a magician in name only. Learning the skills of mages in order to better combat them and use their itemry. He has mastered a limited repertoire of spells that he wields with arch-mage level power. Being first and foremost a warrior being able to cast spells, and use the legendary spell-bows of the Death Spectacles makes him a formidable opponent indeed.

Tournament Rank: Tal is common competitor in the All-World's Tournament and holder of top position titles in the 12th, 13th, and 14th circle challenges. He competes regularly in unlimited class combat and rarely fails to reach elimination rounds even versus elder opponents. His shaladen enhanced toughness, instinct for battle, and gifted skills with the powerful Dan Sadad fighting style make him a challenge even for immortal challengers.

Information: Talorin Falor is one of the more storied figures in the Ring Realms, a warrior with a truly mythical ability to find himself in the 'hotspots' of legends in the making. Tal's history is a complex knot of twists and turns that involves many enterprises and tragedies. After a few seasons spent treasure hunting, Tal retired while still young to invest his gold and become a businessman. He ended up in the unlikely role as the proprietor of a brothel, an enterprise he shared with his adventuring partner Kaas Windsbane. The two men, while running a house of ill repute, were known as the 'softest touches in town'. They never bound their girls to contracts, nor did they ask more than a token percentage of any fees collected. In fact, the two men even helped their 'girls' get 'legitimate' work should the seamy life no longer appeal. Perhaps it was this low-pressure approach that made their business so successful. The endeavor was not to last, Tal grew bored and started looking for adventure again. He took up with king Tradeholm's eastern front regulars as an experienced captain. It was during this tour of duty that he met and fell in love with an Elven woman named Deirde Silkere. Tal continued his borderland tour and kept house with Deirde for several seasons. What might have been an idyllic life for the warrior turned tragic when raiding parties from the east realm overran several villages and cities along the border. Tal and the troops under his command were quick to respond, and over a period of days drove back the enemy. It was during this conflict that Tal showed mercy to one of the enemy commanders. An act of altruism which would see an entire village of elves sacked as revenge, and result in the loss of his wife of only a few seasons. This experience would harden the man for the many adventures to come.

After this harsh lesson, Tal's tactics and demeanor took on a darker tone, the bitterness over his loss one not quickly forgotten or left behind. He went back to active adventuring and campaigning now in a more serious vein. It was shortly after that he met up with members of the Band of the Crescent Moon, and learned more of the Death Spectacles run by Meridian Arcturan. He met Beia Targallae and T'Gor D'Shar and began assisting them in shutting down the arenas. It was during this time that Tal began adding to his fighting skills, learning to combat the arena pit fighters on their own ground. He began studying and mastering the harsh art of the Dan Sadad.

During the cycles that followed Tal would be involved in the recovery of the amulet of Tarkimaar, he would fight all manner of creatures from adamantium golems to skellar. He would take part in the revival of the Eternals slain by Garfang, and help organize many of the quests to recover the Shaladen swords. He himself would recover the shaladen blade Warstar. He would foray repeatedly in the cities of Dream Merchants and even fight the rogue elements belonging the deposed Kriar leader Daergon Surr.

Tal's hard heart would soften and their would be romantic interludes with Desiray Illkaren (then single) and Dominique Ariok. However, it was a fellow Shael Dal, Terra Karlin whom he often adventured with that eventually captured his eye and heart. After a courtship of several seasons, they would become the second married couple in the Shael Dal (T'Gor and Tigress being the first).

Tal's adventures would continue. He became a key figure in the Shael Dal, the indomitable spirit to succeed against all odds. He would prove instrumental in several missions including a special cooperative mission with the Fabrista Kriar to Karanganoi homeworld, where they would learn of the Baronians and their mysterious 'masters'.

Tal remains active in the Shael Dal and few would dispute his being their spiritual core. He and his wife Terra continue their efforts to remove all traces of the Arcturan death spectacles. Tal created several schools for adventurers, that serve as sources of income as well as recruiters for the various causes that he takes part in.

Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri

Name: Felspar, Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri

Aliases: The Golden Mage

Inspired by: Kaye Boardman

Appears in: Savant's Blood, Gaea's Blood, Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot in Time, Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns the Creator

Occupation: Magic user for hire, Librarian, technical consultant

Birthplace: Southern Coormeer

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Ebony ( formerly brown)

Height: 5'11

Weight: 285

Unusual Features: Golden Skin, solid black eyes, unusual weight (all features of Kriar race)

Age: 91

Martial Status: Married

Known Relatives: Loric Felspar (Husband), Desiray Illkaren Felspar (sister wife), Cassin Felspar (Daughter by Birth), Annawen Felspar (Daughter by Birth), Loric Felspar Jr. (Son), Celek Felspar (Son), Radian Felspar (Son)

Group Affiliations: House Felspar, House Ishtarvariku, Protectorate Eternals & Time Guardians, Kriar Counsel, Mages Counsel of Cosmodarus, Advisor to Kingdom of Ivaneth, Kel'Ishtauri Libraries of Sharikaar

Magical Skills: Cassandra possesses Lore Mage level skill, she is a technomancer of moderate skill, and possesses significant knowledge of technology.

Tournament Rank: Cassandra does not participate in tournament play but is a schooled warrior of 5th circle capability.

Information: Cassandra is one of the founding members of the Band of the Crescent Moon. Late in her career she acquired a strange gemstone which transformed her body so that it was gold. She later found out that she had become Kriar. Cassandra is one of the most powerful mages in existence given her age. Even elders tread lightly around her because of her combination of magical and technical abilities.

Felspar, Desiray Illkaren

Name: Felspar, Desiray Illkaren

Aliases: Whitelock, Guildmistress of the Brethren

Inspired by: Kaye Boardman

Appears in: Savant's Blood, Gaea's Blood, Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow, Shaladen Chronicles: Gaea's Legacy

Occupation: Guildmistress of the Brethren Guilds of Corwin & Ivaneth

Birthplace: Madrifax, Southrealm

Hair: White (formerly black)

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 390

Unusual Features: Having immort physiology from her possession of a soulname talisman Desiray is much heavier than an normal human. Her flesh is three times as dense as normal tissue giving her heightened strength, and resistance to injury.

Through force of will, Desiray can alter her shape, and rarely appears the same for any extended period of time. No matter what color she changes her hair to however, within one to two bells it will turn white again as a result of a magical curse that to this day has not been lifted.

Age: 51

Martial Status: Married to Loric Felspar and B

Known Relatives: Loric Felspar (Husband), Bertram Tarrantil (Husband), Val'Siden Tarrantil (sister wife), Cassandra Felspar (sister wife), Darin Kel'Ishtauri (son), Eviria Kel'Ishtauri (daughter), Caldorian Illkaren (son), Sebenreth Illkaren (son), Farveth Felspar (son)

Group Affiliations: Band of the Crescent Moon, Family Felspar, Family Tarrantil, Family Ishtarvariku, Brethren Thieves Guild, Kingdom of Ivaneth (counsel to the King), Kingdom of Corwin (Landed Baroness), Eastern Silissia (Landed Noble), Kriar counsel, Shael Dal

Magical Skills: Desiray's magical abilities are somewhat inconsistent. She can cast many spells with the potency of an arch-magi. However, her poor discipline and study skills in arcana result in her lacking many abilities possessed by far less experienced mages.

Tournament Rank: Desiray does not participate in tournament play. Because of her increased strength, reflexes, and resistance to harm she has 12th circle fighting capabilities. Desiray's potent magical arsenal makes her able to easily compete at the unlimited level.

Information: Desiray Illkaren Felspar, also known as Whitelock, is one of the core members of the Band of the Crescent Moon. She is one of the "three matriarchs" of family Felspar (Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri and Dorian Degaba Ishtarvariku being the other two). Desiray has had a long and sordid history as a thief. Her adventurers in Silissia and later in quests against Hellzan, Surr, and the Dream Merchants made her fortunes which she turned to the task of building a network of guilds. Her skills are a thief are renowed through Sharikaar as is her merciless reputation. In her later years, this reputation softened considerably when she married Loric Felspar. She became gentler still after the advent of children.

