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Crowninshield, Elsbeth Dalia

Name: Crowninshield, Elsbeth Dalia

Aliases: Counsel Crowninshield, The Scarlet Mage

Inspired by: Kaye Boardman

Appears in: Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time, Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns the Creator, Gaea's Blood, Gaea's Legacy

Occupation: Government Leader (Judiciary Counsel of the 27th Magocracy of the Ring Realms), Mage for Hire, Protectorate Enforcer

Birthplace: The Belostari Colony, bordering the 4th Alliance territories

Hair: Red (Polychromatic)

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 130

Unusual Features: Elsbeth is constantly under the influence of magics which manipulate the light around her. No matter what the visual conditions are, the illumination always reveals her in the "best light". Elsbeth's red hair shimmers and changes under brightly lit conditions the hue darkening or lightening with her mood. Elsbeth's mastery of magic enables her to change her shape at any time. Though she has had the Shaladen Starwind within her possession for many years, the permanent effects caused the augmenting energies within the weapon have not affected her. So, unlike other the other members of the Shael Dal, she does not have increased density.

Age: approx 40,000

Martial Status: Separated.

Known Relatives: Too numerous to list. All of Elsbeth's immediate children are no longer alive. However more than 40 generations of sucessors live on. Descendents of her blood number in millions.

Group Affiliations: Protectorate Enforcement, 27th Magocracy of the Ring Realms, Counsel of Isis, House Felspar, House Ishtarvariku

Magical Skills: Elsbeth is an elder elite with magical skills far in excess of a grand lore-mage. Her magic is unquestionably among the strongest in all of the Ring Realms. Only the Eternals, Jyril, and a handful of elders and ancients have skills any more sophisticated. Elsbeth's specialty is mind control (charms), but she has also developed an extremely complete arsenal of magic specifically designed for destroying technology and/or hindering its operation.

Tournament Rank: Elsbeth does not engage in physical combat, and its been millenniums since it was necessary. Under duress, she trains with the rest of Shael Dal-- she recently started a tutelage with Beia Targallae after having been thrashed by another elder who was immune to magic. She is in training to get a rematch. Currently she would be considered to have 4th Rank combat skills. In terms of battle capabilities, there are few creatures in the Realms that can withstand even one of her battle spells.

Information: Prime Counsel of the 27th Magiocracy of the Ring Realms. Elsbeth is one the two acknowledged living members of the elder elite. Elsbeth is the long-time foe of Aarlen Frielos, and the primary head of an isolationist movement that is fighting to keep magic and technology seperate. Elsbeth joined the Shael Dal shortly after Koass made the decision to allow Aarlen Frielos work off her debt to society within the ranks of the Protectorate. Elsbeth claims she entered the Shael Dal in order to maintain certain standards, but its most likely she wants to keep an eye on her hated enemy. If Aarlen is caught in a breech of
probation, it is likely Elsbeth with be there to make sure Koass knows. Elsbeth has the ability to time dive but her
skills are quite a bit less refined.

Exact details are sketchy, but Esbeth's millenniums long feud with Aarlen is rumored to originate with the razing of one of the four core Ring Realms planets (presumably Elsbeth's birthplace). The planet was subjected to a bombing that infected the inhabitants with a crippling
disease. If this is indeed the case, it would also explain Elsbeth's hatred of technology. There is some support for this story because it is rumored that in Elsbeth's earlier days before she could alter her shape, she was both crippled and disfigured. The truth of this matter may never come to light as Elsbeth does not speak of her past but in generalities. As with Aarlen, Elsbeth's exact
age is difficult to pin-point, but it is surmised she is about four to five millennia younger than Aarlen hence the difference in their powers and abilities.