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Karlin-Falor, Terra

Name: Karlin-Falor, Terra

Aliases: Queen Baerwin Karlin of House Malad

Inspired by: Will Greenway

Appears in: Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot In Time, Shaladen Chronicles: Anvil of Sorrow, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns The Creator, Gaea's Legacy

Occupation: Professional Adventurer, Philanthropist

Birthplace: Malad-haar of Elysium

Hair: Dark Brown (*varies)

Eyes: Yellow (*varies)

Height: 6'1" (9' 8") *varies

Weight: 165 (3750) *varies

Unusual Features: The lean pantherish physique that so many have come to recognize and appreciate is not Terra's true or original form. Terra is not human, but a member of a race of magical creatures known as Sphinx-kind. Terra herself is noble of their kind, with magic and powers considerably stronger than those of "lesser sphinxes". Spinxes are known through the realms as the riddle-masters and guardians. They often portray themselves as half-humanoid/half-beast in order to strike fear into creatures that would disturb the treasures they are often contracted to guard. Terra, like most of her kind is a powerful shape-changer and can permanently take any form she chooses. Her natural form, that of a huge albino feline somewhat resembling a tiger has only been seen by her husband Tal and a few close friends. Members of Sphinx kind are extremely long lived, with lifespans measuring in millennia. Now that Terra wields the Shaladen Jemfire, she no longer ages at all.

Age: 631

Martial Status: Married (Talorin "Tal" Falor)

Known Relatives: Jhiria (daughter from previous mate), Mhaeden (son from a previous mate), Jhahlon Malad (Mate) [deceased]

Group Affiliations: Band of the Crescent Moon, Scarlet Talons, All-worlds Tournament, Protectorate

Magical Skills: As a lore-wise member of the sphinx race, Terra has a sage's understanding of magic and magical phenomena. She possesses a number of innate magical talents for recognizing and seeing through magical auras and glamours. She wields a large number of minor utility magics that she can cast at will without concentration. She is, as earlier noted, a master shape-changer. She however, does not often make large changes in her appearance. Terra possesses a number of psionic talents that include healing and telepathic communication.

Tournament Rank: Terra is an unlimited class warrior and extremely formidable when provoked. However, she is not particularly interested in the notoriety of holding a top rank so consequently she has never really pushed to achieve her full potential. Terra has placed in the top ten in 13th and 14th circle challenges. She has never made it past the round of 16 in the double elimination of the unlimited class.

Information: Born with the name Baerwin, Terra was something of a rogue and a wanderer her entire life. As a member of Sphinx-kind she was sworn into a guardian contract when still young. She completed that duty after a hundred cycles and was free to wander the planes. She took a mate (Jhalon Malad) who was a member of one of the highest houses of Sphinx nobility. After a few decades she bore him a son and daughter, who she brought up as somewhat rebellious youth of their kind. Some century later, Jhalon died in the completion of guardian contract. Her children grown, and not particularly popular with the royal family, Terra returned to wandering the planes. In her many jaunts through the inner spheres and courts of the pantheon lords, she became aware of the group of magicians that called themselves the Dream Merchants. This powerful coven of wizards were the purveyors of "desire" able to make wishes into reality (or so they claimed) as long as the recipient had sufficient gold. She was so fascinated by their operation that she set about getting a position working for them.

The Dream Merchants were more than willing to sign on a plane-savvy member of the Sphinx race. She was quickly assigned a guardian and advisor for negotiations. For many cycles, Terra was satisfied to visit the worlds and places where the dream merchants did commerse. She, and this was her main goal, spent time learning secrets of the merchant's powerful magics. It was through the dream merchants that Terra learned of the Kriar and the huge legacy of artifacts that their race had left untenanted in Realms. The Protectorate war had killed the first wave of Kriar that had been exploring the realms. After their loss at the hands of the Eternals and the rogue Garfang, the system of Kriar time portals and dimensional gateways were left unguarded and open to abuse by any who had the magic and ingenuity to missuse them.

Terra set out to learn how to utilize these ancient artifacts, and after many decades was using them to jaunt all across the Ring Realms. It was during this period of time that Terra became aware that she was not the only one taking advantage of these ancient relics. An evil wizard named Meridian Arcturus, was using them to transport men and supplies to outposts throughout the realms. He was building fortifications above many of the gateway access portals and gaining immense power. Not particularly wanting to share, she began a campaign to limit and control the use of the Kriar gate technology. She discovered a way to activate the gate guardians and then set about the process of going from world to world through the realms locking down the gates to prevent the further spread of Meridian's Death Spectacles.