Desiray was the personal patron of Sireth, who in turn was the patron of Liandra Kergatha. Desiray and Liandra initially share a mutual enmity toward one another that almost ends in them killing each other. Later, they grow closer and Desiray takes on a role as Wren's surrogate mother. In an attempt to shield both Desiray and Liandra, Gaea alter's Desiray so that she can become Liandra's tao beta (meaning that they can join to become a single far more powerful being). In this form, Desiray and Liandra proved a reasonable match for even elder elite like the D'klace sisters Sindra and Drucilla.

Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri

Name: Felspar, Annawen Kel'Ishtauri

Aliases: Searga Felspar, Council Kel'Ishtauri, Lady Frielos, Consort of Isis

Inspired by: Kaye Boardman (Will Greenway)

Appears in: Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time, Savant's Blood, Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns the Creator, Gaea's Blood, Gaea's Legacy

Occupation: Searga, Kriar Military. Consultant for the Protectorate. Legal counsel licensed in the 1st and 4th Alliance territories, the Trade Union, The 27th Magiocracy of the Ring Realms, Ivaneth, Corwin, and Eastern Silissia., Special "consultant" to Isis. Consort to Lady Drucilla Frielos. Mage for hire. Private detective.

Birthplace: Cosmodarus, Elysium

Hair: Dark Auburn

Eyes: Ebony

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 275

Unusual Features: Annawen possesses the attributes typical to Kriar (but unusual to humans) these include greater tissue density, ocher-gold skin, and dark black eyes that appear (when observed closely) to have stars in them. Auburn is an extremely rare hair color for members of the Kriar species. Annawen is spirit-bonded with her sister Cassin and the two of them share mingled thoughts. As a side-affect of their relationship Annawen never speaks aloud even though she is fully capable of speaking. In periods of extreme stress or when communication is otherwise impossible, she will speak aloud. Annawen is extremely dependent on her sister, and if separated from her for more than a month she becomes snappish and irritable. After three months she slips into a depression and becomes non-responsive. The severity of this dependence has been lessened since her engagement to Drucilla Frielos, who is also a twin. Interestingly enough, Drucilla is the silent member of her pairing. Drucilla and Annawen speak aloud to each other at times in their own private language. Since becoming married Annawen has acquired the ability to shapeshift from Drucilla.

Age: 38

Martial Status: Married (Sindra and Drucilla Frielos)

Known Relatives: Dorian Degaba Ishtarvariku (Foathra), Cassandra Kel'Ishtauri Felspar (Mother), Desiray Illkaren Felspar (Godmother), Loric Felspar (Step Father), Brin Ishtarvariku (Step Father), Ivral TechStar (Grandmother [adoptive]), Dame Techstar (Great Grandmother [adoptive]), Cassin Kel'Ishtauri Felspar (Sister), Drucilla Frielos (Bond Mate), Sindra Frielos (Sister Mate), Eviria Kel'Ishtauri Ishtarvariku (Sister), Darin'Kel Kel'Ishtauri Ishtarvariku (Brother), Caldorian Illkaren Kel'Ishtauri (Brother), Sebenreth Illkaren Kel'Ishtauri, Radian Kel'Ishtauri Felspar (Brother), Lorrik Kel'Ishtauri Felspar (Brother), Celek Kel'Ishtauri Felspar (Brother), Farveth Illkaren Felspar (step-brother)

Group Affiliations: The Protectorate Time Authority, Kriar Military, Kriar Counsel, Cosmodarus Counsel of Mages, House Frielos, House Ishtarvariku, House Felspar, the legal boards of the 1st and 4th Alliances and the Trade Union. Advocate and litigation tricksters guilds of Ivaneth, Corwin, and Eastern Silissia.

