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The Race of Savants

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The Race of Savants

Profile At-a-glance

Generic Racial Characteristics
Race Name : Savants Artifice Base : Magical
Approx Age : 20 million Species  
Configuration :
humanoid carbon-based
Population :
10,000 Dominant  
Psychology :
Lifespan :
250 cycles Dominant  
Interaction :
Capacity :
None (non-contiguous heredity) Inter-species  
Reproduction :
Military :
None (not organized) War Capacity : High (at the individual level)
Acceptance :
Low Threat : Moderate (at the individual level)
Posture :
Reserved / Individualistic Tech Level : ALLOY (5) Magical


Savants or Ka'Amok are individuals born with the spark of Alpha, the original progenitor of much of the life in the Ring Realms. Each savant is actually the reincarnation of one of the lost race of First ones, the initial progeny of Gaea released into Eternity early in its formative stages.

The savants most known in the Realms are the "noble" or greater savants that are the reincarnation of First ones who themselves were possessed extraordinary power even for ones of their kind. Even the least of the first ones would be considered formidable creatures indeed, greater in power than most of the pantheon lords (mostly because the pantheon lords are primarily dilutions of first one heredity). However, it was the nobles, the purebloods who were exceptionally close to Gaea, that wielded the greatest power of that ancient star-stepping race.

The noble house of first ones was represented by 18 individuals who each had mastery over an aspect of Gaea's power or to be more specific a particular principle of physics or magic. The greatest (or greater) first ones could control an entire spectrum of physics. For instance, kinetics or force, which is a principle of both matter and energy that is entertwined with many laws in the physical universe (like gravity, intertia, momentum, mass, and so on).

Roster of Savant Powers & Known Savants
Power NameDescriptionKnown (living) WieldersFamous/Notible Wielders
Prime Savants
Garmtur'Shak Nolasavant of realityBannor Starfist 
Latis Nolasavant of time  
Chakta Nolasavant of space  
Ta'Arthak Nolasavant of matter Mandrimin
Da'Jhamack Nolasavant of attractionsDaena Sheento 
Kel'Varan Nolasavant of forces Wren Kergatha
Damay Alostar
*Damay Alostar
Ishtar Nolasavant of magicZiedra Skyedoom 
Lesser savants
Kul'Vita Nolasavant of life forcesVanidaar Kergatha 
Sil'Kar Nolasavant of lightAzir Kergatha 
Nomtar Nolasavant of fire/cold (heat)  
Lokar Nolasavant of elementals (storms)Mazerak DuQuesne 
Gellid Nolasavant of phasing  
Tong Nolasavant of minds  
Ein'Doc Nolasavant of traveling   
Brill'Kes Nolasavant of sound (thunder)  
Mairn'Tete Nolasavant of gases  
Mairn'Kath Nolasavant of metals  
Mairn'Reth Nolasavant of organics  

The heir to greatest of these masters is the Garmtur Shak'Nola or Savant of Reality. The reality power is a control over causality, or the ability to manipulate the very laws that constrain the behavior of matter and energy in the universe. Through his/her ability to see and control aspects of the universal "scheme" the master or prime savant can in fact act as any of the other savants, possessing all of their powers, insights and special intuitions.

Savants are deemed a race because they are persistent and they have definite specific indentifiable qualities that make them unique. However, unlike a most races that can directly trace their heredity, savants are non-contiguous—they do not pass on the hereditary traits that specifically make them savants i.e. the first one tao that makes them what they are.

This non-contiguous existence can be attributed to the unique circumstances under which savants come into being. At a point in the ancient past, for as yet unknown reasons the first ones as a race terminated themselves, splitting each individual into two seperate halves. The exact purpose of creating these halves which will be called alphas and betas is unclear. The betas were physically powerful, each a paradigm of the physical attributes of the first ones. The alphas were the spiritual/mental aspect of each race member—the pure distilled essence of that creature's mentality and ability manipulate the energies of the universe.

Though the betas were designed as merely a physical shell, these "host bodies" possessed self-awareness and will. Why the first ones invested these bodies with such intelligence is unknown, perhaps it was miscalculation or an accident. Whatever the case, these "bodies" (the betas) rebelled, refusing to rejoin with their halves (if that was indeed the purpose of being separated in the first place). The betas escaped into the universe leaving their alpha-halves stranded and in some cases slain.

The betas could not breed with one another but they could breed with other humanoid life in the realms. Their progeny are the pantheon lords.

The alphas, who in essence, were only spirits (taos) to begin with were left with the conundrum of how to continue in the hopes of finally rejoining with the runaway betas. They devised a mechanism by which they could "continue" to reoccur. They associated fragments of heredity that would be the particular key to each tao's unique signature. The great artificial intellect at Starholme Prime was then programmed to scan the many worlds of the realms for reoccurrances of those specific patterns. When this signature was detected in a life form, the giant artifices of Starholme Prime would inject the tao into that creature's body—overriding its spirit.

This was much like gigantic lottery with hereditary patterns, by random chance the billions upon trillions of life forms born in the universe would, simply by law of averages, eventually accidentally reproduce the selected patterns. Thus, each first one alpha could be "reborn" to continue the effort to rejoin with it's beta half. At the physical body's death, the immortal and nearly invulnerable tao, would be drawn back to Starhome to await its next "birth".

This mechanism worked over the millions of cycles since its inception. However, after thousands of rebirths and life experiences, the mentality and original intent of each alpha was worn away leaving current day savants with no sense of their original purpose (to rejoin with their beta half).

Physical Characteristics
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Average Height :   Average Weight :  
Hair :   Eyes :  
Skin Type :   Skin Color :  
Heterotrophics :   Diet :  
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