Terra had been taking a rest from her long campaign of locking the gates when she came into contact the Band of the Crescent Moon. When she learned of their current quest to assemble the amulet of Tarkimaar and challenge the timelord Hellzan she decided to help.

Never knowing that she was not human, the band accepted Terra as they did many of their other fellows, with open arms and comradery. She became close friends with Algernon, T'Gor, Beia and Damrosil. T'Gor and Beia, she learned, she had something in common with, they too were fighting Meridian.

This being her first time to have a relatively close relationship with people, Terra stayed in contact with the band after the successful completion of their battle and subsequent defeat of Hellzan.

She would later assist Damrosil in some of her quests to undermine the dream merchants (Terra's former employer). Through Damrosil, Terra would eventually meet Tal Falor. The burly warrior took a shine to her, and began a campaign to court her attentions. It was never really in question, but being cattish, she drew it out as long as possible... Her final test was to reveal to him her true nature. Instead of being run off, Tal accepted that she was not human. At her behest they decided to be trial partners for a few cycles to see how it worked out. After five cycles they were married. Tal and Terra have been steadfast partners ever since.

Kergatha, Liandra

Name: Kergatha, Liandra

Aliases: Wren, Liandra Idun-daughter

Inspired by: Will Greenway

Appears in: Savant's Blood, Aesir's Blood, Gaea's Blood, Reality's Plaything, 'Neath Odin's Eye, Gaea's Legacy, Shaladen Chronicles: A Knot in Time (cameo), Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns the Creator

Occupation: Adventurer, officially serves Cosmodarus as security consultant

Birthplace: Cosmodarus

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 110

Unusual Features: None

Age: 35

Martial Status: Single

Known Relatives: Euriel Kergatha (Mother), Vanidaar Kergatha (Father), Azir Kergatha (Brother), Irodee De'Falcone (clan sister by adoption)

Group Affiliations: Felspar family, Starholme Prime Trustees, Ivaneth Thieve's Guild, Jhandris'Kul clan of Myrmigynes in the ribbon realms.

Magical Skills: Minor encantations

Tournament Rank: 12th Circle (acknowledged), has competed in unlimited play.

Information: Daughter of Eurel and Vanidaar Kergatha. Fifteen summer vetran of the Brethren guild. Wren is a Kel'Varan Nola a savant of forces. Wren has had dozens of run-ins with the pantheon lords and their servants. She has fought several avatars and permanently killed two. Even Hecate speaks of this young woman with grudging respect... knowing her full potential especially when backed by the proper allies.

Nirvanae, Tiernia

Name: Nirvanae, Tiernia

Aliases: Bard of Many Faces

Inspired by: Lyn Neylon

Appears in: TBA

Occupation: Professional Adventurer, Entertainer, Sage, Teacher

Birthplace: Modren Hills

Hair: Red Brown (blonde)

Eyes: Green [violet]

Height: 5'4" [6'2"]

Weight: 112 [265]

Unusual Features: Having both a spirit talisman and a the ability to shape change, Tiernia's physical form is not necessarily consistent from day to day. When in her "high" or augmented state, Tiernia becomes larger and has a denser body mass. At one point in her life, Tiernia had gems enfleshed in her body known as matrix stones. These items are old Kriar technology. While she wore them Tiernia could fly and had greatly increased healing. She has since been forced to remove them because of undesirable changes they were having on her body.

Age: 54

Martial Status: Separated.

Known Relatives: Windsong (daughter).

Group Affiliations: Protectorate, Kel'Ishtauri Bard schools, Nirvanae Academies, The All-worlds Thieves Guild, The Dream Merchants.

Magical Skills: Tiernia possessed numerous magical powers, many as a result of her spirit talisman. As a bard she has many various magical odd bits at her command.

Tournament Rank: Tiernia does not compete in regular tournament play. However, at the peak of her career, Tiernia defeated some of the most dangerous creatures in the Ring Realms. With her augmentations and magic items in use, Tiernia could easily compete in unlimited class tournament competition.