Magical Skills: Annawen is an extremely gifted mage able to cast with exceptional power. Her skills are approaching those of an arch-magi but it will be some years yet before she reaches that level due to her extremely diversified interests. Because Annawen has Kriar combat level power matrixes, she can tap into their energy to boost her spells even further. Her training in Kriar warp-science, and the math-array conditioning of her mind make her able to "twist" magic in a way that even great elders cannot match. For all its power and diversity, Annawen's magic is severely flawed in as much as she lacks control. She can easily cast spells too strong for her manipulative abilities. She often requires the presence of Cassin who has far weaker magic but extraordinary control. Working together they are a match for mages far more skilled.

Annawen originally apprenticed for her Mother Dorian, but later caught the eye of Gabriella Sarn Ariok who saw her extraordinary potential.

Tournament Rank: Annawen does not compete in tournament play. She has spent a number of years training martially in the Kriar military. The durability of her body, coupled with combat enhanced reflexes and strength, makes her extremely dangerous even unarmed. Her current skills as a warrior are roughly equivalent to a 10th rank fighter. However, with the ability to boost her energy levels and percieve through time, she can easily compete at the unlimited combat level.

Information: Annawen is the silent sister to Cassin. The two sisters are as different from one another as they are alike. Where Cassin represents restraint, logic, and intellect, Annawen represents hedonism, creativity, and passion. Annawen is extremely promiscuous, outgoing, and spontaneous. While Cassin plans things down to the last detail, Annawen simply makes it up as she goes. Each sister represents the pure forms of the extremes that might occur in a normal personality. This is why Annawen is so good a magic. It is a skill that requires confidence, the slightest shred of doubt can ruin or cripple a spell. Annawen literally has no worries, and no fear or compunction about the consequence of her actions. By that token, she has nothing holding her back. This is, of course, why she has problems with control.

Though law and rules are not the kind of thing Annawen would normally like, she finds the idea of twisting rules to her own ends intriguing. Her creative and exhibitionistic nature are extremely well suited to both a courtroom and the stage. She would be perfectly suited to them except for the fact that does not speak aloud. This of course, keeps her out of trial law in all but the most sophisticated territories where telepathy is tolerated as a means of communication. She does on occasion call on Cassin to be her "voice" as she is in most of their everyday life. Cassin typically refuses most of her sister's requests because she feels Annawen should "find her own voice". Being the eldest, they are the big sisters to all the Felspar family children. They are often bailing their brothers and sisters out of trouble. Annawen's interest in law is quite valuable for resolving many of the situations that arise.

Annawen feels that Cassin is an errant part of her that has run away. The fact that she cannot function overlong without her troubles her. She harbors a secret (not so secret to her sister) desire for them to unify into one person. Cassin is extremely bothered by this desire in her sister-- likening it to being "consumed".

Despite their oppositeness, they are as close as two sisters can be an NOT be one person.

Becoming married to Sindra and Drucilla Felspar has been an extremely satisfying experience for Annawen. Her pairing with Drucilla provides a balance in her life that Cassin was unable to provide. The Frielos twins as specialists too, but it is not along the right-brain left-brain aspects. Drucilla represents the passive aspect of their pairing (to Sindra's aggressive) which is well suited to Annawen's personality and tendencies.

As can be evidenced in their occupations and group affiliations, Cassin and Annawen are extremely active and well traveled. They are adored on Homeworld. Elsewhere they are regarded with respect, and in many cases with fear and suspicion.

Elsbeth Crowninshield considers the twins, and Annawen in particular, two of the greatest threats to the integrity of magic. Despite herself, Elsbeth has been unable to view these two as enemies though they embody the very essence of what she fears (the merger of magic and technology). Whether by luck, or through their empathy, the twins knew it was essential to make sure they became close to this elder elite. A campaign several years in the making got them into the good graces of the red-haired woman buying them safety from her war on technology.

After an encounter with Corim Vale, and his metapathic talent, Annawen has become rather fixated on the handsome man. The fact that he's in love with Dulcere Starbinder is not at all troubling to her. She knows she'll get her way eventually... she always has in the past...

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