Information: Tiernia has a long and sordid history. She is at the root of many problems that cropped up in the Ring Realms and also part of many of the solutions. A drinking and adventuring companion of Damrosil Terranath, the two of them in raised hell through the lands surrounding Grayhawk. She survived the drow invasion of Grayhawk, and confronted the spider goddess Lolth. She has worked both for and against the Dream Merchants, and has been a part of and enemy of the All-world's Guild of Thieves. Tiernia is credited with recovering the Shaladen blade Stellaraac. She was invited to join the Shael Dal shortly after Damrosil Terranath became a member of the protectorate. Tiernia declined the offer-- however, she was not allowed to keep the Shaladen. In return for the sword, the Eternals gave her the ability to shape change at will.

Sheento, Daena

Name: Sheento, Daena

Aliases: Dane, Ward Prodigal of House T'Evagduran, First Ascendant

Inspired by: Will Greenway

Appears in: Gaea's Blood, Shaladen Chronicles: Who Mourns the Creator, 'Neath Odin's Eye, Gaea's Legacy: Eternal's Agenda, Gaea's Legacy: Savants Ascendant, Gaea's Legacy: The Infinity Annihilator

Occupation: Student

Birthplace: Girdorath City, Planet of Crownar

Hair: Auburn (Auburn)

Eyes: Brown (Green Luminescent)

Height: O:5'3" A1: 6'2" A2:5'11" A3:7'6" A4:6'4"

Weight: O:116 A1:510 A2:250 A3:850 A4:600

Unusual Features: Daena has become in every essence a "first one" (or as has been noted a "second one" because she is that actual incarnation that the first race designed. She has numerous immortal features shared in common with the pantheon lords. Her tissue (in normal form) is three times denser than human flesh giving her commensurately greater strength and resistance to injury. Her eyes glow with the energies of Eternity and her body crackles and shimmers with magical power (unless she suppresses this aura [which she typically does]).

Age: 16

Martial Status: Unmarried

Known Relatives: Belin Sheento (Aunt), Darith Sheento (Aunt)

Group Affiliations: House T'Evagduran, Protectorate, House Felspar

Magical Skills: As the first ascendant after eons, Daena has a vast array of magic-like abilities, most of which she is unaware of. With Janai T'Evagduran's help she is exploring these powers and discovering more and more each day.

One Daena's major magical abilities is the power to alter her shape. Currently, Daena has only used this power to adjust her height, weight, proportions and mass (and make alterations in hair, eye, and skin color). She has demonstrated the ability to look like other people, so there is nothing that precludes her using it to become other creatures.

The other application of Daena shape altering power is what is called "battle-shape" where the tissue of the body takes on a "metalized" state. In this form, an ascendant (and pantheon lords who also possess this ability) are resistant to nearly all forms of conventional injury. The organs of the body go into a form of stasis and even deep penetrations into the metal shell have limited effect (a stab through the heart for instance will not kill an ascendant in battleform-- though when they change back to flesh and blood the injury might do so.) Ascendants cannot naturally heal or by healed by either magical or technical means while in battleform. The battleform is extremely inconvenient. While the user is incredibly strong (usually able to lift ten tons or more), it takes a great deal of energy, the body is inflexible, has no feeling and is very slow. Because of the great mass (the user typically weighs a few tons or more), most floors and furniture will not support a person in battleform. Battleform cannot be retained while asleep (or at least nobody in the stories has figured out how to do it yet).

Another of Daena's commonly used magical powers is her stealth ability. She can turn her aura and the auras of other creatures "inside out". Even creatures as powerful as the eternals have difficulty seeing magic and energies hidden in this fashion. The nature of this ability and how she does it is still a subject of discussions amongst the many magic-wise people who know Daena.

Spirit speak and telepathy are two other innate abilities that come from Daena's rebirth as an ascendant. Spirit speak is another power shared by the pantheon lords though Daena seems to possess a stronger form of it. This ability allows her to speak any language she is exposed to. This operates independent of Daena's desires. When she speaks people hear her voice in their native and most fluent language. The translations are as idiomatically correct as possible. By this same token, Daena hears people speak in their own language but the meaning (including idiomatic phraseology) remain clear to her. Daena also possesses the far more versatile and powerful ability to communicate telepathically, though she does not use this talent often.

As mentioned earlier, Daena has many as yet unknown powers that stem from her rebirth as an ascendant. Her potential as a magic user is phenomenal. This was proven by Janai's ability to teach Daena how to perform teleportation. After learning this skill, Daena can now teleport by force of will alone, much the same way Kriar and other planes savvy creatures can.

Daena's last abilities stems from her heritage as a savant (Da'Jamack Nola). Her nola powers were vastly increased by her ascendancy. Daena has the ability to control magnetic and gravimetric fields. She can manipulate metals, reshape them and move them with her mind. Daena's most devastating nola power is her ability to do "gravimetric isolation" which causes a target to stop in relation to the proper motions of the planetary and stellar bodies near which the object resides. By doing so, the object suddenly gets "left behind" the achieved affect being an angular velocity that can be in excess of a mile a second or more. Daena has no control over which way the object will "fly" when it is isolated, so there is always the risk the attack might be just as devastating to her or any nearby allies when it is used as the object or person scorches off in a particular direction. ((Daena and Wren discovered that by working their nolas together that they roughly affect the direction the object flew when affected.)) Like most savants, Daena can leave her body and astrally travel. However, Daena's astral form is near infinite in its range and strength. She is likely the most astrally powerful creature in the realms.

Tournament Rank: Daena is not yet old enough (or particularly interested) in participating in tournament play. She is an untrained combatant and any skills in fighting she possesses are remnants of Hella's memory. Hella, the daughter of Loki and the goddess of the dead who joined with Daena possessed significant fighting skills as do most of the Aesir. Daena's great strength, speed, and resistance to injury make her a dangerous opponent for unskilled fighters. However, she is little threat to higher ranked warriors.

Information: Through a course of events detailed in 'Neath Odin's Eye, Bannor Starfist located Daena for Hella, the Aesir goddess of the Dead. Hella had gotten tired of her static existence (and tired of listening to the bellicose bluster of the other Aesir if any credence can be given to her statements). When confronted with the potential escape of Wren Kergatha, her parents, the De'Falcones, and the T'Evagdurans from Nifelheim, Hella offered to let them go without pursuit in return for Bannor staying with her of his own free will. Bannor agreed. Later, Hella requested that Bannor find her alpha half-- her tao match. Bannor did so and he led the powerful goddess to the planet of Crownar (The central world of the 27th magocracy) where they soon after found Daena.

Hella tried to persuade Daena to accept the merger but the young girl (then only 15) was far too frightened to willingly acquiesce. Hella then forced the transformation wherein Daena became an ascendant and heir to the vast powers of Gaea's first children.

Overwhelmed and frightened by the change, Daena latches onto Bannor and follows him back to Gladshiem and conflict with Odin and the High Jury.

It is in Gladshiem that Daena meets the beaten and frozen Janai T'Evagduran fresh from a long imprisonment in Hella's dungeon. Janai immediately latches onto the young girl and the wily elf noble quickly gets into Daena's good graces. After returning from Gladshiem, Janai immediately adopts Daena as her "ward prodigal".

A few scoredays into their relationship, Janai declares Daena to be her "One". Declaring a person to be a "One" implies monogamous relationship between two people. The implication can be romantic (as it is with Bannor and Sarai) or it can be platonic as suggested in the situation between two females. Because Daena is a shape-changer the romantic / platonic aspects of this are somewhat more murky.

During the course of her ascendancy, Daena's "natural" or base form goes through several changes. When she first becomes an ascendant, her body is roughly in the configuration that Hella was last in (as noted in the height and weight under A1). She later with help from others adopts a slightly smaller and lighter form that becomes her new "native" body for living in. Later during the course of events in Gaea's legacy, Kell purifies her tao and synchronizes her with the magic of Starholme Prime. This transformation causes an explosion in her size and weight (as noted in A3). At this point Daena's personal energy is so great than it is difficult for her to assume a smaller shape. She manages to squeeze down to what becomes her native size (A4) for the rest of her depictions in Realms literature.

The title "ward prodigal" is an official title given to person of common birth who is sponsored by royalty. The word "prodigal" means extravagant or wasteful, and in this applies to a noble who has the luxury of taking responsibility for a particular person. Ward prodigals are typically people recognized to be of particular intrinsic worth, diamonds in the rough as it were. This is particularly true of a young goddess.)

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